Friday, April 18, 2014

The NL

NL North

This division just got FUBARed!!!

I still pick Chicago if they stay healthy and only if. The reason is Mr Baseball, Pat Suzuki. I still like the Reds and Brewers to be in the hunt even if they fall. This goes back to the old days when the mighty threesome played each other to death. Notice I didn't mention the Pirates?

NL East

Atlanta declared themselves out of the picture already. That leaves the Phils, Marlins and Mets to pick up the brunt. The Mets aren't happy in the pitching department so that leaves the fight with the remaining two.  Someone flip a coin as it looks dead even between the two. I am siding with the Marlins just because.

NL South

This one is actually tougher than it seems. Mexico City looks great on paper but looks are deceiving most times but I give them the nod on pitching alone.

Houston has an offense but pitching may cost them in the pen.

I really like the Cards. All around good, just no pizazz if ya know what I mean.

Tampa Bay falls into the same graces as the Cards.

NL West

Truthfully the West is an odd bunch. Getting over .500 has been a struggle and I don't understand that at all. The Giants are good on paper, so is Arizona. The stadium actually favors Arizona if you ask me. Bruce struggles with a rather good team in San Diego and low and behold the Dodgers don't look as bad as the record indicates. What gives?

The Giants are the better team with Arizona a very close second, the Pads and Dodgers not very far behind. This could flip flop easily with a key player on his backside.

Here comes a list that could easily be wrong in the end.

1. Mexico City
2. Chicago
3. San Francisco
4. Florida
5. Cincinnati
6. Milwaukee

The heartbreak in Arizona on the last week of the season again. Houston crying foul or fowl, can't decide. Bruce being sober and paying the suddenly Happy Hooker instead. Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New York trying to stay out of the cellar?

The AL

AL North

I thought it would be easy starting here this year with my undetermined way of predickshuns or is that premature ejaculations. Oh well, I did figure out who the leader of the pack was going to be.

Montreal - The rest of the pack is envious. The only reason I say that is the pitching staff.

The Twinkies, Blue Jays and Tigers all have good teams and are in the hunt for a playoff spot. The Twinkies with the best shot if the DL doesn't destroy their chances. The Tigers suffer from stadium envy most of the time. I am just not sold on the Jays pitching staff, especially the pen.

AL East

Baltimore - They thought all they had to do was to keep Boston in the rear view mirror. Um, well, that is a start at least. I say they are the team to beat still but will need to beat down a vile competitor.

That vile competitor surprised everyone last season when the boys from DC voted themselves into the playoffs for the first time. There were several seasons way back when I thought they had a winning team only to see them roll over and play dead. They are a contender for a wild card once again at the very least.

Dover is marshaling forces but just aren't there as of yet and the Red Sox seem to be rebuilding for their next dynasty.

AL South

OH SHIT!!!! I thought this was going to be simple.

Kansas City - I choke out..cough, splutter, wheeze. Not because the Red Birds are the only team that have given them fits. They are that good.

Oh, yuuuuuhoooo KC! Like my legs?! My youngsters are gonna kick your ass or at least talk your heads off. That is right, Little Rock is all in and look like they can compete with the rest of these tough hombres.

We know Memphis doesn't sing the blues very often as they love jazz. I would call them an outside underdog this season and the Rangers and Heads are why.

Silent Ed made some surprising acquisitions in the off season for Texas and this team doesn't look to bring up the rear of the pack. However, they aren't playoff material yet in my estimation, so no high fives.

AL West

Anaheim - Here are the keys to the West, the rest of the pack folded with all the aces showing and trophy on display.

Vancouver is making strides so be on the lookout Mal, not this year but.....

I slept thru the review of Oakland and Colorado, someone wake me I might be dreaming.

Now for the fearless prediction part. My feeling is the division winners might have identical records. Wouldn't that frost every ones balls?

1. Kansas City
2. Anaheim
3. Montreal
4. Baltimore
5. Minnesota
6. Washington

I really like Little Rock also but it is hard to put a young team in the playoffs. This prediction could actually be the hardest, Red Sox and A's for the worst in the AL?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Rule 5

So much for my fumbling ways once again. I am bummed.  LA made the needed pick after Texas bowed out with no slots on the 40. He wasn't the prize of the draft however.

 Chip Milton was probably the pick everyone wanted. He looks good with bad splits however. Is it enough to be in the majors? We will just have to wait and see.

Pittsburgh was probably the happiest team around who picked 4th and got the prize of the draft in my estimation. He would have been my pick  but I felt he would have been snapped up before I got a shot. Clayton Jordan was the only player in the draft I thought should have been protected. Iffy as a closer maybe but has the ability to get out of a sticky wicket when needed.

The Season 31 Mets

The Mets did some strange things this off season. Maybe I should have stayed in bed. Surely I improved the team but as things played out, I could kick myself from day 1.

