Thursday, September 25, 2008

Draft Continued 25 thru 32

25. Salem selected Lance Howard. Lance is a slap hitting good defensive CF. A left-handed low eye and power with exceptional splits and contact will keep fielders on their toes.

Offense: B
Defense: CF: A+
Intangibles: A

Salem: B- Taking a chance on the iffy 4th round pick for a DH was good, 5th is not so hot, but overall not bad.

Jacksonville selected Dave Zentmeyer. Dave is a power hitting PC catcher that doesn't make the grade defensively. His low health is a cause for alarm, however injury wise they are not really picked on as heavily.

Defense: C Pitch calling is good but there will a lot of PB's and bad throws.
Offense: A-
Intangibles: D low health and makeup

Jacksonville: C nothing exceptional, nothing overly bad

Monterrey selected Oscar Miller. Oscar proclaims himself a SS albeit weak defensively. Hitting wise he has a below average eye, but good splits, power and contact.

Defense: SS: C+, 3B:A+, 2B: B-
Offense: B
Intangibles: A

Monterrey: B may have failed at finding an actual starting SS but the players drafted are good.

28. Las Vegas selected Ben Charles. Ben is a power hitting defensively inept 3B.

Defense: 3B: C, COF: A
Offense: B needed more contact to be an A
Intangibles: B durability is a little low.

Las Vegas: C most are so-so

29. Louisville selected Ben Langford. Ben is a strike out pitcher with great control, weak splits, GB, 1 good pitch and 2 decent pitches out of 5.

Pitching: C
Defense: C
Intangibles: D

Louisville: C -even though the first pick was rather abysmal, the next 3 made up for it.

30. Cincinnati selected Jamie Lui. Jamie is an iffy strikeout setup pitcher with great control, great splits, mixed, 1 Great pitch, 1 decent pitch out of 3. I had him at the tail end of my most wanted pitchers for a long time, just wasn't good enough in the pitch department to warrant a hold out.

Pitching: B Control and splits is suppose to make up for the lack a real good second pitch
Defense: B
Intangibles: A

Cincinnati: C- -the first and 3rd pick was good though I can't see the 2nd

Chicago selected Stephen Henley. Stephen is a for average hitting 2B. It is possible he will make the lead off spot in the lineup his home with his speed, eye and splits although his contact may be too high for that.

Defense: 2B: B- range may be too great and glove too weak.
Offense: A not a power hitter so a dinger will surprise even him but should hit .290+ easy.
Intangibles: A+ with speed to spare

Chicago: C+ -The picks look good and have a chance but most have a health fault.

Monterrey selected Lewis Payne. Lewis is a prototypical lead-off switch-hitting defensively inept SS. Below average contact, good eye and splits with a little power, ideal for a lead-off hitter.

Defense: SS: C-, 2B: B-, 3B: A+ glove just isn't there for SS and 2B
Offense: B-
Intangibles: A- speed

Monterrey: already rated

Draft Continued 11 thru 24

11. Milwaukee selected Clark Key. Clark is a finesse pitcher with pin point control, excellent splits, GB, 3 great pitches out of 4. His value is under-rated due to his stamina but will make a fine back of the rotation starter or long reliever at the ML level. Even with his low stanina should reach the 7th inning or further with ease. I had him ranked as the best pitcher on the draft on my board.

Pitcher: A-
Defense: B-
Intangibles: A

Milwaukee: B -finding good under-rated pitchers later in the the draft is a plus for those I see.

12. Washington selected Jesus Rivera. Jesus is a SS that should be outstanding at his position. Hitting wise should have a good average against righties but suffer from the lefties.

Defense: A+ at any position
Offense: C+ as he is dismal against lefties and power inept
Intangibles: A-

Washington: D -as the 2nd pick could be on the 60-day DL from waking up in the morning and not much value is seen until the DH taken with the 5th pick.

13. Kansas City selected Bob Montgomery. Bob is an over-rated power hitting RF who might be better off playing LF or 1B. Hitting wise will be a tough out and a pretty good dinger machine especially against righties.

Defense: RF: C+ LF: B+ 1B: A+
Offense: B+
Intangibles: C -will take some careful handling with this player

Kansas City: X-rated -giving up 2nd and 3rd round picks for FA's but did find value with 4 and 5.

14. Cleveland selected Tito Gao. Tito is a finesse pitcher with great control, great splits, GB, 4 very good pitches out of 5. Should make a fine starter in a couple of years.

