Saturday, June 30, 2012

OffSeason Trades

The Offseason trade market got underway and became a fast moving market with lots of big names changing cities.

The first trade of the season was between Texas and Chicago which saw a young veteran reliever in Walt Shelley and ancient reliever Mark Carew move to Chicago.  Texas gathered up three potential prospects in Royce Brown, Phillip Doerr and Fred Donnelly. Not sure there was a clear winner in this trade.

Little Rock sent prospect Eddie McMillan to Montreal for veteran reliever Denny Boyd and 2.5M in cash. The cash actually evened the deal up in my opinion.

In the first really big trade of the season, Houston sent power hitting veteran Gold Glover CF, Arthur Donatello and 3.5M in cash to Boston. In return Boston gave up prospects J.P. Nieves, Julian Pagan, and Orber Acevedo. I like Pagan, pick up a couple points in glove and contact, could be a potential situational power house backup at 2B against lefties.

And in the Reds/Cubs annual Who Cares Trade, Cincy sent Ken Messmer to Chicago for Alex Gallardo.

Dover picked up Ramon Nakajima while sending prospect Tomas Otanez to Colorado. This could be an interesting trade in the end.

Oakland sent Alvin Ball to Boston for Bip Cosby and 1.5M in cash. The question is whether Ball is ready for the Bigs, spring training hasn't been good to him so far.

In another somewhat big trade, Milwaukee sent Bart Ross to Detroit for prospect Ezequiel Uribe. Black Bart could fit in quite nicely in the Motor City. The question on the fans minds, is Wesley Millers job on the line?

Little Rock sent pitching prospect Jeff Thomas to Anaheim for the ancient veteran Andres Coronado 1.5M in cash. Did the Heads finally find a closer they can trust?

The Mets sent veteran Domingo Jose and 5M cash to Pittsburgh for prospects Ignacio Campos and Tony Post. Mets needed a roster spot and Domingo's knee has been taking its toll. 

In the trade of the season, they say the paper work broke the table. Houston sent Mitch Knotts and Jesus Candelaria to Detroit for prospects Robinson Montgomery, Ricardo Pelaez and Rick Ramsay. Detroit suddenly becomes a viable force in the AL North while Houston quickly loads up on talent.

Detroit not being done sent  Phil Nakajima to Milwaukee for veteran pitcher Paul Pecina.

In other news, the Burlington Coat Factory led by none other than our illustrious boydndahood is 20 games away from wrapping up the number 1 seed in the NL of Wright. Big deal you say, I think so as they  have only given up a total of 378 total runs in 142 games. The offense isn't great and has only scored 526. Almost half their losses has been by 1 run. Yes they do have the best defense but it is that pitching staff that gets the job done.

Final Free Agency

Did you know this was labeled as the weakest FA market of all time but the most Type A and B's signed in a season?

Cy Bruske may be slowing down in his old age but still made it onto the roster in Montreal for another year with a $2M deal. A very good and cheap signing if you ask me.

After the loss of Harry Flores the Marlins finally made a move to replace him with Felix Higashioka in a $2.2M two year deal.

Gorkys Diaz was signed by Milwaukee in a $1.6M one year deal. He is actually the best 1B on the team but don't expect him to play there.

Now for something different,  who I had on my FA target list. Of course I had certain needs over anything else and I was in sort of a bind with money. For one I needed a backup SS and in all reality I wasn't looking for anything else, but then shit happens.

Harry Flores was my first choice as a SS, he would have become my starter if Toronto hadn't stepped in and gobbled him up earlier than I had hoped. I was waiting for the $4M mark and he got close to it.

Omar Ordonez was available and the Toronto signing made me grab him immediately for fear of losing him. I was actually hoping he would be there late and snag him for next to nothing after I had my SS.

If you notice, neither one was a Type A or B which was a surprise to me. Ordonez I could understand as he was listed as a 2B, a position he could never play well. Flores on the other hand was a better choice than the others and some were listed as Type B.

Felix Higashioka was a Type B and went at a price I was looking for.

Lariel Rivera made my list though was at the bottom really.

Luis Bennett would have made a fine backup whom Pittsburgh snagged cheaply.

