Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tin Glove Awards

C - Andy Reagan wins the award. How many times we got to tell ya, the CF is not the new 2B.

1B - Heinie Watkins wins the award with 11 minus plays. If it wasn't for his bat, probably the worst position player of all time. His career fielding stats are not indicative of his true ability.

2B - Denny Matheson wins the award. We had a couple choices here but his sprained finger sealed the deal, he shouldn't have had it stuck there. Could it be why the Slobs went on a 12 game win streak at the end of the season?

3B - Eswalin Romano wins the award. Heinie taught him everything he needs to know about defense, playing with the ball girls.

SS - Sam Charles wins the award after further review. He never was that good at SS but now he is a mere shell of that even after his 91 games of bloopers. Everyone thought it would be Louie James but he got cut some slack after replays showed that 1B and 2B was in the stands buying hotdogs during most of his bloopers.

LF - Ebenezer Munoz wins the award. Maybe that is why he ended up on the DL? Extreme fielding justice.

CF - Felix Yoshii wins the award. Well, he was the last man standing and he was funny to watch out there for the limited time. We also cut Jair Bennett some slack because he had to cover LF also.

RF - Travis Ball wins the award. RF really?

The Mets

What can you really say about a team that few doubted could be a contender. Still they were in it till the last day. A sweep over Cleveland coupled with two losses by Pittsburgh would have put them in the playoffs instead of Pittsburgh. Even on the last day, a win and another Pittsburgh loss would have done it, but alas it wasn't meant to be. Yeah, I held all the tie breakers.

Bitter? Not that I lost the game wholck. It was more that I should have beat up on that particular type of pitcher early. The third game I put Henley because I didn't care anymore and we win against a better pitcher, go figure. Just got frustrated as it was that way all season, lose to weak off-speed or so-so pitchers and beat the good ones. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

On a brighter note, what the Mets did well. Second season in a row we have been above .500, that is an accomplishment in itself. We did well at home for once, on the road was another matter. What they accomplished though is surprising. For starters, 227 doubles, 218 home runs and 178 stolen bases. Those numbers haven't been in the Mets vocabulary very often. Emil Flores even joined the 30/30 club, something that never happened in Salem. 31-19 in 1-run games and 14-6 in extra inning games, how cool is that.

So the offense was right on target really but the pitching had its moments, one day it was good and the next not so hot. Not sure what is up with that but it very well could spell doom next season.

Defense was pretty good also. Some still say that it doesn't matter but still all the playoff teams are under 100 errors. That really stands out to me.

Next season.

To start off we are hoping the coaching staff decides to return. I see no reason why they won't. However there will be a change at pitching coach unless something strange happens. We are looking for Kline to take over that position and our 10 year vet in Lee to take a hike. I know it sounds cruel, but no increase in the last 8 years and ranks 3rd from the bottom, time for a change.

It will be a trip to Free Agency as we are losing two pitchers off the staff and the minors just isn't ready. Tabaka did sign finally, not sure what was up with that exactly. Two in the second year of arbitration, me thinks they will get long term contracts. Other than that the Mets will be ready once again, this time to win.

KFC was right, that loss didn't help things at all. But to me the ones that hurt the most was the four game series at home against Mexico City that hurt the most followed closely by the Hot Pocket debacle. In the end it was Cleveland that did us in.

The Finality

Season 2 finally comes to a disgruntled end, even the server gave up hope.

The NL

1. Florida Marlins: odds of winning 2:1
2. Salem Super Sequoias : odds of winning 2:1
3. Chicago Cubs: odds of winning 1:3
4. Philadelphia Phillies: odds of winning 1:4
5. Houston Astros: odds of winning 1:2
6. Pittsburgh Pirates: odds of winning 1:5

The AL

1. Boston Red Sox: odds of winning 2:1
2. San Diego Padres: odds of winning 1:1
3. Seattle Mariners: odds of winning 1:2
4. Tampa Bay Rays: odds of winning 1:3
5. Las Vegas Slobs: odds of winning 1:2
6. Minnesota Twins: odds of winning 1:4

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Final Ten or The Odd Man Out Rule

Here we are sports fans, end of the season madness. The last ten games seems to bring out the best and worst in people. But excitement mounts and nerves are on edge and now the reason why.