Pitching: A
Defense: A
Intangibles: B+

Cleveland: C -picking up another good starter with the 2nd pick, but defensive position players that are offensively inept from there on out.

15. Pittsburgh selected Andy Reagan. Andy was probably the best catcher in the draft though a little over-rated. Defense will be adequate and a hitter for average which is a good fit for Pittsburgh.

Defense: B+ with good pitch calling but the arm is a little weak
Offense: B+ will be a hit and walk machine
Intangibles: B+

Pittsburgh: B -could be lower if the 5th round pick is not signed and given a chance at a closers role.

16. Toronto seleted Glen Davis. Glen is a finesse pitcher with good control, decent splits, mixed, 2 good pitches out of 4. Touting good off-speed pitches could make him a hard pitcher to hit off of.

Pitching: B
Defense: C fielding a bunt could hurt
Intangibles: A

Toronto: B- -picking pitchers was like pulling teeth, though a good job was done.

17. San Francisco selected Alan Rauch. Alan is a spot setup finesse pitcher with great control, great splits, GB, 2 excellent pitches and 1 good pitch. His durability will limit his availability and health is a big concern.

Pitching: C has great stuff but is too limited
Defense: A
Intangibles: D makeup drags the rating even lower

San Francisco: B -The next 4 picks were much much better

18. New York Yankees selected Omar Garrido. Omar is a power hitting over-rated 2B. He will hit for power and average as his splits are good but defensive skills are missing for a 2B.

Defense: 2B: C-, LF: B+, 1B: A+
Offense: A- dinged a little for the split vsR
Intangibles: A

New York Yankees: C -was doing great until the cost-wise unwanted iffy pick in round 4 and another hopefully signable iffy pick in round 5

19. San Diego selected Alex Chavez. I can't see this pitcher so the jury is still out and must be an iffy hold-out pick since he isn't signed.

San Diego: B- -found some good value picks especially if the 5th round iffy pick signs.

St. Louis selected Barney Byrne. Barney is another of those players that may have been best served not being drafted. He has good to great hitting potential and can play a great 2B, but getting to the ML level could be a tough assignment with his health issue.

Defense: 2B: A+ other positions could make him a viable short term solution at best.
Offense: A-
Intangibles: D+ His makeup will allow a bounce back effect and maybe short DL stints.

St. Louis: B- After a somewhat bad 1st round pick in my opinion the remaining picks are pretty good.

21. Milwaukee selected Louis Ross Louis is a strike out pitcher with great control, good splits, mostly GB, 2 great pitches, 1 good pitch out of 4. Will make a good left-handed starter at the Ml level.

Pitching: A-
Defense: B- may get to a bunt, but fielding it could be a problem.
Intangibles: B+

Milwaukee: already rated previously

22. Detroit selected Randy Lamb. Randy is a finesse pitcher with great control, somewhat weak splits, mostly GB, 2 excellent pitches and 1 good pitch out of 4.

Pitching: B- not overly enamored with the splits for a 1st rounder
Defense: A
Intangibles: B

Detroit: B- as the rest of the picks are actually better than the 1st pick.

23. Atlanta selected Paul Keeler. Unknown

Atlanta: unrated as I can't see enough players to make a judgment.

Houston selected Henry Lee. Unknown

Houston: C Having so many picks and not getting enough value for them in my opinion though with an unknown 1st round pick makes it tougher to grade overall.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MLB Season 9 Draft 1 thru 10

MLBSN-It is that time of the year for an opinionated analysis on the recently completed amateur draft. The draft in itself was not the greatest for the second year in a row, but there was some decent pitching talent to be had early. My board didn't really have a superstar power hitter anywhere but had enough decent pitchers to last into the 2nd round. When Miller Morris is the best overall hitter on your board and he was taken with the 65th pick, you know your in for a draft nightmare.

1. The Santa Fe was the first team on the clock and selected J.C. Welch. He is a little over-rated for the position he plays but sure makes up for it in other aspects. His hitting ability will astound most pitchers once he gets to the majors. He will probably be converted to play an outstanding 3B or a good 2B.

Defense: SS: D, 3B: A+, 2B: B
Offense: A-
Intangibles: B+

Santa Fe: C+ - if the second round pick signs, then this rating climbs to a A- as I really like the other 3 picks

Oklahoma City selected Harold Bonds. In my opinion this kid should not have been drafted by anyone, but that is me. Harold is a premier power hitter and drafted as a RF but displays 3B. The chances of him actually playing at the ML level could be far-fetched as his low health could keep him on the DL for long periods of time hampering development. His best position would be 1B or DH though corner outfield is also a possibility.

