Friday, May 27, 2011

Mets Opera News

What can be said about the Mets other than they stink? Not much in all reality, I was hoping for a 70 win season at least. For a long time early during the season I thought they would accomplish that minor goal. But alas, it was near the All-Star break and beyond where they had a stretch playing all the soon to be playoff teams in a row. A 3-17 stretch will take its toll on the best of teams and players. After that their will and confidence was shot, they lacked anything emotionally on and off the field.

However there was a few bright spots after everything was said and done. Abdul Riggs was awarded the team MVP honors. He had his best season as a pro and was actually an honorable mention as one the best Center Fielders in the league by the press. His play garnered him a 2 year extension by the team. Not bad for a player that was traded to the Mets for a bucket of golf balls. George Atkins came in second in team voting with his 15 win season. That was the most wins by a Mets pitcher since season 7.

Other than those two accomplishments the highlight of the season was the Mets High A team that won their World Series as a 6 seed over the 6th seeded Padres. They only lost two playoff games on their way to the title. The future does seem a little brighter at least as there was a possibility of 6 future stars playing on that team.

What do the Mets need to do to get better? Basically we need to get better at every aspect of the game. Hitting was not a very strong suit and may have caused the bulk of our losses. When you have the worst Run Scored record in the league, ya just know there is a problem. Fielding was great overall but could be better. Pitching to me was a question mark. Yeah, there was some bad outings where the starting pitcher was rocked, everybody has those. Overall, I think the pitching was better than the records and stats indicated.

To remedy the problem will take some time. Overall there is some help in the minors but won't be ready any time soon. Most of the help is in the pitching arena, offense is sparse. How will the Mets plan next year is still questionable. This season we did get the best offensive player available in the draft, in our minds anyway. However, we failed to land a top IFA as they were either not seen or was way out of our budget range.

Here is our analysis by position:

C: Hitting: D Fielding: A Needs to improve especially in the backup role
1B: Hitting: B Fielding: C Was marginal all the way around at best
2B: Hitting: B Fielding: B May be much better next season
3B: Hitting: F Fielding: A Have defense but no hitting
SS: Hitting: D Fielding: B+ Defense was outstanding comparatively but no hitting
LF: Hitting: B Fielding: C Very lackluster performance but could get better
CF: Hitting: B Fielding: A Surprise pickup helped here
RF: Hitting: D Fielding: B Ugly with no actual starter

Only three hitters averaged above .270 while the rest was well below .260, that in itself must be addressed somehow in the off-season. No help coming from the minors as there is nothing that isn't at least 2 seasons away.

Pitching analysis:
I judge pitchers by their OAV more than any other stat. When this stat is constantly above .270 for any player he doesn't hang around very long unless he is lucky in other areas. With a bad offense, the pitchers were constantly working in a hole. A season with only 15 blown saves is good but when you only have 51 opportunities it looks worse than it is. When you have complete games and lose 1-0 it isn't the pitchers fault either. Pitching in the minors is further along than the offense but no help is close for next season in this area either.

We will draft either first or second in the draft next season, so a very good future player should be picked up. This World tends to have a high amount of supplemental draft picks and getting a second player by the draft is tough but not unheard of. This years second round pick was a bit iffy but I didn't think he was worth the money being requested and turned down the initial offer. Very doubtful we will have any supplemental picks next season.

Getting ML players by trade is intriguing but we are not going to give up the talent we have for an older player. We might look at substantial players in the salary dump department for a bucket of balls however.

We will have some holes to fill next season for sure and the FA market is about the only way to fill the needs we have at this time. Will the needed players be there is the question we have at the moment.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Head's Case For Season 19

Author: robertbaron

For a moment, around the 100 game mark, the Heads were briefly relevant; just two games out of first place and three games from a .500 record.

In season 18, the team finished at 54-108, for a .333 winning %, or if you are trying to be positive, a .666 losing %.

Either way, one hundred games into season 19, one thing was very clear. Ok, nothing was clear. But, for a brief instant, before a horrible end to the season, for a micro-second, the Heads may not have sucked.

Huge progress!!

As a friend use to say about his company, “There are either good days or there are learning days”.

Let’s mark up Season 19 as a learning season for the Heads.

We scored 58 more runs than the prior year, and allowed 61 less earned runs. We had 24 more plus plays. Add that up, and we had 16 more wins. We did this with a payroll that was $30M less than the prior year.

We had our moments. The Sammy Romo deal gave us the money to sign INT FA, Pablo Solano before the amateur draft. And all Solano did at the Low A level was post an OPS of over 1.050.

We had the number one pick in the draft, and while we were taken to task for this selection, O.T. Kirk, scouted slightly better than was revealed by those evaluations. He had a solid first season in Low A ball.

So, we added a future superstar in Solano, and a top of the rotation starter in Kirk.