Three spots are already taken by Florida, Salem and Houston. Three spots remain and four possible outcomes are in the works. The next series are important to how everything will end.

The Cubs invade the Marlins and hope to do some fishing on the fly. With only a two game lead over archrival Pittsburgh, every game is important after losing 2 of three to them.

The Pirates move across state to take on in-state foe Philadelphia, and their is no brotherly love between the two. Both are fighting for their playoff lives.

The Mets, who are only two behind Philly, host Arizona. Arizona still has a long shot at making the playoffs, okay, extremely long shot.

All in all the Mets and Cubs are hoping for a sweep in Philadelphia and don't care which one, though the Mets are favoring Pittsburgh while the Cubs favor Philly. Regardless the Mets are in a must win situation to remain in the hunt for either the division crown or a wild card.


The AL is in a hell of a mess once again with 10 to go. Only Boston and San Diego have ensured a place in the playoffs and are fighting over the top seed.

Seattle has secured a two game lead over Minnesota once again but how long will it last this time? Seattle makes a long trip to Anaheim before traipsing to Minnesota for their showdown. Minnesota travels to Boston and takes on the possible number 1 seed. Seattle would seem favored but the way the season has gone so far, doubt looms.

Tampa Bay has a seven game lead over Texas which would by normal means a playoff spot. However, the Rays must go to San Diego which would be a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Texas plays host to Atlanta. Since Texas and Tampa Bay have finished their rivalry for the season, it would be tough on Texas to make up that many games.

The wild card is even murkier as Minnesota, Helena and Las Vegas are within kissing distance of each other. Anaheim and Texas can't exactly be ruled out here either, though both have huge mountains to cross.

Helena is in Dover while Las Vegas hosts Toronto. While the two may decide a playoff spot in the last three games in Las Vegas.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Record Updates

Pascual Solano became the all-time Saves leader with his 524th save. Highlighted by the fact he has only played with Toronto throughout his entire career.

Ivan 'The Terrible' Johnson passed pitching icon Yamil Pulido and now has 286 wins to his credit. He has his eyes set on being number 1 currently held by Omar Elcano who currently has 332 wins. It is unknown whether Omar will retire at the end of the season or not as he is starting to wane like Nolan Ryan.

Dwight Hall continues up the ladder as he has passed the 400 save mark in his career and currently has 412.

Zeus Singleton has passed the legendary Mitchell Ray on the all-time save list for third place. Currently with 470 saves is still young enough to catch up and surpass Pascual Solano.

Dom Tabaka has also passed the 400 save mark and is in hot pursuit of Dwight Hall for fifth all time. However his unwillingness to resign with the Mets could put him jeopardy of ever achieving that goal. Why you ask? His ratings doesn't really project to a star closer especially for a lefty.

Everett Hill has moved up the list in Home runs to the number 2 spot all time with 683. Needing less than 70 may still have the ability to make it to the number 1 spot. Joey Tracy is still trying for that magic 750 shot.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Tantilizing Twenty

Yep, it is that time. 142 games down and 20 to go. So what kind of titalating finish can we have this year?

AL North

Ummm, dakar's rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream ...err Nightmare! Twins and Mariners tied with 20 to go. What more drama can the AL handle?

AL East

Boston Red Sox has things wrapped up and is going for the gold.

AL South

Tampa Bay has a 6 game lead but those pesky Rangers just won't go away. Gunfight at the OK Corral forthcoming.

AL West

The Padres have things well in hand and are holding down that #1 seed.

Wild Card Race

At the moment it is the loser of the Northern conflagration with Helena, Las Vegas and Anaheim showing themselves for the final spot or maybe both spots if something drastic comes this way. Outside chances still remain for Texas and Atlanta, miracles do happen.

NL North

Cubs remain in first but the Pirates have closed the gap again to 1 game. Even with the severe injury to David Gomez, his young replacement, James Saitou has filled the void and continued their merry way.

NL East

Simmy is playing games with the Phillies and Mets and the frustration is evident. The Indians had their chance but seemed to have packed it in for the season.

NL South

The Marlins have things well in hand and hold a 6 game lead for the #1 seed. Houston has decided to rest up for the playoffs.

NL West

Salem is enjoying their 6th straight 100 win season and 7th straight division crown. Now they want that big ass trophy for their efforts.

