Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to the Internatioanals

Leonys Johnson climbed into the money tree after a $16M buyout from Philadelphia. Wise beyond his years is nothing more than a big lovable lout. Now if he can learn to make contact he could be a force to reckon with. He sets up shop in LF where he brings his own vacuum cleaner to manicure the area even.

Grade: B+

J.O. Andujar made waves in Texas with a $3.1M buy in. We aren't so sure about his ability to play SS but gets our vote on playing 3B with ease.  Hitting could be fun if he matures.

Grade: B

Fautino Santiago raked in $9.5M from Memphis.  We give him then benefit of the doubt that he can play SS, better than Andujar anyway. Hitting could be a powerful quagmire however.

Grade: B-

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Okay here is the scoop troops. My scouting isn't the greatest in the world, what can you say it is only a 4 anywhere. So trying to figure out a prospect is very tough when the opposing force(s) has a 20.  It even took me two days to figure out middled equaled miss led. So here is an example of what I am seeing and trying to tell everyone what I really think of the player and it isn't easy sometimes.

Jose Calixte was offered $11.3M by Little Rock.

First of all his fielding stats: His current Range is 48, my scouts see that improving to 68 which is a hit on my 20 point rule. With better scouting it could be 5 or more points higher which is a big plus because it will allow him to get that 20 points easy enough and maybe a couple extra. Current Glove is 52 and my scouts see it topping off at 67 which is highly probable and could end up a few points higher than that.  Arm currently is 60/52 and my scouts show 73/66 which of course could easily be higher. Putting my knowledge and 20 point rule in effect, he could play 3B but somewhat weakly and highly likely be better in RF. It would be better to play him at 3B early in the minors however to squeeze the potential out of him.

His Current Durability at 49 isn't a great starting point because it takes a lot to get him over 70. Even though my scouts see it apex at 78 I doubt that and low 70's is the best I would judge. The rest of this area looks good to start with and the chances of him being a speedster is pretty grim.

Hitting: Me thinks his Eye will be pretty good and better than my scouts see at 71, I would say 75 minimum myself. His splits start at 48/35 which tells everyone he hits lefties well. His progression by my scouts show 53/59 but me think it will be more like 63/53. Contact and power start at 55/44, my scouts say it will only progress to 67/51 where as I think it will be closer to 70/60.

So my thinking in the end is you have a player that more than likely will play at the ML level but nothing more than an average player.

Grade: B  Because he is just an average player across the board and would equate to a late 1st round pick.

Yasiel Gonzalez was picked up by Pittsburgh for $4.6M.

To start with he 19 years old. I know it shouldn't make a difference but for some reason it does as it lowers his potential a little.

Durability has a good starting point and my scouts say it won't move, truthfully it doesn't matter but a point or two is possible.  Scouts say his health will get better which is a big plus from the 61 starting point and could easily make it into the 70's. My scouts show his Makeup making it to 56, anything 50 and above is good but will he make it is questionable.

Stamina starts at 48, scouts indicate a 75 is possible, me thinks it will be more like 65 tops. Control is 61 and scouts say 76 is possible, me on the other hand say 80 is possible but age says they might be right in this case. Splits are 51/52 with potential of 58/66, I think 65/68 are more in tune.  He will be an off-speed fly ball pitcher, not much to say there. Pitches however are a little different, scouts show almost no improvement from current. Well, piffly-doo on that as I think 78/62/45/55/40 can be attained.

Still the bidding wasn't generous on this player so his actual value doesn't seem that great. Though I think he can play at the ML level in the pen at some point in his career it won't be stellar. Definitely cheap at any rate.

Grade: B- to C+ Comparatively speaking he probably ranks in the late late first round to early second.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mid Summer Classic is in Swing

First the International news! If you have problems reading this let me know, I messed up Firefox this morning and can't seem to get the font and size right.

Santiago Fernandez was gobbled up by Vancouver Canadians for $16.1M. I show him being able to play CF in the future and a bit of a power hitter versus righties. My scouting sees him as good but not great however which knocks him down a little in key areas.

Grade: B+

Rubby Berrios made n infraction with the San Diego Padres for $10M. If you ask me he will make a grand 3B in the end with a hitting style coveted by the team. A good cheap signing if you ask me.

