Thursday, April 29, 2010

With 10 To Go

I'll have the Super Dog, fries and a large Miller Draft please! Excitin' for some isn't it? With 10 games to go in the NL, the fate of 5 teams hang in the balance and 2 very good teams are going to be watching from the sidelines once again. The AL is not as complicated as the NL but at least 1 very good team will be watching from the sidelines.

NL North

The Pittsburgh Pirates can claim the title outright with a win or a Cincy loss and the #2 seed. Oh, it will happen BTW.

NL East

The Cleveland Indians has a 5 game lead over Atlanta and 6 games over the Phillies. Both Atlanta and Philly find themselves in a predicament though. Philly gets the unnerving consequences of a 4 game home series with Pittsburgh, Atlanta goes for a 4 game set in St Louis while Cleveland goes to Texas for 4. Both must sweep and hope Cleveland gets swept to have a chance at the division title before the last 6 games.

NL South

The Florida Marlins has claimed the title already and probably the #1 seed.

NL West

The Colorado Rockies have a slim 3 game lead over Salem who got back in the race after taking 3 and almost 4 from Pittsburgh, while the Rockies floundered around losing 4 in Cleveland. Salem has a 4 game home series with the Brewers while Colorado could be in jeopardy with a 4 game home series with Cincy. This one could get quite interesting before it is over.

The Wild Cards

The Cincinnati Reds should end up with the #5 seed easily enough, although they have a tough 10 game road trip with the Rockies, Pirates and Cubs.

The Texas Rangers have it tough as they face the Indians followed by the Marlins at home then 3 games at St Louis.

The Atlanta Braves are in St Louis for a 4 game set then 3 at Cleveland before going home to face the dangerous Mets.

The Philadelphia Phillies have a 4 game set at home with the somewhat slumping Pirates then those dangerous Mets before traveling to Cleveland for the finale.

AL North

As reported earlier, the Blue Jays and Twins will probably decide the outcome of the division title with the final out of the season in Twinkieland. Toronto has a 4 game series in Las Vegas while the Twinkies travel to Boston.

AL East

The Syracuse Sycamores have a 7 game lead over Boston that seems pretty safe but.... With a 4 game series at Durham things could get a little tricky. Boston is at home against the Twinkies in a must win situation.

AL South

The Durham Bulls have claimed the division title, their third in four years. They have yet to claim the #1 seed but can probably do so by at least splitting the series or better with Syracuse.

AL West

The Helena Hot Pockets jumped in front with an 11 game win streak. With a 7 game lead and a 4 game series with Dover things are looking good. It looks even better with Las Vegas in a must win situation at home against Toronto.

The Wild Cards

The Minnesota Twins is in the first runner up spot today, tomorrow that could change with the fight going on in the North.

Both the Austin Fightin' Armadillos and Boston Red Sox are tied for the final slot and both could wind up with the final wild card slots.

Boston could put the Twins to bed in their series while solidifying their claim before facing Dover and traveling to Syracuse. Austin has a 4 game home series with Detroit followed by 3 on the road with Durham and Tampa Bay.

Las Vegas is 5 back while facing Toronto for 4 at home, then off to Omaha and back home to face Helena, their chances look pretty slim.

Friday, April 23, 2010

28 Games To Go

Can't believe it is that time of the season already, but 3 games before roster expansion. I have a little time this am waiting for the Old Lady to get her ass in gear.

NL North

The Pittsburgh Pirates has wrapped up the division I would say and is competing with Florida for the #1 seed. The Cincinnati Reds are 14 back and would take a real cold streak for the Pirates to lose the title.

NL East

The Cleveland Indians lead the division by 4 games over Atlanta. The Indians have set some defensive records this season already, most Plus Plays (111) beating last years NL Kansas City team (93) and the AL Helena team (109) who could still beat their own record they set last year. We still have the chance of tying the Minus Play record (4) held by the great defensive Cub teams of years gone by. The Indians also lead the league with the fewest unearned runs with 26. Of late, the injury bug has plagued the Indians with two of the best hitters on the DL at the same time.

The Atlanta Braves has taken advantage of the Indian woes to mount an attack to get close. The only thing going for Atlanta is hitting and they do it well and have the easiest schedule.

The Philadelphia Phillies aren't out but haven't been playing well at all.

NL South

The Florida Marlins like Pittsburgh has all but wrapped up the division and are fighting for the #1 seed. The season ending injury to Rick Hill could be devastating to the Marlins before the season is over. It has showed in the box scores as run production is down.

