Thursday, February 26, 2015

Draft Review

1. Brady Duran - Excellent power, good speed.  Health is a concern and durability is a little low, but still the best player in the draft.  Grade: A+ (if he signs)

2. Olmedo Uribe - Excellent control, one excellent and one good pitch, splits are good, no health concerns, but durability is a concern.  He should be a solid # 2/3 starter, but better pitchers were available.  Grade: B+

3.  Derek Gosling - Plus power and speed.  Good splits and eye, but his contact rating is low.  Defense isn't good enough to play SS, but he should be a good 3B.  The second best position player in the draft, so a solid pick.  Grade: A

4.  Shep Rowen - Rowen projects as the best pitcher in the draft.  Excellent control, one excellent and one good pitch, good splits, and no health concerns.  Projects as a solid top of the rotation starter.  Grade: A+

5.  Jean McConnell - One excellent, but only one pitch that is at least above average.  Everything looks good.  Definitely not the second best pitcher in the draft.  Should be a solid #3/4 starter.  Grade: B

6. Rob Rose - ??

7.  Marco Pickering - Really poor contact rating.  Power is above average and plus plus speed, but that contact rating.  Range is a little low for 3B.  Grade: B

8.  Philip Wall - I have him as the third best pitcher in the draft.  Durability is a concern, but no other concerns.  Projects to be a solid #2/3.  Grade: A

9.  Brady Foltynewicz - A little better than Wall who was drafted right before him.  Similar to Wall without the durability concern.  Projects to be a solid #2/3.  Grade: A+

10.  Tanyon Griffin - Probably won't sign, but a nice pick at 10 if he does.  Grade: A (if he signs)

11.  Albert Howell - Excellent speed and range  Contact rating is well below average and no power.  Grade: B+ (if he signs)

12.    Gregg Leach - ??

13.  Alcides Bonilla - Plus plus speed, but mediocre eye and contact ratings.  Doesn't have the range to play CF.  Grade: B

14.  Al Saipe - Excellent pick at 14.  Plus plus power.   He doesnt have the range to play 2B, so I expect him to move to LF.  Grade: A+

15.  Carlos Nunez - Excellent speed and range, but everything else about him is relatively average.  Still better than a few position players selected before him.  Grade: A

16.  Ted May - ??

17.  Edwar Berrios - Splits are too low to be anything more than a long reliever/mop up.  Grade: F

18.  Omar Iglesias - Poor eye and RH split, plus speed, and average power.  Projects to 3B.  Grade: B-

19.  Tony Prince - Excellent speed, and above average power.  Defensively he doesn't have the range or glove to play 2B.  Overall not a bad pick at 19.  Grade: B+

20.  Josmil Aviles - Just if that RH split was better.  Everything else looks great  Projects to a 5/long reliever.  Grade: C

21.  Pat Witt - Good power and speed, but splits and eye are below average.  At 21 its not a bad pick.  Grade: B

22.  Stump Webster - He does have excellent splits, and contact ratings though.  Power is above average, but mediocre for a DH.  Not sure why a team in the NL would draft a DH though.  Grade: C

23.  Jarrod Ducey - Excellent defense.  Really poor LH split, but all other hitting ratings are at least average to above average  This is a very solid pick at 23.  Grade: A (if he signs)

24.  David Nanita - Virtually everything about him is average.  Projects to be a long reliever/mop up.  Grade: D (if he signs)

25.  Jandel Nunnally - Excellent control, and two excellent pitches.  Splits are only average though.  Projects to be a back of the rotation starter, but still a decent pick.  Grade: B (if he signs)

26.  Al Ellis - Excellent pick.  Much better than many of the players before him.  Excellent splits, one excellent and one good pitch, but average control.  Durability is a little low.  Projects to be a #4/5.  Grade: A

27.  Myron Person - Another solid pick.  The splits are only average, control is good, and one excellent and two good pitches.  Projects to be a back of the rotation starter.  Grade: B+

28.  Eric Greenwood - Another solid pick by the Phillies.  He doesn't have the pitches to be anything more than a back of the rotation starter.  Control is excellent, and splits are good.  Grade: B+

29.  Randy Waddell - Excellent control and two excellent pitches.  Wish that RH split was a little better.  Still a solid pick.  Grade: B+

30.  Stefan Borchard - Control issues, and mediocre LH split.  He does have at least three above average pitches.  Projects to be a long reliever.  Grade: B

31.  Dan Foster - Did Dilo forget to rank the prospects because he sucks.  Grade: F

32.  Jack Rothschild - Actually a decent pick at 32.  Power is mediocre for a LF though.  He does have plus speed.  Grade: B

33.  Anthony Chouinard - 3 power.  How does anyone have 3 power?  Grade: D

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Tale of the Draft

1. Alex Guille: P,  Oakland A's - Was he worth the risk? Chances of signing look bleak.

Grade: A-

2.  Mark Darling: P, Los Angeles Dodgers: A good looking lefty starter, maybe. Has a long way to go to be good, great is one of conjecture at this point.

