Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Agent Signing

The Cincinnati Reds shelled out $17.1M for Alcides Benitez and feel like they just won the lottery. There is some question about his age however as it was discovered that he was 13 for at least 6 years, on the bright side we actually think he is 24. There are some unsubstantiated that he has already actually played some semi-pro ball in San Diego. Some have him as ML ready but I don't think quite yet as he should probably spend the rest of this season and next in a good minor league spittoon. His nickname is Angel by the way. He could have good control and a good split against rights and a plethora of highly regarded pitches. Lefties will be lining up to take their swats at those off speed pitches however. It looks like money well spent for the long term.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Season 22 Draft

The Season 22 draft looked pretty dismal and after looking over the first round, it wasn't even close to dismal. Half of the top 10 picks are still unsigned which could yet contain some studs I can't see. There were some good defensive players but no real plate beasts. A couple good starters but nothing in the absolute Cy Young range or even Fireman of the Year categories. Compared to last year where most of the first round was dominated by quality pitching, maybe only two or three this year at most in all reality.

1. Landon Jones, P, San Francisco Giants: Could easily become one of the best lefty starters I have seen. Good control and splits should be easy with four pretty damn good pitches to foil any hitter. Yup, undoubtedly the best player in the draft.

Grade: A+

2. Alvin Krueger, SS, Louisville Colonels: My scouts listed him as a SS but relatively weak defensively and would be better at 3B. Hitting would be relatively good for a SS though. Health is not of good quality. Wanted to be drafted in the first round, as the 2nd pick I think that qualifies pretty soundly. So is he going to raise his asking price before signing? Listed on my board but was dropped out due to Bio and Health.

Grade: A

3. Ray Shunick, P, Washington D.C. Senators: Could be a great lefty starter if he gets close to his projections. A catcher will need extra padding to handle that fastball and hitters might need special goggles along with umps that may need to guess. Yes, he was #1 on my board.

Grade: A+

4. J.J. Bowen, 2B, St. Louis Hawks: Too weak to play 2B and may look better in RF. Hitting will be good but nothing to write home about.

Grade: B

5. Claude Chatwood, CF, Chicago Cubs: The hitting beast of the draft has left Linda Loo screaming for more. Could be defensively good in CF or maybe even better at 2B. Maybe a little short in the durability department but we won't hold that against him. Is capable of lots of power with contact, eye and splits to match, an opulent OBP power machine. By far the best position player in the draft. Why wasn't he on my board? Now the trend is set for the unsigned to claim more money.

Grade: A+

6. Andrew Robinson, P, Cleveland Indians: Has all the makings to develop into a number 1 starter. Hopefully his FB rating doesn't cause problems at the ML level.

Grade A+

7. Victor Pose, P, Kansas City Royals: Control looks good, splits are good, but after pitch 1 a little on the weak side. Couple the pitches with the weak durability might cause a missed turn or delay in the rotation once in a while.

Grade: A-

8. Marino Vizcaino, P, Mexico City Diablos Rojos: A middle reliever to closer with so-so ability in my books. Has the pitches and decent enough splits for a lefty but the control may not be good enough.

Grade: B

9. Rick Ramsay, LF, Detroit Tigers: Could be an interesting character in the long run when he signs and for how much. May not look great in LF as 1B might be a better fit. Should have consistent long ball power, a good eye and pretty good splits though contact could be a downfall.

Grade: A

10. Kiki Bennett, 2B, Little Rock Heads: Looked better with my abysmal scouting on the draft board than with my real scouts. 2B is probably out but will find a place on the roster somewhere at COF. Hitting has power and contact and a good eye but splits are just average.

Grade: B+

News Flash
The State of the Union was on, good thing TBS had the Big Bang Theory. Almost the same thing if you ask me. Back to your regularly scheduled report.

11. Lou McKain, SS, Atlanta Braves: SS would be weak as he is better suited to 3B or a strong armed 2B. Has power and speed but lacks contact in the hitting department.