The Texas Rangers are 15 back but to mount a run would take a miracle.

NL West

The Colorado Rockies find themselves in first at the moment. They struggled at home till the All-Star break winning only 17 but have figured it going 18-5 since (or somewhere near that).

The Salem Super Sequoias are 4 back and can't be left out of the picture as the two have see-sawed back and forth, they have solidified their starting rotation but the pen is still struggling. The offense is led by Greg Woods who I think should be in the running for MVP also.

The Wild Cards

At this time the wild card race is between three teams with a couple hopefuls if they can't win their division.

The Cincinnati Reds lead the pack at the moment. Closely following them are the Texas Rangers. The Atlanta Braves are next at 4 back with Philadelphia and Salem the only real contenders at the moment.

AL North

The Toronto Blue Jays and Minnesota Twins are neck and neck battling it out. This one may not be decided till the final out in the finial series between the two.

AL East

The Syracuse Sycamores find themselves in front by 9 games. Boston has been hot as of late and may be making a charge, could it be too little too late?

AL South

The Durham Bulls are in first but seem to be a bit languid, maybe DJ's sister has been busy. The Austin Fightin' Armadillos have been trying to play catch up but not gaining much ground. The Kansas City Royals was my pick, they are hot but are out of the picture at 15 back.

AL West

The Helena Hot Pockets have taken command for the time being with their 8-2 streak but for how long. The Las Vegas 51s are only 2 back and the Anaheim Angels are 6 back. Any of them could get hot and take over. It may be another 15 games before the three-way is over.

The Wild Cards

This is a tough one with the muddled picture in the North. All 6 teams has a pretty good shot at a play off berth. Even the The Kansas City Royals which would make Durham pretty upset.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Knucklebones Radio Hi HBD'ers. I've found myself a new hobby and I do mean new. I've always been a big fan of talk radio and now with the internet I have a chance to give it a try. Im going to do a test run to get the nerves out and decide wether or not I will stick to fake baseball only or random subjects.My group on Facebook is Knucklebones Radio - Please join up if you do facebook. I will also be putting more effort into my personal blog This is for bored people and complete HBD fanatics.

Its also a good site for 9/11 truth/New World Order/Tea Party talk. All welcome with your opinions. I suggest freedomizer and nformd radio on blogtalkradio for those topics. You can also freind those groups on facebook if you have interest in that. As is well documented in these leagues, Im pretty nuts. I'm not going to deny it, but maybe I can thrive in it. If nothing else my talk shows should be entertaining once I get started. You can call into any of the shows with Skype or your own phone. Thanks for wasting 2 minutes of your life reading this if you did.

Wahoo Warrior Report

The Indians management has been very busy to say the least. Fan approval rating is down a bit though. Things looked really good up to All-Star break. Matter of fact we were hoping to enjoy a good 11 division rivalry for once. That didn't happen, started off well clobbering the Braves in the opener and the final of the four game series. The other two games we just didn't hit. Then came the home-away four game series with the Phills only salvaging the final game of the series. Once again couldn't hit. Then came the Mets and Cardinals and it was more of the same. The problem isn't pitching this year, it is hitting. Delving into the box scores, we came up with the answer and more or less hard to figure out.

We decided to try and find a willing participant before the trade deadline. We found that GM in Arizona who has been plagued by a porous defense all season. Sending GG contenders Deivi Silva and Karim Quevedo along with SP Roy Little. In return we hope we got a superstar 1B in Felipe Mendoza and reliever Mickey Frazier. In our minds and Arizona's, Frazier's contract was bad and sealed the deal. We felt if we could keep him healthy he would be a great addition to the pen however. As for Mendoza, he has been resting and learning in AAA, we hope.

As for Arizona, looks like Quevedo has found a home for sure. Silva also maybe, He has actually hit more home runs in a 13 game span (5) than with us (12) in 103 games. He was actually hitting well until the Indians came to town and went 0 fer 16 in the 4 game series. Let us not forget Little either, two wins and a no decision in three starts. All three look to be corner pieces for Arizona to build on.

Speaking of porous defenses, I didn't think anyone would pass Arizona in the minus play category other than maybe Atlanta. Looks like the Brewers are taking offensive lessons from the Braves and it just isn't working out.

