Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interesting Facts

An interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum.....ummm what is a Forum anyway? Is there such a thing anymore? Well, on the internet there is it

So anyway I was looking at my lone All-Star, Dom Tabaka. and thought he had some nice career save numbers. So I went poking around to see how good his numbers were. Other than being the all time career Saves leader for the Mets, I was wondering how he stood against the big names.

Vinny Post has 523 saves to lead the World and is retired. Why isn't Vinny in the HOF?

Pascual Solano is second and currently has 479 saves and is currently on the Toronto Blue Jays. He could possibly become the all time saves leader for a while.

Mitchell Ray had a total of 454 Saves. He also had a 39-43 won-loss record which is impressive for a closer. Also a member of the HOF when he was inducted in Season 20.

Zeus Singleton currently has 426 Saves playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. Since Zues is still young at the age of 31, he will probably end up as the leader before his career is through.

Augie Holbert has 362 Saves and Plays for Las Vegas. Amazingly he had 104 Saves while playing in Colorado for three years. Although not in the closer role this season he is still adding a few saves.

Dom may actually be next on the list with 341 currently and they are all with the Mets (might be the biggest Mets bright spot). A good finish this year could easily put him in a position to overtake fifth next year. With at least 3 seasons left in his career, he could easily see 450 career saves. Not bad for a lefty!

So I went looking at who was leading the Save arena this year and I found a couple surprises. Just look at the numbers on Benji Franco and Harry Beltran. All I can say is wowzers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who's Who in Defense

NL C: Greg Owen: Might get his 1st coveted Gold Glove in the majors. Houston with a PC catcher, who would've thought?

AL C: Juan Espada: Tough to decide but wins out because of his Assists and Caught Stealing ability.\

NL 1B: A tie between Jorge Marmol and Pepe Crespo: Crespo is more of a 1B than the over qualified Marmol. Both have 13 plus plays but Marmol has an error, don't ask how, think someone tied his shoelaces together. Crespo barely makes the list due to lack of playing time.

AL 1B: A tie between Deivi Silva and Cesar Martin: A race between these two for sure but Ronny Gant may wind up being the best in the end.

NL 2B: Bernard Shelley: The front runner at the moment but don't get comfy.

AL 2B: Vernon Leach: A whopping 14 plus plays and only 3 errors.

NL 3B: Peter Alexander: I chose him over a couple others because of his DP stats.

AL 3B: Billy Valentin: His PO's and Assists got him named.

NL SS: Raymond Hartman: More games and no minus plays and it helps being second in assists and DP's.

AL SS: Kane North: All I can say is wow, 13 plus plays and not the leader in that category but only 3 errors.

NL LF: Charlie Stone: Only 6 plus plays (why so few?) and no errors.

AL LF: Jesse Brennaman: A beast in LF but really underqualified anywhere else. 13 plus plays and only 1 error.

NL CF: A tie between Jim Griffin and Arthur Donatello: I just couldn't choose, plus I like Collier in Cincy also.

AL CF: Shayne Marte: Easy call.

NL RF: Karim Quevedo: 6 plus plays and no errors.

AL RF: Esteban Santos: If you ask me a RF has not been easy to come by.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Can't Leave the AL Out

The AL North has had two contenders from the start so far albeit a surprise. The surprise Twinkies started out of the gate quickly but a persistent Mariners team has finally caught up. The Jays can't win at home as they were the preseason ponderance to possibly overtake the Mariners. The Tigs aren't all that bad but don't think they can mount a comeback.

The AL East had a surprise out of the gate also as Dover got on top and looked to run and hide from the pack. Boston was the favorites for some odd reason and have taken over control temporarily maybe. The Braves were on the move but have cooled off recently. The Senators are still fighting amongst themselves but aren't out the race yet.

The AL South looks like the bitter shambles that resembled last season suddenly. Winning at home isn't their forte for sure. Then again, on the road isn't making for happy times either. The Rays are the best team, but can they be there in the end or crumble like last year? Look out for them Rangers, they will sneak up on anybody. Little Rock keep talking enough to fool anyone then zap, there they are. KC is a mystery, just like the Jays (its Black Bart I tell ya).

The AL West is in their ordinary fight, can't count anybody out until the last pitch is thrown. Helena and Vegas keep swapping spots and can't be focused on each other. History tends to repeat itself here, so the Pads and Angels are by no means out of contention.