Grade: A

Rubby Mercado happened by Little Rock where they accosted him with $6.6M. Control looks flaky along with his pitches but does have some nice splits. Maybe they got mixed up on which Rubby they were bidding on or just needed someone to rub one out...

Grade: B-

Roberto Oropesa  committed to the Oakland A's after there wasn't much action against him for $1.7M.  Not sure why, though many might have been pushed away because of his unaquiring health or that he was a lefty.  I call this a bargain pick with potential myself.

Grade: B+

Toronto wanted a Willie and purchased Willie Portillo for $1.3M. I like Willie more than his look alike in Rubby truth be told and the money is most pleasant.

Grade: B-

So lets take a look at the predictions and what has come to pass so far.

The AL

So the North has been all a flutter with Detroit in first place.  The Blue Jays had their wings clipped early but is keeping pace and can make the run in the second half so the predition may hold true yet.

The East has been fun to watch, Dover, no Boston, no Baltimore, will someone make up their minds. If the past is any consolation which it isn't, the Red Sox always seem to outlast the other two at the end.

The South has a sleepwalker in KC the rest of the season.

The West has some action going on with the Sky Sox, Angels, and  A's. I really look for the A's to fade and the fight to remain between the Sky Sox and Angels.

So how are the predictions holding? So far it could easily be 100% though Detroit could put a little surprise crimp in them.

The NL

No surprise here in North as the Cubs are in first, the Reds and Brewers are close but they just can't seem to sustain anything.

The East is kind of a surprise with the Braves in first but are not running away with things and maybe the Mets will catch their second wind after the break.

The South sees the surprising Cards doing their thing with Mexico City sniffing ass for a long time now. It could clear up after the break though one way or the other.

The West Looks familiar with the Dodgers in front, Arizona a close second and the Giants a close third. The Dodgers faded into oblivion last year after the break, will history repeat itself? I still like the Giants.....

Well, I blew the South as the Astros don't look like a playoff team at all but everyone else is close to the mark at least.

Monday, August 19, 2013

All-Star Break on the Horizon

Yup, it is that time of year, second week of July! with two games to go before the mid-summer classic the Mets have three players on the roster. It has been an odd season for the Mets to say the least.

I have seen some unusual things this season so far and not just with the Mets. Most are scratching their heads about pitchers in slumps. I have been watching the leader markers and see some very odd things that make me scratch my head. The most recent one is the errors at 2B. I know about the problem with my McInerney as he has come down with 2B Aids.  The fielding inadequacy of Corban Quinn mystifies me as he looks to be a GG candidate by his ratings. We think it is because he has an ugly wife but who really knows.

I am hoping the season gets better for the Mets after the break as we have just come out of a horrible 19 game stretch. 7-12 against teams that we should have beaten for the most part. The worst part was six of those losses were the 1-run variety speaking of which we are 4-14 in that category. Horrendous! Seems odd when you have the third best hitting team in the NL, 8 players with an average over .270 and the second best pitching staff in the NL. Fielding is a little sub-par but only in the error department.

I am trying to find a fifth starter as Dean Boone is happier in the pen but no one has actually stepped up to take the role. Which brings me to another befuddling stat comparing last year. Of the starting pitchers last year, only one had a winning record. This year they all have a winning records except Boone.

It could be wild race to the finish line in the NL as there are probably 4 teams out of the running but anything can happen. The AL not so much as there are more teams out of the current picture which is a surprise. I always get a kick out the AL East as you never know who is in first from one week to the next.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Season 28 Draft Crop

It is time to get things underway. Who I like is a matter of opinion remember, mine of course.

1. With the first pick, Little Rock selected Alfredo Cromer.  I will give him benefit of the doubt that he should have been selected first. I am not really sure he will make SS status in my books even though the potential might be there. What he does have or will have is power and speed with the penchant to get the ball in play from the plate.

Grade: A

2. Mel Steenstra, SS, Vancouver Canadians - Unknown


3. Henderson Washington, P, Washington D.C. Senators:  Off the pitching rubber, his durability and stamina might be in question. Four pitches and I am not liking two of them at all. He has something going for him that most overlook and that is arm strength and accuracy as I believe it comes into play somewhere along the line in the pitching realm other than picking off players at 1B. A Washington in Washington seems rather sublime if you ask me.

Grade: A

4. Piper Stevenson, P, Philadelphia Phillies: He almost looks like a mirror image of Washington though maybe a little better version by the slimmest of margins because of the better pitches.  It just might take their entire careers before if can be said which was the better choice.