On the defensive front, the Indians broke the NL Plus Play record last night with 95 breaking last years Kansas City mark at 93. Still needing 15 Plus Plays to break Helena's 109 record set last year is a very good possibility. Even with all the Plus Plays chance the Indians will only garner 1 GG and several could be second and or 3rd. Having only 4 Minus Plays, I thought maybe that could break a record also. Checking back, the Cubs only had 5 in season 9, so the chances on breaking or tying that record is probably slim.

Then came the Transaction Deadline, this is always a hopping place after it passes, matter of fact in all the worlds I am in or have been in, it is the best place for shopping. This year was no exception. We weren't looking for pitching, but a particular hitter and we were like kids in a candy store. 6 claims in three days netted us Zachrey Jerzembeck. I think the engine was playing games with us as he is the only player we probably couldn't trade for. The reason more than anything else is money. Just can't get past future and present payroll to make a deal that looks good.

Pablo Castro and Pascual Berroa were the only two ML roster players that we put on the block so to speak. Berroa because he wants too much money to stay in Cleveland and Castro wants to go FA next season. Berroa could be a Type A FA with his stats and abilities. Castro could still be a Type B if his age doesn't catch up with him in the off-season, he hasn't been on the DL since season 7 even with his health. Anaheim claimed Castro and I can see why but seriously doubt he could help. His stats are a bit misleading in all reality as simmy seems to use him as a mop up for some reason.

In a late claim, we got our fingers on Nolan Crawford. We have been trying to get him for two seasons now. Chances of us getting him this year is very slim to non-existent. Not exactly sure why we like him so much, he is kind of over-rated and may not hit well in Cleveland either. His glove has shown no improvement this year, so SS (in our books at least) is very unlikely, but 2B and definitely 3B is very highly possible.

Bad news today as Matt Pierce has hit the 15 day DL with a pulled hammy. That takes a big bite out of the offense and he was chomping at the bit for the upcoming Houston series. Now what to do?

In other trading actions and thoughts from Indians management. The Donald Satou deal to me was a little risky. I think the Cubs may have come out the winners in the deal.
I know Philly was looking for a 5th starter but Anaheim became the clear winner in the Louie Moraga deal. Not sure who the winner is on the KC-Toronto deal.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

IFA Market News

Victor Morlan: Helena, P - Great control and splits, pitches are a bit light and awkward. Will the splits progress enough to cover the pitches? For $15M Helena is hoping so.

Jair Bennett: Milwaukee, SS - So the rebuild begins with a $15M wonder boy. I show him a bit weak for SS though but a very strong 3B. Speed and power at the plate, a future star could be in the cards.

Jesus Candelaria: Seattle, P - A lefty that could be a bit weak on the vsR side (always a problem with em) but it shouldn't matter. Control is superb and two pretty good pitches to back it up. For $12.1M it seems to me like a steal.

Cristobal Ramirez - Omaha, SS - A bit mystified here as he was released and picked up by Milwaukee. Maybe lied to by the scouting department? Should be a GG SS. Hitting may not be great but nothing to sneeze at for a good defensive SS. A $10M waste?

Manuel Mercedes: St. Louis, P - His health may have scared a lot of teams away. The theme of the year though as another lefty finds his way on to a roster. If he stays healthy and develops, should be one of the better lefties. Take a chance for $7M.

Yuniesky Megias: Salem, P - His control turned a lot of teams off. For a cheap 6.3M though, he may have everything else working for him.

Juan Espada: St. Louis, C - A tad light in the glove and PC is above average. Hitting for power is pretty good even with average contact. Overall a decent player for $5M.

The Late Draft Signees

6. Mitch Knotts: Tampa Bay, P - Whats not to like? A lefty with good control, splits and pitches. Although a fly ball pitcher many shouldn't go out of the park. Stamina could be better but still good enough for a starter.

Grade A+

12. Daniel McClain: Omaha, P - Another lefty pitcher with good control and pitches. Splits could be a little short in vsR but the pitches and control should cover that nicely. Stamina could also be a bit better.

Grade A

16. Johnnie Good, Houston, C - Initial guess was pretty correct somewhat. Defense will not be great but his PC is good enough to be a starter. Will be one tough out at the plate and has some pop in the old bat.

Grade B

23. Alex Clark: Colorado, RF - Defensively could be very good if the glove matures. Has very good plate awareness and power, making contact may not be a strong point.

