Friday, June 5, 2015

Draft Review

1. Edwin Davidson - Solid job of tanking to get a potential to be a front line starter.  Durability is his only real weakness.  It would be nice if he had another serviceable pitch.  Overall a solid pick, but loses points because he is not the best pitcher in the draft.  Grade - A-

2.  Shane Krause - Plus plus power, decent speed, excellent contact and eye.  Wish that vR split was a little.  Still should be good 40+ HRs.  Grade - A

3.  Lawrence Mitchell - I don't like this pick.  Several better pitchers were available here.  He does have three plus pitches, excellent control, solid splits, but that health rating is worrisome.  If he stays healthy it was a decent pick, but dont count on him staying healthy.  Grade - C+

4.  Phillip Michaels - This is a tough pick to grade.  High overall rating with impressive power and speed.  Defense isn't good enough to play SS, but should be a solid 3B.  Contact, vR split, and eye are relatively unimpressive.  I think better players were available here.  Grade - B+

5.  Ross Kirwan - Quality middle of the rotation starter that was picked a little too early.  Grade - B

6.  Rod Cashner - My pick.  Excellent control and splits, but only two pitches.  Should be a quality 2 or 3.  Grade - B+

7.  Diego Figureoa - Another pitcher picked too soon.  Three decent pitches, excellent control and vR split.  He is going to struggle vL though.  Grade - B-

8.  Rex Ankiel - With 100 control rating he shouldn't have control issues like older brother Rick.  I hate this pick.  This was the best player available and in the real world no way would player like this fall to 8th.  In reality a guy like this wouldnt sign if he fell this far.  I guess in the fake fantasy world teams dont have access to the internet.  Imagine say Strasburg fell to 8th in 2006 and seven teams stated they didnt know he existed.  Anyway excellent top of the rotation starter.  Grade - A+

9.  Bum Henry - When he isnt busy panhandling for spare change Bum should be a solid LFer.  He will struggle vL, but otherwise should be solid.  Grade - B+

10. Rosell Ortiz - If he just had better durability and more than one pitch.  He will still be a solid pitcher, but as a starter dont expect to get more than 6 or 7 innings out of him.  Still I would put him above several earlier picks.  Grade - A

11.  Wayne Dean - I think SLOBS won the draft.  Well aireball3 with his crappy Rick Ankiel wins, but SLOBS did very well.  Very solid pick.  Grade - A

12.  Alfonso Amaro - Mediocre vR and only one decent pitch means hes relegated to the back of the rotation.  Still should a very decent 4 or 5.  Grade - B

13.  Roger Rando - Good eye rating should help with that 37 contact rating.  Excellent range and speed.  Grade - B

14.  Deryk Sewell - Pickings start to get slim around here, so I can overlook the mediocre health rating and lack of quality pitches.  He does have excellent control and solid splits.  Grade - B

15.  Adeiny Padilla - I have a feeling Padilla is going to spend a lot of time on the DL.  Sucks they gave him a great glove and arm accuracy, but a decent but not decent enough arm strength to play SS.  Guess it doesn't matter because he is probably going to be hurt too much to even get near his projected ratings,  Grade - C+

16.  Ray Lowe - Not a bad pick at 16.  Like his power and speed, but hate that vR rating.  Grade - B+

17.  Steven Engle - After a handful of mediocre picks we get to Engle.  Yes he has a relatively poor health rating and eye, but everything else about him looks good.  Considering some of the crap drafted before him this was a great pick.  Grade - A+

18.  Jay Smith - A lot of mediocrity in this one, but you could do a lot worse with the 18th pick.  Grade - B

19.  Zachary Kozlowski - Already out for 179 days due to nerve irritation (what the hell is nerve irritation).  That sucks.  Really a pretty decent pick otherwise.  Probably nothing more than a back of the rotation starter, but not a bad one.  Grade - B+

20.  Hooks Gates - One of my favorite later picks in the draft.  For a catcher his arm and pitch calling arent spectacular, but his hitting ratings are generally very good.  Grade - A

21.  Cy Quinn - Another a guy who will probably spend a significant amount of time on the DL.  Overall not a horrible pick, but nothing to get excited about.  Grade - B-

22.  Jaime Spivey - A decent setup B, but nothing more.  Splits arent good enough, control is decent, and two legit pitches.  Grade - C-

23.  Ray Geer - I like Geer more than several of the guys drafted before him.  Excellent control and health.  Two good pitches and decent splits.  Very solid pick at 23.  Grade - A

24.  Stefan Bibby - He should help the Rockies win several AAA titles.  Mediocre all around.  Grade - D

25.  Sid Fisher - This a decent pick.  His pitches kind of suck and his vR split is just ok, but excellent control and health.  I can could see him being a very solid back of the rotation starter.  Grade - A

26.  Desi Richards - Another good pick.  Nothing spectacular about him, but he will be a very solid back of the rotation starter.  How does a guy like this drop?  You could complain about his lack of pitches, but almost everyone after the first ten or picks has at least one flaw.  Grade - A

27.  Javy De Paula - He should steal a ton of bases, but I dont think he is going to get on base enough for that to matter.  Speed is about all he has going for him.  Grade - C+