Grade: A

5. James Kershner, SS, San Diego Padres:  A miss with the SS position for sure with the third one taken already. So what, me thinks he can do an admirable job at 3B. The splits are highly questionable but the speed and power portion is there.

Grade: A

6. Fernando Brogna, P, Florida Marlins: He was one of the few on my board that was drafted in the top 10.  I didn't have him in the top 10 on my board though which should tell us something. Either I had very bad scouting or he wasn't well received. After thinking about it he is a lefty, bad start, with a very low right split starting point, even worse, and low velo. On the bright side he does have very good control and a nice set of pitches.

Grade: B

7. Jayson Loaiza, SS, Toronto Blue Jays: Another SS already! Don't think he will ever have a good enough glove or arm to play SS, 3B or 2B is possible. Has speed with a little pop and luck might be on his side. His probable low contact isn't gonna win him any hitting awards however.

Grade: B

8. Dutch Mullin, P, Milwaukee Brewers: One thing I tell for sure, he is a starter though he might need heavy rest between starts.  Control isn't out of this world. The projected splits are unmakeable. The pitches are unremarkable as well.

Grade: B

9. Geovany Gregorius, LF, Dover Dung Beetles: This little firecracker was #1 on my board! All the speed in the world and has a tough time stealing. Can play a great LF and probably RF also if needed. Good eye, awesome power and contact and if those splits come along outfielders will have their backs against the wall.

Grade: A

10. Dan Andrews, 2B, Atlanta Braves: Another of those speedsters that has a hard time in theft department. I had him ranked second on my board because he can play 2B plus CF, just maybe. I think he will be a better hitter than what my scouts tell me also.

Grade: A

11. Eric Sherman, 3B, Minnesota Twins: Doubtful he could play a good 3B but RF is a pretty tough place to fill most of the time. Plenty of speed and a pretty good in the hitting department.

Grade: A

12. Richard Lawson, LF, Detroit Tigers: I wanted him to play 1B as that is the only position for him in my books. I had no interest in signing him however and Detroit might have the same idea. Not a health nut for sure and the durability will probably exhibit disgust in the end. But there is always the fact that he is a monster at the plate.

Grade: B

13. Yogi Roenicke, CF, Baltimore Orioles: CF is a tough position to fill in and he might be a good one.  Isn't a tremendous hitter but puts the ball in play a good bit and has speed to burn teams.

Grade: A

14. Angel Martinez, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers: With so many taken already it is doubtful he could really fill the position but it might be close in all reality. Another speedster that will need a lot of work on his hitting skills to be affable.

Grade: A

15. Luke Cookson, P, San Francisco Giants: I am not against left handed pitchers in this game but they are making them rather useless these days don't ya think.  I am not sure his right split will be good enough and pitch selection looks very iffy to me.

Grade: B

16. Allen O'Donnell, P, St. Louis Cardinals: Truth of the matter, the best pitcher in the draft so far looking at the overall picture.

Grade: A+

17.  Alton McAnaney, CF, Memphis RedBirds: CF or 2B looks very doubtful at this point in time, RF has its possibility as he might have a decent enough arm as that range is debilitating. Some useable speed and hits with power though very inconsistent.

Grade: B

18. Rob Haad, P, Oakland A's: Unknown


19. Buster Valdes, SS, Houston Astros: SS is probably far from ever being in his future, maybe 3B but more than likely RF. Has enough speed for a steal or two and is a pretty decent middle power hitter.

Grade: A

20. Dick McCartney, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks: SS is not off the table though making it as a probable career backup is more likely and that is not always a bad thing.  Has speed but getting on base is not exactly a luxury he posses.

Grade: B

21. Kevin Kingland, P,  New York Mets: All I need is for him to turn down the offer or want more money and I will be happy. If neither of those happens then maybe I might have a serviceable pitcher for the future.

Grade: B

22. Davey Alvarez, P, Montreal Expos: A lefty that might make a difference one day.  Low durability doesn't help but if that stamina skyrockets it may not matter. If the control makes a good showing then it is possibly a good sign for him otherwise it may turn out to be a bust.

Grade: B

23. Robinzon Hernandez, P, Pittsburgh: The first setup man taken in the first round. Don't think he will make a closer with the less than needed stamina. However looks like he could come in and put a fire out with ease.

