Friday, February 28, 2014

Yesterdays News Today!

Aramis Seanez signed by Houston for the lead payout of $22.7M. We are not sold that he can play SS all that well as of yet, 3B looks very lively however. He can hit and that is what the 'Strohs were after as VL opened a vintage can of Colt 45.

Esmerling Wilfredo was signed be the Expo faithful with a $16.1M bonus. Not sure who they were fighting with but I feel he was over sought by someone. My scouts don't like him at SS either and are squeamish about 3B even. Time will tell.

Brain was all worried about Pascual Pichardo stacking up. To tell the truth, $6.6M might be a little high but could develop into a ML pitcher of sorts. Simply put, I am on the fence about his qualifications.

Octavio Navarro was signed by Brian also for $1.4M. This made the news because the Mets were after him and was expecting a cheap return. After we doubled his asking price and wasn't even close, we walked from the table. We don't think he is good enough for that kind of money.

In other news, Dilo was seen in New jersey last night. It was rumored he was on the ice once again making a deposit with the ex. We are not sure whose ex at the moment. Bruce had a moment of sobriety last night but that quickly ended when he was forced to gnaw his arm off. Apparently the wife snuggled against him, the neighbors wife that is. svick39 was crying last night as he watched Parks and Recreation, somehow it mirrored his Valentines Day disaster. Ask Knuck about his new bird.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Mistake Called A Diamond

It is that time of year when owners lick the chops hoping for a miracle. Did that miracle happen? I don't think so but we can have a few laughs.

The Mets got five diamonds in the rough. I think they all fell into a sand trap myself. What can ya say though, I got two potential GG 2B/CF, too bad neither one can hit off a tee. Two pitchers that will be around for a while, they will look awesome at AAA one day.

I got a big laugh from Ricardo Henriquez and Jose Moraga! All that power and wonderful eyes that make the girls melt even. Why can't they hit the ball again?  Oh yeah, they are melting the girls and it causes hospital type dick swelling for no apparent reason.

Eugene Swann has possible big league aspirations as a backup catcher at least. The joke, check out his diamond presence then his speed, rough going missing his big toes.

Wally Lasker was another that struck me as possible at first. Hmmm, could be a decent hitter, listed as a catcher, okay, so he stands behind the plate and the pitcher throws at his head and ducks. He could be a DH, well for part of the season as he needs to pull lots of splinters out of his ass.

Pitching wise I thought Pinky Torres might contribute. Okay, I know...Pinky...Someone was having a Happy Days moment. Unfortunately, his control will make someone sick in the end I think, especially his girlfriend, Kitten Meow.

Jhoulys Morales makes Little Rock look like a genius. He could actually be the real deal even though every one calls him Orange.

Neifi Julio is called the one out wonderkin by the way.

The worst of the lot....

Derek Hunter, sorry but no one realized that he is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other.

Armando Molina bounces the ball across the plate for a reason and all his pitches actually look like a palm ball. Hasn't anybody bothered to check his fingers? All one of them.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The News We Like to Forget

Michael Polcovich : The latest POW, was arrested today on charges of animal cruelty. His farm in Oklahoma was seized today after it was learned he was raising steers and calves for rodeos. A big concern for animal activists lately as they have determined it to be cruel and inhumane. Especially after the highly inbred giraffe incident was used as food for starving lions that no other zoo wanted because of a bad gene pool.

Julian Saltalamacchia" Another of the latest Pows, was arrested as he was walking down an ice covered side walk, slipped and fell pushing his wife into a snow bank. It was filmed by a frantic neighbor who called police. It was determined from the video that it was a case of assault. His wife is filing charges.

In Colorado Springs today, it was learned that kpmarti and A's owner, Slobs, are under investigation for solicitation and pandering. It seems their joint venture into workout videos is in question. It was discovered that an unwitting intern picked up the casting couch porn video by mistake. Though, it was the first time either of them heard a girl scream "MORE". How they made her look like a pretzel holding a beer is beyond us.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Answer to the question

Position player fatigue I have deduced comes from a formula that seems to work for me. 730 * durability% = plate appearances per season. That is not AB's by the way, you need to look further into reports to finds a players PA. Position fatigue happens when the driver determines that a players PA's will exceed the point by the end of the season. Batting order also needs to be figured in BTW, top of the order will have more PA's.

Resting a player recovers the below 100% of course. Once a player gets below the 100% barrier can be tricky to keep him there. Best way is to get him back to 100%, then play him 2 on 2 off for about twenty games. All-Star break can be very helpful in this aspect as it is considered three days off for everyone. A player recovered at that time usually doesn't have a problem for at least ten games before it starts again. There have been cases where a player has exceeded the formula and never went into fatigue even with low durability. That happened a few seasons ago and that problem was resolved.