28.  Endy Kapler - Unknown

29. Morrie Mottola - A serviceable reliever or back of the rotation starter.  Grade - B

30.  Amp Corino - Not particularly fond of his health, but another serviceable long reliever or back of the rotation starter.  Grade - B

31.  Dayton Stark - If he signs this was a very good pick.  Three plus pitches, excellent control, and decent splits.  A very nice middle of the rotation quality pitcher.  Grade - B+

32.  Cozy Pierre - How do they come up with these name?  Who would name their kid Cozy.  I could Mal naming his Cozy.  Better than about half of the guys drafted before him.  Defense is sub par for 2B, and he isn't particularly fast.  His hitting ratings are generally decent with the exception of eye.  Grade - B+

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Draft Review

1. Brady Duran - Excellent power, good speed.  Health is a concern and durability is a little low, but still the best player in the draft.  Grade: A+ (if he signs)

2. Olmedo Uribe - Excellent control, one excellent and one good pitch, splits are good, no health concerns, but durability is a concern.  He should be a solid # 2/3 starter, but better pitchers were available.  Grade: B+

3.  Derek Gosling - Plus power and speed.  Good splits and eye, but his contact rating is low.  Defense isn't good enough to play SS, but he should be a good 3B.  The second best position player in the draft, so a solid pick.  Grade: A

4.  Shep Rowen - Rowen projects as the best pitcher in the draft.  Excellent control, one excellent and one good pitch, good splits, and no health concerns.  Projects as a solid top of the rotation starter.  Grade: A+

5.  Jean McConnell - One excellent, but only one pitch that is at least above average.  Everything looks good.  Definitely not the second best pitcher in the draft.  Should be a solid #3/4 starter.  Grade: B

6. Rob Rose - ??

7.  Marco Pickering - Really poor contact rating.  Power is above average and plus plus speed, but that contact rating.  Range is a little low for 3B.  Grade: B

8.  Philip Wall - I have him as the third best pitcher in the draft.  Durability is a concern, but no other concerns.  Projects to be a solid #2/3.  Grade: A

9.  Brady Foltynewicz - A little better than Wall who was drafted right before him.  Similar to Wall without the durability concern.  Projects to be a solid #2/3.  Grade: A+

10.  Tanyon Griffin - Probably won't sign, but a nice pick at 10 if he does.  Grade: A (if he signs)

11.  Albert Howell - Excellent speed and range  Contact rating is well below average and no power.  Grade: B+ (if he signs)

12.    Gregg Leach - ??

13.  Alcides Bonilla - Plus plus speed, but mediocre eye and contact ratings.  Doesn't have the range to play CF.  Grade: B

14.  Al Saipe - Excellent pick at 14.  Plus plus power.   He doesnt have the range to play 2B, so I expect him to move to LF.  Grade: A+

15.  Carlos Nunez - Excellent speed and range, but everything else about him is relatively average.  Still better than a few position players selected before him.  Grade: A

16.  Ted May - ??

17.  Edwar Berrios - Splits are too low to be anything more than a long reliever/mop up.  Grade: F

18.  Omar Iglesias - Poor eye and RH split, plus speed, and average power.  Projects to 3B.  Grade: B-

19.  Tony Prince - Excellent speed, and above average power.  Defensively he doesn't have the range or glove to play 2B.  Overall not a bad pick at 19.  Grade: B+

20.  Josmil Aviles - Just if that RH split was better.  Everything else looks great  Projects to a 5/long reliever.  Grade: C

21.  Pat Witt - Good power and speed, but splits and eye are below average.  At 21 its not a bad pick.  Grade: B

22.  Stump Webster - He does have excellent splits, and contact ratings though.  Power is above average, but mediocre for a DH.  Not sure why a team in the NL would draft a DH though.  Grade: C

23.  Jarrod Ducey - Excellent defense.  Really poor LH split, but all other hitting ratings are at least average to above average  This is a very solid pick at 23.  Grade: A (if he signs)

24.  David Nanita - Virtually everything about him is average.  Projects to be a long reliever/mop up.  Grade: D (if he signs)

25.  Jandel Nunnally - Excellent control, and two excellent pitches.  Splits are only average though.  Projects to be a back of the rotation starter, but still a decent pick.  Grade: B (if he signs)

26.  Al Ellis - Excellent pick.  Much better than many of the players before him.  Excellent splits, one excellent and one good pitch, but average control.  Durability is a little low.  Projects to be a #4/5.  Grade: A

27.  Myron Person - Another solid pick.  The splits are only average, control is good, and one excellent and two good pitches.  Projects to be a back of the rotation starter.  Grade: B+

28.  Eric Greenwood - Another solid pick by the Phillies.  He doesn't have the pitches to be anything more than a back of the rotation starter.  Control is excellent, and splits are good.  Grade: B+

29.  Randy Waddell - Excellent control and two excellent pitches.  Wish that RH split was a little better.  Still a solid pick.  Grade: B+

30.  Stefan Borchard - Control issues, and mediocre LH split.  He does have at least three above average pitches.  Projects to be a long reliever.  Grade: B

31.  Dan Foster - Did Dilo forget to rank the prospects because he sucks.  Grade: F

32.  Jack Rothschild - Actually a decent pick at 32.  Power is mediocre for a LF though.  He does have plus speed.  Grade: B

33.  Anthony Chouinard - 3 power.  How does anyone have 3 power?  Grade: D