Grade: B

12. Ruben Fernandez, P, Anaheim Angels: Would have been the number 1 pick in the draft if his health wasn't so anemic. Can he withstand the demanding tribulations to be what Anaheim is hopeful for?

Grade: A

13. Joshua Burns, 1B, Dover Dung Beetles: Granted he won't be a Gold Glover at 1B but should be good enough. Hitting ability is good for DH also but doesn't have the beastly power.

Grade: B+

14. Jim Conner, SS, Toronto Blue Jays: Other than a strong arm he isn't good enough to play a decent SS but 3B is a great place to start. Projections in hitting might become someones dream also. Might be a project that may or may not pan out.

Grade: B

15. Juan Rivera, 2B, Cincinnati Reds: Probably won't sign - A shame at that, his demands are $6.5M and worth every penny if my scouts are right.

Grade: A

16. Ronn Penny, SS, New York Mets: I made an interesting pick in all reality, it was him or the guy drafted 30th left on my board. Of course you can't have too many actual defensive SS on the rosters in my thinking. Has a horrible eye but the rest of his hitting abilities are okay, even decent power.

Grade: B

17. Tim Looper, SS, Arizona Diamondbacks: Projects to be a great defensive SS with some nice hitting abilities. Standing in his way however is a terrible temper and a lack of patience. Will those two items put his projections short of goal?

Grade: B

18. Matthew Ford, P, Philadelphia Phillies: Could have the control and splits of a star pitcher but those pitches could end up causing nightmares.

Grade: B

19. Andy Carter, 3B, Helena Hot Pockets: Was drafted as a SS but will likely play 3B and hitting will be just so-so or worse.

Grade: C

20. Derek Rodgers, 2B, Toronto Blue Jays: I am not too keen on 2B but I do see great potential in RF maybe even a weak 3B if he progresses well. I like his hitting potential but will become a work in progress.

Grade: B+

21. Junior Olmedo, P, Minnesota Twins: Has everything going for him except great control. Will his other abilities hide that fact?

Grade: B+

22. Alex Mesa, P, San Diego Padres: Has good control and a line of good pitches. Will the average splits be a nuisance is the question.

Grade: B-

23. Sherm Brock, P, Los Angeles Dodgers: The biggest concern is whether the stamina shortcoming will have an effect. Has good abilities but may have problems getting a full inning under his belt in an outing.

Grade: B-

24. Boots Rivera, RF, Boston Red Sox: As his name indicates he can't catch worth a damn, one of many drawbacks. Has a good eye, speed and contact but not so lucky at the plate after that.

Grade: C

25. Dummy Carver, C, Pittsburgh Pirates: Will forgo the failing attempt at humor.


26. Andruw Bumgarner, P, Milwaukee Brewers: A project closer the Brewers may forgo. Short on stamina but could have the control, split and pitches to succeed according to me scouts.

Grade: C

27. Brian Patrick, C, Las Vegas Slobs: Defensively outstanding at the position. The Slobs don't look so thrilled on his hitting ability however. Has power but tends to swing at anything with his eyes closed but seems to be lucky enough to hit it on occasion.

Grade: C

28. Darrell Gardner, 2B, Tampa Bay Rays: RF might be a better position. A swatter at the plate and has the ability to take second on a walk.

Grade: B

29. Carlton Saunders, CF, Florida Marlins: The best part is being right handed which means he will have the ability to play 2B also. Decent abilities at the plate with real good speed and contact.

Grade: B

30. Douglas Perez, SS, Seattle Mariners: No way he can be a SS, good enough to play RF and that could be questionable on greatness. Has speed and good hitting ability.

Grade: B

31. Nicholas Weaver, P, Houston Astros: Could be decent or so-so depending on how things go in the future. Has the pitches but control and splits are not overwhelming but such possible quality this late in the first round isn't easy.

Grade: B

32. George Sipp, 3B, Salem Super Sequoias: 3B is doubtful, maybe a strong 1B is possible. At the plate has a tendency to hit the ball but not well.