Grade A

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Indians Hit the Trade Market Again

Another Indians trade sent Johnny Zeile and Matt Brooks to Detroit for Randy Lamb. The Indians advance scouting party must have seen something in Lamb they liked. Both Ziele and Brooks were getting very disenchanted with Indians management. Ziele has already seen action out of the Detroit pen in a 3-2 loss to Seattle, he struck out 3 and surrendered 2 hits in 2 plus innings of work. Gm Firesign thinks both Brooks and Zeile could be better in Detroit than Cleveland, that was his best outing in a month. Lamb is scheduled for his first start against the New York Mets. When asked if the Indians were pursuing a #1 starter for the rotation we got this answer "Maybe, pitching isn't exactly our problem".

That answer could be true, since the All Star break they have split with the Braves and have dropped three in a row to the Phillies. In those 5 losses, they have failed to hit the ball scoring only 5 total runs.

In other trade news Anaheim sent DH Wascar Sanchez and pitcher Vicente Lopez to Dover. Dover sent DH Alex Landrum, RP Ivan Alicea and prospect SP Murray Golub to Anaheim. Looks like Anaheim was shedding salary before the trade deadline. Do they have something in mind?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report

News of the recent Indians trade sent a few shock waves through the league as the Indians sent Felix Higashioka to Seattle for Cy Bruske and Toby Chapman.

The Indians management was high on Felix at the beginning the season as he was slotted to hopefully take over the SS position as early as next season. Season development hadn't occurred like management had hoped. Management wasn't really concerned with the development issue however.

Needing pen help in the worst way, Indians scouting spent countless hours pouring over every team looking for a suitable option. That option turned out to be Cy Bruske. The initial offer to Seattle was summarily rejected but the resilience of GM dakar countered with an offer the Indians just couldn't refuse. Realizing that Bruske was an arbitration player seeking lots of money and out of contention this season for a playoff spot, made him easily expendable. Getting Felix would easily shore up several defensive positions in the future with his GG capabilities.

Getting the services of Bruske whom management thinks will provide a solid go to guy in the pen for middle relief and take the burden off several that can now be used in later innings. Getting Chapman sealed the deal for the Indians, though not as good as Felix, provided a quality player for the future in return. We don't see Toby as a SS however, but as a 3B. Although we are deep at that position, another doesn't hurt. His development could surprise us but he is at least another year away from the majors.

Offense has had its woes in the early part of the season. With the two left-handed divas, Giovanni Jackson and Matt Pierce, going at each other provided some unwanted melodrama. It has calmed down a bit as each were over swinging trying to out do the other. Matt has increased his BA almost 100 points and Gio nearly 60 points as coaches try to keep the brewhaha calmed down. Black Bart got caught in the middle of the confrontation and even gave up as a go between. Trace Wallace and Eswalin James stepped up their game to hide the problems from the press and other teams till it got sorted out. Sean Smalley was on cloud 9 when he was voted in as the starting SS for the summer classic.

Defense has been outstanding as promised leading the NL with the fewest errors and the fewest in unearned runs. They are also the best in the league with 79 plus plays while only making 2 minus plays.

Pitching is not exactly great, but combined with the defense makes it tough to score against the Indians. With the addition of Bruske, it may even get harder. Boasting a .231 OAV ties them with Pittifulburgh (no use to give them any respect for a hated rival) as one of the best pitching staffs in the NL.

One of the big problems early in the season was 1-run games as the Indians started out 0-9 in this very important category. Frustrating as it was, things started coming together albeit slowly and has since went 12-3. Extra inning games still haunt us but we are not all that worried about that one. Do the Indians have what it takes to win the division this season? Stay tuned to find out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Team Analysis, NL West

The Salem Super Sequoias are enjoying a first place setting at the moment. The offensive youngsters are maturing. Defense is rather good. The pitching however has a ways to go. I seem to recall Shaggy Stratton playing for the St Louis Browns at one time. Hmm, that may have been well before everyones time here.

The Colorado Rockies are in second. I was kind of joking when I said the Rockies may not win more games at home than their Spring Training total wins. However, so far this season they haven't done it yet. The reason is pitching. Although the hitting at home has been good, the long ball hasn't materialized as expected, the pitching has been dismal. Defense has major holes at key positions.

The Vancouver Canadians has had a let down of late and find themselves in third. Defense is relatively strong but an injury has caused a bit of a problem. Hitting overall has been a bit of a let down. Pitching is actually better on paper than their performance so far, giving up way too many home runs. I still feel they have a team that can challenge for the division title.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are smoldering in the cellar. Defense is very porous. Pitching is actually better than their stats indicate thanks to the defense. Hitting has a few bright spots for the future.

