Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Final Ten


The Cubs have wrapped up the North and have a three game lead over the Braves for the #1 seed.

The Braves have the crown in hand and are making a passive attempt at the #1 seed.

The Marlins own the South once again though I am still pissed about their latest series, but not with the Marlins per se.

Arizona controls the West and needs a minimum of three games to sew things up. Although a tough schedule ahead, seven games is hard to make up.

The Pirates need a combination of 5 to make a Wild Card spot. With a relatively easy schedule should not be a problem.

The Reds need to win with only a two game lead over the Mets. It could be tough being on the road facing the Padres, Pirates and Cubs.

The Mets are hanging tough but the schedule is not in their favor at all.

Mexico City has an outside shot but it is a very long one.


The Blue Jays have taken control of the North but will it hold up? Five games is torturous to make up but the Tigs - Blue Jays series still looms large.

The Red Sox have taken the East crown once again and a 2 game lead over the Mariners for the #1 seed.

The South is under fruitful watch as things have tightened up considerably. Chances are good that both the Rangers and Rays are playoff bound but who will win the crown remains to be seen.

The Mariners have control of the West and another 2 wins will seal the deal. Colorado made a surprising run to make it look close.

Colorado has a Wild card spot with their name on it as 2 more wins will sew up a spot.

The Rays or Rangers will more than likely take the other spot. It would be tough for the Tigs to overcome the gap for a Wild Card spot. The O's are still in it but like Mexico City the chance is very remote.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Record Set In NL

It isn't that big of a record but the Low A NL East set a record for having three teams with 90+ wins in the same division. The big three also set a record for wins by 2 besting the AL East from season 2. The AL East from season 2 still holds the record for most wins by all four teams by a wide margin.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

TheTwisted Twenty

With 20 games to go strange things can happen.


Jays and Tigs are still playing the leap frog game.

Boston has the East nearly sewed up, 2 wins or two O loses will do it officially.

Rangers have a 4 game lead over the Rays, so it ain't settled.

Seattle is still comfortable with an 11 game lead over Colorado.

Seedings at the moment

1/2: Boston and Seattle are tied and they play each other next will..oooh la la

3. Texas/Tampa Bay may not be truely decided for awhile.

4. Toronto/Detroit makes the AL anything but easy to negotiate.

5. Colorado has the edge but not guaranteed.

6. Detroit/Tampa Bay either one or both could end up at a higher seed or out even.


Baltimore is still in the race and are only 4 games back of the 6 spot.

Little Rock is nosing around but are a very very very long shot.


1. Chicago are pretty much here me thinks.

2. Atlanta could possibly move up one.

3. Florida has this spot in the bag.

4. Arizona has an 8 game lead.

5. Pittsburgh has managed a 5 game lead.

6. New York/Cincinnati have found things a tad rough lately.


Mexico City is a long shot and a tough remaining schedule to make up 6 games.

Salem is an even longer shot at the moment but are still in the mix. This is a team that could reel off 20 straight wins.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterdays News Today

Hipolito Bennett procured a contract from Little Rock for $10.7M. Could be an outstanding buy as he is a potential Gold Glover at SS or just about any place. Not so hot at making contact at the plate but won't be abysmal and has a little pop. 

The Louisville Colonels saw fit to offer Michel Bennett a $4.8M deal. He could have great stamina and he will need it if his durability doesn't improve. Overall looks to be a decent off speed pitcher though that 3rd pitch looks awful. A definite cheap acquisition.

The Houston Astros offered Jorge Gomez a $4.2M contract. SS doesn't look promising but could be an outstanding 3B. Tends to be a strike out victim quite a bit but shouldn't be overly terrible and has a little power. Not bad for the price.

The Seattle Mariners agreed to terms with Livan Limon with a $5.8M deal. Left handed starters still aren't a prized commodity and he doesn't have the greatest of pitches which probably kept him form the real big money jar. All in all still a pretty good buy.

It is getting close to the expanded roster and rookie call up time. I had a plan this time around but haven't been able to coax the Braves into taking the 6th Wild Card spot away from me at AAA. That could very well put the plans on hold to being scrapped at this point. 

I am a little bug eyed about my Low A squad as they have put together a 21 game win streak and 103 wins.  You would think that a streak like that would be a run away for the #1 seed. The catch behind that, the other teams need to lose and that didn't exactly happen.  

Someone made a comment about seeing the worst pitcher ever at the ML level. To tell the truth I have seen worse and it might get a little worse for everybody. Attrition rates for the great pitchers is up and new ones is a quite a bit on the low side the last few years. The same can be said of the big power hitters also.  