We tied up future Gold Glove SS, Lorenzo Rosado to a 5 year deal, at a good price.

Last year’s Rule V pick, Jerome Bourn emerged as a capable closer.

We stole Gabe Bush in the 33rd pick of this year’s Rule V draft; and (at least in Little Rock), the #1 overall pick, Willie Parkers, was found money.

But mostly we watched our kids mature; and they showed progress. We now have a farm system; and some talent.

Our Rookie team and the AA outfit both made the playoffs.

In short, there is a chance, that in Season 19, the Heads did nothing overtly stupid.
None of our young prospects are really ready. The Heads will enter Season 20 without a ML ready RF, and average players at several key spots. That is, if you understand that the word “several” actually means half a dozen…………..or more.

We are also going to lose our best offensive player, slugger Norberto Reyes, to free agency. He led the team in Runs Created with a mark of 112.75—which is significant, in that it is more than 27 pts higher than our next position player.

We’ll continue to turn double plays (second in the league), and manage every game; but expectations for the Heads to show any significant major league progress in Season 20, should be muted.

In fact without Reyes’s run production, we may take a small step backwards at the major league level.

You may be rightly asking yourself, how much regression can be expected from a team that has lost exactly 200 games in the last two seasons?

It may not be pretty. But, things are not always as it seems.

Minor leaguers like Bernie Mendez, Kendry Armas, Alex Reddick, Diory Trajano, Gene Henderson, O.T. Kirk, Angel Barrios and Hugh Linden are all moving through the minors are encouraging clips.

All of these players have been acquired in the first two years of existence by the stalking Heads.

And is it possible, the Heads have a for sure SS gold-glover in prospect in Hades Scutaro ?

We’ve got other interesting parts as well—but, I sense I’ve worn out my welcome.

If you want to hang out during Season 20, you’ll find me at High School games in Detroit, or perhaps a road trip to Yokahama. I’ll be anywhere there are prospects.

But, I want to assure the league, I will be flying coach; as every possible penny will be spent on young talent.

And maybe some BBQ; I mean, this is Little Rock.

Friday, May 20, 2011

GM of the Season


Wholck - Philadelphia Phillies
- 86 wins
- NL East champs

Jsholmes - Salem Super Sequoias
- 101 wins
- NL West champs

Chase39 - Pittsburgh Pirates
- 104 wins
- NL North champs

Sdhizzle - Florida Marlins
- 106 wins
- NL South champs

VL (boydandahood) - Houston Astros
- 101 wins
- Wild card
- 14 win improvement

Dylandash - Los Angeles Dodgers
- 92 wins
- Wild card
- 3 win improvement


Pfontaine - Boston Red Sox
- 86 wins
- AL east champs

Mal247 - Anaheim Angels
- 98 wins
- AL west champs
- 10 win improvement

Dakar - Seattle Mariners
- 105 wins
- AL north champs
- 9 win improvement

Vegasbombers - Kansas City Royals
- 87 wins
- AL south champs
- 25 win improvement

Kpmarti - San Diego Padres
- 89 wins
- Wild card
- 9 win improvement

Thomas36is - Helena Hot Pockets
- 84 wins
- Wild card

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Boston and San Diego split the opening series. That may sit very well with the Padre contingent as the teams move to the West Coast.

Helena took two from Kansas City on the road. The KC offense was no where to be seen but things could easily turn around.

The Phillies took two tight ones from Houston at home. The Astros look to avenge those losses with a Minute Maid moment.

The Dodgers split with Salem. The Dodger faithful has hope against their much hated rivals.

Don't call this a lobby..just an eye opener

Does Everett Hill deserve the NL MVP? He may from a Houston standpoint but does his number stand out? Last year he split time between Toronto and Florida and put up similar numbers. Juan Carrasquel put up similar numbers to Hill and his usual stats for Pittsburgh. In my mind those are the two best hitting wise in the NL.

Bart Ross in the AL seems like a shoo-in but will voters be generous with his AB ability even though he has a .411 average? If not I would assume the two DH's would be out also and leave the competition to Pepe Feliz and Lee Coleman.

Ivan Johnson is one hell of a pitcher and is used to the best of his ability. But looking over Mitch Knotts numbers in Houston gave me reason to change my mind for the NL Cy Young.

Winston Maxwell with his team and park made him the best he could be and that can't be denied. I think the AL Cy Young should be his.

AL Rookie of the Year has me postulating. Justin Shouse put up good numbers but is he really that good? The WHIP kinda scares me off. The Senators had too many lobbyists for where to put Felipe Montero but got my vote. I am still trying to figure out how Blade Gates got to 540 AB's without collapsing.

NL Rookie of the Year was much easier, Felipe Peralta.