Grade: C-

The Deal That Almost Was

I was contacted a few days ago by a team that was wishing a trade for Ted Maxwell. I really wasn't looking to trade Maxwell so my initial thought was to reply with a big fat reject right off the bat. But couldn't figure out what to reply with so decided to take a break and look things over and think about it.

After the break I looked hard at the offer. I was actually being offered a top of the line starter in my opinion to start with. He really hadn't had that much success with his club however but would have become my best pitcher in all reality. Then added to the deal were too young closer type prospect pitchers. Just what I was asking for if you look at my trade needs. However, the chances of them actually making it to my ML pen was very optimistic to say the least. Better pitches on the youngest might have sealed the deal though. I still decided to think about it a little while longer.

While I was thinking about it, I didn't rule out a counter offer. I did look over potential candidates throughout his minor league organization. Looking Hi and Lo, woohoo just needed to add that remark, I did find an interesting catcher that I liked but the durability sunk me into the abyss quickly. In simple terms there was nothing to counter. I even looked at a huge trade but thought it would have been a bit over the top for either of us to justify. While I was at it I even looked over the reason why the trade was initiated, yup found a glaring hole alright. So it was off for another break, in all I think I took about 6 hours trying to decide what I wanted to do.

My final determination came on the top two players involved. Maxwell will have at least another 7 seasons in a Mets uniform. Meanwhile the other player is older with another year on his contract. Although another contract is possible, there is also a big chance that he would opt for Free Agency instead. So it boiled down to 7 years versus a year and half. Business sense decided the outcome more than anything else in the end.

So what does one say in the end? Thanks but no thanks? Business sense says no? The reply box isn't that big ya know. Think I said something relatively polite like, "Maxwell isn't for trade" or something like that. Yeah there is trade chat but what does one say there also?

Free Agent Signings

The Free Agent Market has been less than redeeming so far this season. But then I usually only hit on players that make the big money as that is the players one needs to focus on. It was brought to my unwarranted attention that some not so big money mongerers need some attention also.

The first attention getter is Orber Acevedo. He was paid a mere $6M by the Boston Red Sox. He could become a closer though his velo is a bit weak and one must wonder about his FB rating. If he progresses well he could become a future force out of the pen in short relief. A very good pickup in my estimation.

Angel Aviles was signed by the Dover Dung Beetles $5.8M. In all reality I think his Overall is very inflated for future endeavors. He can play a somewhat weak RF has some speed and power. Redeeming qualities, if it pans out, is his contact which could save his bacon and a trip to the ML lineup.

Juan Park was paid $4.4M by the Kansas City Royals. Juan is almost a photo copy of Orber Acevedo above. Which one will be better remains to be seen. For the money, Juan may have been a better buy.

Miguel Pizzaro was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays for a look see $4.1M. Being a lefty drives the price down and being just above mediocre doesn't help. However he does have the ability to become a decent 4th or 5th starter or long reliever. It is that cut above mediocre potential that says he could be good enough and at bargain basement price makes him a primo buy.

Shaping Up Part 2

NL North

The Cubs still hold the division in the palm of their hands. The Brewers are giving chase. Speaking of Chase, he has his internet connection back and the Pirates are gaining ground.

NL East

The Mets had the lead but an inextricable slump occurred which allowed the Phillies and Indians to catch up making for a kinky three way.

NL South

Houston is keeping ahead of the fast swimming Marlins. Wow! 12 in a row so far.

NL West

Salem is zooming along while Arizona keeps pace for the final wild card. People may have thought winning 90 games and still be 20 back was a joke.

Most fans would think the NL is going to be rather mundane as they think four of the playoff spots look to be wrapped up already. The North may get interesting before things are done and it could be a three-legged race all season in the East. The big problem is a key injury could change the landscape so fast it would make ones head spin. With almost 100 games to go anything is still possible.

AL North

Seattle and Minnesota keep flip flopping with their streaking. Maybe they should keep their pants and cleats on?

