Friday, September 28, 2012

Hall of Fame Voting

We have several candidates that are Hall worthy.  The big problem is that none will make it into the Hall unless we can agree and get the votes needed. We need to figure out a way for everyone to have a consensus and vote for those 5 only. This is probably the only way they will get in. The question is how to do it. We don't have time for an extended discussion where everyone will agree but I do have a solution of sorts.

I can put what I think is the best  position players and best  pitchers into a poll and we can vote on them. After the vote we can take the best 5  from  that and everyone vote them in. If there is a tie, our fearless leader can be the deciding factor.  How about that everyone? If anyone else has a better idea we are flexible.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rule V Draft

The Rule V Draft is here and it looked at first like there was some players that should have been protected that wasn't. My scouting isn't the greatest and I do have to look at everything a bit close. So lets take a look at what my scouts think and what I think.

Ryan Nicholson, P: Upon first look I thought, "How could this kid be here!". It took me a while to conclude that it would be a very bad investment. He has the tools to be a top end starter and could possibly be developed at the ML level. When I looked at the DL history a totally different picture emerged, four years, 3 DL stints. No wonder he wasn't protected, though the losing team had vast availability to do so.

Elston Morris, P: Possibly a fourth or fifth starter if he worked at it. His DL history tells a tale also, one that might be overcome. After looking things over, it might take 2 or 3 more seasons for him to be a viable option at the ML level if at all.

William Takada, 2B: Ugly at 2B and probably never will be good, arm really not good enough for RF either. Has speed on the base paths which is the only thing he really has going for him as consistency at the plate doesn't look very good. 

 Benito Suarez, 1B: This one is simple, my scouts are in an alcohol stupor. He is actually highly over rated.

Chuck Stein, P: At 26, don't expect him to get much better. He could be a viable option as a setup option for a couple seasons.

Zack Forbes, SS: If he could actually play a decent SS I would be all over him but since he can't, pfffft.  Could play 3B or RF well enough. But his power is wasted on bad splits and so-so contact which could get better maybe.

Rich Moriarty< C: Ok, so Helena forgot is my opinion. Very poor catching abilities if you ask me, I didn't say superly poor though it is almost borderline.  What can you say, bad range, very poor glove, lousy arm and egads not even so-so PC, see what I mean. On the good side I think he can hit, that being said, 15 other clubs might be interested if they need a DH.

Trevor Barker, P: Oh my! Where to begin, buy mascot insurance first as his control might pick him off. On the bright side, his splits and pitches are pretty good. Probably because hitters are constantly diving out of the way when a pitch does accidently cross the plate.

Ted Harper, P: An examle of a good career minor league pitcher, best option is to keep him there.

R.J. Miranda, CF:  I will give him the ability to run to a ball, catching it is another story in CF, has the makings of a GG RF though. Has power, and a good right split, too bad it ends there.

Ronn Webster, LF: I will give him credit, he can play 1B.  Makes contact and has some pop but that right split is just so debilitating and he won't get any better.

Juan Chavez, P: A little more development and just maybe he could be worth a long look.

Well, that is the top 12 according to my scouts and my thoughts. I actually looked at about 70 players overall today and found absolutely zip that could help my team. Normally the first thing I do is look over the C and SS list then pitchers in the top 100. If I see something that helps then I will draft and it is very rare. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Agent News

The Free Agent market wasn't exactly filled with stars this season but there was some interesting deals made. Albeit slow, there is another cycle to go.

First the Type A's:

Texas abruptly agreed to terms with Damion Kaline with a 4 year deal worth $6.5M per. Signed quickly for some reason when his demands were met.

Dover signed Cookie Eyre to a 3 year deal worth $6.3M per. Took the money and moved quickly to his new home. Not sure if this is a good fit for him or Dover.

Seattle stepped up to the plate offering Kirk Donnels a 3 year deal at 7.1M per. The question now is will he play 2B, 3B or CF?

Dover struck again signing another pitcher in Edwin Webster to an odd wealthy 3 year deal of $30.5M total. To me this is a better fit.

Tampa Bay structured a strange deal with Ismael Azocar. A three year deal totaling $19.9M, hopefully that last year has an option.

Of course the big news was the signing of the best FA on the market in Sammy Hitchcock. Salem couldn't structure a deal before the FA deadline and Sammy gave them the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Salute but after Salem threw Fort Knox and a lifetime membership at the Chicken Ranch at him, he just couldn't refuse.

The Type B's:

Pedro DeSoto signed a 1 year deal with the Rangers for $5.5M.  Looks like a good deal if he stays healthy.

Barney Byrne signed a 2 year deal with Cardinals for $5M per. Like Pedro, could be risky business.

The Cardinals signed Osvaldo James to a 1 year deal for $5.2M. Hmmm, maybe reversing the length of the two contrats would have been a better idea.

Doug Malloy made his way to Arizona with a 2 year deal worth $4.2M per. Not real sure he is a good fit myself.