Durability above 88 rarely runs into fatigue issues. Below 80 is where it starts becoming problematic the most.

Best way around the problem is rest a player at least one game in every ten for 75 and above.  Two games for 75 to 65, the rest need careful watch.

There are ways around the fatigue issue but becomes very taxing. For instance a 40 durability catcher can be in all 162 games and start 60 of them and  exceed 300 AB's but you have to watch him carefully.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

International Update

The fantasy baseball world was further rocked today when Milwaukee signed Yamil Solano for a little over $22M then offered his girlfriend for free for a porn movie. Truthfully, I am not sure which was the better deal. I was in the warfare for Solano early but could barely meet his opening demands. He is a very solid hitter and can punch the ball out of the park. Corner OF is a very good option. He gets a rating of A+ in my books.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Season 30 Draft Review

1.  Douglas Bryant, SS, Texas: My scouts were goo-goo for this guy and I had him ranked #1 myself.  Hopefully his projected abilities even out a little better from my scouts when he signs else he is nothing more than a very good 3B. Well, the verdict is finally in. Range is too weak for SS or 2B and 3B looks to be the answer.  His hitting ability rules the roost  and worthy of the first pick

Grade: A+

2.  Nate Richardson, P, Little Rock: I had him #2 on my board and the scouts really underrated his potential. Advanced may have him overrated in some areas but I think he could be the next Yanil.

Grade: A+

3.  Amos High, RF, Milwaukee: We are not sure if he is actually high or not, it is his lack of temper, though Dilo is. He will look foolish in RF sometimes but I would play him there. Hopefully his hitting does come around to be a force as hoped.

Grade: A+

4. Victor Lopez, SS, Texas: Texas wanted a SS bad. Texas has to take Lopez and maybe hope Bryant doesn't sign? Bryant signs and Lopez quickly follows suit. Has the range but the arm and glove just isn't there for SS, 2B and little CF would be a better fit. What a hitting duo the two should make in the same lineup. Hopefully his health improves which I think is probable.

Grade :A+

5. Tanner Rapp, P, Dodgers: I didn't like this pick originally, he was on my board somewhere in the top ten. Now that my advance scouting looked at him, much better. Still he isn't going to attain the projected rating I am seeing. No doubt he will be a go to guy in the pen however.

Grade: A

6. Joel Lincoln, SS, Florida: He wasn't on my board and my advance scouts say he could be a hit or miss and definitely not a SS, best at 3B if he develops properly. He took a big hit on the maybe factor from me.

Grade: A-

7. Phil Harvey, P,  Arizona: First problem, Paul Harvey's love child, now you know the rest of the story. Has some good qualities, pitching in the majors may not be one of them unfortunately.

Grade: B-

8. Brent Beech, SS, San Diego: I don't like his health but that could improve and help his cause. SS looks like an iffy deal, possibly 2B and definitely 3B.  Eye is a problem but looks robust in the hitting department.

Grade: A

9. Carl Slusarski, CF, Pittsburgh: What can you say, The Pirates took the best player on the board. Solid power clobber monster. CF is out as the range is too weak and really might be too strong for RF where he could be a perennial All-Star, Silver Slugger and GG all at the same time.

Grade: A+

10. McKay Byrdak, 2B, Washington D.C.: He might be better than a couple taken before him in my opinion so the Senators get a steal. 2B looks very very iffy, corner OF looks likely. Development is key and could be a nice surprise power monger at the plate.

Grade: B+

11.  Branch Jenner, SS, Toronto: Another developmental project, still, SS looks very iffy but not 3B. Hitting could be a mixed bag.

Grade: B+

12. Chris Dixon, P, Dover: Left handed starters spell trouble and this looks like a given problem. Don't expect the right split to make 60. Control and pitches are adequate, though that 4th one might see the bleachers a lot .He really isn't bad for a lefty.

Grade: B+

13. Alberto Henriquez, RF, Vancouver: My scouts love this guy and would have been my pick at 15. Now he needs to sign. Chances are doubtful with what he is asking and I agree with management on the issue.

Grade: ?

14. Kerry Brede, P, Colorado Springs: I like this guy regardless of what my scouts say. I think he could be in the top end of a rotation.

Grade: A-

15. Aroldis Cruz, SS, New York: I was hoping to get a near hitting SS. Well, that seems to have been a pipe dream. I did get a vacuum cleaner at 3B however and a decent hitter if things work out.

Grade: A-

16. Rube Marshall, P, San Francisco: My scouts were mixed, will need to wait and see. Frisco looking for money? Okay, so he signed. I am not enamored with the pick what so ever. Setup or closer, being left handed and weak doesn't help. Boo-hiss! benefit of doubt says he won't be in the majors most likely.