AL East

The Red Sox keep winning while the rest of the division keeps swimming in the heat of unrequited desire.

AL South

Things are rather heated in this division as we progress. The Rays are charging, the Heads are motivated and the Rangers are on the move. Could turn into quite a race.

AL West

The Padres looked like they may walk away from the pack early but suddenly here comes Helena throwing off their early season woes. Anaheim is in a funk while the up and down Slobs slink.

All that can be said of the AL at the moment is hold on to your hats as it might take a while for it to sort itself out.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How My Draft Board Fared

1. Juan Rivera - 91 - Cincinnati Reds, selected 15th with a $6.5M plus signing, that is more than my

2. Ray Shunick - 88 - Washington D.C. Senators, drafted 3rd.

3. Henderson Simon - 87 - Little Rock Heads, selected 72nd. Who knows if he will sign and for how much really but no one took a chance early.

4. J.J. Bowen - 85 - St. Louis Hawks, selected 4th.

5. Alvin Krueger - 82 - Louisville Colonels, drafted 2nd.

6. Douglas Perez - 82 - Seattle Mariners, drafted 30th. This is probably the guy I was suppose to draft.

7. Cookie Mijares - 81 - Toronto Blue Jays, drafted 42nd.

8. Kiki Bennett - 81 - Little Rock Heads, selected 10th. Little Rock gets two of my top players on the board...Kudos!

9. Joshua Burns - 81 - Dover Dung Beetles, drafted 13th

10. Rick Ramsay - 80 - Detroit Tigers, drafted 9th.

11. Ronn Penny - 80 - New York Mets, selected 16th, yeah I did get one of them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Draft Insider

It is draft time baseball fans, time to find that one player that can define the future for some or strengthen a position for others. To tell the truth I was looking for a can't miss prospect for the future but that actually looks rather dismal. That in itself was rather oblique to begin with in reality as I have the 16th pick, but one can dream a little. So now I have to look at what I can find that might help as a backup to near star starter. I gave up my second round pick to Free Agency, I believe a very good choice also. With a 14 in College and 6 in High School scouting you can tell where I am leaning.

My first hope was a catcher but none on my board spoke first round pick. Second thought was that I needed a closer, I didn't find one of those either to my liking. I was like a couple other owners that grumbled at a more than likely lost cause but try and make do with what there is.

So here is the top ten picks by my scouts with the Overall leading the way. This in no way should influence what others think of the candidates and their board or decisions.

1. 91 - Listed as a 2B, it would be a push to say he could be a star at that position. Hitting is not super stardom either. Where he shines is in his general abilities. He probably won't sign for me (maybe not others) which got him sent to the skank pile. My feelings is that he might be top end at 81. Top 10 pick: probable

2. 88 - A left handed starter. He should be relatively good but definite can't miss #1 starter could be a long shot, he is a lefty after all. Could easily hit 80. Top Ten pick: maybe top 5 anyway.

3. 87 - A left handed starter with some severe down sides. A low health is not a good starting point. I have seen better lady softball pitchers with more velo. Yes he could make it into the low 80's. Top Ten Pick: to me is a questionable risk and could have extra costs . Yup he went to the skank pile.

4. 85 - Listed as a 2B but lacks the ability in my eyes. Makeup may be a turnoff. Has speed and could be a lead off hitter against lefties. Maybe make 80. Top Ten Pick: probable with what I am seeing so far

5. 82 - Listed as a SS, umm really, 2B at a reach or 3B is what I see. My scouts could be off on this guy. Could have extra cost involved. I see him making the upper end a maybe exceeding what I see. Top Ten Pick: maybe

6. 82 - Listed as a 3B, range has to be better than what I am seeing. The rest is pretty solid to what I am seeing. Could reach 80. Top Ten Pick: Maybe

7. 81 - Another lefty starter. He is 18 and my scouts are all over the board with this kid. With low starting points in key areas shows he is maybe a sup. Top Ten Pick: No

8. 81 - Listed as 2B but possible RF is the best he could get. Durability is looking bad for the long haul but could have the big power. 75 is a maybe to me. Top Ten Pick: Maybe

9. 81 - Listed as a 1B and could fill that position well enough. Hitting could go a long way if he develops. Top Ten Pick: maybe

10. 80 - Listed as a LF but 1B is more like it. Could be a good hitter but wants to play hockey, I say let him. Top Ten Pick: No Moved to skank pile.