IFA's In Retrospect Season 8

Juan Carrasquel was the top winner in the Season 8 IFA Market with a $19.8M signing bonus. Spending 11 seasons in Pittsburgh, he holds the teams career record and single season record in Home Runs. Now playing with the Angels should eclipse the 600 Home Run mark this season. With a few seasons yet to play he could eclipse the 700 mark, but is declining. With many accolades other than a Wold Series ring should easily become a HOFer.

Cesar Rincon was signed for $17.5M in a signing bonus. Still young at the age of 31, has a few years yet to play. Has put together some good seasons and has a 140-103 record.

Damaso Estrada was signed for $17.3M in signing bonus. Having an ugly glove and hitting that has proved inconsistent, never lived up to his ability or potential.

Pascual Solano was signed for $11.6M. Has enjoyed more success than several other who were paid more money. Four time Fireman of the Year and five All-Star nominations to his credit. Has 473 saves to his credit, could he surpass 500 this year? Seems unlikely but should easily accomplish that feat before his career ends.

Mets Singing New Song?

Interleague play is now over and the Mets had a plan. Not sure if the plan really worked though we did have a 7-5 record. The plan was actually a necessity more than anything else. The durability of the offense is pretty low in most instances and I was running 14 pitchers. That meant I had to get a little more offensive/defensive support so I could rest players. Since I was running tandem pitching and nothing seemed to bother that setup I decided it was time to make the move and drop a sour pitcher and bring up a couple rookies into the lineup. This I think helped the offense but the pitching suffered a bit.

Just as soon as interleague play started the pitching staff became doomed even though they were well rested. Playing a 14 inning game followed by an 11 inning game tends to do that. Recovered from that rather well until lo and behold it happened again. Funny that it was in the same sequence, a 14 inning game followed by an 11 inning game. That caused me to have to pull out of the tandem pitching sequence as the pen took gas. An off day got everybody back and I figured that things would get back to normal. There I go thinking again as we had a 15 inning game followed by a 10 inning game. That is right, 6 extra inning games out of the 12, we won 4 and made me rather ecstatic.

My question is, did I throw simmy into a tizzy not knowing what to do all of a sudden with the change in the consistency of the team? Was the extra inning games a backlash or to force me into another change or both? Well, at least we were 4-2 in those extra inning affairs.

All jokes and wondering aside, 20 games till the All-Star break. It is gonna be a tough 20 game schedule for us with the D'Backs, Astros, Reds, Sequoias and Giants.
Don't take the Giants for granted, they have real good pitching the offense is just shaky.

There is 90 games plus 1 left already. Playoff teams will win 60 percent of their games at a minimum, that is 54 wins or 6-4 out of 10. That means the Mets could have 88+ wins yet. Will that be enough? To be on the safe side compared to previous years, it is close. If we can stay close or gain a little ground on the Phillies then we have a shot at the division title if things go well right after All-Star break. I don't think it will be enough to gain a wild card though. That is why the next 20 games are very important to us.

Basically in the NL the picture looks like this already. Three teams are already out as it would take a miracle for them to get back in at this point.

The NL North is still in a three way fight, though I think the Reds are a bit iffy. The Brewers and Pirates would both need to collapse. The Pirates started out cold but have come on lately, could they go cold again?

The NL East is a bit of a surprise as the Mets are staying close and the Injuns are an up and down team. Do the Phillies have enough to hold on?

The NL South is between the Astros and Marlins again. Chances are both will be playoff bound, so that takes away a wild card spot. The Knights and Diablos are hanging tough and hopeful.

The NL West has Salem walking away the title and the #1 seed already. The rate they are playing they could wrap up a playoff spot before All-Star break. Meanwhile, the Dodgers and D'Backs remain hopeful candidates for a wildcard spot.

Monday, October 17, 2011

IFA Signing

Either my bosses are not paying attention or the Texas Rangers are so excited about being in the World Series that they forgot to hold a press conference. Well, they could be mad at me for claiming Jesus Lee off waivers. Well, anyway....

The Rangers paid $14.7M for the services of Juan Redondo. They were so happy, they put him on the ML roster. For a catcher, not much to report as he is relatively weak in the defensive area. His stats prove that with 3 errors, 3 passed balls along with allowing 16 stolen bases, picking off only 4. When he picks up the toothpick to hit with (makes Popeye shudder at the size of his arms) though, look out in the bleachers. Given time his hitting will come around I do believe. In 22 games so far, his anemic batting average is surrounded by 5 ding dongs and 4 doubles. We are thinking he needs tested for steroids as he bench presses Beetles and has a very weak constitution!.