By popular belief, the Mets will not have the #1 pick next year I don't think. I believe the Orioles will win that prestigious honor once the dust settles.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A World Record Set

With the Mets 4-1 win over the Orioles, a record was set in which no team will have a 100 loss season. Doesn't sound like much of a record but one that is rarely accomplished anywhere and the first time it has happened here. I have been fretting over winning one more game for some time and relieved that it finally happened. Not sure what happened, I had the Mets playing rather well then they just plainly collapsed.

The other odd thing is in the AL where it is still possible that only 1 team will have a sub 70 win season by 1 game. A great season everyone.

Congrats to the Padres whose organization hasn't been in the playoffs since season 5.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

EMSN International Report

Linda Loo Reporting live from the great city of LA. The surf was up and the life guards were buff..woohoo!!! Had to put my "A" game together while I talked to the newest International recruit, Welington Valenzuela. With a name like Wellington, you know he had to come from a modestly rich family and with a $7M signing bonus I figured I had to dress to the nines for this playboy. Such a powerfully handsome chap at that, made my evening for sure. Well, he grew up playing 2B but he looked much better under the stars in left field if you get my drift. He definitely has an eye for the ladies (blush) and knows what to do with those split fingers when making contact, just left me breathless (more like screaming).

Fielding: C+
Eye: B+
Splits: B+
Power: A+
Contact: B+
medical: above average

Thursday, May 5, 2011

EMSN International Report

True Luck Duck reporting with this news flash where Lonny Moreno has surprisingly been put on our radar screens. Interest from several clubs has money flashing about for a player that usually would not warrant this type of action. Is it due to the fact that it is getting late in the IFA market and could be a last ditch effort to spend money?

Lonny is listed as a SS with some hitting ability. After careful examination of scouting reports though, we find that he could be a rather decent utility infielder/outfielder and possibly rate well against right-handed pitchers which is a plus.

Fielding: B-
Plate Awareness: B-
Power: D+
Medical: B

Playoff Races or Lack There Of


Believe it or not with 36 games to go the NL is pretty much sewed up already. The only thing left is who will be in what seed.

#1 - The Pittsburgh Pirates have a 1 game lead over the Houston Astros and 2 games over the Florida Marlins.

#2 - Either the North winner or the South winner as it stands at the moment.

#3 - Salem Super Sequoias are solidly in this slot at the moment but could make a run at either of the other two seeds but could wind up as far down as the 6th seed.

#4 - Philadelphia Phillies could even move up to challenge for the upper seeds but can't do no worse than this slot.

#5 - Will be the loser of the South as it stands at this time.

#6 - The Los Angeles Dodgers are firmly entrenched here with a 14 game lead but could move up by overtaking Salem.

Manager of the Year Nominations: dylandash and VL: Why? The Astros weren't expected to be in 1st place in the South though a playoff team. The Dodgers were a playoff team also but wasn't expected to compete for the crown.


This is where the fun begins.

#1 - The Seattle Mariners can claim this spot already in my books. Though mathematically it is 24. I don't foresee Anaheim winning 36 in a row, so in reality 14 should work well and maybe even less than that.

#2 - The Anaheim Angels have zoomed into this seed but it is not a very comfortable lead at all. They still have to stay ahead of Helena and the rest of the usurping pack.

#3 - The Atlanta Braves are penciled in but they must stay ahead of the Kansas City Royals as well as the division pack where only 8 games separates them. They could get hot and move up to the #2 seed also.

#4 - The Kansas City Royals are penciled in here also as they must stay ahead of the surprising Little Rock Heads who just won't go away. They still have a chance to move all the way up to the #2 seed also.

#5 - The Helena Hot Pockets exist here for the time being. They could actually get hot and move all they way up to the #2 seed.

#6 - The San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox currently sit in this position. Either could still win their division or stay at home for the post season.

Chasing the Wild Cards are a host of others plus some are still chasing the division crown also.

Dover Dung Beetles and Colorado Rockies: Both are one game behind the #6 seeds and Dover is only 4 games behind Atlanta.

Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers: Both are 2 games behind the #6 seed and the only way they can get in is to capture a wild card.

Washington D.C. Senators: Only 8 behind Atlanta and 5 behind the #6 Seed. If they figure out their road woes they can still be a factor.

The Twins, Rays and Rangers would need a monumental win streak to get into the free-for-all.

Manager of the Year Nominations: dakar, hatton98, robertbaron, maddyjack, VegasBombers: Why? Dakar has Seattle playing like the superstars they are. Hatton98 has the Braves in first place and really weren't on the radar at the beginning of the season. Robertbaron has upped the game in Little Rock and has them in position for a run after a 108 loss season last year. Maddyjack took over a good team from a surprising disappearance act and was hampered by missing out on the beginning of the season but still has them in contention. VegasBombers had 100 loss season last year and in first place this year.