NL Wild Card

Houston has one spot all spiffy and neat. Most reliably speaking the loser of either the North or East will claim the other. Arizona remains hopeful with the big outside shot but it is quite slim. Best bet is the loser of the North.

Player Awards

I have been looking over the awards also and trying to make sense of them myself. Of course there are 21 games to go and things could change.

NL MVP: Salem has an overwhelming edge at winning the coveted award. I agree with Pichardo being in the top slot but more inclined that Hill be in the second slot mostly because of dinger count. Brennaman has a great average and hits a lot of doubles don't get me wrong.

AL MVP: Shayne Marte with a .232 average? Pepe Feliz with a .264 average? Pablo Solano is more like it if you ask me with that .313 average even though his dinger production is 10 below the others.

NL Cy Young: Here is the biggest oddity of them all. Five pitchers in the list and the top four haven't started a game. Albert Cubillan is the only starter and only has 14 wins. Almost sounds disrespectful to the award. Maybe we need a new one?

AL Cy Young: Things look just as amiss here if you ask me. Rob Holzemer, a lefty no less, has 17 wins, shocker? My lefty actually has as good a ratings and struggles to win a game on a good day. If it wasn't for the NL list, Byung-Hyun Chong would be a surprise. Shaggy "Dinger" Stratton in the 3rd slot with 16 wins is another. Turner Ferrell has 16 wins also with a good park and team for doing that. Winston "Long Ball" Maxwell also chimes in with 16 wins. I wonder if someone can enlighten me about his ratings and his propensity for allowing home runs?

NL Rookie of the Year: No qualms about Carl Mattingly winning the award, his hitting and thievery is becoming legendary as is his non-plays at 2B.

AL Rookie of the Year: Clark Parrish is first and Del Alvarez is second, both on the Royals diamond. Alvarez looks better with a bat in hand. Parrish is being groomed to play 2B instead of shoving him into the position he isn't ready for.

Fireman of the Year: May not be the best but he who has the most saves.

International Market

The Cubs spent a little over $14M for Desi Guerrero. A purported SS that in my estimation would make a fine 3B at the most or one hell of a RF if the glove doesn't materialize. Could have a decent eye, good against the right handed persuasion, pull his own against lefties with some pop in the old toothpick but may lack in the contact department. Has enough speed to steal a few bases along the way also. Health is not so great and may be the leading concern about this youngster. Money I think was well spent as he would have went in the top tier of a draft.

Now of the last two which was better? Harsh? Maybe a little but the truth is sometimes. In reality comparing the two is difficult. Desi has diversity in position as Rubby has the speed and contact. Both have a disability that could hurt down the road. Late in the season and money can't be taken with you, Baseball Econ 101 message. So which one is better depends on taste and I really can't decide.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

International Market

The Indians cried about the market being bad this year but yet spent $22.3M signing Rubby Santiago. Granted it is late in the season and very few prospects will propagate their way into the market place. So what did the Indians get for the kings ransom? Not much in reality. Professes to be a 2B but chances are he will never arise beyond LF. Does have speed and a good durability to hit in the upper end of the lineup. Just a cut above a mediocre eye, very lucky against lefties, good pop and steady contact. Should be good but not great, if he was in the draft some would put him as a mid first rounder.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dirty Thirty

Once again it is time to get down and dirty for the last 30 games.

NL North

Cubs has widened the gap a bit to four games. Pittsburgh is hanging tough. One of these two are playoff bound if not both.

NL East

The Mets and Phillies have played cat and mouse for much of the season. Cleveland fans are excited because they know there is a chance. Taking advantage hasn't exactly been their strong suit so far.

NL South

Florida is the first team to 100 this season and has widened the lead to 12 games. Houston has decided to play it safe down the stretch as they have a wide lead for the first wild card spot.

NL West

Salem walked away early with the division crown and hasn't looked back. Arizona was hoping for a wild card spot but that looks even remote at the moment.

1. Florida
2. Salem
3. Chicago/Pittsburgh
4. Mets/Phillies/Indians
5. Houston
6. One of the losers in the 3 or 4 slot with an outside shot of Arizona or Milwaukee.

AL North or is it the West, dakar is confused?