Team Analysis, AL West

The Helena Hot Pockets suddenly find themselves in first place. Led by Vicente Estrada on offense who leads in Home Runs and RBI's. He does play DH because of his lack of health, which may help some, never know when he might stub his toe rounding the base paths though. He is a very likely candidate for AL MVP honors. Offense however is not just one dimensional as the entire lineup chips in admirably. Defense has a couple GG candidates but weak spot is at SS. The offense and defense must perform as the pitching staff rarely shows up.

The Las Vegas 51s have vaulted into second after a dismal 7 game losing streak. Defense is not exactly a strong point. They lead the league in the long ball however and that is actually a tough feat for a team in Las Vegas. Like their division foes, the pitching rarely shows off but has a couple bright spots.

The Anaheim Angels find themselves in third closely chasing the other two. Defense is solid but has it holes on the far left side. Hitting is a mixed bag but suitable for Anaheim but just haven't been all that great in the home park. Pitching has not been great especially at home.

The Omaha Lancers bring up the rear. Defense is relatively good. Hitting however has been a big let down so far this season. Pitching has looked bad and maybe getting the short end of the stick.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Team Analysis, AL South

The Durham Bulls find themselves in first place once again. Why? The out hit everybody at home and away. The pitching for the most part is better at home than on the road, figure that one out. One of the best defenses meshes well for the front runner. Will it mean another chance at the World Series? Only time will tell.

The Kansas City Royals are in second chasing Durham just like old times down in ole Monterrey. I was thinking a change of scenery and new owner might be good for this team at the beginning. Getting used to the new park has had its ups and downs. Defense is the biggest let down as with this park it must be good to stop the slap hits. Pitching has not been all that great and some of that is the fault of the defense. The hitting has been good.

The Austin Fightin' Armadillos are in third and have been playing catch up as they had a terrible start to the season. The defense borders on terrible. Offense is not covering the defenses tracks. The pitching should be better than it is.

The Tampa Bay Rays have a foothold in the cellar. A season where everything is going wrong. They have a few youngsters to build around and some quality players in the minors coming along nicely and had a fairly nice draft. Still, the Rays are a couple players short and a season or two away.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Team Analysis, NL South

The Florida Marlins find themselves in first. With undeniable leader on offense, Murray Ramsey, the Marlins offense runs in high gear. Shut him down and the attack can come to a screeching halt. Defense is relatively sound, a few holes exist though. It is already rumored that Ivan Johnson, the two pitch Golden Boy, is a leading contender for the CY Young and he isn't even a starting pitcher. The rest of the staff is pretty damn good also.

The Texas Rangers find themselves in second place. The Rangers have a great team with a frustrated GM. Playoff bound is an interesting question however. Hitting is very good. Pitching can be somewhat of a disappointment at home. Defense has its weak links. Texas has a few sayings that can help, Oklahoma sucks that is why trees lean to the north, brown cloud to the west means New Mexico is coming for a visit, rain means Houston blows. What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. What can Texas do to fix their woes? The only thing I am saying is look at the stats and figure out how to fix what is wrong. Most of the answers are in conjunction with the stadium factors.

St. Louis Cardinals are in third at the moment. Actually being a contender is suddenly doubtful in all reality. They are not as bad as they look and surprisingly do better than what one would think. Remember what they accomplished in New Orleans last year. A better home turf this year is actually a benefit. The update actually hurt them a lot in every aspect of the game. Defensively, they are suddenly porous. Hitting is suddenly very inconsistent. Pitching is giving up way too many fan souvenirs.

Houston Astros are smoldering in last. The update last year left the GM fuming and knowing he had to rebuild for the future. Then this seemingly unabtrusive update made him madder than a wet hen probably. At the moment the defense is well, pathetic. Actually it always was, it just never reared its ugly head before. Out hitting the defensive woes doesn't work well anymore. There are some pieces to work with and in the near future however. I would even expect a future sell off in the off season, so AL teams take notice as there are still a few prize possessions available if you can afford them. The bright spot is the pitching staff who are doing well despite some the other woes. Mostly young and more young help in the minors. Getting the offense and defense right for the future is the primary concern.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Season 15 Draft, 27-33

27. Scott Smith: Chicago, C - He is short on the defensive side of the ball to be truly great. His hitting abilities make him totally viable at the position however. He would not be favored by the pen in the late innings but is good enough to be a starter. Downside is health, which could stop him from fulfilling his dreams.