The Pirates took their chances with Vicente Estrada signing him to a 3 year deal at $5.2M per. Very risky if one should ask.

Ernest Diggins signed a 2 year deal with St Louis for $4.4M per. Think this is a good fit.

Bip Cosby signed a 2 year deal with Toronto for $5,6M per. It isn't Boston but he can play 2B well.

Toronto also signed David Aramboles to a 4 year deal at 5.3M per. They did add power to the lineup.

Felipe Montero signed one of those strange 4 year deals with the Brewers. Where will he fit in?

Brandon Walton signed aq 3 year deal with the Colonels. Think he will fit nicely.

Domingo Franco signed a 2 year deal with the Cubs for $3.3M per. He kept it off the Green Monster, can he keep it out of the ivy?

The Cards once again hit the market with the signing of Doug Rath to a 2 year deal worth $3.8M per. Looks like a good signing.

Others of Note:

Alex Reddick signed a 4 year deal with the Giants for $6.2M per. Giants may kick themselves later for not making it 5.

Santo Martin was worried about finding a job, but the Tigers decided to step up and resign him to a 4 year deal. Cheap but still a bit iffy unless the last year is an option.

 Edgardo Mateo signed a 4 year deal for $5.4M per that moved him to Arizona. Hopefully he can keep the ball in the park in the desert.

Mariano Pimentel signed a 2 year deal with the Mets at $2.2M per. An upgrade at the catcher position after they let Rob Webster run off to Detroit.

Best Coach Postulate

So who has the best coach at each position at the ML level? Actually a lot goes into this theorem so it might be a little disconcerting to some of you as to my answer. A little give and take is normally the theme like most like a real high attribute in the primary attribute and the best that can be found in the rest. What I am looking at is the best across the board of course the primary attribute has a lot of pull. The bad part about this is that you can't blog their link, so you will need to call the coach report to understand. Yeah, this could change a bit because there are still a cycle or so to go in hiring.

Hitting: Pete Wallace is in Detroit and Donovan McKinley is in Dover with the highest hitting attributes. Wallace is actually better of the two but Elroy Schultz of Colorado Springs actually gets the nod from me. Why? Intrinsic value. Although his primary attribute is 11 points lower than the others at this time, (he gets better by leaps and bounds even with his age every year), his secondary values is overall much better. His ability in Glove, Base IQ, Patience, Discipline and Loyalty make him the ideal candidate.

Pitching:  Jake Mabry in San Francisco is my choice even though I would like to see his hitting ability closer to 10. 

BullPen:  Pablo Chantres in New York, hey, I get to toot my own horn for a change. He is maybe a little better than my Pitching Coach even, the give and take make it a close call. 

Bench: Fred Ruebel in Atlanta and Delino Padilla in Boston get my vote as both are rather well rounded across the board. I am not really fond of this coach as according to the instructions they have very limited use, I just wonder if that is true.  I wonder if we have a player card and wonder what it looks like?  Food for thought.

Fielding: Marty Harding in Louisville gets the nod for his hitting knowledge. 

First Base: Darrell Hawkins in Montreal gets this one hands down and maybe way over the top. I have looked over my teams stats over the last 5 years and I am not real sure having a coach with a high Baserunnung IQ is all that important as long as it is near 50 at 1B. If you are not a running team why be concerned all that much.

Third Base: Melky Rosario in Texas was my choice. This was the toughest because no one really had an easy relay across the board. Had to pay special attention to Strategy, Hitting, Patience and Discipline here.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Name Dropping in FA

Here it is, the season 25 best of the best Free Agent report. The FA market this year is the worst I have ever seen.

C - Sammy Hitchcock: Has a big price tag, I am sure someone will pay and maybe even a war over him.  Why not, good hitter, can play every game and has quality PC.  Less than so-so defensively and just a tad bit of a DL risk.

1B - Bert Strong: Yes, the 1B cadre is not very strong at all this season. many of them will be begging for a job flipping burgers before All-Star break.

2B - Alex Reddick: He wants the most in the list and actually plays a very good 2B. He is young, an everyday player, has speed and hits adequately.  A long contract would be preferable to most owners in this case. Will there be a bidding war? Kind of doubtful if you ask me.

3B - Adrian Eischen: Leads a list of a very uninteresting candidates. Been with several team in his career so far and jut hasn't stuck with any of them. Listed as a 3B but rarely plays the position with just cause. Hasn't really showed much at the plate either.

SS - Kirk Donnels: Playing quality SS is a bit of a stretch. Has power and ability that just hasn't shown itself so far in his career. Durability is another debilitating factor also.

LF - David Aramboles: Heads another unimpressive list. Can play the position and demonstrates good plate ethics though not in the power department. Relatively young but comes with a health risk.

CF - Santos Mairena: Heads a list of mostly inept CF's. 13 minus plays last year but on the bright side, there was only 5 errors. Hitting is inconsistent but has some speed.