Mariners surge ahead only to find the Twins still there in the morning. That might actually be fun if it was the twins from next door.

AL East

Boston is all alone at the top, we are not sure how really guess it is because they have the most wins. 18 game lead says it all though.

AL South

Tampa Bay is widening the gap but we ain't rulin them Texicans out after last years surprise finish.

AL West

The Padres are surprising themselves and have tamed the unruly west this season and have jumped out to the #1 seed even.

Wild Card here is more entertaining than the NL. With 8 teams still in a viable position for the two slots. 10 games separate most of them form top to bottom.

At the moment, Minnesota, Helena and Las Vegas are within slapping distance of each other while the rest of the East and West keep within shouting distance. Who will get hot and who will lose ground remains to be seen.

1. San Diego
2. Boston
3. Seattle/ Minnesota
4. Tampa Bay/Texas
5. and 6. is really too close even think about calling it.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Wholck didn't like the odds makers likening of the Indians. To tell the truth I don't have a clue as to what is going to happen but I can offer this.

With 32 games to go all one has to do is look at the Mets schedule and despair that wreaks havoc. 11 games to go against the likes of Salem, Houston and Florida isn't very promising at all and that is one third of the games. That leaves 9 games against the division and more than likely must win games. Add in the 7 games against Arizona and 3 against Milwaukee which just happens to be the best of the below .500 teams. Plus I lost one of my better pitchers for most of the remainder of the season doesn't help either. You can see why my team is more confident about the situation than I am. Hmm, I wonder if there are some hidden confidence ratings we don't know about?

Oh BTW, the Phillies schedule is about as bad as mine. They have 11 remaining against Florida, Salem and Pittsburgh. 10 against the Reds and Mexico City. Doesn't leave much room for error there either. In my mind that puts them a few games up on the Mets.

The Indians on the other hand are in one of their tougher battles against Pittsburgh and only face Houston for 3 games later on. Other than the division it leaves a lot of room to make up 8 games. I think the odds makers see the schedule as a 20-12 split for the Indians and that give the odds a big boost in their favor. They also see the reverse for the Mets and Phils, OMG, don't tell me that makes a possible three-way split?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

International Market

Paul Zhang was signed by the Kansas City Royals for $14.9M. How this kid escaped my reporting clutches is unknown, maybe KC was trying to keep him under wraps. The kid might be a lefty but should be a force at the ML level in time. Good control and very good splits combined with some misaligned pitches should confuse and zhing hitters. A very good buy if you ask me.

Mariano Diaz was signed by the the Mets for $1M. The seeming innocuous event doesn't look like much but enable the Low A team to have a little respect. Causing a sudden 23-9 outburst has made the rest of the team pick up their game.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Flirty Forty

The Jose SWAGs and what they really think is self evident. Which would you choose?

Now on to the brighter future.

Actually this post was really suppose to happen after the next game, but oh well, time constraints ya know.

The NL is like a mess, more like the IN crowd and the wanna be's!

NL North

The Cubs and Pirates are in a battle for the division crown. Will the loser get the 6th seed that could be enshrouded in a Castle mystery novel with Niki Heat. The Brewers and Reds remain hopeful but the reality of the situation looks more like a Grimm fairy tale.

NL East

Looks like the NL North with different names. Mets and Phillies with a diabolical plot with so many twists and turns that makes the head rattle. The remaining schedule of both teams looks like a plausible escape for the Indians to make a sneak attack. The Chikenwings in Louisville have been plucked and look forward to an enjoyable snack during the playoffs.

NL South

What can be said this year, Florida took over a few games ago and hasn't looked back and have their sights set on the number 1 seed. Houston has already claimed the number 5 seed but haven't given up hope. Haven't they? Mexico City took the analysis to heart a bit and have ushered in the Yoshii ball era. He has single handily enjoined the devilish spirit of the team for a 5 game win streak. Don't count them out as of yet to make a run at the 6th spot. The Hawks has succumbed to their fate but will pick up the number 1 pick next year.

NL West

Salem has been dragging their cleats lately but still could fight their way to the number 1 seed. The D'Backs aren't eliminated from the division crown yet, but come on, they would need to win them all, like that would happen. Could make a push to the last wild card spot though. The Dodgers and Giants play spoiler where they can.