Season 21 Draft

The draft was relatively deep in pitching for the first time in ages and it looks like everyone took advantage. Only four position players were taken in the first 20 picks, that may be a first.

1. The Cincinnati Reds selected first and took pitcher Gary Carew. I thought that was a bit strange with the way their budget was spread. So the second pick must not have been on their board, interesting. His abilities are commensurate with the number 1 selection as the kid has it all. A Cy Young is very possible if he has offense and defense around him.

Grade: A+

2. Jack Root, P - Detroit Tigers: Expectations are great and has the ability to be great. The biggest fault is his health but if he gets close to the projections he will be one tough cookie on the mound. The big thing about Jack is his durability which could allow a smaller rotation. Maybe the Reds were smart in downgrading him if he was on their board, I did.

Grade: A

3. Bengie Cruz ,P - San Francisco Giants: No surprise here as I had him ranked fourth myself. His biggest drawback could be his GB/FB rating which won't hurt him at all in Frisco.

Grade: A+

4. Burke Moss ,P - Cleveland Indians: Another no brainer as the only fault I can find is the somewhat weak fourth pitch.

Grade: A+

5. Ryan Nicholson ,P - Chicago Cubs: All the tools are there to be a great pitcher. A big IF (maybe that should be HUGE) however will be the ability to avoid the DL. Cubs management was drawn to the eye wear and must have decided he couldn't trip over anything at least. A very risky pick if you ask me, maybe that is why the rebuild is taking forever?

Grade: B+

6. Patrick Towers, 2B - Dover Dung Beetles: My scouts said he was a 2B but was drafted as a 3B. I agree with the 3B tag though weak if you ask me. I took a long look as I thought he could be my RF that I have been looking for, but alas he wasn't left-handed. Was the best projected hitter on my board and looks to attain those projections rather easily.

Grade: A+

7. Yuniesky Chavez, P - Texas Rangers: The first player not on my board, how rude of them.

8. Stewart Eveland, P - Washington D.C. Senators: May have been a bit of a reach this early but those abilities look pretty good. The biggest problem is his durability which could cause a little frustration.

Grade: A

9. Stump Timmons, P - Charlotte Knights: A bit of a tough sell to me though I thought he looked better on the board myself. Chances of being a starting pitcher with minimal stamina and low durability will probably not be conducive. Chances look great in the pen however.

Grade: A-

10. Bobby Forbes, P - New York Mets: Believe it or not but I had him rated #1 on my board. To tell the truth I am not sure why, I just knew the other three wasn't going to be there but a lefty no less?. Odd stamina and durability perk, may not pitch deep into games as a starter but will recover fast. Or could pitch several games in a row out of the pen before needing a rest. The first lefty pitcher taken, for some reason they seem to gravitate to the Mets. I still like the choice.

Grade: A

11. Curtis Dunwoody, P - Kansas City Royals: Was the next pitcher on my board even. The pitching just keeps on coming this late in the draft for good starters even. May have a bit of a low durability and a late weak pitch selection but is deemed very viable. Could be costly in the money aspect though.

Grade: A

12. Zeke English, LF - Minnesota Twins: With the way position players were, maybe the second best available. Probably won't play anything but 1B if you ask me. But wowzers, he will be one tough out. Doesn't have great power but should an OBP machine. Could be tough to figure out where to put him in the lineup as he doesn't have blazing speed which could mean 2nd or 3rd at a minimum.

Grade: A+

13. Philip Walsh, P - Atlanta Braves: Another in the long line of pitching prospects. Has high durability again which has been rather uncommon for starters before. The biggest set back for this kid is his pitches. He has a nice hard cut fastball but the rest of his breaking stuff leaves a bit to be desired.

Grade: A-

14. Larry Overbeck, CL - St. Louis Browns: The first actual short pen pitcher selected. Abilities look impressive for a possible closer, pitches could be a little weak from what most like but are admirable.

Grade: A

15. Boots Joyner, 2B - Arizona Diamondbacks: Being a good 2B might be a reach, maybe adequate. Health is a bit low which could cause development problems if he hits the DL. Plate presence isn't great but has a good eye and contact.

