Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Pirates Season 16

The Pirates begin season 16 with pretty much the same roster as they ended season 15. Budgetary constraints were the main reason for this.
Additions: Vin Cruz, Kerry Rivera, Nate Sager, Daryl Graves, and Damian Wiltse
Departures: Jake Owens, Don Benson, Wilfredo Belliard, Jaime Philips, Juan Bonilla, and Happy Hayes
Losing Phillips and Benson hurts. The Pirates have one more spot open and this will be filled once spring training has been completed.

The Pirates Season 16 opening day roster:
C: Andy Reagan backing him up will be: Vin Cruz
1B: Juan Carrasquel tailed off a bit last season, look for him to bounce back this year and make a run for MVP. Max Fuentes will back up Juan and pinch hit when needed.
2B: Bernard Shelley moves to 2B this season. Kerry Rivera will backup at 2nd, CF and pinch run when needed.
SS: Don Gong not flashy but gets the job done
3B: Luis Cruz moves back to 3rd this season. His batting avg dropped quite a bit last year, management is confident he'll bounce back this season.
LF: David Gomez solid first full season in the majors last season. Tim Roberts will come off the bench when needed.
CF: Clarence Valentin moves to CF this reason. With his range it should work out well.
RF: Alex Richardson had an MVP type season last year, hoping for more of the same this season.

Pitching Staff:
SP1: Tim Loewer best 6 inning pitcher in the game
SP2: Omar Elcano had a good regular season, bad playoff. Have to stop this trend.
SP3: Jimmie Torres had a pretty good first half of the season and than got hammered in the second half. Might be better suited in the pen.
SP4: Alex Espinoza has bounced between starting and relieving pretty much his whole career.
SP5: Daryl Graves will be given a chance to start this season.
Mopup: Nate Sager will get the odd spot start to when needed
SuA: Emil Sosa was outstanding last season
SuA: Daniel Blackwell key along with Sosa and Corronado
SuB: Albert Villafuerte vet is back for one more season
SuB: Geraldo Rosa has put together 3 pretty good seasons in relief for the Pirates
SuB: Damian Wiltse gets a chance earn a spot in the pen this year.
CLA: Andres Coronado all star last season

The Pirates focus this season is winning the world series. The team is one year older, the starting pitching is a little bit weaker, the bullpen is strong with Blackwell joining Sosa and Corronado for a full season. The offence should be about the same maybe a little bit better. With that noted, anything less than a World Series win will be a dissappointment. The window of opportunity for this team winning is maybe 2 possibly 3 more seasons, the Pirates must win now.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Buzz of The Day

The Buzz of the day is the Rule V draft of course. The biggest thing is whether Darren Cambridge should have been protected. It depends I suppose as Tampa Bay may be looking to draft two players, if protected then would only be able to get one. Looking him over at a glance I would say several GM's would be licking their chops if he is available to them.

He has Range, Arm Strength, Speed and Contact working in his favor and he can play a most deficient position, SS, to me not very well at all yet. But what happens at a deeper look? Awards show he is pretty good at the minors and why not with a high contact where pitching and defense is not the greatest. He bats left, another good combo really, and hits to the left side against an even weaker defensive area in the minors and has some pop in the bat. But can he hit ML pitching, not well IMO. What about defense, not that good by the stats as he is very error prone. Of course that could be exacerbated by a very weak 1B or 2B but I doubt by much. Plus plays are about right IMO for the minors especially last season. I see him able to achieve a very good defensive SS status with some better hitting abilities even but that will probably not be this season. The catch to me, he isn't ready for a ML uniform as of yet and maybe not for two seasons at least, not at SS anyway. His durability and health limits his playing time a bit also. He very well could make a solid 2B or 3B and maybe play some CF this year at the ML level with his current ratings. But how well is a question mark as he has only ever played SS in the minors.

Rule V players rarely get any ratings boost, have never figured out why (does WIS see this as a growth stunt?). IMO he is worth taking but don't expect much this season, especially in the hitting department. He would need a lot of playing time to make the pick worth while and hope he has a good rollover for next season.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

And the Money Goes To!

Santiago Mangual was signed by the Florida Marlins with a 5-year deal worth over $58M. Durham gets a 1st round pick albeit the 32nd in the deal.