At a Glance:

1. Florida - Already a playoff team
2. Salem - Already a playoff team
3. Cubs/Pirates/Mets/Phils - One of them gets this slot
4. Cubs/Pirates/Mets/Phils - One of them gets this slot - broken record
5. Houston - Just because no one else can
6. Repeat of the broken record with Arizona, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Mexico City joining the fray.

After Florida, Salem and Houston, it looks like mediocrity at best, but mediocrity has a tendency to win.

On to the AL where mediocrity seems to reign supreme.

AL North

Seattle has taken recent control of the situation with a 9 game win streak as Minnesota tripped over home plate. Even the Tigers are showing some life. The Blue Jays have been shooing the cats away.

AL East

The Red Sox suddenly came alive enough to throw the rest of the division into despair. I don't expect there to be much of a fight in the final forty. Despair is only short lived as the rest of the division is actually still in a wild card race.

AL South

It took over half the season for this division to right itself. Tampa Bay spurts then sputters just enough to keep Texas off their fins. Don't rule those gun totin Texans, remember lasts years remarkable run to fall just short. Little Rock and KC just keep rockin the boat.

AL West

The Padres zoomed out to the lead early and no one has decided to put up a fight to slow them down. The rest of the pack seem to be having a bitter sibling fight that just isn't going away.

At a glance

1. San Diego - With 10 more wins another team would be hard pressed to catch up.
2. Boston - Same as San Diego but the only thing here is who has the most wins at the end.
3. Seattle/Minnesota - eenie meenie minee moee
4. Tampa Bay/Texas - Remarkable isn't it?
5 and 6. It is easier to list the three teams that don't look capable. Speaking of mediocrity.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Indepth Look at Mexico City

The park is more of a pitchers park than that of a hitter. With negatives in the singles and doubles area makes it rough for slap hitters. With neutrality in the home run department, players need power. Best bet is that position players would need 70's across the board to do well consistently in hitting. Speed also helps to play small ball. Ground ball strike out pitchers as well as ground ball finesse pitchers should do well here also. Control, splits and pitches are still a concern. However as maybe 70's in control and 65 in splits might do well here they will rarely hold up on the road.

Cather: Both catchers are decent hitters but that is where it ends. Neither really make a good backstop at all as their PC is lacking, especially Saez. Nunez is barely above 50 and defense is weak. Saez is good defensively other than the dismal 40 PC and would be better suited as a weak power DH and emergency catcher. Cairo would be moderately helpful in replacing Saez but his contract is problematic.

1B: None listed as their priority so a player from another position plays here.

2B: Of the three listed, only Trajano has the wherewith all to play the position. His hitting won't be that great. The other two would be best served in LF.

3B: Jacquez plays the position rather well but hitting isn't great but does hit with some power.

SS: Marmol is better suited for 3B than SS and his hitting relatively even suited. Morales could be a GG SS but hitting or lack thereof causes problems. I wouldn't hesitate to use him as the starter though.

LF: Reboulet is listed but rarely plays because of his lack of hitting though it could surprise some people.

CF: Encarnacion is no GG winner but doable for the position. His hitting should be better than his stats indicate if you ask me.

RF: Yoshii needs to play as much as possible so his durability goes up at rollover. I would consider him at 1B. Baez isn't great at the position but I would use him because of that high eye that is needed. Where to Olson becomes problematic as he needs to play also and that bad glove..eek

Pitching: The starters are pretty good and can win anywhere. Lack of offense and no help in the pitch calling business I think hurts quite a bit. The pen isn't great but capable, well we will exclude Chen from that statement as Gilkey might have been a better choice.

International Market

Tony Martinez was signed by the Mexico City Diablos Rojos for $8.5M. Splits may be a bit on the weak side but control and pitches are not bad if things develop. The good part is all projections could come very close to fruition. If we equate him to the draft, he would be a mid to late first rounder so all is not bad.

Al Nunez was signed by the Little Rock Heads for $10.2M. Okay, so I miss the casting call on this kid as to why he was so expensive. Granted he is about ML ready but little room for advancement, nothing a year in the minors won't fix. Decent eye, splits, power and contact but nothing overwhelming at the plate. Not much speed on the base paths. Listed as a LF but suggests he will be nothing more than a 1B. Equating him to the draft I would say somewhere in the supplemental to second round.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


What do the league leaders have in common with each other as the teams head for the turn into the home stretch? After the All-Star break each team played their division rivals and one big curious fact made a leap to the forefront. That and a couple others to be exact.