Grade: B+

16. Heinie Laffey, P - Tampa Bay Rays: The second lefty starter taken. Abilities look great and hopefully his health doesn't hurt development. If he gets past this year it should go a long way.

Grade: B+

17. Jeff Thomas, P - Little Rock Heads: UNK

18. Sean Baker, C - Anaheim Angels: Maybe not the best catcher available but actually could be better than my present starter, unusual for me. His plate presence should be top notch and a great OBP hitter. Maybe they were looking at a DH and emergency catcher as he would do very nicely in that role.

Grade: A

19. Luis Reynoso, P - Houston Astros: Could be a good lefty in the rotation one day. May only possess two good pitches and some gophers, but looks adequate enough. Health will be the key issue but beggars can't be all that choosy this late in the draft.

Grade: B+

20. Ron Brinkley, P - Los Angeles dodgers: Pitching abilities is not the problem with this kid at all as they could be very good. Big health issue exists however which drove his stock way down and became a high risk proposition.

Grade: B

21. William Takada, CF - Helena Hot Pockets: UNK

22. Walt Rivera, C - Las Vegas Slobs: If I didn't get a pitcher this is the player I would have taken as he was the last of my top 5. He was listed as a DH on my board, why they were hiding his abilities behind the plate is beyond me. Well, maybe because his defensive abilities are not all that great but his pitch calling is which makes a huge difference. Contact may be a little weak but still could one tough out and power goes well with the eye.

Grade: B+

23. Buster Lord, P - Milwaukee Brewers: Could be a starter in a long rotation but the way durability has been going he has a bit of a lack thereof. Pitches are also a bit weak after the first, okay, maybe a lot. Health could be an issue unless he makes it out of this season.

Grade: B-

24. Jimmy Rushford, C - Las Vegas Slobs: Looks like the Sin City management and consulting were bound and determined to get a hitting catcher in the first round. Good thing they got Rivera earlier as this kid doesn't have the ability to be a catcher in my mind. Doesn't have the raw power to be a great DH either for a first round pick. Best quality is plate presence though as the does have some power and may pound lefties and could be an OBP nightmare. Health is weak but shouldn't cause much of a problem really (they don't injure catchers all that much due to availability I think).

Grade: B-

25. Mike Irwin, P - Boston Red Sox: pfontaine probably fainted or at least went thru the roof when he saw his first round selection. Getting such a quality starting pitcher this late in the draft is rare. If his right split gets near projection he will be a force to reckon with on the mound.

Grade: A

26. Elston Morris, P - Milwaukee Brewers: The Brew Crews second attempt to get a quality pitcher in the draft. This one maybe a dark horse to make a ML lineup IMO. Could be decent if future projections are met, but doesn't seem likely. Under 50 splits (my expectations) usually don't get the job done in the long run regardless of the other abilities.

Grade: C+

27. Michel Candelaria, SS - Philadelphia Phillies: Will probably sign, then again maybe the Phillies don't care one way or the other. He would be a poor excuse at SS but 3B is a pretty good idea so that isn't a total loss. Plate presence is just above middle of the road, .265 capable if you ask me.

Grade: B-

28. William Hamels, P - Florida Marlins: Another pitcher that did a sneaky impression of getting by the majority. Has the abilities to be a great pitcher. However, with rather weak health issue, will probably never make much of an impact sorry to say. Though things can change, I have seen them, so not all is lost. Sometimes risk turns into a gold mine but often turns to crap most of the time.

Grade: C+

29. Pedro Soto, RF - Salem Super Sequoias: Over ranged, under gloved with a good enough arm maybe. At the plate, will pop a few over the wall but will be more of a mixed bag and probably not consistent.

Grade: C+

30. Bill Kramer, P - Houston Astros: A decent quality pitcher doesn't slide this far down but looks like an exception this year. Maybe not great but can handle end of rotation duties for sure.

Grade: B

31. Les Gabriel, 2B - Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pirates are praying for development from this kid. Has the potential to be a good RF, I don't think INF is his cards at all. May have a good power presence at the plate which could go a long way one day. Time will tell and it may take a while.

Grade: B-

32. Buddy Hume, SS - San Francisco Giants: Giants make a second selection and make a so-so find. Could be a very good 3B, and under par for most other key positions. If projections are met at the plate, could be good enough for weak lead off or second in the lineup with his speed. I like the CF in the supplemental they got much better.