The Durham Bulls signed Douglas Baker to a 4-year deal worth over $24M.

Carmen Recchio reached terms with the Detroit Tigers for a 2-year contract at $7.2M.

Your Season 16 Cleveland Indians

Without further ado management has declared the ML team as pretty much set. Since management does not believe there will be anything in Rule 5 V that could help, though we will be on the lookout. The team really has a lot of new faces compared to the start of the season last year. Management was trade happy last year trying to find a good fit and thinks they have found it.

The Offense/Defense

C - Bart Ross or Black Bart as he has become to be known. The uncertainty is whether he will bat lead-off or 2nd in the lineup. His companion at backstop is none other than Jose Blanco whom the pen love.

1B - Zachrey Jerzembeck, who was managements final choice at crunch time in the FA market. He won out over Winston Ulrich for his defense and speed in the end. He is penciled in to lead-off.

2B - Eswalin James, who had is best season last year is back again. He will be batting 7th,

3B - Trace Wallace, who played a myriad of positions last year but management decided to make him a fixture at 3B this season. He will be batting 6th.

SS - Jesus Rivera will be the starting SS this season. He was in the dog house last year after he made or caused three errors in one inning of a game last season. The best part for him was he never had another. He will be batting 8th.

RF - Giovanni Jackson is back in his stomping grounds going for his 4th straight Gold Glove and will be batting 4th.

CF - Matt Pierce is back for his 2nd season. He will be batting 3rd in the lineup.

LF - Felipe Mendoza is still considered a rookie (I think) and was acquired in a late season trade with Arizona last year. He will be batting 5th in the lineup.


Sean Smalley will be the all-purpose position player this season.

Pascual Zapata remains with the club to backup 1B, 3B, RF and LF.

Steven Byrd was well liked by the staff after being called up late last season and assumes a backup role for 1B and LF mainly but could be used in other ways also.

Mickey Greer became the only player to lose an offensive roster spot this season from the end of last season. Though he is first on the list of call-ups due to injury or other misgivings.

The Starting Pitching Staff

SP1 - Tito Gao will be the opening day starter this year.

SP2 - Brant Brede draws the #2 slot this season.

SP3 - Karim Pulido is a new acquisition in FA we hope will have a great season for us and gets the #3 slot.

SP4 - Pedro Roque slides into the #4 slot this year.

SP5 - Randy Lamb was chosen for the #5 slot.

The Relief Core

Ross Bland
Mickey Frazier
Cy Bruske
Lonnie Dipoto
Jose Crespo
Mendy Hughes
Posiedon Marte
Manny Wagner

The Coaching Staff

Yannick Thompson returns for his 6th season as the Hitting Coach.
Davey Dawley returns for his second season at 1B.
Cy Holzemer was hired to replace the traitorous Don Bell(Durham of all places) at 3B.
Tim Morgan pleaded with us to be the Pitching Coach after two seasons in the pen.
Luke Kelly returns for his 2nd year as the Bench Coach.
Marty Harding returns for his 2nd season as the Fielding Instructor.
Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bolt) was hired to take over the Bull Pen this season.

Team Song: Please Mr Custer

The season sees us opening at home against the Philadelphia Phillies. Not sure about anyone else on the management team, but I am happy that it isn't the Mets for a change. What is the chances of the Indians breaking their playoff drought? I think it is better this year than previous seasons, of course I say that every year.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last of the Big FA's Sign

Miguel Rodrigo signed with the Dover Dung Beetles with a $47M 4 year deal. It beat the Indians offer of $45M+.

The Cleveland Indians countered by re-singing Zachrey Jerzembeck to a two year $12M deal.

The Syracuse Sycamores signed Julian Diggins to a 5 year deal worth over $38M.

The GM's are fuming at the moment as no first round picks have been given up in this years Type A frenzy so far. With only one day to go it seems unlikely that it will happen either. Mainly because there are very few left that are worth the money.

On offense the remaining players that I see worth investing cash in for a season or two are:

Carmen Recchio: a Type B weak RF with good hitting abilities.

Winston Ulrich: a weak 1B or strong DH. Has very good hitting ability but could be DL prone after last season.