Defense: 3B: F, 1B: A+, RF: C, LF: B+
Offense: A++
Intangibles: D did I mention extremely low health?

Oklahoma City: D - with 8 drafted in the first 5 rounds I can't see them all though I did like the 2nd pick and the SS drafted in round 4, the 2 catchers were the best available but neither super in any aspect.

3. Arizona selected Myron Michaels. Myron is a very good left-handed finesse pitcher with great control, good splits, GB, and 5 good pitches. I had him 6th on my board.

Pitching: B+
Defense: B-
Intangibles: C+ as his makeup could hurt a little

Arizona Splashlogs: C- - as I am not real thrilled with the rest of the picks, 2nd round pick is intriguing though.

4. Vancouver Canadians selected Jim King. Jim is a power hitting SS, a rare find.

Defense: SS: B+ as his arm accuracy may cause a few errors.
Offense: A-
Intangibles: B- I always ding on health of a position player below 70, though the way things are at the moment anything above 65 is passable as WIS has been handing out injuries to mascots even.

Vancouver: B- - as the iffy pick in the supplemental and the shaky 4th and 5th rounders.

5. Trenton selected Larry Hinske. I had Larry as the number 2 pick on my board. He is a strike out pitcher with great control, great splits, FB, 4 great pitches.

Pitching: A- as the FB could be problematic at times.
Defense: A+
Intangibles: A+

Trenton: C- - selecting decent hitting but defensively inept position players

6. Philadelphia selected Kevin Moore. Kevin is listed as a SS but is a little weak in that area to be great but will hit for a high average with a few dingers.

Defense: SS: C+, 3B: A+, 2B: A+
Offense: A
Intangibles: C as health and makeup are problematic.

Philadelphia: C+ - with 3 first round picks and not going after a pitcher with one of them leaves me confused while selecting decent hitting but inept 3B's.

7. Dover selected Harold Dye. Harold is a tweener pitcher that boasts great control, decent splits, FB, 4 great pitches and a good out pitch. I had him ranked 4th on my board so I thought he was good also.

Pitching: A- as the FB could be problematic at times especially to lefties.
Defense: B+
Intangibles: B+ as health lowers this rating a bit

Dover: C- - selecting pitchers for 5 rounds gets boring and weaker as you go.

8. New York Mets selected Denny Reid. Not seen by me and must be an iffy pick as he is not signed.

New York Mets: C- - went for position players and the draft was relatively weak in this area.

Texas selected Shaggy Stratton. Shaggy is a finesse pitcher with great control, good splits, FB, 3 good pitches and a throw away we hope. Should be a good starter for many years.

Pitching: A
Defense: B
Intangibles: A

Texas: B - with only 3 picks, got some decent players.

Tampa Bay selected Flash Leonard. Flash is a finesse pitcher with great control, super splits, FB, and 1 great and 1 good pitch. Should be good as an everyday setup or closer.

Pitching: A
Defense: C, may have trouble fielding bunts
Intangibles: D as health is a big issue

Tampa Bay: C- -pitchers gets weaker as the rounds continue

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Power Rankings Part 3

1 (3) Las Vegas Slobs - The Slobs have been on fire this past week. They won series against some of the AL's best teams including the Corn Dogs and Deuce Droppers. The Slobs have a two game lead over the Royals in the AL West.

2 (5) Cincinnati Reds - The Reds appear to be back on track after, by Reds standards, a relatively mediocre start to the season. They had a relatively tough schedule this week, but they did take 2 of 3 against the Astros and sweep the Swingers in a 3 game series.

3 (1) Louisville Swingers - For the first time this season the Swingers have fallen from the number 1 spot. The Swingers drop could mostly be attributed to the series losses against the Cubs and Reds. The Swingers have a slim 1 game lead over the Astros in the NL South.

4 (8) Kansas City Royals - The Royals look for real. They currently have the AL's 2nd best record and are only 2 games back of the Slobs in the LA West.

5 (NR) Toronto Blue Jays - The Blue Jays are the biggest movers this week. They have won 5 in a row including the first of 3 against the Slobs. The Blue Jays have managed to extend their lead in the AL North to 5 games.

6 (9) Chicago Cubs - The Cubs are playing well, but you have to wonder how the loss of power hitting 1B Tony Suarez is going to effect this team. The Cubs are currently 3 games back of the Reds in the NL North.

