Friday, May 23, 2014

The All-Star Break

No Brian, Bruce didn't hack my account. I love Bruce for so many reasons besides being easy to pick on...he is my hero. Oh to be young and drunk again with what I know now.  Oh wait, I probably wouldn't waste my money getting drunk... there are far much better pleasures to be had theses days. ;)

The season has shaped up to be boring in a few ways. Erf most generally went with zero in the international fund. I asked him about that once. He said he didn't want to fight over them and got tired of the mail. Though I got confused when it was time to rebuild and he started putting cash toward the International sector. He always seemed to snag a good prospect in the draft with a last first round pick. Of course there is no way to actually prove it. I think if you spend 12M in scouting you are guaranteed a good top five to ten pick from your board even if you draft last. Just have to get the board right.

AL North

Expos are cruising to the title. 22 more wins and the Twinks and Blinks would need to win seventy percent of their games just to catch up.

AL East

This was a muddled mess for much of the early season. Okay, so nothing has changed and it looks like the last team standing will win.

AL South

I thought this was going to be a four team race. KC and Memphis are gonna duke it out it appears. Like I said, the Heads are young and could struggle. I expected the Ranger to be a lot closer than they are.

AL West

Wondrous surprise seeing the Sky Sox challenging instead of that team from the upper north country.

Overall, it could be one gigantic melee for the final wild card spot.

NL North

Will another injury put a flat in the Reds this season? The Cubs will need it.

NL East

Braves made a statement early but their tomahawk got chopped. Wholck is out stroking his boys everyday to the last drop. Lookout, his arm is getting tired. Go Marlins Go!

NL South

Enough of Mexico City and the water, Brian wants in on the act this season.

NL West

Who is your daddy? Davis has his big gun buried in three girlfriends and they are all past due. The Big Daddys are cheerin for him though.

Two wild cards and five possible teams, looks like a wild finish here as well. 

Johnnie Motte, remember him? Well, the Rangers finally got him signed. Might be a weak SS but there is no denying he is a big dick..ooops I mean stick. He gets the A+ grade from me.

The Blue Jays spent $14M on a lefty closer in Jimmie Baez. A bit much if you ask me but looks well worth the money.

Ernesto Romero yanked $13M however from Milwaukee. Maybe the right amount, he is no superstar that is for sure.

Harry Rincon was signed by the Pirates for $13M. Romero may have been the better choice for the money. Rincon is a sure starter though just not great.

The Pirates also picked up Pasqual Arcia for $8.1M. Don't look now, the Pirates spent a boatload less and got a better player I think.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Season 31 Draft

1, Johnnie Motte, SS, Texas - He was the first pick but I haven't a clue. If the picture means anything I can sue the Rangers for my watch stopping.


2. Theodore Watten, P, Los Angeles Dodgers - As far as pitching goes, he is a complete gamer in the old style and could turn a staff into four rotation. How good he will be remains to be seen, has upper tier splits but the rest may lag. Still, he was the best starting pitcher on the board maybe.

Grade: A

3. Junior Rolls, P, Little Rock Heads - What is not to love for the price? So what if he is as good as my long dead grandmother who wasn't a lefty. Faster than a speeding lightening bug and has trouble eating his coffee and drinking his donut. Who knows as he does look good.

Grade: A

4.  Henry Jacob, P, Oakland A's - He looks like a maybe to me. Righty with lefty splits. Let him play football....waah

Grade: A-

5. Addison Altuve, 3B, Vancouver Canadians - 3B looks like a stretch as well as the listed SS, RF looks likely if you ask me. Hitting isn't bad but don't  expect a trove of home runs.

Grade: A

6.  Hiroki Iwazaki, P, New York Mets - I had him as my #1. Um, so my scouts lied about his health making it to the low seventies. If he stays alive and not stub his toe too many times, he could be good.

Grade: A

7. Don Garcia, RF, Pittsburgh Pirates - There is a lot to like about this critter as well as the oh shit factor.  Hitting should be good with power.  Can steal a few bases, he is better at stealing knickers. Put a glove on his hands and it is like playing hacky sack.

Grade: A

8. Jack Graham, CF, San Diego Padres- Once again Bruce goes outside the realm of baseball to draft.The bartender from the Revere? We will get back to everyone on this guy.

Grade: ?

9. Joe Borchard, RF, Tampa Bay Rays: A Garcia look alike in many ways and hacky sack partner. Which is better might be hard to tell in the end.

Grade: A

10. Arnold Wilkins, SS, Detroit Tigers - My scouts love this kid, too bad they were blind in scouting him in the draft. SS is questionable,  3B has all-star written all over him and maybe 2B also.  His not so great eye might hinder him, but gets the bat on the ball.