Jumbo Rivera: a strong COF with good hitting abilities, too weak to play 2B anymore. Though, for a Type A I am not sure he is worth it.

On the pitching side:

Santiago Mangual: A Type A Closer. Wants a lot of money for that position but could be an every day reliever.

David Encarnacion: A SP that could be a good choice for a 4th or 5th spot in the rotation. I think he wants to much myself.

Rico Alcantara: A weird Type B setup man. If his first two pitches were reversed and had more stamina or durability, teams would be lining up at the door to sign him.

Though there are several still worth investing, many are just asking a bit too much IMHO.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ouch! That Was Costly!

More Free Agent signings with the Dollar values skyrocketing.

The big news came out of Anaheim this afternoon as they signed Pedro Samuel to a 3-year deal at $4.2M per. Then later in the day signed Vladimir Julio to a 5-year deal worth over $50M. I had him ranked number 1 on my list but at that price I didn't even get to smell his old dirty socks. Maybe he doesn't have any anymore.

Oakland decided a vet in the rotation was a good idea and signed the venerable Cam Anderson to a $5.6M deal for this year.

Julio Uribe, who was ranked 6th on my list signed with the Syracuse Sycamores for a 3-year deal totaling over $16M.

Speaking of venerable, Houston signed 37 year old Russell Spence to a $3.2M contract.

The Durham Bulls signed Tony Torrealba to a 2-year deal totaling $9.5M. Yony was somewhere in my top 10.

Louie Moraga was signed by the Kansas City Royals for 2 years and a little under $12M.

That leaves four big names left on my offensive list and shouldn't be long before they make headlines. Pitching was rather scarce and teams are sifting through trying to meet their needs.

Early Major Free Agent Signings

Early Blue Chip signings has the world a-buzz already.

First on the list was Matthew Hollins grabbed by Oakland. I had him ranked 4th, such a steal at a paltry 1 year deal for $8M.

Tom Waters was also grabbed by Oakland. With a 3 year deal for $4.8M per and helps solidify the pen.

The Twins got into the scene signing Mark Carew to aid their pen. A $4.8M 2 year deal excited this young lefty.

Karim Pulido was quickly signed by Cleveland for $5.8M for 5 years. Maybe the best lefty starter available.

The Sycamores signed veteran middle reliever Tony Gong for three years totaling $15.6M.

In Second round actions

St. Louis got their hands on Luis Guerrero with a $6.6M 4 year deal. Maybe the best SS available, though a little light in the range department.

Kansas City beefed up their lineup by signing Albert Tapies to a $6.3M 3 year deal. I had him ranked fifth, so it was another relatively cheap early signing.

The Twins kept on filling their pen needs with Ron Hudson with a $4.5M 1 year deal.

Monday, May 17, 2010

RollOver Schedule

As with anything WIS has Roll Over down to a fine art and is somewhat complicated but follows these rules.

1. Roll Over occurs 1 hour before any cycle update, plus or minus a few minutes.
2. Eligibility for Roll Over is the cycle immediately following the World Series. If the WS ends on AM Cycle part 1 a World is eligible for Roll Over 1 hour before the AM Cycle Part 2 on the scheduled Roll Over day.
3. Order for Roll Over, if multiple Worlds have their WS end on the same cycle it defaults to the World number. Simply put a Season 15 World is before a Season 14 World, if both are Season 15 then the World with the lowest World Number goes first. However Worlds that are scheduled for the previous day and has yet to Roll Over has first priority.

After examining our situation, 3 Worlds are scheduled to Roll Over after the PM2 Cycle 1 update the previous day to ours. One will Roll at 10pm EST, the second will roll at 2AM EST on the 18th, the 3rd will Roll at 6AM EST. That leaves us with the 10AM EST slot. Or at least this is how I remember it working.

Then again, a World may not be eligible for Roll Over until after the cycle part 2 update after the the World Series. Have no clue as to why we didn't roll at 2pm or 6pm, another world did and shouldn't have.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report Season 15 Ending

At the Cleavland World Series Management Retreat several topics were discussed. Of course this retreat is just a way for management to relax, drink beer, watch the World Series and have a good time for the most part. Number 1 on the list of topics discussed was the possibility of picking a new city. Number 2 on the list was the direction the team is headed. Number 3 was getting on the same page in the off-season acquisitions of players and coaches.