Each team has a winning record in their respective division. In the NL all four teams are 15-6 which is a bit curious in itself. The AL teams are a bit more demonstrative in this category but still maintain their winning ways. This record is paramount in the event of ties by the way especially when head to head are tied also.

For the most part these teams have an above .500 record in 1-run games and for the most part extra inning games also.

In the NL North, Chicago has won 10 of 14 since the All-Star break but three key losses to Pittsburgh hurt. Those three wins by Pittsburgh enabled them to stay close as they are struggling.

In the NL East, New York is hanging on against the resurgent Phillies. The Phills are actually enjoying a flagrantly easy schedule at this time but will toughen up shortly. The Mets took 2 of 3 Salem, oh joy.

In the NL South, Florida is streaking, call the cops please. Houston remains close but seem to be coasting as they know another 10 to 15 wins will put them in the playoffs.

In the NL West, Salem has almost an insurmountable 30 game lead but barely holds the number 1 seed. Arizona is trying to stay in the final wild card hunt.

In the AL North, Seattle and Minnesota keep duking it out for the top spot. This could take the rest of the season to resolve itself.

In The AL East, Boston has pushed itself into a comfortable lead. Atlanta made a push but has fallen on hard times.

In the AL South, Tampa Bay is slowly asserting itself. Texas is trying to hold on.

In the AL West, San Diego has walked away with the lead. Helena is holding down second and a Wild Card lead, will the meltdown our again this season?

Broken Records

There will be some records broken by the end of the year as the record watches are on tap in several cities. The Vinny Post injury kinda hastened this little article a bit.

Vinny currently holds the ErrfDogg Saves record with 523. He played all 14 major league seasons with the Houston organization. Vinny will probably end his career with an injury while playing in the minors for Toronto. The irony is Pascual Solano of Toronto needs nine more to tie Vinny and 10 to eclipse this all time record. Pascual is only 34 and may have another year or two left but is starting to show heavy signs of age and being at the end of his contract could be the end of another HOF career at the ML level.

Zeus Singleton has passed Mitchell Ray, who should be in the Hall mind you, for third on the list. Zeus currently has 460 and at the young age of 32 could easily overtake both for first before his playing time is over.

Dwight Hall currently 5th all time needs 1 more save to reach the 400 barrier. However, holding on to that 5th spot will be short lived as Dom Tabaka is only 10 behind in the chase.

Future HOF, Omar Elcano currently holds the win record with 326. Having a so-so season Philly hasn't really upped his game much but does look to have another season left if he can squeeze out some more big bucks. Britt Swindell was hoping to see some ML action so he could tie or go ahead of Yamil Pulido for second all time. It doesn't look likely but one never knows.

Donald Satou was also hoping to have one last great season in Salem so he could also pass Yamil. He has lost a little too much and is having trouble getting to the 5th inning.

Ivan Johnson on the other hand is moving quickly up the list and only needs 5 more wins to slide into second on the list. He is still young at 30 and should easily catch Omar before his career is over. One would think however that a big asterisk be put by his name in the Hall for having all of those wins and never started a game. Such a beast, no wonder he is called Ivan the Terrible.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Disaster on the Diamond

The injury to Charlie Stone is devastating and could be career ending at his age. What is the truth, can you handle the truth? Well for starters he is out for a year with a cost of $16.6M, that is first hard thing to swallow. Secondly, he took some hard hits to his range, health and speed. The bright spot here is he can go on the 60 day DL where he will recover some of it at the end of the season. After rollover he can be put on the DL again and have a second recovery. Third problem is his age, will he suck up some more losses or will they be retained is a question I don't have an answer for.

Could this be the worst contract of all time? It could be in the end or maybe not. Right at the moment I still vote for the Tuck Buck contracts as the worstest. His contracts over the years equated to about $1M per win and $78,000 per loss. You have to remember in his big contract years he only had 134 wins and was paid well over $146M with signing bonuses even if I remember right. Couple that with his 115 losses, made him the costly player of all time with not so great production. He did get to pitch twice in the playoffs with KC early in his career also, one a 7 inning no decision then later a 4 inning loss.