Grade: C+

33. Jared Spehr, P - Seattle Mariners: How did this kid slip through the cracks? Maybe not a monster like the early round players but better than some of the late rounders. Projections are obtainable and nothing to stop him from making it to the majors.

Grade: B+

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It is that time of the year, Draft Day

Wow, such an interesting season they have put together. I swear someone has tampered with something. Like how many teams can't win at home? Well, most of them. Salem isn't having any problems.

It is time for the draft however. I have the 10th pick, yahoo! With that pick I should get one out of my top 5. I am hoping anyway as I have what looks like 4 pretty good pitchers lined up that I am praying for. If not I am taking a pseudo DH, okay, he listed as a DH but is actually a decent power catcher. I originally was looking for a left handed power bat, there just wasn't one good enough, period. So if the top 5 are not available, I am selecting Amber Barrick of the Cleveland Crush (Just waiting for a uniform malfunction...mmmm)!

Only 5 games back in the East, the Mets could make a run. When was the last time the Mets scored more runs than they gave up? I kinda broke the prospect bank trying to make that run a possibility. If the pitching holds up (no more injuries), we have a chance. Facing the tough AL North in interleague play and the best two teams are coming to Shea. That isn't a good sign at all, but I have laid a surprising trap, guess we will find out soon enough. Either it will be good or have egg on my face once again. With my home woes, hope the eggs aren't rotten.

Well, time once again to get back to the ball game, I was hoping the Cards would lose btw.

Friday, October 14, 2011

IFA's In Retrospect Season 7

Junior Bocachica became the highest paid at $16.7M. He was actually underqualified to play 1B but his skills at the plate should have made an awesome player. Even playing in hitters parks he has only amassed 2,100 hits and 473 home runs. Underachiever comes to mind.

Ramon Ishida was signed for $12.2M. He fancied himself as a weak 2B and really should have only played COF as his GG for LF indicate. Having great plate skills and speed for the lead off spot that were hampered greatly by his lack of durability has cost him in stats. Has always landed on playoff teams however.

Alex Matos was signed for the cheap price of $11.2M. Having spent his entire career with one organization is hard to believe in some aspects. 6 All-Star appearances and a WS ring is not hard to believe along with his 182-91 record. Even with Ivan in the pen, I would say he has a very nice resume' for a HOF nomination in his future.

IFA's In Retrospect Season 6

Willie Espinosa became the highest paid IFA in season 6 with a bonus of $18M. Possessing decent pitching skills has made a lot money that has never really paid off for any team he played for as is displayed by his 173-159 record.

Tomas Camacho was another pitcher that came out with a bonus of $17M. Like Espinosa, was never really all that exceptional as his 142-136 indicates.

Max Lima was signed for $15M. His catching skills was never great but at the plate he should have been a fore to reckon with. Although decent stats over the years was never spectacular.

Felipe Cabrera was signed by the Mets for $2.8M. Lacking skills at any level in all reality has become something of a minor league icon for the Mets. In his 14 seasons has amassed over 2,000 hits and 700 home runs.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

IFA's In Retrospect Season 5

Fernando Tavarez was the highest paid International with a $12.4M signing bonus. Winning the Cy Young with the Corndogs in season 12 has been the highlight of his career with a 5-4 and 1 save recorded in 26 post-season appearances. Should have 200 wins to his credit sometime this year.

Luis Guerrero was signed by The NY Mets for $9.8M. Living in Shea just didn't help his stats as they were well below what could have been.

Wascar Sanchez was signed by the Yankees for $7M. Was never a fan favorite even when he batted .351 for KC. Passing the 2,000 hit mark this season with Texas could be his last.

Andres Coronado was signed for $6.9M as many passed on a future closer. Not much on awards but has compiled 336 saves in 376 opportunities and still counting in his career with Pittsburgh. Very possible future HOFer.