A. The list of MLB cities was pretty short as you can imagine but three lists were made of possible choices.

1. Baltimore: though it may help the long ball shortage at home, the short game could suffer too much to be helpful in any way. Besides, too many were afraid of bad seafood and I am allergic.

2. Chicago (US Cellular): actually could be the best possible fit but could only move here if the Cubs moved to the AL, like that would ever happen. Why this rule is a good question other than future game enhancements that may never happen.

3. New York (Yankee): possible fit but out because of the Mets and new stadium rules for both NY teams in the very near future.

Other Possibilities, non MLB

1. Louisville: would definitely provide some offensive changes to the world.

2. New Britain: this team can win here.

3. Pawtucket: this team can definitely win here and be the first choice.

Possible openings to consider though very doubtful on availability

1. Kansas City

2. St. Louis

So the possible move was shelved and that made the city of Cleveland happy once the rumor leaked.

B. The owner agreed with management that the team is very solid and only needs a little luck to win it all and was very disappointed this year that we watched the playoffs from the retreat.

C. Hoping that all the ML coaches return, yup like that will happen, always at least one fly in the ointment. Promoting from within to a ML position was completely ruled out.

D. Player acquisitions in the FA market was highly discussed and starting pitching was the #1 priority, every ones as always. Austins offer of Leius has some interesting potential. Offensively we only looked at one possibility that might be available in the FA market, though one never knows who might be available for sure. A big concern was a good possibility of a high mortality rate in the minors this off-season. Though most of the players aren't worth a fiddlers damn one still must find replacements.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teaxas Crowned Champs for Season 15

It did boil down to pitching and Durham just wasn't up to the the task as Texas sweeps the series after losing the opener. Was the Bulls offense duped into trying to hit the ball to the right side of the infield? It takes a lot of cojenes to play a lefty at 2B and get away with it, but Tarhorn did. Did the loss of Bonds plus the loss of AJ early in the finale hurt Durham? That probably didn't help. What we do know is that Durham got a steady dose of relievers headed by Paul Berroa after the 5th inning of each game they couldn't hit. The mad bombers of Texas played long ball capped by the final one by Everett Hill that sealed the Bulls fate. Congrats Texas!

Happy off-season everyone as rollover should be on the 19th.

Friday, May 14, 2010

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Season 15 WS Game 4

What had been a Home Run Derby for Texas changed to a pitching duel, with only 1 run apiece in regulation. Durham is really smarting with Harold Bonds out for the duration after hurting his hammy stopping and retreating to second base deciding not to test the arm of CF Tony Kwon. It seemed Durham had the game well in hand after scoring two in the top of the 10th but Everett Hill's two-run blast in the bottom of the inning tied the score once again. For the third game in a row, Pascual Dotel becomes the hero with a walk-off blast in the bottom of the 11th.

Yes indeed the Durham Bulls have their backs against the wall and without Harold Bonds could definitely hamper their chances at a come back. I wouldn't count them out yet, but the coffin door is closed and the final nails are being driven.

Season 15 WS The First Three Games

In the opening game of the Season 15 World Series saw the Durham Bulls down the Texas Rangers 8-3 quite handily. Everyone thought the series was over already as the mighty Bulls hit everything in sight. Even with Everett Hill going 3 for 5 the rest of the Ranger offense was still asleep after the long plane ride. Harold Bonds was the star of the game for Durham as his double in the 4th put the game out of reach early.

In game two, the Rangers offense woke up making the long ball work in their favor downing the Bulls 6-2. Star of the game Pascual Dotel's home run in the 8th along with Everett Hill's solo shot sealed the fate of Durham in the 8th allowing Texas to garner a split.

Game three and it was rumored that DJ's sister was on the prowl as her brother was taking the mound that evening. Inside sources say she was after Dan Hitchcock and there was a lot of screaming the night before the game from his dwelling. The only thing we know for sure is someone seemed to be walking rather bow-legged all day. Maybe there is some truth to how Dan got his name. Once again the Rangers played long ball with 4 dingers and Pascual Dotel was the star of the game yet again as Texas downed Durham 7-4 and Dan got the win.