Grade A - Cubs GM likes hitters and he fills the bill nicely.

28. Scott Smith: Boston, P: If he was on my board I would have taken him with the 21st pick, I only had one RP on my board and he got picked 7th. He could very well be a shut down closer or a long setup. Splits could actually be better than I am seeing and two very nice pitches to go with the control. Getting the ball in the air will be very tough.

Grade A+ - Fantastic pick that squeezed through this late in the draft.

29. Haywood Bell: Kansas City, 2B - His hitting abilities are great and tuned for KC. A 2B is a very long reach however. Figuring out what position to put him will be a secondary concern, maybe LF and could wind up at 1B. Keeping him off the DL may take luck and will be the primary concern.

Grade C - Only because he is a very risky pick

30. Brian Grim: Pittsburgh, P - Could be a very good middle reliever if projections get close. His downfall is durability which could slow his progress somewhat. One must be careful with this guy as his gold abilities combined could make him one of those surprising and maddening DL candidates.

Grade A - Exactly what I was looking for in a middle reliever. Durability drops his overall grade from an A+

31. Blade Gates: Anaheim, 1B - I agree with the GM as his glove and range are too weak to play COF. Could be a spot on hitter in their park. The hard part will be getting his abilities close to projections, it will take a couple very good rollovers before he starts to develop properly.

Grade B - I think he could be a very good player, but not exactly a 1B hitting type for most lineups. Could be slow to develop and maybe not worth the wait. Still think it was a very good pick though.

32. Richie Harding: Pittsburgh, P - Choosing a second middle reliever has Pittifulburgh addressing future needs. He has some control issues that could cause problems but if the other projections manifest could be very good doing his job as planned. A wait and see project.

Grade B - Ability is there but projections may be unattainable.

33. Bennie York: Durham, P - A lefty middle reliever is hard to come by. Bennie just may come up short in that department. His health not withstanding the pressure may further add to the woes. His control will be good, the splits of this lefty is not exactly desirable and with only one really good pitch may leave him out in the cold.

Grade C - Only because I don't see him making it.

Team Analysis, NL East

The Cleveland Indians find themselves in first. The age old nemesis is striking at the heart of this team, inability to score. Too many 1-run losses and strings of extra inning games hurts. Defense, as promised, is the best in the league. Getting quality starts but pen is sometimes a mystery. Hitting is very inconsistent.

The Atlanta Braves are currently in second. Defense is not their forte, hitting is. Pitching was holding the team together before the update, now out hitting the other team is paramount.

The Philadelphia Phillies are currently in third. After a disastrous start with the injury bug, they have settled down and is the team Cleveland fears the most. Getting used to the new stadium may be proving difficult however. Fielding has its problems. Hitting is also inconsistent. Pitching has been terrible for the most part.

The New York Mets find themselves in the cellar once again. After a confab, the defense is much better and has helped. Hitting comes in streaks. Pitching is not stellar but comes in streaks also. The starting pitching is young and will continue to get better. Beware, this team is on the rise. With one or two players on offense and and the young pitching staff improving will make this a very formidable opponent in the future.

Season 15 Draft, 21 -26

21. John Gwynn: Cleveland, P: The College Scouting actually saw him better than my Advance Scouting. Which is right I am not sure. So it will depend on how he develops. What I was looking for was a good middle reliever and he doesn't have the current projected qualifications I was looking for IMO.

Grade B - He does have the capability to play at the ML level.

22. Julio Lopez: Helena, P - He projects to be short on control and splits may be hard to attain to be successful. Pitches are very nice though so he has a chance, slim maybe.

Grade C - One of those detested lefties that looks like a "Red Herring" to me

23. Alex Clark: Colorado, 3B - Unknown

24. Turner Dempster: Syracuse, P - Projects to be a real nice long reliever or end of rotation starter. However, development will be crucial and a long time to get there. His pitch selection could be his downfall at how good he will be.

Grade B - Big gaps between current and projected

25. Carlos Matos: Dover, 1B - A 1B in someones wet dreams but could be a sultan of swat in the DH position.

Grade A - Projects to be a great DH

26. Moe Riggs: Atlanta, SS - SS is probably out of the question, but as a 3B made in the shade. Hitting abilities aren't great but adequate to make a ML roster especially with his speed.

Grade B - Not great but sufficient.