David Guardado was signed to the cheap price of $6.1M. Pitchers learned that he struggled making contact for unknown reasons and often became a strike out victim. Has become a mainstay in the Mariners organization the last 3 seasons.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Season Tweets

Milwaukee Brewers: I hate my team! We should be 47-0!
Pittsburgh Pirates: Where have the good times gone?
Cincinnati Reds: $16M to keep Peter Alexander and we get molested?
Chicago Cubs: At least we are not wasting money on wins.
Philadelphia Phillies: No old timers game in Philly, we can't play ourselves.
Cleveland Indians: Much nicer than Baltimore, can I have Atlanta back?
New York Mets: Touting Rookie of the Year players but home field is stumping us.
St. Louis Browns: We are not a football team..grrr..
Houston Astros: We need more home run power.
Florida Marlins: Ivan The Terrible is great!
Mexico City Diablos Rojos: la cucaracha que mea
Charlotte Knights: Cameron Diaz bobble heads?
Salem Super Sequoias: Being blamed for 90% pregnancy rate in Salem is NOT our fault.
Arizona Diamondbacks: House of Slithern rocks...TTTHHHHHHsssssssssss
Los Angeles dodgers: Under new Management...theme for real life LA lately.
San Francisco Giants: We have been quaked, that's our excuse and we are sticking by it.

Minnesota Twins: No One knows us, let's leave it that way.
Seattle Mariners: Don't worry we will pilot our way to the front.
Toronto Blue Jays: Who pulled out tail feathers?
Detroit Tigers: The AI can lose just as easy.
Dover Dung Beetles: Suddenly suicidal.
Boston Red Sox: Early season collapse avoids end of season woes.
Atlanta Braves: $12M for some armorall, really?
Washington D.C. Senators: Jobs, who needs jobs?
Tampa Bay Rays: Big fish, little pond.
Texas Rangers: Their is a new sheriff in town!
Little Rock Heads: We talk our fool heads off but mostly give.
Kansas City Royals: 5-18 at home..give us a break.
Las Vegas Slobs: Sin City never looked better.
Helena Hot Pockets: Hungry Man may be the way to go.
San Diego Padres: We may have shaved heads but we are not....
Anaheim Angels: We are determined to make sure no one has a winning record at home.

IFA Big Splashes

Linda Loo reporting on some money spending ways for Internationals. Polin Ordaz made big waves with a signing bonus of $21M. Mexico City was hoping for a future SS but even with his buff throwing arm my thinking is a Gold Glove 3B. Those strong arms provides a very nice embrace to go with that oh so nice muscular chest (pant) his eye sight is a little off as he mistook the camera man for me. At the plate he may not see well but has the penchant to get on base often and is really fast once he rounds the curves which can leave a pretty girl high, wet and rather unsatisfied. One not to give up which is a big plus.

Not to be outdone, Chicago stepped up to the plate with the signing of Pat Suzuki for a whopping $26M. Ladies, this is one guy you need to steer clear of. This is a small package with big potential. A Gold Glove 2B is a distinct possibility as his hands were deftly everywhere from the onset. Jackhammer speed and strength was unbelievable and would make the energizer bunny proud. Hitting my base paths with ease soaring over the walls consistently with no problems. The biggest concern is why an 18 year needs viagra already?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IFA's In Retrospect Season 4

Luis Cruz became the highest paid International in season 4 with a $14.7M signing bonus. Never really lived up to the hype early in his career until he settled in at Pittsburgh where he became their weak armed 3B. Garnering a Gold Glove in season 5, he really wasn't cut out for the position. In Pittsburgh, he became the Most Valuable Player in season 12 and a constant All-Star and Silver Slugger at 3B. This very well could be his last season.

Julio Lopez was second in the money making that year with a $10.9M bonus. However he never lived up to expectations as his 100-135 record indicates in 315 starts.

Willie Pizzaro garnered a $9.3M signing bonus. Willie has few accolades throughout his career mainly playing 1B and DH. In Philadelphia he was quite the fan favorite as he hit 244 Home Runs from season 10 thru season 13. Winding up in Boston for 7 seasons, his power just didn't materialize as in Philly but enjoyed relatively productive seasons. Having 654 Home Runs and over 2,000 hits he should be a candidate for the Hall of Fame after he finishes his farewell season with Philly.

Pascual Berroa was another big player with a bonus of $9.2M and deserves recognition. Everyone that he played for hoped he would be that #2 hitter in their lineup and play a multitude of positions. Having over 2,000 hits in his career seemed like a good possibility. However, from experience, was one of the streakiest hitters I have ever seen. He could bat .400 one week and .200 the next and never really possessed the aptitude to play the infield all that well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

IFA Signing

Lina Loo reporting live from the Queen City where a splashy Red announcement took place, well might be an expensive ripple. The Reds decided to spend $16.5M and a prayer for Calvin Jung to be their future SS. He is just a little thing so ladies don't get your hopes up but sometimes big things come in small packages. Well, this time lets just say less than adequate and needs lots of experience . He could be a decent enough SS if things go well, but his health is kinda scarey according to leaked sources. His plate activities is just average at the moment and should improve to well above average for a SS. This might be because of the sushi, who knows. He does have some speed so that is a plus.