Here is an example and before you look at his ratings look at his stats and awards. Oh and put with that another possible Cy Young at the AAA level. In real life how do you tell him he ought to get a job flippin burgers without giving him a chance or tell he'll amount to nothing more than a career minor league pitcher?  There is a 99% chance he will be a starter for the Mets next season. He just might be the next Anderson Henley, remember him from season 21? Though he did turn out to be a one year wonder boy.  Err, umm, he is flippen burgers now btw, actually he owns the joint.

Bernie Diaz is in my pen, mostly as an emergency pitcher but gets the job done rather well. His stats would look a lot better if a a certain CF on my team would quit droppin lazy fly balls....grrr.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Dirty Thirty

Yes indeed it is time for the final thirty report.

AL North

The Tigs and Jays are playing leap frog here, Jays have got to worry about a lucky strike at any Schedule may favor the Jays somewhat but anything can happen here.

What needs to happen: Tigs just need to equal the Jays win for win. Jays need to win 1 more than the Tigs at a minimum. It could boil down to the best of three the last week of the season. Jays or Tigs, either could lose the division and still make it as a Wild Card by staying ahead of the Rays.

AL East

Boston has the division pretty well wrapped up like an early Christmas present. Baltimore has molted their way into the Wild Card race.

What needs to happen:: Boston just needs to win a few to get a top seeding. Baltimore will probably need to win 20 of the 30 to have a chance, a long shot.

AL South

Texas has command but still a might  tenuous yet as Tampa Bay has not given up. Little Rock has not given up hope for a Wild Card spot but it would be a rough journey.

What needs to happen: If the Rangers play .500 ball, the Rays would need to win 21 to tie. 6 games doesn't seem all that difficult to make up with 30 to go but that scenario does make it look impossible. Tampa Bay also needs to worry about Toronto, Detroit  and a sneaky Orioles team also.

AL West

Seattle has snapped out of the doldrums of the "Dog Days" and created some distance in their shrinking lead. Colorado Springs were inching their way close but doesn't seem all that likely now.

What needs to happen: If Seattle only wins 10 more games, Colorado would need to win 24, that is a little far fetched. At .500, Colorado should easily be the fifth seed.

NL North

Cubs can hibernate early as they only need to stay ahead of the Braves for the #1 seed if they so desire. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are fighting for second place and a Wild Card for each. Both have a watchful eye on each other as well as Salem and New York.

What needs to happen: Pretty obvious situation here win or stay at home as it is tight.

NL East

Braves have the division wrapped up, is the #2 slot good enough? Mets have caught fire (a and got themselves in the thick of the Wild Card.

What needs to happen: Win more games than the other Wild Card hopefuls for the Mets. Mets would like to push it and make the Wild Cards win 90 games or more, that would mean 18 wins out of 30 which is very doable.

NL South

The Marlins have just been getting by which seems good enough as Mexico City hasn't taken advantage. Mexico City is not out of the Wild Card race but in a tough spot.

What needs to happen: Mexico City has to play and play very well to make a run.

NL West

Arizona was given a chance to widen the lead but failed. Salem just hasn't played well. Not sure what to think myself.

What needs to happen: Both need to start winning is what things boil down to. Arizona has a very tough schedule remaining so they will need to start playing well.  Salem has a relatively easy one but haven't scared anybody as of late themselves.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

News of the Hour

Eugenio Cruz signed a deal with the Houston Astros for $2.5M. Short on control but has enough in splits and pitches to be an adequate every day 30 pitch guy. Worth a shot if you ask me.

Yoo-Nah Yamamoto signed a staggering $14M contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Philly wants him to play 3B at the moment but me thinks he will matriculate to SS before things are said and done with a side job at 2B and CF. Originally I thought he was over paid but if he can play a good SS, well worth the money even though he is a somewhat erratic slap hitter. Does he have stock in his favorite drink, Yoohoo?

Post season award watch is on, so who might be there to generate a buzz around the league in the end?


NL:  Pat Suzuki and Barry Cook are the front runners in my book. When the Mets played the Cubbies last time though I was more worried about Claude Chatwood, what a trio.

AL: Sorry AL, I am just not sold on the early list for this prestigious award. Where is Victor Aardsma and Juan Redondo?

Cy Young:

AL: Umm, like the list is led by two closers, neither one is Ivan material, so me thinks this will change also. Mitch Knotts might have the inside track at the moment.

NL: Victor Morlan staved off the Mets attack in their last meeting even though it turned into a no decision. Alex Matos lost the geriatric war with Joseph Wang and the Mets in their home park no less, so you can guess where my vote lies at the moment.

Rookie of the Year:

AL: This one could get heated with 3 young Tigs on the list and two of the three deserving at the moment. I would side with Jack Root if he puts up a couple more wins before the end of the season.