All-Star Break

It is time for teams to recharge a little before making the turn to the home stretch. It has been a rather weird season so far if you ask me. Here is how things are shaping up.

NL North

The Cubs have had to work lately to stay in first place as the Pirates have caught up and passed them at one point. It could be a race to the end between these two. The Brewers on the other hand is suffering from Bart Bart envy. Playing 1B no less, no errors and no minus plays as of yet, but how many has he caused is a question I have? As good as the Reds look on paper, the weakness of the pitching staff is evident.

NL East

The Indians are a bit of a surprise but can they keep it up? The Mets are challenging but are a mystery to themselves. In the beginning the pitching was good when the good hitting finally started the pitching stopped. The Phillies had a horrible start then got mildly hot then once upon a disaster, do we rule them out now? In Louisville the Colonels wings are the thing but on the road Buffalo gets all the credit. Isn't Buffalo south of something?

NL South

Houston more or less willed Florida into the lead. But don't fret none one or the other will win the division in the end as both are already printing playoff tickets. Mexico City is still in the playoff hunt, not surprising. St Louis didn't have much to start with and an overactive owner hasn't helped. Not to be feckless there, given time and understanding I think molineknight can rebuild the team if he is willing to stick with it.

NL West

Salem is fast approaching super stardom once again but holding that trophy is already playoff wins away. How many seasons did it take jsholmes to build a winner? "7" Things were going great for the D'Backs but something has gone suddenly wrong. The Dodgers has had their share of problems also and 37 inning 3 game series in New York provided consort to fatigue. Then we have the rebuilding Giants bringing up the rear, lookout because things are shaping up taking guidance from Salem's book.

AL North

Mariners and Twins, it was hard predicting at the beginning and at the break it remains the same. Last man standing in the end is the best guess. The Blue Jays and Tigs are just trying to get through a rebuilding season.

AL East

The Red Sox has bolted to a lead but the Braves haven't given up. Are the Sox that lucky or will they get scalped before it is over? Washington and Dover are good teams but just find ways to lose, reminds me of my Indian teams.

AL South

Little Rock looked unstoppable early but the correction to the mean occurred or is that just a mean correction? Since things have stabled a bit Tampa Bay and Texas has stoked up their fight for dominance. KC on the other hand got rid of Black Bart envy and has started playing ball.

AL West

The Padres has streaked out of the gates preaching their gospel. It is paying off as they are the front runner for the number 1 seed in the AL at the moment. They aren't into printing their tickets just yet but if they keep going it won't be a problem. Will Helena remain a contender or will the meltdown occur, maybe they should change their name to the Mount St Helens Volcanos. After a horrible start, the Slobs are on a roll and can't be ruled out. Anaheim just keeps fluttering along. Just like last year, this division could really end up in a tied mess.

In the NL three teams in all likelyhood have already secured playoff spots. Meanwhile six teams and could be 7, are fighting for the remaining three slots. The AL on the other hand is not quite so settled. With the proclivity that exists here, the Padres and Red Sox are not sure things which still leaves 10 or more teams viable for the playoffs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Top Players in the Draft

This is what I feel is the best 10 from the Season 22 draft, yeah you all can agree to disagree. After the top 7 it got a little tough mind you. How many of these will become stars remains to be seen as a sure thing may become an after thought at any time. Many of those not selected can have great careers and could exceed the selected 10 even, as it can be a crap shoot.

1. Landon Jones, P , San Francisco Giants. Drafted 1

2. Ray Shunick, P, Washington D.C. Senators. Drafted 3

3. Claude Chatwood, CF, Chicago Cubs. Drafted 5

4. Rick Ramsay, RF, Detroit Tigers. Drafted 9

5. Andrew Robinson, P, Cleveland Indians. Drafted 6

6. Kiki Bennett, 2B, Little Rock Heads. Drafted 10

7. Derek Rodgers, 2B, Toronto Blue Jays. Drafted 20

8. Joshua Burns, 1B, Dover Dung Beetles. Drafted 13

9. Darrell Gardner, 2B, Tampa Bay Rays. Drafted 28

10. Douglas Perez, SS, Seattle Mariners. Drafted 30