Jody Taylor was on the short list also. My thinking on him though was that someone made an offer and either he didn't like it or whoever backed out of it because his price stagnated for the longest time.

Albert Valenzuela and Lariel Andrus were both on the list. I liked their hitting abilities and thought long and hard because the defense just wasn't there. Hard giving up 20 to 40 points of PC when the pitching staff isn't exactly robust.

I actually picked up Carl Browning to be my backup SS/CF in the Rule V draft. Surprised me to no end.

There were several pitchers I drooled over but knew I didn't have the cash to go after them. But I did find a couple that made my list and why they didn't find there way onto other teams is beyond me. I guess decent lefties is not a hot commodity. Of course I wasn't looking for #1 starters or even one that could actually make the team this year in fact. I was looking for an emergency player for AAA that could be called on due to injury.

So Cesar Perez was signed cheaply enough and a three year deal to go with it. Hey, I have some big pitching holes coming up next season and it was a chance to plug one now.

Karim Pulido was also on the list, but he is more of a long setup type pitcher to me.

Could have had either one for the same amount of money. I went with Perez because he has starter qualities and much younger.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rule V Results

I rarely participate in the Rule V draft because there usually isn't any helpful talent. If there is, usually you need to be drafting in the first couple slots. If I do participate it is usually to find a catcher or defensive backup. Here is the low down on the first round in the very light draft.

1. Marty Gibbons drafted by St Louis. I think I would have found a way to protect him myself.

2. Darrell Harris drafted by San Diego. Weak defensively for RF but has speed and could fit the Padre mold.

3. Paul Cho drafted by Baltimore. Nothing fancy here, could be real good some days and real bad others.

4. Dioner Martinez drafted by Helena. I am kind of on the fence about this guy.

5. Josh Franco drafted by Kansas City. Toronto's fourth loss in five picks. A good defensive weapon at 2B and hitting may be enough to keep him around.

6. Paul Fetters drafted by Montreal. Listed as a 1B but I think that is out of the question but should make a pretty decent DH.

7. Lariel Rivera drafted by Philadelphia.  Could play a good 1B, hits with big power but not often.

8. Esteban Troncoso drafted by Mexico City. Has some upside but doubtful he will stick.

9. Willie Richard drafted by Oakland. Not great at the plate but makes a great key defensive backup.

10. Kirk Bennett drafted by Anaheim. Not a SS but could play a somewhat decent RF but lack of hitting will make a very short career.

11. Carl Browning drafted by New York. Key defensive backup and could get better.

12. Domingo Torres drafted by Little Rock. A reach to play anywhere but 1B but could provide a little offense.

13. Vernon Darling drafted by Houston.  A solid defensive player.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ending Signings

 Erv Pisciotta signed by Florida in a $3.8M for 3 year deal.  A Type A? At least he didn't get Type A money.

Chun-Lim Satou signed a five year deal with Toronto for $5M a year. Can still play 3B and hit really well.

Jose Ortiz signed a 2 year deal with Little Rock for $5M+.  His resume dictates a Type A?

Raymond Barr was the hitting prize of Free Agency other than Hill and both wind up in Texas. In a back heavy 5 year deal becomes the highest paid FA of the season. Hopefully the Health and Durability doesn't cause too much strain.

Harry Beltran said "Show ME da Money!" and Florida did just that. A 5 year deal worth $2.5M a year and oh yeah, an $8M signing bonus.

David Gomez signed a four year graduated deal with Louisville. We hope his arm passes the physical.

Ron Hudson  garnered a two year deal with Anaheim for $2.5M a year. Only a Type B, what gives?

Anaheim being stingy with their $$$ also signed Junior Beverlin to a two year deal for $3.4M.

Jesus Martinez is happy that Frisco came calling with a $3.5M two year deal.

Fausto Alomar signed with Toronto in a three year deal that averages $9M a year. He wasn't worth it before so why now?

Little Rock still in the FA frenzy mood signed Del Estrada to a one year $3.3M deal.

The Boston Red Sox picked up Paul Walter in a three year deal worth $2.5M.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Middle Signings

Ross Banks signed a two year $7M deal with the Little Rock Heads. Makes us wonder why.