Grade: C

17. Dayan Martin, P, Detroit: His health caused a dramatic slip, had heart palpitations when he wasn't drafted in the top 10. Well overrated to go with it but could be a find if he stays off the DL.

Grade: B

18. Brent Meche, LF, Minnesota: He dropped because, well, who the fuck knows. Can play LF or 1B well and can hit, 22 year olds do develop, unless your an oldsmobile.

Grade: A

19. Keith Jones, P, Boston: Very, very, very good mid to late reliever for a pen. If the durability was higher, we would see a superstar like you know who.

Grade: A

20. Mitchell Boshiers, P, Baltimore: He may not be great and chosen where he should have been I think. Could be an end of rotation starter or in the pen.

Grade: B+

21. Diego Medrano, CF, Cincinnati: Slipped because of makeup, maybe more eyeliner the next time. The Reds want him at 2B and I might agree with that assumption. I think he will be a decent hitter also. Such a picture, what did Yoker do to get them eyes open like that?

Grade: A-

22. Rich Daniels, P, Philadelphia: Looks like a pretty good setup or closer if you ask me. Health could be a learning curse.

Grade: A-

23:  Willie Sanchez, CF, Montreal: When I first looked at him, I went fuggggly. He could be a GG CF though, hitting is awkward and no power but has speed.  Makeup needs an overhaul, how important is that anyway to the ladies?

Grade: B+

24. B.J. Henley, P, Tampa Bay: He may be a lefty but will probably be a quality reliever in the pen.

Grade: A-

25. Wilt Fontenot, P, Oakland: I would have been happier if he was taken in the supp somewhere. His chances look pretty damn slim to make a ML roster.

Grade: C

26. Fonzie Tresh, CF, St. Louis: with a name like Fonzie I would be hesitant too.


27.  Rick McClellan, P, Boston: Overrated lefty short reliever. I won't say he isn't ML material as I am giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Grade: B+

28.  Mike Dimaggio, CF, Houston: CF or 2B looks like a plan to me. Why did he slip so late? Needs development but doesn't look too overrated.

Grade: A-

29. Edgardo Perez, LF, Memphis: LF is very iffy, but 1B looks good. could turn into a nice dynamo at the plate and can steal a base every now and then. Why doesn't he wear those ugly red framed glasses again?  His eyesight isn't very becoming, maybe that is why he has an ugly gilf.

Grade: A-

30.  Dillon May, P, Baltimore: Lefty and short on many things, well overrated if you ask me. Did I mention he had some good pitches?  Did I mention he had some good pitches?  Did I mention he had some good pitches? 

Grade: C+

31. Teddy Bradshaw, P, Mexico City: Okay, why wasn't he called Terry...huh? huh? huh? How did he fall all the way down yonder? Should develop into a starter easily enough. pratt is still jacking off on this pick.

Grade: A

32. Rabbit Barnes, P, Arizona: Names like Rabbit, Bubbles....etc should be hidden away immediately. No exception here! My goodness gracious, he scares the crap out of me even.

Grade: C

33. Jack Beavan, CF, Atalanta: I agree with 2B as well as CF. Has a lot of redeeming qualities which make him a good prospect. SJR even agrees, they both like Beavis and Butthead.

Grade: B+

34. Emil Fontana, P, Atalanta: SJR went out on a limb with this pick. May be good may be bad. SJR is worried about his looks though, keeps sneaking a peak at his ass.

Grade: B

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mets Draft

I can't say for certain how this draft will pay off in the end, but I was happy with the results the way my board was setup.

15th Pick and I got the fourth best player on my board,  Aroldis Cruz. At SS he may be weak as the Mets always goes for defense at that position. This time around we tried to go middle of the road with hitting and defense and I think we scored.

36th Pick was up in the air but overjoyed that Andrew Hutton was still available though we were looking at catchers. Hutton has the ability to be a future closer though he is off-speed.

82nd Pick was even a greater surprise as we took  Jedd Rain, another potential SS though we don't think he is much better defensively than Cruz, The two could solidify the left side of the infield and are almost identical at the plate.

98th Pick might be a let down with Dock Truman, pitching isn't solid but what can one expect as the pickings are real slim in this area by now. Still, he had the potential to be in a ML bull pen which delights us.

Of all the catchers we looked at, Ray Mock was our candidate and we were hoping he would be there in the 3rd round, Boston grabbed him in the supplemental to our dismay even though there were better players on the board. The power catchers were better suited for the AL in my theory and where they landed.

1B: There wasn't much listed in this position on my board though maybe one or two listed at other positions.

2B:  McKay Byrdak and Stone Hawkins were the best two on my board though neither one appeared good enough for the position. Both can play corner outfield with passion, especially Byrdak, Washington had messy jeans with that selection.

3B: As usual there was none listed on my board and you have to look at SS's for that and we did.