11. 80 - Listed as a SS and looks attainable. Hitting is cheesy but does it with power. Top Ten Pick: No

With the 16th overall pick, getting a viable upper crust SP is actually out of the question. A more viable selection is a pen pitcher or a middle of the road position player. The worst part of my draft board is that nothing really stands out that could be available and the pitching is ugly to say the least even for the pen. I left the 88 pitcher in my #1 slot, I can be hopeful at least. I put the 80 SS in the 2nd slot followed by the 82 3B then the 81 1B that I really don't need. Tossing in a couple less than admirable pitchers to round out my top 6. My thinking is I should get one of them.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shaping up

Rumor has it that a certain team was going to change their name to the Tom Toms in the coming off season. However the plan was scuttled after the wife put her foot down and said "OMDB" and furthermore didn't want to be called "Tina" anymore by accident.

Anyway the season is proliferating with a lot of teams scratching there heads already among other things. So what does the agenda say about what may come our way?

AL North

Been a wild scramble or maybe scrambled eggs is more like it. Seattle is in first at the moment after a slow start but an upcoming series with the Padres will test their mettle. The Twins have a winning division record but haven't really played well. Toronto opened the season taking 3 of 4 from Seattle but have struggled since. Detroit is better than they appear but the beleaguered pitching staff has been taking it on the chin and the DL.

NL North

So the Cubs are in first, cue the goat. Pirates, Reds and Brewers are all malingering about trying to figure out if they want to play or not. Yes, we know the Brewers suck. So the Cubs beat the Mets 3 out 4 in Wrigley, all by 1 run, one in extra innings. Can't figure out why my pen was so beat up by them, no my pen doesn't suck. And to top off the woe department, seems Chase is off on another one of his no internet adventures again, shoveling snow in Alaska maybe.

AL East

The Boston Red Sox are in first, oh joy. How long will it last is another story as the old timers will come back to earth soon me thinks. As predicted, the rest of the division is hot on their heels. This could be the one to watch during the season as I expect it to get rather wooly before it is over. I really think the Senators are the best team on paper in the division but they just can't get it done at home but have steamrolled the road show.

NL East

Mets and Indians are in first, huh...what? How can that be? The Phillies are a trotin but look a little lame out the gate. Louisville is out of fried chicken and toficken is not Finger Lickin Good.

AL South

Little Rock is in first, no disrespect here. Just don't expect Tampa Bay and Texas to roll over an play dead as they have started to ramp things up a bit. KC however may be suffering from Black Bart mystique. So much so they have been shopping him around but the price might be too high.

NL South

Houston is in first and plan to stay there. Yeah I accidently disrespected them because I got the teams mixed up in my haste in an earlier dispatch. As usual it looks like a two team race once again. Will the Marlins be the stepchild once again? Mexico City is having Back East nightmares that could turn into full fledged paranoia as they face the West.

AL West

The Padres are in first. Not sure what to think about this topsy-turvy situation myself. The Padres usually don't make a run this early in the season. Maybe Helena and Las Vegae have learned are sitting back and relaxing till the end this season while Anaheim tries to stay close.

NL West

Salem is using those big trees to swat the balls. Arizona is huffing and puffing but it is doubtful they can keep up. The Dodgers are looking better with the new owner on board while the Giants are content to rebuild.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FA Market Signings

The Las Vegas Slobs has spent $9.5M on Benny Megias. Listed as a 2B while he played for his little league team but now cleans the fences in RF for the most part. Physically skinny no matter how many hamburgers and fries he eats, the envy of most people. However that leads to some health issues. At the plate however is not a little league matter though we think it might be drug induced. He should crank up the volume once he gets into the swing of things and being a left handed bomber will give him and even bigger edge.