The first thing I did was go find a catcher. I didn't care what he looked like as long as he swung at fast balls and have a tendency to park them.   Okay, our first choice was spirited away from us for more than I was willing to pay. Chip Knepper became the target as the starter and joins Jeff Porter as his very capable late inning replacement.

Leo Rodney remains the primary 1B for another year or so and will probably retire with his entire career here. He has lost some steam and really has muddled thru most of his career and we don't know why.

Jim Conner was stolen from under the radar. he is young and we think he can do the job at 2B for a couple years.

Brutus Mora was moved to 3B last year after I fumbled things at that position without realizing it. He was happy and was the best player on the team last year.

Carlos DeSoto proved he was the best SS on the team last year. We hope so as he is our hope there. We just wish he could hit.

Ronny Gant has been a fixture in LF for several years now. Reconstructive elbow surgery didn't help his throwing motion but his swing remains.

Jimmie Valentin gets the call in CF this season. He was sort of exiled here last season and hoped he could move to 2B.

Marc Redman gets lost in RF again as his antics at 2B are for the birds. Now if he would just be the lead off hitter he should be. 

Jamie Beltre was a last second FA signing because we had no backup hitters on the bench. He can fill in at most positions but we are really trying to figure out how to make him an everyday player.

Darryl Palmer returns as our everyday handy man and prankster. Keep those girlfriends and wives close, he does have a sneaky way with them.

Mariano Diaz is just happy about being in the majors. His only English, "I hit ball long way."  We just wish it was more than once every 50 AB's.

The pitching staff is a mystery to everyone, including the opposition. Hot one day and can't find their ass for a week. Well, we made some changes. We don't know why either.

Rich Faulk has been named the opening day starter already. That didn't go over well with someone.

Fausto Castillo was named second in the rotation and shit his pants.

Matthew Ford was named the third starter even though he is the new guy. The reason, he winked at Bruce shyly.

Harry Rodriguez was moved down to the fourth spot. It will the first time since, I can't remember, that he isn't the opening day starter. Yeah, he is pissed at the demotion but after last year it is a wonder he isn't frying hamburgers in the stands.

Nicholas Weaver also shit his pants, he hasn't started a game since he was considered the chosen one in Houston and that was at AAA.

Brian Grim actually got a promotion in the pen as we are gonna do things differently this year. How it will work is a mystery to every one.

Ubaldo Rijo actually apologized fro his lackluster job last season. His payday proved that point so we kept him.

Mike Jenkins is a mystery to everyone including himself. He really thought of finding a new job and giving up his dream. Maybe next season.

Joaquin Romano is sinister looking. It has its plus side, just hope it works again this season.

Ted Maxwell is the glue in the pen. We just need to get him in the game at the right time. That has been a problem.

F.P. Creek was the heir apparent to the Closers job this season. He was caught jerking off on the mound between innings to the disgust of the ump. I think he was trying out a new spit ball if you ask me. He failed and gets stuck getting fucked.

Sherm Brock gets the chance to be fireman of the year if the rest of the team is in agreement.

Final Free Agent Ticker

After the last post everything quieted down as everyone must have been fighting over the big boys. I was waiting for the prices to drop for the unattended myself.

Wesley Hewson mustered a decent 1 year contract in Minnesota. I still think he has what it takes even though the last two years have looked a bit muddled.

T.J. Cota makes his way to the nations capital. I am a little amused or confused by this move as there were younger and better players available for a cheaper price.

Luis Martinez is smiling heavily once again. He was approached by the Phils who was looking for a sure handed infielder.   Not sure this is a good fit for him but will be helpful to the team I think.

Les Gabriel makes his way to Toronto along with Calvin Jung. Contracts aren't overwhelming as Toronto is trying the Mal-feasance way of putting a team together. It just might work at that.

Emil Flores brings his somewhat fiasco style of baseball to Boston. The unassuming player has collected over 2300 hits in his career without flaunting it.

 George Atkins gets another chance at stardom in Texas. He wasn't thinking along the lines of money, more like a chance to play and redeem himself after last years debacle.

Apollo Metzger got mega bucks that made him squint.  One of the biggest underachievers the last few seasons. KC is hoping for more than a money pit I am sure. 

 Rafael Pulido won the lottery in Chicago. Lot of money spent on the pen this year. You almost have to with the starting pitching being what it has become. 

Clark Parrish finally signed his mega deal. Milwaukee was the winner or could that be loser also? They are serious about winning this year I think.

The Expos even got in the act of dropping big bucks on the pen with  Ramon Nakajima. I wonder what the plans are, long short or closer...hmmm.

Mel White got a new lease on life in the majors. Toronto strikes it rich if you ask me.

Minnesota won the mega war for  Javier Jimenez. Okay, he was good south of the border but now we will have to wait and see if the Twins can be a winner again.

Osvaldo Reynoso has that holy fuck look for a reason. Chicago, e-fuckin-gads.  He had been booted out of worse cities I suppose. At least it wasn't a bad contract.

Buster Kaufman isn't glowing with pride. His smirk is crying out "I am back fuckwads and I have a score to settle!" Jose better be watching his back during practice, someone painted a target on his jersey. 