Raul Izquierdo makes his way to Oakland to continue his DHing ways for another 2 years at $4.8M.

Andy Fassero found a new suitor in the Chicago Cubs in a one years deal for $5.4M. Might be guessing as to what position he might play.

Felipe Mendoza moved to Toronto in a four year deal at $7M. Perez to DH, makes sense.

David Encarnacion makes his way to St. Louis in a two year deal worth $4.8M.

Toronto signed Diego Nunez to a four year deal at $7M. Needed pitching help, now for the rest of the lineup and coaches.

Mariano Castillo was tagged by the  Little Rock Heads as a must have player and paid a small ransom for a five year deal. Then again some of us wonder why.

The Boston Red Sox paid dearly replenishing their pitching staff, another whopping amount for Bill Saunders, five year deal at $9M+ a year.

The Texas Rangers won the lottery for the services of Everett Hill but at a very stiff price.  A very pricey and risky five year deal.

Galahad Mercedes signed on with the Twinkies in a two year deal.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Early Signings

Victor Milliard is first on our list signed by the Detroit Tigers. A needed signing by Tigs and a bargain at $4.5M for 3 years. Will the Tigs sign another is the question as Wesley Miller (a catcher?) is the only backup.

Boston wasted no time in signing Cesar Rincon to a four year somewhat declining deal. Hopefully there is an option in there.

Boston also needed more pitching help evidently as they snagged Daniel Blackwell to a one year deal worth $4.7M. They may not be done in the pitching department.

Eric LaRocca signed with the San Francisco Giants in a five year deal for $6.3M. Another possible option candidate. Will he play LF while Freddie Cox moves to 1B?

The Baltimore Orioles signed Mike Jackson to a declining four year deal.

The  Salem Super Sequoias signed George Donatello to a three year $6.5M deal to help their situation.

Barney Byrne agreed to a 2 year deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. Hopefully he passed the physical.

Tito Gao made waves with the Louisville Colonels with a 2 year deal worth $6.5M.

The Louisville Colonels replaced their departed 1B with Ruben Lopez with a 3 year deal at $5M. Hopefully an option was executed here also.

And yes, Midre Davis goes home to Cincy to serve out the remainder of his career. That being a two year deal for $3.2M, Good Luck Midre.

J.C. Welch in a surprise move resigned with the Texas Rangers after being traded last year and option declined by the Cubs. Welch ended up the winner with a bigger contract and a three year deal.

Cincy likes old vets and signed Pedro DeSoto to a 2 year deal at $5.8M. His shoulder should be well before opening day.

The San Francisco Giants still on the prowl signed T.J. O'Brien to one of those strange 4 year deals. The deal makes him the highest paid FA so far this season however. So who plays where now?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Free Agency Souting Report

Originally I was going to do a report on the players that was wanting $6M or more, that turned into too many. So I decided it would be better to pull the best two or three at each position. Simple terms, my watch list, though I don't need anyone per se. Of course there could be some late arrivals from Arbitration.

Buyer beware here as I consider any catcher below a 50 PC as a DH to begin with.

Jesus Martinez - Upside: Great power and hitting abilities. Downside: Poor defense, marginal PC and game limited.

Victor Milliard - Upside: Good hitting abilities, good PC and defense. Downside: Limited play time.

Felipe Mendoza - Upside: Very good hitter, good defensive skills, still young enough for a long term contract. Downside: Only good for 125-130 games.

Ruben Lopez - Upside: Good glove, decent hitting abilities, a gamer. Downside: Age and contract.

 Frank Gordon - Upside: Decent glove,  speed and a gamer.  Downside: Hasn't shown plate ability.

Omar Ordonez - Upside: Good power, young and a gamer. Downside: Not a 2B and hasn't lived up to his plate abilities.

Mariano Castillo - Upside: Decent power, decent speed and a gamer. Downside: Not really a good 3B, hasn't shown plate ability.

J.C. Welch - Upside: Good glove and decent hitting abilities. Downside: Getting short on game side.

Chun-Lim Satou - Upside: Good glove and good hitting abilities. Downside: Limited play time and streaky hitter.

Truth be told , there are several defensive gems here that want more money than their overall value for the asking price and of course some that have no business in the SS realm.