Grade: A

24. Jose Toregas, P, Anaheim Angels: Described as a poor mans "Ivan" by his owner already. Very high durability and stamina that almost reaches starter status is the reasoning.  Now if the rest of the abilities are persuaded out of him then we might have something monsterous. Sharknado!!

Grade: A

25. Nipsey Saberhagen, SS, Texas Rangers: Okay, put him in RF before I puke as I doubt he could play anywhere else. Has some pop but will probably struggle rather heavily at the plate.

Grade: B

26. Ned Marte, 1B, Tampa Bay Rays: No bout a doubt it! If those splits come around a power hitting 1B genie of the future. Why couldn't he have been on my board?

Grade: A

27. Kurt Fletcher, RF, Arizona Diamondbacks: Umm, power is one thing hitting it is another and that is the problem here. Rather lax with the glove causes lots of dropped balls for some awful reason.

Grade: B

28.  Joe Jakubauskas, P, Mexico City Diablos Rojos: Pretty good lefty setup man if I do say do myself.  Matter of fact I might even consider him a possibility for closer duty at the ML level.

Grade: A

29. Merkin Strickland, P, Cincinnati Reds: Unknown


30. Joey Romero, P, Colorado Springs Sky Sox: Wow for a pick this far down. He looks like a sure thing as a shut dwon closer.

Grade: A+

31. Kolten Lowe, P, Pittsburgh Pirates: This looks like one those "hopefully it turns out good" picks. The potential is there to be a prime starter. A pitcher that can go 9 innings every outing? Those don't grow on trees. I think it was worth the risk.

Grade: A

32. Jose Gonzalez, 2B, Kansas City Royals: 2B is a doubtful position and COF is likely.  Decent power, eye and luck could help him overcome his lackluster contact.

Grade: B

33. Kennie Raymond, P, Boston Red Sox: Don't get mad but I don't think this lefty will make it beyond AAAA status. Not sure his control and right split will garner enough attention to get any further.  It isn't a bad pick this far into the draft however.

Grade: B

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

International News of Note

Alcides Pena made a big splash in the market with a surprise signing with Pittsburgh for $17.5M. My scouts tell me he could be a minor league player for part of the season and sent into the mouth of the lions at the ML level later this year. Will that happen remains to be seen. We see him as a weak SS/CF at best or an overly endowed 3B. Hitting well with medium power further highlights his abilities. Not bad for a guy that was asking a tremendous amount to start with.

Grade: A

Dover bit off on Aroldis Correa for $10.5M. He could have roids also as he doesn't have exceptional control.  Definitely might have the splits and pitches to have a successful ML career.

Grade: B+

Friday, August 9, 2013

News that is the News or May Be the News

Most of this is from the Mets perspective as I know what my mind is thinking. Actually I gave up on thinking long ago because it taxes the brain too much and leads to trouble. But anyway.

I didn't spend too much on scouting budget this year because drafting late around here just doesn't have a lot of perspective ingenuity unless you get really lucky. But mainly because I am readjusting the scouting a little differently. So when I do the Draft Analysis this season don't be alarmed if I get the prospects future messed up a little or a lot. Well in the Draft I saw only three of the top 10 cohorts, get the picture. It was my idea to set up the draft so I didn't have to sign the player and get the pick back next year. Well, that may not have worked out as planned.

I thought the first two players on my board or at least one of them would go in the first 5 picks.  Surprise when I looked and they both fell to the 9th and 10th pick.  I figured my third guy would be the one I would draft in all reality but he fell on a whim to Detroit at 12th. I did get my 4th and 5th choice with the 21st pick and supplemental at 54.  Not all that bad truthfully, my first pick might actually sign though, not sure. Not sure what I might decide if he wants more money to sign.

The Mets are having one of the weirdest seasons I have been witness to.  Last season we couldn't win at home though we almost pulled out a .500 record. This season we only need 20 more wins to have a .500 season already and one of the best teams with a home winning record. Can't win either if you don't win the bulk of 1-run games unless of course, you  stay out of that situation. Mets are #1 in that respect playing in only 10 so far, it is one or those good/bad records though as we are only 2-8. We do have a winning record in extra innings at 4-3 which is odd considering the 1-run line.  We won't go into the bad road record which we excelled at last year.