Monday, October 3, 2011

IFA's in Retrospect, Season 3

Donald Satou was the highest paid International with a $12.5M signing bonus shelled out by dilo no less. A 9 time All Star and two time Cy Young award winner are just icing to his stellar career and future HOFer. Being at the end of his career and still seeking that World Series ring he has come home to where it all began in Milwaukee. With a 3-0 start to this season, the dream could finally come true.

Louie Moraga was signed for $8.3M by the old Florida franchise which is now in Mexico City. Like Satou made the jump directly to the majors and enjoyed great success early in his career. Injuries started taking their toll however and just didn't pitch all that well after the elbow injury in Season 9. Finishing his career with a 179-121 record is nothing to be ashamed of.

Mariano Borbon was the only high profile International player signed by the great Erf for $8M. Matter of fact was the last International player signed by Erf. He wasn't an outstanding pitcher but played for a great team that garnered him 4 World Series rings. On the Houston roster this year in a long relief role which very well could be his last.

IFA's in Retrospect, Season 2

Julian Martin was paid the most in bonus money in Season 2 with the paltry sum of $6M. A big contact hitter with speed should have made him a big hit or so owners thought. Things never panned out all that well as his base running ability was not as hoped. Stealing only 118 bases in his 10 year career was far less than expected plus getting caught 86 times didn't help. Not having lead off abilities didn't help his cause either. Although his consistent numbers did help most clubs he played for with a lifetime BA of .285 and OBP of .337.

Francisco Rivera was second on the list with a $4.6M signing bonus. A big arm that induced mostly ground balls made him a need in short relief. Not possessing great skill but normally found a way to get the job done. Enjoyed the game in his 15 year and really had a couple exceptional seasons.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

IFA's in Retrospect, Season 1

Pasqual Martinez was the highest paid player in Season 1 and was targeted by the Chicago White Sox organization, now Boston Red Sox. Now 38 and still hoping a team in pitching need comes calling. Had a relatively stellar career, maybe not HOF worthy though, with a 183-129 record as a starter. A two time All Star and garnered a Season 16 World Series ring while in Boston. Recording double digit wins as a starter from season 10 through 19 while compiling a lifetime ERA of 4.08. His productivity made his $8.5M signing bonus look small comparatively.

Tony Torrealba was brought up as a 2B in his early years. Luckily in those early years defense was not a big concern of the game as he wouldn't have passed mustard. As a key component of the Big Red Machine during the steroid years produced somewhat big numbers. Was a ROY, 5 time All Star and two World Series rings are just a few of his accomplishments. Having over 2,000 hits, 400 homers and a lifetime BA of .298 made him worthy of the $6M signing bonus he was paid. Don't think Tony ever used steroids if you ask me.

IFA Market Update

Linda Loo reporting from Melbourne Australia. First gentleman, we have to announce the upset win of the Geelong Cats over the Collinwood Magpies in the AFL Grande Finale. Great game and congrats Cats.

Hockey fans everywhere are rejoicing over the NBA lockout, maybe ESPN will show more hockey games without the interference of those silly round ballers. If I were the players, I wouldn't sign a contract without Sterns resignation, my heartfelt opinion.

Meanwhile back to our wonderful sport and the IFA market update. So far the market hasn't swooned in dollar signs as scouts haven't found much adoration abroad. The Anaheim Angels did see fit to offer Esteban Cubillan a $4.5M contract. Don't expect this off-speed kid to be a closer. Has some great skills in control and some good pitches but will just leave ya hanging before completing the task at hand, if ya know what I mean.

Benny Gonzalez was snagged by the Charlotte Knights for $3.7M. He may have a big stick, oooh la la, but he fumbles around getting to/at first base.

Robert Simpson may be the steal of the market so far. The Washington D.C. Senators were all smiles as they scooped up a prize. Not an easy out when he is up to bat, can handle pitchers and go like the energizer bunny.