Grade: A-

3. Vince Corbin: P, Tampa Bay Rays: Umm, the cost is astronomical if you ask me. Will he sign? How good is he, I am not sure.

Grade: ?

4. Martin Gao: C, Toronto Blue Jays: Yup, he was my #1 pick on my board and didn't make it to pick 5. What can you say, he is a decent catcher and can hit, may not be the power monger but is still good enough at the plate to wreck things. Could be better than Black Bart! I wonder though, calls Moss Point home, and went to school over fifty miles away.

Grade: A

5. Jaret Heath: P, New York Mets: He has the potential to be very good. How good remains to be seen.

Grade: A-

6. Geovany Viciedo: 2B, Pittsburgh Pirates: 2B is probably out but COF is definite. If he was on my board, he wouldn't have made it this far. Power, hitting power, lots of it.

Grade: A+

7. Robin Gross: P, Boston Red Sox: Boston may be hoping he won't sign. He is a good lefty, but the splits may end up horrible, making him nearly useless.

Grade: B+

8. Wes Rhodes: CF, Texas Rangers: Has the range but the glove looks pretty awful in CF. Decent power hitter but has terrible luck making contact.

Grade: B+

9. Bubba Stoddard: SS, San Diego Padres: SS is doubtful and 3B is probably the best idea in the infield. Is the prototypical hitter the Padres search for, decent pop and and almost always puts the ball in play.

Grade: A+

10. Jeff Hawkins: CF, Arizona Diamondbacks: CF is a maybe but Arizona has the right idea at 2B though a defensive gamble. He can hit and hit with very good pop. makeup looks bad but I think he is good enough to be very good anyway.

Grade: A-

11. Chief Poole: 2B, Vancouver Canadians: I think he would be outstanding in RF as 2B looks like a long shot.  Can hit and hit with power and could be really good if that contact comes alive.

Grade: A-

12. Charlie Sosa: 1B, Milwaukee Brewers: Brewers still trying to make a DH play 1B. Well, this time I might try that scenario with this guy.  The long balls, down to his knees, will be flying out. Not as good as Viciedo at the plate maybe but damn close.

Grade: A-

13. Nick Harding: P, Dover Dung Beetles: A closer in the making? A lefty closer that looks real good but that right split will need to be in the mid sixties. Can he?

Grade: A-

14. Greg Jameson: P, Minnesota Twins: May not have the great control but the potential is there to be a great starter.

Grade: A-

15. Clay Blackley: P, Detroit Tigers: Could be a boon or a bust, depends if he can stay healthy Lacks the good control and has some awkward pitches but those splits look very good.

Grade: B+

16. Christy Purcey: P, Washington D.C. Senators: This late in the draft and a good starter available. A great pick if you ask me. May not be a show stopper but has good value in a rotation.

Grade: A-

17. Chris Parris: SS, Florida Marlins: A wet dream for Florida in a way. Not so sure about playing SS, but 3B looks mighty fine. Hits well for power but, always a but. How many games can he play in a season?

Grade: B+

18. Arthur Carter: RF, Colorado Springs Sky Sox: Okay, who let the dog loose? RF?, 1B is more like it. great hitting abilities, if only he could hit the ball. Gee willikers! He over swings at every pitch.

Grade: B-

19. Derrin Wesson: P, Anaheim Angels: That shit eating smile says it all. Now if we knew what he really looked like instead of a picture of Mal.

Grade: ?

20. Woody Sauerbeck: SS, San Diego Padres: The Pads second foray to find a SS. Well, we know this is a picture of Bruce as well, The hallow blood shot eyes gives it away from his latest bender.

Grade: ?

21. Omar Lloyd: 2B, Atlanta Braves: Well, he can play 2B or CF, no doubt in my mind. He just isn't a Braves hitter and maybe no one elses either.

Grade: B-

22. Haywood Ellis: RF, Chicago Cubs: RF is doubtful, ML might be doubtful to be truthful. 1B is probably the best he could be. Has eye and contact and some minor pop, but very little luck. Second rounder if you ask me.

Grade: C-

23. Jerry Thomas: SS, St. Louis Cardinals: I will give him the props! He can play SS which is a huge plus. Hitting well, not so hot but enough to make it to the show.