Vasco Rivera is smiling because someone believes in him as he was unceremoniously let go in Chicago. Well, it might have been his initial asking price but Boston jumped on the right deal. 

Luis Sanchez in Vancouver? He still can't skate on thin ice. For the price, seems like a great idea to me.

Yunel Mendez is actually pissed by the way, not because he is a Padre. He has a score to settle and not happy he is in the NL. Only way to get even however is to win...uh oh.

Jamie Beltre was happy someone was interested. He likes the Broadway lights by the way. The Mets needed a dependable bench player especially at 3B. We courted Souta Song but couldn't agree to terms no matter what. It ended in a choice between Darr and Beltre and went with speed, it could be a killer in this instance.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Agent Thinking

Unusual year if you ask me in the Free Agent market place. Lot of good players, no one really outstanding if you ask me.  Is that the reason for the rather moribund signings so far?

Clark Parrish thinks he is hot shit!. His $9M asking price hasn't dropped which means he probably has several suitors.  He is hot shit by the way, few players out there that can play 2B/CF and hit with consistent power. He is 30 however and the inevitable decline will begin soon, so he will be hot for two maybe 3 years before that number 10 washtub has a rusty hole. 

Apollo Metzger is next on the money trail at $6.8M. He might be just as good as Parrish at the plate, Metzger actually has an arm and can play 3B quite well. Which is more valuable for the price other than needs?

Derek Rodgers, Jim Conner and Yunel Mendez chime in with middle tier modest contract asking prices. None of them can play the position assigned which is problematic. All three are good in their own way and hard to separate in all reality.

Calvin Jung is the first lefty that shows up on the list. Well, he hits left handed anyway. He is young and deserves a fight to be signed if you ask me, mainly because he can play almost anywhere. Though that health rating isn't promising.

The market really makes me laugh. Osvaldo Reynoso thought he could make some money and opened high. he must be disappointed as his opening asking price has almost been cut in half already. Shame that he really never showed he could actually play baseball, the commiserate underachiever.

Rafael Pulido heads the pitching armory with a $6.3M asking price. I like him over the Milwaukee choice as a ready Freddy and probably much cheaper.

Javier Jimenez is asking the same amount but me thinks it could end up outlandish as the best starter on the market. That isn't saying much and a whole lot at the same time if you think about it.

Free Agents

Carl Mattingly became the first FA to sign. A three year deal with the Reds may seem a bit much considering his decline from last year. He still has the bat however though going rather silent in Atlanta the last two seasons. I find it a good signing if the needs were 1B/LF with backup duties in RF.

Ebenezer Munoz became another casualty of Atlanta after signing a three year deal with Milwaukee. Still a very good hitter just don't ask him to be anywhere close to a gold glove candidate at 1B.

Walt Rivera signed one of those tough to dump five year contracts with the Giants and the first type A to sign. I was confused by this singing as the Mets offered more money. Did a couple clubs end the war and Frisco get the cleanup?

Dover snagged Josh Franco with a four year deal. I was interested because he is CF material and isn't a slouch at the plate. A very good four year deal.

The big surprise so far was the signing of Marino Vizcaino by Milwaukee. I am not sure he is that good a closer for the money paid.

Little Rock went shopping in the nations capital and went home with Ray Shunick.  A $55M five year deal for a lefty? Ummm, I am speechless.

Russell Lewis became the push pull toy in a tug of war. Texas ended up wining the prize and someone else might have gotten the Cracker Jacks. Should have some good success in Texas however as the Rangers are rather young and hungry and needed a key vet.

Emilio Pichardo became a surprise signing to me, money wise anyway. Montreal needed a Jack but not sure this is a good fit.

Chip Knepper signed a cheap deal with the Mets. What can ya say...Cheap, Cheap, Cheap. Not a prototypical Mets catcher either.

Patrick Towers got a big payday to play in Philadelphia. Somehow I smell burnt pork down the road from this deal.

I cried fake tears when Andres Carrasquel signed his life away in Florida. I was hungrily waiting for his price to drop of course. He was good enough to me to overlook his durability issues.

Texas strikes again signing a veteran short pen helper in Esteban Cubillan. Makes more sense cost wise than Vizcaino.

Monday, April 7, 2014

NL and AL Manager of the Year

Ooooops..Ich vergesse. Du stimmst!


Overwhelming choice would be Mal probably for winning it all.

Let us not forget the seasons dakar and Vegasbombers.

My choice for the award goes to dpj0122 however.


josepaco would be good. He did make it to the finale without the aid of Superman for much of the season.

sjpratt for the best record, 5th strait 1st place finish in the tough South but then again, 5th strait disappointment winning a round in the playoffs.Have a Stoli on Bruce's tab.

wholck perhaps? Back in the playoffs after 7 frustrating seasons.

chase39 for getting above 65 wins after a disastrous start but believing they could endure.

My choice is up for grabs. Bruce, keep your hands to yourself!