 Everett Hill - Upside: Still the prolific power hitter, base stealer and gamer. Downside: Age, contract and LF defense Note: would make a great 1B for two years, get an option for the third.

 Raymond Barr - Upside: Very good power hitter, defense and speed. Downside: Limited game play and health issues.

T.J. O'Brien - Upside: Very good hitter, good speed and a gamer. Downside: Defense is very marginal for RF

Vicente Estrada - Upside: Great power hitter and a gamer. Downside: Health and poor defense.

Eric LaRocca - Upside: Decent hitting abilities and a gamer. Downside: Poor defense and marginal speed.

David Gomez - Upside: Good power hitting abilities and a gamer. Downside: Health and poor defense.

Starting Pitchers
George Donatello - Upside: Control, velocity and GB Downside: splits and only two pitches.

Bill Saunders - Upside: good pitching abilities Downside: Health

Fausto Alomar - Upside: Good pitching abilities Downside: Slow recovery time, weak pitch selection.

Diego Nunez - Upside: Good pitching abilities. Downside: Only two pitches and slow recovery.

Cesar Rincon - Upside: Decent off speed pitcher. Downside: Pitch selection somewhat weak, age vs contract desire

Middle Relievers
Juan Sosa - Upside: good control and pitchers. Downside: Poor left split

Short Relievers
Harry Beltran - Upside: Good abilities Downside: Only one good pitch

Paul Walter - Upside: Good abilities. Downside: Second pitch is lame.

Julio Owen - Upside: Good control and splits Downside: Lefty, off speed, FB

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Season of New Reords

The watch is on for certain players this season as old records could be broken.

Joey Tracy hold the Home Run record at 749, too bad he just couldn't muscle one more out. He is up for Hall of Fame and should be a shoo in. Free Agent  Everett Hill , has the chance to pass his record this season however. Needing only 26 long balls to pass the record, the watch will be on.

David Guardado may get the chance to break Luis Cruz At Bat record, it could be close folks. However he should easily set a new a record in games played.

 Pascual Solano took over the number 1 Save leader. With another good season could he shut out Zeus Singleton from reaching the number 1 spot? Zeus should easily roll into the number 2 spot this season. Dom Tabaka also has his eyes glued to the 500 Saves pinnacle also as he should easily move into the the number 4 spot this season with a possibility of number 3 next season.

Omar Elcano should retain the Wins department for another season staying ahead of Ivan Johnson, but inevitably Ivan will rule the scene.

Friday, June 8, 2012


We have come down to the final four teams for season 23. For a boring season, the playoffs have actually been rather exciting. It hasn't been since season 16 that the top four teams have been in the LCS. Furthermore, season 10 was the last time the top two teams met for the World Series and for further inquiries, season 3 was the only other time. So who will make the appearance is very up in the air.

Sky Sox vs Rays: Power against power at the plate but the Rays have the advantage. Sox have an advantage in the speed department and the Rays are not great at stopping it.  The Rays may have a slight advantage in the pitching department. The Rays also have a slight advantage in defense. The season series was split. Neither team has been in the World Series. It would seem that Tampa Bay has the edge and should be favored. Rays 4-3.

Marlins vs Super Sequoias: Another set of power vs power at the plate with the Sequoias with an advantage. The Marlins have the speed edge and both teams do an admirable job at slowing it down. The Sequoias also have an edge in defense. Pitching is too close to call and Ivan the Terrible is a wild card. The season series was 6-4 in favor of the Marlins. Well, what should the odds be? Both teams have been in the World Series before with the Marlins winning twice. I am going with Salem 4-3.

Even after all this I am still up in the air about who will win though I made my predictions.  This will be my last post for the season as real world events will keep me away for at least a week and maybe longer. I am hoping to be back before the new season begins. Congrats to the winner whomever it will be.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Second Round Preview

The Sky Sox vs Twins: Sox are well rested with the bye while the Twins fought hard to get by the Heads. The Sox led the regular season 7-3 but haven't played each other since before the All-Star break. It could be a tough series that could go either way. Sky Sox are the #1 seed for a reason so they get the odds, 4-2.

