Thursday, March 20, 2014

Questionable Mistakes

Looking over the Mets season, I find that I could have fixed a few things if I had recognized them. I wasn't planning on having a great season.  It all started when I lost Ronn Penny to FA at the beginning of the season and Felipe Peralta the previous season. I determined it was time to rebuild as nothing in FA was even comparable to either. Though I made some correctable mistakes that may have cost me more than I thought. Making up more than 20 games wasn't possible however even with the changes. I might have won ten games or more, well maybe.

Fielding:  Darryl Palmer wasn't the fix at SS and neither was his hitting. Putting Osvaldo Reynoso at 3B was another mistake. A week left side, was Palmer's problems the result of that I wonder. I had Brutus Mora at 2B for much of the season and I expected better. He hit well while he was there. I moved him to 3B and his hitting went down hill, I had never noticed that happening before. Though it may have been due to being in the last 50 games. Marc Redman, I started in RF for much of the season. He isn't great at 2B but a far cry better than anyone else I needed in the lineup. I had Jimmie Valentin and Carlos DeSoto playing CF. Joey Cather was being used as a utility defense.

What I should have done was have Mora play 3B, DeSoto at SS, Redman at 2B, Reynoso in RF and Valentin in CF. with Palmer and Cater backing them up.

Hitting: Truthfully there wasn't anything I could have done differently except maybe the SB fiasco. Though that may have been on failed hit and run also. Ronny Gant looks like he had a decent season but really didn't hit till the end of the season and likewise with Leo Rodney.

Pitching: Not much to say here either. Harry Rodriguez became a problem child for no apparent reason.

I might have a few surprises for next year but we will see.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Second Round Action

 I may have seen the sweeps in the NL but didn't expect to see it in the AL. Two runs total from Memphis seemed a bit foggy. The ninth inning in game two unjustly sealed the political fate as we were ready for extra innings.

Baltimore vs Anaheim: The Halos corrupted their O's brethren during the regular season, 9-1. Most of the games were mired in stomping losses to boot. Can the O's overcome their fears and fly higher? I don't expect it.

Montreal vs Kansas City: The Royals stole the two seed on the last day of the season to get a bye. Did they get complacent with the off time? The regular season saw the Expos being ridiculed by the Royals 7-3, though there wasn't much royal stomping going on. If you ask me, either could forge their way into the next round. I can't decide either way. Both would give the Angels a run for the money.

Over in the NL, the Giants just didn't get enough to stop the Reds though they tried hard. Whlock was right, offensive production was hard to come by and the pitching just didn't help. Rah! Rah! Astros! We love ya baby!

Mexico City vs  Cincinnati: This could be a fun series though most of us wanted to see Reds vs Cubs in round two. The Reds have the advantage here if the regular season means anything. The Devils want to demonically avenge that four game sweep at home at the hands of the Reds. Your guess is a s good as mine on the outcome.

Chicago vs Houston: This match up could settle the Rookie debate once and for all if Gload gets to pitch and has a great outing. Astros didn't fare well against the Cubs in the regular season going 4-6. Advantage for Houston not having home field as strange as that sounds. I do expect the Cubs to win. Why? Pat Suzuki is back! Sorry, not much love for Houston in this one.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Award Voting

Oh well, it is the end of the season and time to vote for the best players of the season. How fake are these guys? Maybe I am taking exception to the order they are in, I am not sure.


Polin Ordaz: Is he here because he had an above average season? 50 Stolen bases maybe? I don't buy it for one second.

Renyel Manuel:  Okay, I could vote for him though he is an underachiever if you ask me.

Robinson Montgomery: I like his .301 average and SBs. Good CF but Manuel plays a good 3B, tough choice.

Rick Ramsay: Plays a good 1B, good numbers but strikes out too much for my taste.

Yamid Ordaz: Has good numbers but just doesn't rate in my books as of yet.

So it boils down to Manuel and Montgomery, which is the better choice?


Terrence Beckett: Found a home in LA this year. Somewhat good numbers but is he playing for a big contract next year?

Deven Wilfredo: What a year this rookie had! Is he the guy in the Expo offense though?

Del Alvarez: Good numbers in the Average department but seems light elsewhere! I just have a hard time voting for a DH.

Paul Chiba: Had a relatively average season if you ask me.

Clark Parrish: I find it odd that he strikes out so much.

I am at a total loss here, I like the top two and can't decide.