What will happen in game 4 could decide the fate of the series already as Texas owns a 2-1 lead. The vaunted Durham offense has not been seen since game 1, the pitching staff has been yielding gopher balls left and right. Losing another would put their backs against the proverbial wall. We aren't saying this is a "MUST" win for Durham but it is pretty damn close. Someone else must step forward and be the hero for Durham as Harold Bonds can't do it alone. Go Texas!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WS For Season 15

It will be a wild one for sure!

Durham Bulls vs Texas Rangers

Neither team is short on power so it will boil down to pitching. Will the balls being flying out of the stadiums? They should as both are high octane but as soon as I say that, the games will be 1-0 or 3-2 instead of 10-9 or 13-12. The better pitching belongs to Texas but that may mean little in this series. Defense is a bit of a draw in reality but Durham is a tad better. It should be a long hard fought series with plenty of excitement. I will be rooting for Texas of course!

Other MLB news: The Tribe fans were outraged after hearing of a possible move to Baltimore and at one time were picketing. It seems, after a lot of talk in the management retreats, that Cleveland will be staying put. It was decided the possible destinations were no better than their current location. The Indians have plans for next season that might surprise a few. This off-season will be key.

Monday, May 10, 2010

For those who haven't listened.

My original thread got a little buried so here is the link Check out the show and call in on skype or check out the chat room during the show. Thanks for listening.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Daytime Broadcast Launched

I've set up a recurring broadcast for HBD news (Only) M-F at 5pm Pst/8pm Est. This is the harball dynasty at news for those not familiar. My late night/early morning show will be open topics.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Season 15 Playoffs Round 2

Maybe I should give up reporting anything for the AL as I am most generally wrong, but here we go anyways. I am late also with this, so maybe I have a better chance at getting it right.

#4 Toronto Blue Jays vs #1 Durham Bulls

Blue Jays steal game 1 but will it propel them to win the series? The odds makers say it won't, but this could be the upset special.

#6 Boston Red Sox vs #2 Syracuse Sycamores

Boston took game 1 in a heated division rivalry. Syracuse had time to rest and prepare. I really think Boston is the better team but Syracuse didn't get here by chance. I pick Boston however.

#5 Cincinnati Reds vs #1 Florida Marlins
Game 1 saw the Red Machine with from Marlins pitching and stadium, or was it the heat? The Reds are good but Ivan and the Marlins are much better.

#6 Texas Rangers vs #2 Pittsburgh Pirates

Rangers win game 1! Not sure the Pirates are good enough to hold up under the Texas attack even with the very sound pitching. First they must figure out how to beat the Texas tandems and that isn't an easy chore. Odds are with the Rangers in an upset.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GM of the Season - AL

northerngaul - Toronto Blue Jays
AL North champs
12 win improvement

hatton98 - Syracuse Sycamores
AL East champs
8 win improvement

vegasbombers - Austin Fightin' Armadillos

Wild Card
10 win improvement

thomas36is - Helena Hot Pockets
AL West champs
10 win improvement

soxfan121 - Durham Bulls
AL South champs

GM of the Season - NL

chase39 - Pittsburgh Pirates
NL North champs
Same record as last season

erffdogg - Cincinnati Reds

Wild Card
24 win improvement

sdhizzle - Florida Marlins

NL West champs
10 win improvement

tahorn07 - Texas Rangers

Wild Card
14 win improvement

jsholmes - Salem Super Sequoias
15 win improvement

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report

Losing out by 1 win that could have came from anywhere the final week was absolutely hard to swallow. But it happens all the time. The last three against Philly was even worse, a 1-0 shutout and two that went extra innings and fell short.

I had two teams in Cleveland and both lost a playoff spot on the last day of the season both by tie-breakers. The other team I couldn't win a division game at all (9-21) and my thoughts on that is utterly ludicrous with an 87 win team.

Comparing the two teams is relatively easy, they sort of look like night and day though. Both are very defensively sound, both have good pitching (the other world the pitching is much better IMO) but hitting is somewhat different. However, comparing the final stats, they are almost identical except in the SB department. If that is the case, then simmy (IMO) is set to make Cleveland a very difficult place to win no matter what and if it is close at the end, they will lose or make it as close as possible. I am dropping that team BTW because it can't be moved, it has won 268 games the last three seasons but has 1 title and playoff appearance to show for it.