Pitching has been robust since we are one of the best in that category which means we are never out of a game. How about Sherm Brock as the closer. He took over the slot in the middle last year and has a record of 41 saves in 43 chances since.

Hitting is above the average line barely, normally we are one of the worst hoovering around 10th or so in the NL. Leo Rodney could be the culprit behind that as other teams seem to be letting him hit this year. Can't believe he leads the team in dingers right now.

Fielding hasn't been the spice of life for this team as we are a heavy bobble favorite. Well, John McInerney is specifically.  Not much I can do except move him to another position but locked in as we need his bat in the lineup and Marc Redman is a mirror image. I could flop the two but would end up with the same results.  I do have 2 GG candidates for 2B but they just aren't the hitting type. Remember my catching problem last year and all those stolen bases, well it hasn't actually rectified the situation. Maybe if I put it in the wash it will turn out grand.

Wonder what the Cubs are thinking as they recently lost 8 of 10 to the Braves and Mets? I said at the beginning of the season the Braves ability depended on Tyreace French and so far he has responded in kind.

Surprises so far this season belongs to St Louis and Detroit.  Hopefully the kudos don't garner a bad taste.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Intl Update

The International Market has really cooled after the initial onslaught. It is time for an update of sorts just before draft day or more Commonly called Baseball Christmas Day.

Montreal offered David Bennett  $1.1M. He has potential as a setup man if he ever garners enough support to pass the AAAA mark. We do like his chances and is not a heavy burden to find out.

Grade: C+

Alex Guerrero was bought out for $5.1M by the Cards. He thinks he can play SS, it might be tight but could be alright at the position if he is trained well, if not there are alternatives. Don't look for him to be in the stats as a power hitter but he is neither a clutz with the stink in his hands. Just don't ask him to stretch a single or steal a base.

Grade: B

Florida swooped in a spent heavily on a possible starting pitcher prospect in Willie Silva for $9.7M. Since he went for less than 10M we therefore conclude there might be issues. The issues are not with control, velo or pitches as I am confident those will be very good. The splits however could be a trifle unsettling. Still I think he has the potential for a ML career, just not as fruitful in the money jar.

Grade: B

Alex Diaz gained a few pennies after signing with the Memphis RedBirds for $2.6M. Surely my scouts need help or he projects as bad as he looks, I don't support their view at all. Guess I will have to hold my judgement until I see a progress update.

Grade: Confused

So we needed one of those joke names from time to time and Banana Ramsay scores big on the charts. Texas seemed unfazed as they paid $1M for benefit of the name. All jokes aside he may have the potential to be a weak starter or middle reliever.  His splits doesn't look  like a winning set so his value really submarined.

Grade: C

Speaking of that 10M threshold, Aroldis Correa exceeded it with a $10.5M offer from Dover.  He only drew fixed stares from a select few as many saw that his control may not cut the mustard. We think he has the starter potential however.

Grade: B+

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Will Potvin

I did a lot of research on the exploits of Will Potvin. Truth be told I think he is getting the shaft more or less. As we all know, it is range that determines plus plays congruent to the position and his peers. Midre Prieto currently leads the NL in plus plays with 8. As his range is good, Potvin's is much better. The argument about an underqualified 1B doesn't hold water as this causes errors only but the range of the 3B could have an effect. Checking that aspect didn't cause any speculation either.

Going down the list, Albert Morales has an even better range than Potvin but his glove and arm causes lots of pain in the error department. Lorenzo Rosado is decent enough but Potvin is better at the position, so why the discrepancy?

Hard to believe but it boils down to the Fielding Instructor. Julian Simontacchi is not a bad coach but lacks the discipline that had been there with Vicente Beltran. Philly coach Chad Kendall has a better glove rating and discipline that defines Prieto's stats. Jarrett Law in Pittsburgh scares many players by looks alone but has a better glove and discipline rating also albeit not all that much but enough to cause an advantage. Cooper Pritchett in St. Louis almost made me do a double take as 11 points of glove rating must really override the lack of discipline. I almost was left scratching my head after that but then pursued matters further to San Diego where Dustin Goldberg has Cristobal Ramirez doing his best.

Of course I have to throw my own Ronn Penny under scrutiny also for the lack of said plays.  I think he may be getting short changed also and he has one of the best coaches there is in Jason Reynolds. Penny and his range though is rather weak somewhat comparatively. Also, stats kind of indicate they try not hit in his direction.