SS: Douglas Bryant was in my number 1 slot and Texas took him #1. Has the name to be a Texan for sure and almost a home town kid. Still, i think the best bet is 3B. I took two of the top four on my board according to the scouts.

LF: Paul Chang was the best player on my board and went in 2nd round, tell you anything.

CF: I didn't see anybody that had 1st round potential that resembled this position, not even a SS in reality.

RF: Alberto Henriquez was on my board at #3 and I almost got him with the 15th pick. Vancouver made a fine choice at #13. I did consider him a 1B however.

P: Nate Richardson was in my #2 slot and a good job by Leetle Rock scooping him up with the 2nd pick. Not a superstar I don't think but in the upper echelon.

Tanner Rapp was in my 5th slot and the Dodgers did an admirable job to rebuild around. I considered him middle relief by the way.

Andrew Hutton was the best short guy on my board and in slot 7, now you know why I was jumping for joy in the with my supplemental pick.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Everyone may or may not agree with this as usual. We as a whole can't even agree on Hall of Fame, though there are fifteen or twenty players more that should be there. That isn't exactly the problem but is a history lesson I elude to. Many of those players that should be there played in the glory days. How many players have we voted in were a consensus first round ballot inductee? Who replaced all these players on the eligible list? 

How long have I done the reports on the players in the draft and international stars coming into the league? Like forever. I have seen an alarming trend I noted several seasons ago and hasn't really changed much. How many actual superstars have been introduced  in the last eight or nine seasons? Not many and most of them fell to the Cubs...grrrrr.  The Cubs reign is almost at an end, does anyone realize that? How do I know? It is simple, The players are old and waning, then look at the minors..might want to look at another teams minors as the current Cubs rosters wouldn't get far past the Low A level. Has nothing to trade either and the only solution is to find players in Free Agency. That doesn't work well with high contracts, no one here has a real Yankee or Red Sox budget as we are limited with a salary cap.

I made note of the Pittsburgh problem several seasons ago and the Cubs will hit the same wall as they are at that point also. It would take a severe hit trying to come up with a solution to fix the up coming problem. Everyone was yelling at Houston for their rebuild, theirs came about the same way, the old Florida team the same.

You wonder how this could happen? Owners not paying attention with the only dream to win the prize? Somewhat maybe! Back to the draft to answer the question. Foe many season we enjoyed a draft that was always deep, Erff even drafted well in the 32nd position, never understood how but he did. The drafts use to contain fifteen to twenty players that could be called ML players with ease add in five or six from the International Market and viola, several superstars and supporting cast. The last eight or nine seasons that hasn't happened, even the first pick of the draft is suspect of being a superstar like he should be. Then you go down the list in the draft, after the tenth player it has been tough to find an actual serviceable good backup player. Not to mention the fifth thru tenth being good even. Even with all the money in the market, it has been an iffy proposition. Megabucks being spent on players that have potential but flounder in a Cape Cod frying pan.

Potential is another part of the problem. The players overall potential value is in the nineties and if by luck they are only attaining eighty-five, most cases lower. Most players are flawed heavily also in one way or another which doesn't help the cause. Like hey, the best player on my board is a left handed pitcher, that is a cruel joke ninety-nine percent of the time. I have also noticed a trend that players are declining earlier than they should, like at twenty-nine, not the normal thirty-two.

To tell the truth, it has been a crap shoot for a while. At least this seasons draft board has potential help as it is deeper  than usual from what I am seeing for a change. Is that an actual reality?  Who knows at this point. What I do know, there are 32 teams, and the pickings are pretty slim and has been for quite a while.

Here is an example. Rah Rah Sis Boom  Bah for Pittsburgh!

Placido Espinoza: Has superstar written all over him. A consensus most might agree. Close examination though has holes like a rotted pipe. Off-speed, left handed, questionable health and mediocre pitch selection just to name a few. Superstar or just another above average player with potential in the end? $20M to take the chance!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

International News

I may need to fire my scouting department since they seem to be on vacation yet, Well, maybe not after looking over the latest signings. Snow, rain, ice...power is a mess out.

Vic Lugo: Okay, so why is he worth $9.5M  again? Robert was lost in a one street town and looking at the wrong player?  I have doubts he could be a shut down closer or a premium setup guy.

Ivan Guardado: $7.4M signed while Bruce was stymied when he put his Stoli glasses on. Yup, he can play RF for sure and maybe a decent hitter , but will need many days off pulling those cactus sized splinters out of his ass.

Deivi Tejeda: The Dodgers spent $6M on the latest woman in disguise that came into view. maybe they were confused because of the unibrow.  So what if she can play first base and hits well against lefties, so can Dakar's sister.

Harry Cela:  A $5.4M psyche job by Robert leaves me wondering. This guy has a problem finding the plate with a map when he standing on it.