RF - Stephen Melville: Heads the list here with the monetary value, but I am leaning toward the second guy on the list. Hitting isn't great and couldn't keep a job at the ML level.

Starting Pitcher - Ismael Azocar: Yes he heads the less than stellar cast. 36 years old and losing it but still is a Type A and wants a 2 year contract to boot. If you ask me, he ain't worth it.

Middle Relief - Damion Kaline: Wants a lot of money and worth it if you ask me. Should go for a bit more than he is asking.

Setups - Mark Carew: Look long and hard as it isn't the greatest batch in this range at all but quite a few in the adequate range but seem to want more money than they are worth. At 38 still has another year left at least, but wants a lot of cash and a Type A , give me a break.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Atlanta Sweeps

Atlanta sweeps Boston in the World Series. Congrats to SJR and the Braves. It was a rather interesting series than it sounded however.  Boston had their chances but late inning heroics by Atlanta doomed their hopes.

So now the season has rolled. One new owner, brianj000013, has set up shop in St. Louis. So everybody give him a great welcome and a kick in the pants to get started. The Cards should have the base for an up and coming franchise in a couple seasons. It will be interesting to see who is drafted with the #1 pick.

As I seem to recall the last couple seasons someone has had the audacity to not remember to rehire their coaches. So this is a reminder to do so even though it is also in the "Today's Event Box". The Mets, my favorite subject here of course, have no problems with rehiring coaches this year, odd they all wanted to come back just about. Just need three, two of which are for the RL, how nice is that.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Minor League Action

AAA: Twins vs Giants/Colonels - Colonels win first 3, will they collapse at the end?

AA: Expos vs Mets - NL  CY vs AL CY runner up and MVP.

HA: A's vs Phillies - AL #1 vs NL #5, will luck prevail?

LA: Expos vs Cards - Should be a great match up.

Rookie: Hot Pockets vs Phillies - Phils are no chumps at the 5 seed here.

Some Other Accomplishments This Season

David Guardado maintained second place on the all time doubles list adding 22 more to his total bringing him to 626.  Charlie Stone moved into third place with 27 bringing his total to 611. Chances of either passing Alberts Johnsons total of 723 looks very remote at this time.

David Guardado did become the all time leader at Games Played whose new total is 2,788 surpassing the 2,675 of Javier Santayana.

Everett Hill  became the all time Home Run King by belting 37 more this season bringing his total to 761.

David Guardado also moved  into first place all time in Plate Appearances.

Ivan Johnson did vault into first place with his 31 wins this season bringing his total to 352.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

End O Season Stuff

One of the things I was watching was Pascual Solano and his bid for his 600th save but alas he never got the chance in the last three games. With his ratings slipping, a long term contract is probably out of the question but at least 1 more year is not out of the question.

Zeus Singleton is only 7 saves away from surpassing the great Vinny Post at 523 and should happen early next season also.

Dom Tabaka had another somewhat great season logging in another 40+ save season also, his fourth in a row. Zooming past Mitchell Ray for fourth all time on the saves list. Only needs 33 more to pass Vinny Post also.

The Mets had the best defense in the NL with 71 total errors, 95 plus plays and only 5 minus plays. Odd to only have one player win a Gold Glove however. Marc Redman won it for his play in RF. Funny part is that the Fielding Coach says he should play elsewhere. Okay, so he doesn't have the arm, but he is too weak in other areas to actually play another position well except COF. He could actually play an ugly 2B on some teams.

Speaking of the Mets, wonder why they aren't in the playoffs? Leaving the team unattended twice for a week or so at a time doesn't help. Losing Cesar Perez at the start of the season was the beginning, having no one in the minors ready to take his place was another. Yeah, not having the time to make a trade didn't help and when I did, it was already too late. They did have a great season after the All-Star break when I got things fixed, just too little too late. Looking over the team stats though, only two things stand out. 19-24 in 1-run games, not all that bad you say, but was really, really ugly at one point. 47-71 in the Save department was a crushing blow.

For the NL MVP, not sure what the system is looking at. Yeah, Emilio Pichardo does have some good numbers. Barry Cook's numbers are much better in my books and gets my vote.  I would vote for Vladimir Bennett before Pichardo.

For the AL MVP,  I like Juan Redondo, Raymond Bar, or Del Alvarez over Marte and Hill. Me thinks I am voting for Redondo for his HR totals, average and OPS.

For the NL Cy Young, Ivan the Terrible had another great season but my vote goes to  Jacob Nixon because his overall numbers are much better.

For the AL Cy Young, George Atkins or Mike Hunt? Ooooh, a toughie! Think I will wait for the chat board to light up on this one.

NL ROY,  Tom Anderson is my choice, wonder why he wasn't in the CY list?

AL ROY, Harry Callaspo is my choice. I like his speed and OBP.

Now for the picks.

Sky Sox in a nail biting 5 games over the Heads?

Texas walking over Toronto in 3 games?
Chicago in a 4 game massacre over the Diablos?
Salem squeaks by the Pirates in 4?