NL: We find Claude Chatwood here of course.  Renyel Manuel may have been brought up too soon but he can definitely play ball.  Me thinks a couple other players could make their way onto the list also.

Fireman of the Year:

This is going to be hotly contested til the end of the season in both leagues. Will this be Pascual Solano's last season? Rumor has it that he has testicular cancer but has the balls to play through it til the end of the season.

Silver Slugger and Gold Glovers:

Not much to say here as it always changes before the final tallies. But I will trade Houston my clumsy backup LF for the catcher.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Up Doc?

We are at the point in the season where it is make or break time already. Normally this falls around game 120 but this year it is different as I feel it hit at game 110 after close examination.

AL North

Two contenders and maybe only one spot available. It has been nip and tuck for most of the season between the Jays and Tigs and may not be decided til the end of the season. Tigs look like they have the easier schedule but not by much.

AL East

Boston clearly has the division wrapped up already, it would take a monumental disaster to stop them. We can't rule out either Dover or Baltimore as they are still fighting for a Wild Card being only 6 games behind. Will one of them make a move?

AL South

The Rangers were galloping along but the posse got ambushed in the High Sierras. In the meantime the Rays have been stinging everyone in their path which included a four game sweep of Boston. Little Rock is also trying to climb the ladder to a Wild Card but have been humbled of late. KC is also in the mix as they have stormed back but a royally crucial series against Boston awaits.

AL West

At one time Seattle was so far ahead no one could even see their dust, well in their case, "wake" I guess. Being swept in Toronto left a bad taste and they be hungry to get back on track but they must travel to Detroit. Not to worry though, 13 more wins already will assuredly put them in the playoffs. The Sky Sox have upped their game a bit and must continue to do so to be in the playoffs.

NL North

The Cubs thought it would be a walk away season but they have been gasping for breath as the Reds and Pirates kept them within range. Now, with a little breathing room and needing only 12 wins for that magical 90 win plateau things have calmed down a bit. The Reds found a meat grinder in their schedule with the likes of Atlanta, Salem and Florida. We can say OUCH! for effect.  The Pirates were elated at that schedule as they themselves escaped with two wins against Florida and an easy schedule to gain ground, unfortunately they ran aground with foul weather in New York.

NL East

The Braves are loitering about as they have no real threat. The only thing they are playing for already is the top two seeds.  The Mets have evidently decided to start playing ball, remember them early in the season? At one point they were 14 games below .500, now at 5 games above .500 are trying to upset the apple cart for the Wild Card race. If they make the playoffs, they will deserve to be there as they have 7 games against Florida and Ariziona, 4 against Salem, 3 against the Cubs, Reds and Atlanta. For those that don't want to count that is 27 games out of the remaining 47. Doesn't leave any wiggle room and could be over in the next 10 games.

NL South

Florida fans are saying "Ivan who?". They have taken the South by storm and are lollygagging their way to the end of the season. Of course they are playing for a top seed also but patience is a virtue. Mexico City is not out of contention either but their schedule doesn't seem bent on making up ground and being 10 back of the Wild Card teams is not very conducive.

NL West

Arizona and Salem have been playing leap frog for much of the season. It is a game that Arizona doesn't like very much btw. Both will need to tip toe through the mind fields of their respective schedules as this one will go down to the wire.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Intl Market Update

Lots of movement in the International Market as Houston has been buying up career minor league players left and right. However, a couple has caught our eye.

Santo Pulido was swallowed up by the Montreal Expos for $6.1M. Listed as a 1B of which his chances of playing that position in the majors looks pretty damn slim. With his power bat and hitting style may make him a formidable DH. Over the top power DH's have been hard to come by lately so I would say a good signing.

The Houston Astros paid $4.4M for the services of Benito Espinosa. A catcher lacking in range while glove and arm are not the greatest. Defense may not his calling but he does have a way with the pitchers and some good durability. Hitting while not blistering has some pop and should do well in the juice Box. Overall a good signing.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Intl Market

Rafael Manzanillo became the newest bonus baby with a $16.3M signing by the Helena Hot Pockets. The lefty flame thrower looks like he could be a monster on the mound. A good signing fur sure.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Miracle In New York

R.J. Bellhorn became the first Met to pitch a complete game since season 19 with a three hit shutout performance against the Phillies. Other than the fact he has been good at times this season, offensive support does a disappearing act when he does pitch well which is sporadic, he does a tendency pitch well after All-Star break.

PED People ...errr...Diamonds

Herman Snyder, C, Louisville Colonels: Hmnm not sure how PEDs work their way into this one as his power is still very lackluster. Could turn into a nice defensive catcher but lacks durability to start many games and doesn't have many seasons to hone his skills.