Enough of the BS....Time for the real stuff

Since I had the best defense in the NL and second overall in fewest errors, the best plus/minus ratio at 123/4 (123 is a new record and the 4 ties a record) and the fewest unearned runs at 31. Teams didn't run well either as Black Bart snuck in to capture the GG at cather along with Gio in RF for his third straight GG. Defense was not the problem.

The pitching staff is actually rated third overall though the defense has a lot to do with that IMO. 20 blown saves may seem high, but only 12 actually resulted in losses.

The beginning of the season was rough because I couldn't get a lineup together that would work. Also I started the season 0-9 in 1-run games and 0-7 in extra inning games, the two were actually related as both were counted the same. After that we were 24-14 in 1-run games and 7-3 in extra inning affairs. Only one of the extra inning losses was not a 1-run game. Some of the extra inning games came one right after another at one point and demolished my pitching staff for a few games that didn't help either, a string of unhelpful losses. Losing Matt Pierce and Trace Wallace to the DL at the same time hurt also.

Did the trade of Roy Little and Johnny Zeile hurt or help the pitching staff? The answer to that could be tough. Little is a good pitcher, but late in the season had a history of fading. Zeile was not a pitcher that could do well in Cleveland. Cy Bruske and Mickey Frazier strengthened a weak pen. My thoughts are that I waited too long to trade for Zachrey Jerzembeck. I should have traded for him the moment that Pierce went down with his injury. Of course I didn't expect Wallace to go down soon after that. Even then I hee-hawed around it too long. Actually I was looking at another player and couldn't decide whether or not they would go for a trade. I really wanted a vet, so Zachrey was the answer, that one really didn't pan out so well but didn't hurt as I was hoping he would hit lefties better.

The roster is pretty much set for next season and will be much better if we have a good rollover and spring. The off-season will probably see us looking for a starting pitcher and maybe more help for the pen. Either, neither or both will come via FA. We have one player we are looking to trade for, whether that will happen or not is a big question mark.

Moving to another city is definitely high on the list. However, there is only one city actually available at the moment and I will have the time to think about it some more. It is also a very shunned place but, I call dibs on Baltimore!!!! The defense and offense can get around the park factors I think, just not sure about the pitching. Maybe the off-season will open a different avenue on a new city.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Playoff Predictions

#4 Toronto Blue Jays vs #5 Austin Fightin' Armadillos

The odds are with Austin if they garner a split in the first two games. The series could easily go 5 games.

#3 Helena Hot Pockets vs #6 Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox handled the Hot Pockets with oven mitts during the season. However they haven't faced each other in a long time, well before the microwave was turned on. The odds are with the Hot Pockets to win in 4 games.

#4 Colorado Rockies vs #5 Cincinnati Reds

The odds are with the Reds in 4. Colorado didn't play well against Cincy at all.

#3 Atlanta Braves vs #6 Texas Rangers

The odds are with a Texas in a high scoring rout even. The only thing the Braves really have is hitting, I don't think it will be enough to outscore the Texas attack.

A Lot Rides on the Final Game for Several

This is the way I see it if I counted right.

The NL

#1 Florida Marlins
#2 Pittsburgh Pirates
#3 Cleveland Indians/Atlanta Braves - Cleveland in with a win or Atlanta loss
#4 Colorado Rockies/Salem Super Sequoias - Colorado in with a win or Salem loss
#5 Cincinnati Reds
#6 Texas Rangers

The AL

#1 Durham Bulls
#2 Syracuse Sycamores
#3 Toronto Blue Jays/Helena Hot Pockets - Helena with a win and Toronto loss
#4 Toronto Blue Jays/Helena Hot Pockets
#5 Austin Fightin' Armadillos
#6 Boston Red Sox

For the #1 draft pick next year

Milwaukee Brewers/Arizona Diamondbacks/Washington D.C. Senators - Not sure who will have the #1 pick if all three end with identical records.

#4 and #5 pick will be between the New York Mets and Tampa Bay Rays.

#6 Detroit Tigers

#7 and #8 pick will be between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals

#9 and #10 pick will between the Dover Dung Beetles and Omaha Lancers