Grade: B

24. Storm Mazzaro: RF, Houston Astros: He really wanted to be in a Dodgers uniform, close to Hollywood. However, close to La is good enough to learn from Steven Seagal, Kelly LeBrock fantasies, who he is named after. 

Grade: ?

25. Pat Redman: 2B, Memphis RedBirds: 2B is not out of the question. Hitting is good, not robust. Still, a good pick.

Grade: B+

26. Al Jepsen: P, Baltimore Orioles: Rockers creamed in his speedos over this pick. How did such a good pitcher fall so far? May not reach starter status but the pen is not a bad place.

Grade: A+

27. Phillip Conti: SS, Little Rock Heads: SS is highly doubtful, but 3B isn't. Makes contact well, but his seeing eye hits will probably be disastrous. Might just have a short career in the majors.

Grade: C+

28. Curtis Boyle: P, Minnesota Twins: Score one for the twinks! A very good lefty closer by the books I think.

Grade: A+

29.  Ross Engle: P, Philadelphia Phillies: Another good closer type! I am not sure he would be outstanding as a closer but a daily short guy definitely.

Grade: A-

30. Aramis Silva: CF, Mexico City Diablos Rojos: He actually has promise playing out in the middle. Hits the right handed pitchers well as a significant boon. Now, if he can just stay alive long enough to play.

Grade: B+

31. Andrea Sparks: 2B, St. Louis Cardinals: What can you say, he played for a womans softball team. That is evident as he fields like a girl. LF isn't all bad. Does have an interesting approach to hitting as well, which is good.

Grade: B+

32. Toby Siddall: P, Kansas City Royals: He is smiling because he was drafted in the first round. Not all bad either, depends if he develops. Has designs on becoming a quality pen pitcher though, we will give him an E for effort.

Grade: B

33. Johnny Garret: P, New York Mets: So we win a few and we lose quite a few. Chances of this pitcher making the majors is slim at the moment.

Grade: C

34.  Jeff Ferguson: LF, Cincinnati Reds: What can one say, not much.

Grade: C

35. Eliezer Tejeda: P, New York Mets: An extra one just because I can. Actually, he has a better chance making the majors than my other pick at #33.

Grade: B

Best Pick: Baltimore.

Worst Pick: Tie between the Cubs and Little Rock. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yes, It Is That Time Again

Don't ask I don't know what time it is either. Dilo didn't like my name of this seasons book, so....In the form of Castle we need a new title. Sorry Cretins, All Dogs go to Heaven has been taken. Need to make another stab at it to prove yourself.

Sorry Mal, I laid down to watch Mega Shark vs Mega Octopussy and fell asleep, I couldn't figure out who to root for. Evidently, Mega Shark won because he was facing Super Mega Shark in the next movie.Umm, didn't watch that one either as an old rerun of Castle was more exciting and interesting.

Wholck, just because you might have found a mega shark is no reason to celebrate just yet. Have another beer and join Bruce in his frustration with the Pads vs Giants sic Dodgers.

John is happily plotting revenge already in Texas. He was pissed when he found out that they used a New York mega structure again instead of Texas. He got real excited about the idea they are pulling the core in TP. He things it will gentler on his holder even, the girlfriend and wife winked leaking that tidbit of information. Luckystrike is already campaigning for the removal in Brawny. You know, it is the quicker picker upper.

Meanwhile, back at the Oasis.

Just as predicted in the AL so far, northerngaul and Dakar are having a faceoff already. It could go down to the wire as to which has the ugliest face in the neighborhood.

I didn't predict the fall of KC though I said it was going to be tough, the season ain't over yet.

Nope, I declare the Angels ain't that good.

The NL North is shaping up. Maybe I can give the Pirates a little added octane, I told ya so.

I was worried about 1-run games, grrrrr..I have a bunch of them but damn wholck. Hey we are 4-1 in extra inning games, see why I like an extra pitcher. How do the Giants survive so many 1-run scares?

Mexico City? Say it ain't so, come on boys make him pay for the next round of Quervo! Cretins make that two rounds!

Go Bruce, make sick pay for his #statements umm...sorry svick. Ahh shit, lets just get drunk the erffdog way! Yes, go away I am crying thinking about it.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Opening IFA Market Picks

David Beltre became the first IFA to sign in the new season with a $2.1M bonus from the San Diego Padres. My scouts aren't exactly enamored with this pick for the money.  Going by what I see, RF might be the best place for him instead of the SS he is purported to be. Hitting is less than so-so for that matter. If you put him in the draft, he might be a late second rounder at the earliest. However I do see the possibility of him being better than he looks. So I am on the fence about whether it was a good signing or not.