Look what the New York Mets dragged home from the international waters, Felipe Izquierdo for a whopping 80K. What is so interesting is the scouting budget is a huge $2M as I wasn't even planning on delving into the market. The big thing is he was actually better than the scouts said he was, not by much mind you. He sure pondered it over also as he took four full days to sign. So what did we get? A highly defensive non hitting catcher of course, well if training pans out anyway. Does he have a ML future? Maybe, but only as a backup as his job is to play the part of Crash Davis in teaching minor league pitchers how to be ML stars.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

FA Market

Linda Loo reporting live from Tiger Headquarters in Detroit where the Tigs have just announced their newest signing in Ezequiel Uribe. What did the Tigs get for a whopping 13.5M? Well for one a cute stud that can burn some rubber..ooh wait, that is what I got. Love those piercing eyes of his though and I did wear him out quite quickly but over time think that will definitely improve. Seems a bit clumsy for CF in the long haul but believe me he can handle getting to second base. Didn't really bring out the best in me when it was time to step up to the plate. Well worth the effort but me thinks a little over priced but did show this lady a good time.

In other news, the Boston Red Sox acquired Osvaldo Diaz for $8M. Trust me ladies he is no Billy Chapel and a far cry from Steve Nebraska. He has starter potential but those funny ears are dreadful. Lacks control and doesn't throw the kinda of pitches I like to hear, see or feel if you catch my drift. For a lefty he will probably make some money in the majors but nothing big, so if ya want to drive a Mercedes, look elsewhere .


Is it better to get a great hitter with average defense or a weak hitter with great defense?

The consensus to that question is to go with the better hitter. I agree, but then there are some ifs, ands and buts to that answer. Defense is a little overrated and I agree to that even. This question has been raised in the forum in the past and the answer is actually a little cloudy unless you have played the game for a few seasons.

Basically the answer is that the offense of the player in question must be able to make up for his lack of defense at the position he plays (actually though it is more like the position you play him). I will pick on Kansas City for an example. They have Tomas Ordonez who is listed as a 1B. At 1B he should be pretty decent, however they have Del Alvarez playing 1B because he is a better hitter although his defense is weaker but not that bad. To get Ordonez's bat in the lineup, he is playing LF, a position he is drastically not qualified for.

If you look at the team stats you won't find anything amiss with the fielding stats at all at first glance. You really have to know what you are looking for. If you look at the fielding stats of the player card in question, he has made one minus play and if left there the entire season there will be many more. So far he has not made an error, I wouldn't hold my breath that it will stay that way. The glaring hole that I see is his PO's, 9 in 11 games and another is his RF being below 1.

If you compare him to the league leaders at LF, you will find that the RF should be about 1.8 or better and the PO's should be in the 20's or better. That means the offense of the other team is getting hits to LF that they normally wouldn't get.

Is his offense making up for the lack of defense in this case? Right at the moment the answer is no, but the season is still young. His .233 average just isn't doing much for me though his OBP of .377 isn't all that bad due to his walks. To me he would need to hit .300 with 30 plus home runs to make up for the lack of defense.

Now if you are talking about the key positions such as 2B, CF and SS, that is another matter altogether.

As for the Mets as a whole, errors cost me one game so far this season and the lack of hitting the other three.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Player Abilities

To begin with a player has four sets of abilities, Fielding, General, Hitting and Pitching. Each of these are divided into subcategories ranging from 1 to 100, 100 being the best, normally (always an exception).

Overall is a WIS general rating that is normally overinflated and sometimes underinflated. Most ML capable position players and starting pitchers have a 70 or better while pen pitchers and backup role players are in the 60's. Not a hard rule however.

Fielding Ratings

Range: Determines the movement ability of the player at a position. Higher the range the better he can play sophisticated positions such as SS or CF.

Glove: Determines how well he can use the mitt in fielding the ball.