Grade: A

11. Les Golub, 2B, Minnesota Twins - Maybe not great at 2B but I wouldn't rule him out just yet. A very good hitter and will make a manager think about the lineup. Lead off walk or hit as opposed to hit and run in the second spot, tough decision.

Grade: A+

12. Kurt Sheets, P, Atlanta Braves - SJR did a jig when he saw this pick. Now if his health stays potent for a few years he will be really happy. He would rate better with me if his other two pitches were better.

Grade: A

13. Otis Tannehill, 2B, Dover Dung Beetles - I really, really like his potential.2B or CF is a possibility. Hitting isn't bad with a little pop.

Grade: A+

14. Ken Blank, P, Colorado Springs Sky Sox - It is the fourteenth pick already. What can you say, he is good not great.

Grade: A

15. Davey Lima, 3B, Arizona Diamondbacks - Yup, the slide has to begin somewhere. Iffy at 3B as RF is likely, nothing really grand in the hitting department other than he gets lucky. Luck has nothing to do with his grade as I think he could be iffy to make a ML roster.

Grade: B

16. Cookie Romero, SS, Milwaukee Brewers - SS? Scouts say nay but 3B is all-star positive. Could be good enough to be a lead off hitter as well, especially against righties. We will need to wait and see. Dilo playing the name game with Cookie?

Grade: A

17. Jordan Webster, 2B, Boston Red Sox - Boston gambled on this pick. Might be gambling as to whether he signs as well. They won't be heartbroken either way I think. Can't play 2B if you ask me and probably wind up in LF. Does have some intrinsic value hitting the green monster with power.

Grade: A

18.  Ed Vernon, P, Pittsburgh Pirates - If this kid develops could make a nice two inning impact player in the pen. I don't think he has enough for a starter.

Grade: A

19. Davy Hausmann, C, Florida Marlins - I debated taking this player with the sixth pick and probably should have. Scouts didn't like his defensive abilities and I finally relinquished. Not often you can find a 162 game catcher, one that can hit with enough defense to be satisfactory. Bad news, he is in my division...groan.

Grade: A+

20. Pedro Tavarez, P, Oakland A's - Jack Pot! A well placed bet whether for cash or weed. The first closer or setup man taken and he brings the heat.

Grade: A+

21. Eduardo Sosa, RF, St. Louis Cardinals - Another big gamble that may or may not turn out well regardless how it goes. Another hacky sack player involved with Garcia and Borchard. Who said they broke the mold.AA Being a lefty is a plus, he can hit right handed pitchers with some pop and sit against his own ilk. 1B looks more likely but that health is really a let down.

Grade: A-

22. Donovan McAnaney, SS, Washington D.C. Senators - SS is defensively possible but doubtful for a gold glove at SS. Hitting doesn't look all that bad but no dynamo either. I still give a thumbs up on the pick.

Grade: A

23. Archie Litsch, 2B, Memphis Red Birds - I think he would be a gold glove candidate in RF and butter fingers at 2B. Has some power, not great and falters heavily against righties. A somewhat good pick.

Grade: B+

24. Raymond Krivda, P, Baltimore Orioles - The O's want to sign him bad but doesn't look good at the moment. A very good everyday closer that can bring the heat.

Grade: A

25. Arthur Titan, 2B, Philadelphia Phillies - Where to play him is the problem, too good and not so good at the same time. 2B doesn't look good at all so that leaves corner outfield. Good hitter with power.

Grade: A

26. Timo Kelly, P, Houston Astros - A good setup man for an inning as I am not sold on him being the go to closer.

Grade: A

27. Bret Randall, SS, Cincinnati Reds - Another of those iffy picks where the Reds won't be all that heartbroken if he doesn't sign. One of those players that could be decent but not great. Would really need to develop well to have a chance.

Grade: B

28. Einar DeRojas, P, Atlanta Braves - Let my scouts at him...

Grade: ?

29. Trever Browne, P, Mexico City Diablos Rojos - I think he is a reach as a 5th starter. Then again he could be a reach period, a tough one to really place. Might be good in the pen but not always. Not a terrible pick this late.

Grade: B+

30. Joey Giovanola, CF, Kansas City Royals - I haven't a clue

Grade: ?

31. Jorel Jefferson, P, Boston Red Sox - A good looking lefty with more problems than you can shake a stick at. Toss a coin if he might pitch at the ML level as it is that iffy.

Grade: B

32. Burke Service, P, Anaheim Angels - Things have really been picked over and it is starting to show. Setup man with some very shaky attributes.