7 (2) Houston Astros - The Astros were putting together a solid week until back to back series losses against the Mayhem and Indians. With the Astros rotation it should be only a matter of time before they start rising.

8 (NR) Monterrey Corn Dogs - The Corn Dogs move back into the rankings after dropping out last week. The Corn Dogs started off the week with a tough schedule that included the Splashdogs, Dirt Bags, Slobs, and Detroit. In those series they managed to go only 6 and 10. The CDs currently have a slim 2 game lead over the Tampa Bay Community College.

9 (10) Jacksonville Beach Boys - The Beach Boys move up one spot after a solid week. The Beach Boys are currently only 4 games back of the Swingers in the ultra competitive AL South.

10 (NR) New York Yankees - The Yankees have the biggest lead of any division leader at 10 games over the Senators. The Yankees had a solid week going until they met up with Tampa Bay and lost 3 of 4.

Dropped Out:
Atlanta Pork N Beans
San Diego Dirt Bags

Pirates complete two trades

The Pittsburgh Pirates made two trades this week. In the first deal with St. Louis, the Pirates received Byung-Hyun Pan. Sent to St. Louis were: Garry Bennett, Keith Sullivan, and J.D. Kennedy. While it was tough to trade youngsters Bennett, Sullivan and Kennedy, management felt it had no choice but add Pan. In the second deal with the Vancouver Canadians the Pirates receive: Willie Pizzaro. Sent to Vancouver were: Pablo Montanez and Carlos Lind. It is hoped that Pizzaro can add some badly needed power to the Pirates lineup.
In other news: Pirates management has been preparing for the upcoming amateur draft. It's expected that they will uncover some more gems, to add to their farm system. The Pirates have also been in discussions with other teams, in search of another reliever to add to their bullpen. Stay tuned for more exciting news from your Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Power Rankings Part 2

There was a lot of movement in the rankings this week. Its still really early, so thats expected.

1 (1) Louisville Swingers - Currently tied with the Astros in the NL South. The Swingers pitching has been stellar. Pitchers
Paulie Sanders, Pasqual Martinez, and Cam Anderson are all off to great starts to the season.

2 (2) Houston Astros - The Astros have recently added a few exceptionally good starting pitchers. The addition of Mel Wagner could make this the best rotation in the league. They did lose one of the best hitters in the NL in Rocky Spencer in the trade for Wagner. It could be tough to make up for the loss of Rocky and his 40+ HRs.

3 (9) Las Vegas Slobs - The Slobs were the biggest gainers in this weeks rankings. They are currently tied with the Dirt Bags for the best record in the AL. The Slobs currently lead the league in team ERA. When was the last time a team from the AL lead the league team ERA? Its probably been a while. Mike Leius, and Esteban Torres are both off to great starts to the season. There both only 25 years old, so the Slobs rotation should be solid for many seasons to come.

4 (3) San Diego Dirt Bags - The Dirt Bags are off to a very impressive start to the season. Thomas has done a great job of turning this team around. They do some impressive young talent with guys like Miguel Estalella, Trevor Stevenson, Luis Maduro, Lee Coleman, Joe Bolton, Max McCarthy, and Sammy Sosa. In my opinion the AL West will probably be one of the toughest divisions in the league for many seasons to come. The Slobs, DBs, Royals, and Splashdogs are all very good.

5 (8) Cincinatti Reds - As predicted the Reds moved up 3 spots to #5. How will the loss of veteran starter Mel Wagner effect this team? The addition of Rocky Spencer should make the Reds lineup one of the most potent in the league.

6 (NR) Atlanta Pork N Beans - The PnBs move into the rankings for the 1st time this season. Their off to a solid start to the season but it appears the Ball Hogs and Indians are going to battle them for the division title this season in the rejuvenated NL East. The PnBs have possibly the most potent line up in the league, but their starting pitching has been pathetic this season. Their starters are a combined 11 - 13.

7 (NR) Austin Deuce Droppers - The DDs make their first appearance in the rankings. It appears the DDs are back. They are 9 -1 over their last 10 games, and tied with the Corn Dogs and Community College in the AL South. Ramon Dong may be the best free agent addition any team made this off season.

8 (NR) Kansas City Royals - The Royals also make their first appearance in the rankings. They are 3rd AL West team in the rankings. The Royals have been impressive this season. They are currently 2nd in team batting average in the league. It appears the addition of Tuck Buck may not benefit the Royals as much as Knucks desired. He should be good for 200 innings this season, but his era and whip need to improve to justify his $15.5 million price tag.