NL Cy Young

Jacob Nixon: No problem here, he has the best numbers across the board.

AL Cy Young

Cedrick Swann: No offensive help in Vancouver to start the season and  was happy for the trade. His numbers even say he is the best.

AL Rookie

Deven Wilfredo: This one is easy.

NL Rookie

Aaron Gload: I won't deny he had a good season on a good team in a tough home park. 

Art Nixon: How does Mexico City get these odd players to play as well as they do? I wish he had more AB's

Jose Espinosa: Too bad his season was cut short a bit with an injury.

Steve Bradley: Just doesn't have the record to compete with the others.

Vic Gabriel: I expect good things in the future from this kid. Not bad for a utility guy.

This one is between Gload and Gabriel.....I am leaning toward Gabriel because Gload gave up too many dingers.

News of the Week

I didn't want to jinx anybody so I stayed silent during the playoff push. No one can blame me this time. Mal, I don't know what happened to the A's, they were better than the record indicated. That 13 game losing streak did the team in and weren't the same after.

Wasn't much to get excited about on the race this year in my opinion. The D'Backs made the NL West take notice for a few games as they made a push but the Giants quelled that from happening. D'Backs can't blame the Mets, as we were snake bite victims but the 1-run record didn't help. Speaking of 1-run records, check out the Pirates coming back like they said, 1-run at a time. It seemed the Reds would take the North, but went cold all of a sudden and the Cubs went lollygagging by. Mexico City winning a 100 games is a surprise, congrats. Disappointing season goes to the Padres, I think they were better than their record indicates. Most disappointed, the Cards for finishing seventh and the Marlins at eight. How they finished.

1. Mexico City Diablos Rojos - big unexpected surprise...poor Cards
2. Chicago Cubs - predicted for the playoffs
3. Philadelphia Phillies - predicted for the playoffs
4. San Francisco Giants - predicted for the playoffs
5. Cincinnati Reds - predicted for the playoffs
6. Houston Astros - predicted for the playoffs

The first round of the NL playoffs could be fun to watch. The three and four seeds are heavily under the gun and could easily fall which would make a hell of a playoff scenario if that happened.   I am ready for a 1 vs 5 and 2 vs 6 playoff match up. 

The AL was the reason I actually kept silent.  YIPPEE!!!!! Them luckless Washington D.C. Senators finally captured a playoff spot! It was touch and go at the end as I thought Toronto might sneak in but the last five games sealed their doom and the unenviable seventh seed.

1. Anaheim Angels - predicted for the playoffs
2. Montreal Expos - predicted for the playoffs
3. Kansas City Royals - predicted for the playoffs
4. Baltimore Orioles - predicted for the playoffs
5. Memphis Red Birds - predicted for the playoffs
6. Washington D.C. Senators - biggest surprise of the season

Seeds two and three could still change spots along with five and six maybe with one game to go.  Sorry Mal, I didn't think the Angels could fly that high. Will the halo get damaged in the second round? I have no input like the NL as the teams aren't exactly set in stone yet, though the Angels should meet either KC or Montreal in the final round. 

So who made out like a fat rat at the end of the International Market dealings?

Rio Garces signed with the A's for $7M. I wonder who they thought was bidding against them?  Garces might make it to the big leagues in the end.

Charles Irabu signed by Texas for $4M. Maybe I gave up on him too soon but I don't think he was good enough to fight over for much more.  A big league uniform doesn't exactly look promising as his hitting isn't great and 3B might be the best he could play.


Monday, March 10, 2014


Harry Santana made a bonus of $22M as Texas opened their drawers. Should be a decent hitter and RF in Dallas.

Polin Castillo was bummed as he had to settle for $19.2M and had to get in Mal's drawers to get every last penny. Okay, so Penny shouldn't have been in Mal's drawers anyway. He is labeled as a SS, we don't agree with that assumption. 3B is definite and possibly 2B as my blind scouts are undecided. He can definitely hit and the Mets would love to have him.

Their may be another International post as there are a few being given large amounts of cash though undeserving.

The Mets have analyzed two of its favorite 'STARS and came up with a solution. Osvaldo Reynoso can't hit at Shea. Likewise, his cousin, Marc Redman  can't either.  On the road they are fine. Brutus Mora on the other hand, hits well in Shea but doesn't hit well on the road. You would think good eye, splits and contact would be a better barometer than high contact at home. Puzzled by allegory.