Arm Strength: Determines how fast and a what speed he can get rid of the ball.

Arm Accuracy: Determines how accurate the throw is.

Pitch Calling: Catcher ability of how well he can handle the pitcher and his pitches.

All of these work together in the players overall ability to field a position. If you go to GM's Office - Roster Management - Edit Rosters and click on the position players position indicator it will open a card that shows the minimum abilities for each position. You can also change the players position from here if desired. There can be some give and take in the abilities as to whether a player can play a certain position or not. However I wouldn't go much lower than recommended in most cases.

NOTE: Never put a left-handed thrower in the infield except at 1B.

General Ratings

Durability: Used to determine when a player starts to fatigue and used in the recovery process of pitchers after pitching. A player with a durability in the mid 80's and higher, you don't have much to worry about. However, under that they will need a day of rest every now and then. Rule of thumb - a player with an 80 durability needs about 10 days off during the season while a 70 needs 30.

Health: This is one we have learned to hate over the last 6 or 7 seasons. Used to be that a health of 75 or better rarely got injured and those below had a good chance of being injured and below 60 almost always found their way to the DL. Now it is like a turkey shoot and a high training budget helps but not an end all to the problem.

Speed: Determines how fast a player is. Helps if you want to steal bases but must have a good base running ability also.

Patience: This helps in training and demotions and maybe waiting for the right pitch.

Temper: This is the exception as it is better low than high. Umpires tend to throw players out of games..hint hint hint

Makeup: Used in injury recovery and to stave off old am not joking.. has some other uses also but not greatly important if you ask me.

Hitting Ratings

Contact: How well a batter puts the bat on the ball. A ball in play is always better than a strike out.

Power: Higher the number the more extra base hits...errr home runs

Splits: How well a batter fares against pitchers.

Eye: How well a batter sees the pitch.

All of these combined determine what happens during an at bat. A high Eye, Splits and Contact will cause a lot of walks also. A low Eye and High contact is not a bad thing and is quite common. Low Contact usually causes more strike outs.

Base Running: How well a player understands base stealing concepts used in conjunction with speed. High speed and low concept is not a good thing. I normally use 70 as a cutoff for both.

Bunt: self explanatory I hope.

Push Pull Tendency: Simple concept of where the batter is going to hit the ball 80% of the time. Over 50 is opposite field hitter.

Pitcher Ratings

Stamina: Determines how many pitches he can throw in an outing. Normally we like starting pitchers above 65. Durability is important as it determines how quickly a pitcher can recover after an outing.

Control: Determines how well he has command of his pitches. higher the better

Splits: Determines his luck (more or less) against batters. Higher the better

Velocity: How hard a pitcher throws. High velo is more of a strike out pitcher while low velo is a finesse pitcher. Both are good.

Ground Ball/Fly Ball: High is mostly a ground ball pitcher and low is fly ball. I run a good defense all the way around so it really doesn't matter but lean towards ground ball. Tempting fate is a fly ball pitcher in Coors Field.

Pitches: How well he throws the pitch. The type of pitch is window dressing. However the best thing is to have at least two good pitches in the first two slots (80,70). Most pitchers have there pitches graduated downward from good to throw away, when they are out of order tend to cause some problems.

International Market

Tony Pena was signed by the Dover Dung Beetles for $8.9M. Maybe I was expecting a little more in his abilities than what I am seeing with a 13 in advance scouting. Does have great speed which is a positive along with a good eye and contact. Splits are low and power is just average along with his health. May not be a good outfielder either as his range could be iffy and a weak arm. It looks to me he would make a good 1B however. I would say well overpriced and his overall is inflated a bit. ML capability is a maybe.

Albert Moreno was signed for a whopping $12.3M by the Anaheim Angels. He did make the league news reel so he must be something to regale about. 1B is probable even with the bad glove. Could be a behemoth at the plate which garnered him all the money. His durability detracts from his abilities to make him a star acquisition in my books however. His overall tells me he could be an underachiever.