9 (NR) Chicago Cubs - Last seasons WS champs move into the rankings at the number 9 spot. They are currently one game back of the Reds in the NL North. It should be a good battle between the Cubs, Reds, and Brewers in the North this season.

10 (NR) Jacksonville Beach Boys - After struggling a bit early it looks like the BBs are back on track. They have won 7 in a row. Omar Elcano is off to a great start. He is 5 - 0 in 8 starts, and should challenge Yamil for the CY Young this season. The BBs are only 3 games back of the Astros and Swingers in the NL South.

Dropped Out:
Toronto Blue Jays
Detoit Detroit
Milwaukee Brewers
Monterrey Corn Dogs
New York Yankees

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Power Rankings

With three teams tying for the leagues best record it was tough deciding #1. The Dirt Bags took the #3 spot due to a lower expected win percentage than the Astros and Swingers. I compared the stats between the Swingers and Astros and they were close with the Astros having a slight edge in hitting stats and the Swingers a slight edge in pitching stats. Ultimately it came down to the three game series against the two teams with the Swingers taking two of three.

1. Louisville Swingers - Its no surprise that the Swingers are #1. They have the leagues best era, and last seasons MVP Albert Johnson is off to a hot start. The NL South should be a good battle between the Astros, Swingers and Beach Bums.

2. Houston Astros - The Astros off to another fast start which is similar to last season. Last season they collapsed at the halfway point, but it appears this season may be different for the Astros. The Astros have made significant improvements to their defense. Last season they were dead last in most defensive categories, this season they are near the top of league. Steve Crow appears to be fully recovered from his season 6 elbow injury. He is 3 - 0 in 4 starts this season.

3. San Diego Dirt Bags - One of last seasons biggest surprises was the emergence of the Dirt Bags as a legitimate playoff contender. After 4 straight mediocre seasons Thomas maganed to turn the Dirt Bags into playoff contenders last season. This season they appear to be even better. They are currently tied for the leagues best record.

4. Toronto Blue Jays - Last season the Blue Jays struggled and finished last in the AL North. The Blue Jays have been one of the leagues best franchises since season 1, so they weren't going to stay down too long. It appears they are back and ready to battle for a division title in the AL North, one of the strongest divions in the league.

5. Detroit Detroit - Detroit was arguably the biggest surprise in the league last season. In Johns first season with the team he took them to the number one wild card spot in the AL. Detroit is currently in a tie with the Blue Jays for the lead in the AL North.

6. Milwaukee Brewers - Told you so. I knew the Brewers would be back. They are currently leading the NL North, the division voted to be toughest division in the NL. Are they better than the Cubs, and Reds? Probably not, but a wild card spot is realistic.

7. Monterrey Corn Dogs - After early season problems the Corn Dogs are back on track. It didnt take long for them to take over the top spot in the AL South. If they didn't have those early season issues they would probably be number 1 in the rankings.

8. Cincinnati Reds - The Reds at #8? They are too good to be #8, so they wont be here long. Is Yamil Pulido on steroids? I think they should go ahead and permantently engrave his name on the CY Young award.

9. Las Vegas Slobs - The Slobs at #9? There better than this. The last two seasons they started off slow. This season their not off to a slow start, but not a great start (not off to a great start based on the team that has 1 WS title and 1 AL title in the past 3 seasons). They will move up as the season progresses.

10. New York Yankees - Last season they were one of the more disappointing teams. This season the Yankees appear to have turned things around. These are pretty impressive stats - 8 seasons all .500 or better, 8 division titles.

Just missed the cut:
Cubs, Pork N Beans, Community College, Royals, Mayhem.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tampa Bay Name Change

After vowing to change to a new team based on league voting the Tampa Bay franchise will now be known as the Hillsborough Community College. It was a close race between the Rays and Hillsborough Community College, but in the end the league decided that the relatively large Community College located in Florida was a more appropriate name. For more insight into this fine institution of higher learning please refer to:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Payton bashes three as KC gets in gear.

Marcus Wood pitched 8 strong innings and the Royals got in in gear after their offense sputtered in the first two games. They split a four game set with Arizona, winning the final one 15 - 4 as
Dallas Payton
Kansas City
Age: 30B/T: R/R
Born: Stillman Valley, IL
Position(s): LF/1B/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

bashed 3 hrs and had 5 rbi in an 18 hit attack to close out the series. 7 batters had 2 hits and only SS Oswaldo Fernandez went without a hit.