Grade: B

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mets and the Draft

So the Mets needed pitching in the worst way. With the sixth pick I was hoping for a decent starter. I didn't have much to go on either, worthy of the sixth pick. Watten went with the second pick, that left Iwazaki and Blank left on the board. Somewhere along the line I didn't pay attention or messed up the ranking and chose wrong. Well, that is what my ML scouts and team doctor say anyway, I was hoodwinked by the future heath rating. I should have went with option two,  Davy Hausmann, may not be great behind plate but looked like he could handle a bat. My ML scouts says he is much better than predicted behind the plate. Well, shyt!!!! Fire those fucking scouts and find someone who knows talent. The only talent they can find is the bimbo bitches they sleep with, oh wait, egads! Have you seen some of them?  At least the rest of my top picks look decent enough, some might have a future even.

Pittsburgh struck hard at rebuilding snagging Harry Rincon off the market for $13M. We will need to flip a coin if he will be real successful as he may need a good offense to go with him. Must be why a somewhat talented starter went on the cheap side.

Does Dakar know something we don't? Signing Neftali Perez for $3.1M seems a bit much for a possible AA pitcher, well maybe AAA if he is lucky. Maybe my scouts have had too many Coronas or is it the Calgon funding they keep requesting. What is a Calgon anyway?

Friday, May 9, 2014

News Time

Rodrigo Diaz made headlines with his $17.5M signing with Pittsburgh. I found the buy interesting. Could he be the next Ivan the Terrible? There are possibilities but depends on development which looks good at this point.

Speaking of Ivan, it appears the Boston scandal might have started with Ivan. The now nicknamed pussy ball has hit some new highs. Ivan was getting high on the mound from sniffing and we thought it was a new form of the spitter. It was carried over into the AL with none other than Black Bart. We still don't know how it helped him hit so well, studies are still underway to the delight of a few ball girls.

A look at the standings at this time shows what was expected for the most part. The surprise is the Braves in the NL East who declared themselves rebuilding at the beginning of the season. The Giants building a commanding lead in the west as well. The sudden destruction of the Dodgers made every ones head shake in confusion. The AL is a little different, Montreal is stroking themselves as the competition dwindles. The Dung Beetles are poking their heads up out of a pile of donkey shyt. The Canadians at five hundred has the West shaking in their cleats.

News just for Knuck maybe, he might get a kick out of this thought. It was primary day not long ago, who really cares actually unless something was there to annoy people. The one that annoys me the most is schools and their want for more and more money and they just keep asking and asking until people give in. Most generally threatening and lying to get their way anymore.  Have they figured out what lies in wait for them? I have, basically out of existence to an extent, privatized. A trillion dollar a day fortitude done away with. Most people don't see it coming either, kids don't need to leave the house to attend school anymore. Hmmm, food for thought as I think that initiative has been underway and hidden for quite a few years now. Colleges have figured it out.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


You know, I think the Sterling case is interesting. What he did was wrong and the action justified so don't get me wrong. I am not that up to date with the bylaws of the NBA as a whole, matter of fact I don't even like basketball. I know they want him to sell the team but it is apparent they can't force him it seems. Which leads me to believe he could actually cause a huge revenge factor if desired to prove a point, several ways matter of fact. All of which the NBA would win in court probably and bankrupt him in the end possibly but by the time it was settled they could be without the team making the win a moot point. I could even see a scenario where all the existing players are sold and replaced by street ball players for cheap, interesting laugh. Some of them could be better than some play with big salaries now by the way. So anybody have some insight?

On to our league woes and other news around our world. 

I don't think the Dodgers are a bad team and not out of it. The Mets I can't figure out. They split with the Cubs In Chicago pounding out two wins and letting them escape in the other two. Mexico City squeaked by in three loses. The two wins in LA were not pretty and the loss horrible.  Fielding should be better than the stats indicate in my mind. Pitching isn't exactly great but not horrible either. Hitting, well, it just isn't there in the top of the lineup but is smoking at the bottom. I trade for Terry Constanza and acts like the best player on the team along with his plate mate that hasn't hit a home run even. The bench sits around jerking off for the ball girls amusement. 

Then there is the Brew Ha Ha's, maybe they should remove the hookers from the locker room.  Oh wait, they can't, they wouldn't have a team. Dilo is scratching his balls anyway, oh crabs again? Your guess is actually as good as mine. The only other thing I find surprising at the moment is the AL West but I think it will normalize.

Yup, time to assess the first Internationals that hit the scene money wise.

Edinson Cora signed the first big deal at $10M with Oakland. He is a solid lefty starter and probably why he went rather cheap. I don't think he will be superstar but the ML is in his future. My feeling is he might have been overrated but priced right.

Victor Astacio was snagged by Boston for $13.5M. My scouts indicate he may never attain SS potential, 3B is likely or maybe even a strong arm 2B. Has power at the plate but has problems putting the bat on the key pitches. His durability is very lackluster to boot. My feeling he was overpriced by three to five million maybe if my scouts are right.