Rays vs Red Sox: The Rays rested while the Red Sox took care of business against the Angels.  This is a match up of power hitiing and the Rays have the better pitching IMHO.
Therefore the odds are 4-1 in the Rays favor.

Marlins vs Mets: The Mets are in the playoffs for the first time since season 1, they won their first playoff game and playoff series. The season series was a 5-5 wash with several 1-run affairs. This could be an upset special but doubtful. Marlins only get 4-3 odds favorite though.

Super Sequoias vs Pirates: The Pirates are the only Wild Card to make it to the second round after beating their division foes. The Sequoias own the season series 7-3 and well rested. The Pirates are a tough team to beat in the playoffs while the Sequoias seem to flounder.  The Sequoias still have to be favored at 4-2.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Encyclopedia of Fake Fantasy Baseball, I like that title, roflmao. But maybe someone can answer a question I don't understand myself. Harry Rodriguez was 16-9 during the season and was instrumental in getting the Mets to the playoffs. I consider R.J. Bellhorn a better pitcher in all reality I think. But his starting stats look worse than a rookie never will be. In 13 starts he only pitched well in three of them and at one point had an ERA of 15+. He actually pitched well out of the pen. Now someone tell me why?
To answer the question from the Padres. Young players may advance in Range, Arm Strength, Durability, Health, Make Up, Power, Stamina and Velocity during the off season. Middle aged players can sometimes advance in any area and also decline here and there, more or less a rearrangement. Older Vets can decline in any area. These will not be known until Rollover occurs to begin next season.

Post Season

Time for the Playoffs once again. What some should be looking at right at the moment has to do with the minors. Moving players up is one piece of the puzzle but only one level at this time but should be done before the World Series and when your minor league teams are finished.  The bad part about this is minimum roster requirements must be maintained. Why move players up at this time? Players that are stagnated tend to retire in the off season if they do not get promoted. A player spending two seasons at the same level is a prime candidate for retirement. Also you might want to get rid of some dead wood along the way, like those forever AAA players.  I know I have several at the AAA level that could go but have some sort of sentimental value.

Award Voting! Don't forget to vote, ML only for the newbies and done in the Stats/Awards - Player Awards. Could be a vicious vote in the NL between Ivan the Terrible and Jesus Candelaria for the Cy Young. Does Harry Ramos stand a chance against  Neifi Montanain the AL? Might be the first time I have seen relievers in the top spot in both leagues.

AL MVP looks to be Peralta but Alverez may have a legitimate beef about that.  Those 66 dingers of Joel Mays looks like a winning combo in the NL.

No pitchers in the AL Rookie of the year. At least it i not exactly loaded with 1B/DH types for a change though LF is not far from it. A toss up between Santana and Martinez if you ask me. I gave the nod to Sanatana though for the SB and better fielding percentage. Vladimir Brown should be an easy winner as Saitou just didn't impress me and Rooney's numbers come up just a teensy too short.

Dom Tabaka wins the the Fireman of the Year Award for the second year in a row. He is happy being on a winning team for a change. Moving into fifth place all-time in the Saves department and should move into the fourth slot early next year needing only 5. The question remains: Does he have enough in the tank to pass Vinny Post in two years?

Now the important part of the news, the Playoffs!

The Twins and Heads square off in the AL. The Heads took care of business at home winning 4 or 6 but were swept in Twinkie land beginning their downward spiral.  The Twins made a statement at the end of the season. Some reason I like the Heads 3-2.

The Red Sox will host the Angels in the AL. Kind of funny in a way about the Angels, one of the best fielding teams overall but have one the worst plus/minus ratios in the league. Can they play the Green Monster without tripping over their own two feet or will they hit the ball high enough to win? The Sox get the nod at 3-1 on doubts.

The Mets get the privy to play the Astros. The Mets? The organization hasn't even been in the playoffs since season 1. The Mets only beat  Houston three times in regular season but played them tough. Don't look for any miracles here, Astros 3-1.

Cubs vs Pirates in the ongoing smash mouth game. Well the Pirates handed the Cubs three of the seasons worst defeats last time they met a couple weeks ago. Then again the Pirates looked worn out to finish the season. The Pirates have a history of winning so the get the nod 3-2.