Peaches Gleason, C , Texas Rangers: Could turn into a decent catcher and good hitter in a few seasons.

Dee Carpenter, C, New York Mets: Mets management likes P catchers with good arms and he falls into that category now but will the ML see his talents in the end.

Aurelio Mercedes, 3B, Baltimore Orioles: All that power and little contact, well give and take I suppose. Could turn into a defensive stalwart at 3B and maybe even 2B.

Allen Giles, P, Chicago Cubs: New found excitement in the Cubs organization but it might be too soon to celebrate.

Gregory Bridges, P, Houston Astros: They are extremely happy with this prospect suddenly.

Wally Stoops, P, Boston Red Sox: Brief celebratory happiness in Boston but does he fit into their plans.

Jonny Powell, P, Helena Hot Pockets: They rolled their eyes as it is probably too late in his career.

Dann Kelly, Anaheim Angels: I can play any position now just because I can't hit at the little league level means nothing.

Morris Faulk, P, Atlanta Braves: What do I care, I am training to be a pitching coach.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It is the All-Star break and here is how things are shaping up for the rest of the season.

NL North

Cubs are in first but may have to hold on for a playoff spot. The Reds have gone on a tear of late, their offense is good but not so sure about the pitching staff but should hold on for a wild card spot. The Pirates are a tough bunch but are showing signs of weakness.


The only thing that can slow down the Braves are themselves and have no threats to worry about. The Mets can't seem to get the offense in gear especially when the best hitter is touting a .236 average.

NL South

Florida has things pretty well wrapped up here also though there was contention early from Mexico City. 

NL West

Salem and Arizona are slapping each other around and the only real fight for a playoff spot at this time.

AL North

The Tigs and Jays, one will out last the other in the end. 

AL East

The Red Sox are in snoozeville already with an 18 game lead.

AL South

What can you say about this division, the only one touting four 40 win teams. Rangers are up by 10 over the Rays and 11 over the Heads. Will their be a serious fight or will the status quo reamain.

AL West

Really, the only surprise of the season as the Sky Sox are not in front and are not even sniffing first place. Seattle has rocked everyones world so far. 

If the playoffs started tomorrow:

1. Seattle
2. Boston
3. Texas
4. Detroit
5. Colorado Springs
6. Tampa Bay

1. Atlanta
2. Chicago
3. Florida
4. Salem
5. Cincinnati
6. Pittsburgh

Odds would be Atlanta/Chicago vs Seattle/Boston

Intl Market News

Luis Sanchez was ecstatic about signing his contract with the Montreal Expos for $16.6M. He wasn't exactly signed for his defense as it exactly award winning in any aspect but somewhat adequate at the position. His plate awareness is what brings in the big bucks but not with extreme power but will hit some dingers and be a very tough out. A good buy if you ask me.

Roberto Franco was hoping for a bigger contract but settled for a $3.1M contract with Tampa Bay. Being a 3B with the range of a snail may have had something to do with it. We really don't see him playing at 3B and may be relegated to 1B/LF. What is fascinating is his extreme power at the plate with an above average eye and maybe contact with the ability to take lefties downtown.  For that price I would say excellent buy.

Cesar Sanchez was paid $2.3M by the Dover Dung Beetles. Listed as a CF but I have serious doubts about that but could have an outside shot at 2B. His health is not so hot and his hitting just doesn't look like ML material to me.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Unknowns In The Intl Market

Wilkin Ethier was signed by the Louisville Colonels with little fanfare. $2.5M just doesn't scream "look at me!" For a reliever, has good enough abilities to reach the majors by a lefty. How good he might be remains to be seen.

Miguel Perez sneaked in signing with the Mexico City Diablos Rojos for a paltry $380K. Defense is actually very spotty at the very least but has good pitch calling abilities. Plate appearances could be interesting for this slap happy hitter.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Intl Market

Okay, y'all knew this one was coming as the Boston Red Sox got some bang for their buck with the signing of Michael Bang for $12M. He rates up their with Mike Hunt, don't ya think? He decided to play in the States when his hometown Hawks wouldn't match the offer.

The flame thrower has or will have some decent control, good splits for a lefty though the pitches look somewhat weak. Looks like a good signing by Boston and the money is about right for a probable 3rd to 5th starter.

In other news, the Montreal Expos are ecstatic about signing of Rafael Baerga for $1.7M.

Listed as a LF, it is doubtful he will make it past playing 1B. Does have a nice eye, good contact and splits. Does lack for speed but a very nice player for the money.

On a personal note, the fix on the signing date ordering has sure helped. I do think they had to retweaked the draft history as it wasn't in rank order the first day. I just wish they  would give the ability to split the first and supplemental rounds.