Cookie Pena was the first of the new season with a rather large contract, $12M by Montreal. Maybe my scouts are blind as well. SS is a possibility though I worry about the arm and maybe the glove a bit. There are definitely other key spots he could play, like 2B/CF for instance. Hitting isn't exactly robust but for a decent SS is pretty good. His health scares me off the most. Montreal only has a consolation pick in the first round so you could consider him their first round pick. For the slot he might have been chosen in the draft, I would put him somewhere around mid to late first round easily enough. By my standards, maybe overpaid by a couple million unless the health is better than I am seeing.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun with Random Stats

While pondering the question of who was the best hitter ever, Albert's Johnson or Everett Hill, I spent some time digging through player records for no particular reason. Specifically, I wanted to see what some of the stat records for players were while with one team.  Some random stats:

Teams Without a Player with 300+ HRs In Their Uniform
San Francisco
St. Louis

San Francisco 'wins' the category with Edgar Montero sitting at 207. No active player has cracked the 136 mark (5th on their all time list).

Players with the Most HRs in One Uniform 
Joey Tracy, Cubs - 734
Nomar Cloud, Minn - 668
Harry Cora, Tampa Bay - 661
Colin Kirkland, Minn - 631
Omar Nixon, Cinn - 627

Minnesota is the only team on the list with 2 guys over 500+ HRs, at least as far as I could tell.

Teams Without a Player Winning More than 100 Games In Their Uniform 

I didn't write down who won this category, but multiple teams have no active guy in the top 5, meaning they wont get a shot at cracking 100 for several seasons (although they have active players on the list playing for other teams)

Players with the Most Wins in One Uniform
Ivan's Johnson, Tampa Bay - 402
Alex Matos, Tampa Bay - 257
Pedro DeSoto, Philadelphia - 235
Tim Loewer, Pitt - 224
Yamil, Cinn - 224

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NL Predictions

NL North

Chicago Cubs: Power house as always with Chatwood and Suzki. The pitching staff has some wear and tear but should be effective. Harry Ramos is chomping at the bit to become the all time Saves leader before the end of the season and we see it probably happening by All-Star break.

Cincinnati Reds: The only team to hit the 100 win total last season in the NL. The core stars are there from last season and starting pitching looks good. The pen is their downfall and could be a show stopper.

Milwaukee Brewers: They look great on paper and compare to both the Reds and Cubs well. Will it come together for them this year is the question. I have doubts about the pitching staff being effective.

Pittsburgh Pirates: They have been rebuilding quietly and quickly. Playing thieves in the FA market made everyone take notice even adding the lefty dynamo I was drooling over in Luis Perez. Pitching could be their downfall as there isn't enough to go round me thinks. They went all in like Toronto once and we saw what happened there.

NL East

Atlanta Braves: A tough cookie to understand and they do it just about every year. This year is a different story as I don't know where it will come from. They will have their moments is about all I will say.

Florida Marlins: A very solid team in the division and could easily scare anybody.

Philadelphia Phillies: They have been the team to beat. This year is no exception.

New York Mets: They are improved over last year providing cheapness to quality vets and adding quality youngsters. Lack of offensive leadership could hurt as there are no stars in the lineup anymore.  A good team that thinks they can compete with the rest in the divisiion. The first twenty games will tell the tale.

NL South

Mexico City Diablos Rojos: They have been a power to be reckoned with the last few seasons. A very solid team ready to do battle once again. The armor on the pitching staff is starting to rust through however and could become problematic.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Cards are a younger version of Mexico City if you ask me. It will be a battle between the two as to ends up on top.

Houston Astros: The Astros make the division race a gruesome threesome just like last year. If something goes bad with the Cards and Devils, they will be there to cleanup the mess for sure. Of course there is the possibility they will out distance those two easily.

Tampa Bay Rays: I would call the team still in rebuild. There are some bright spots but not enough to compete at the moment.

NL West

San Francisco Giants: While everyone one dithering about in FA, the Giants were getting the players they wanted. They are probably stronger than last season.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Always a good team that for some reason can't win. I can't explain that fact whatsoever. This year they look solid once again until you get deep into the the pitching staff and it becomes somewhat so-so.

San Diego Padres: The Giants better be good as the Pads might easily be there in the end. I am not sure it is enough but this division has always had some whacky things happen.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Strong enough to harass anybody and everybody. I don't think they are ready to compete for the title by a long shot. however.

This is a tough one for a pick six, the lottery is easier. The four teams in the North could easily win 90 games and three in the South for that matter add at least one from the West and that doesn't leave much to go around. Someone is going home mad at the end of the season.

1. Cincinnati Reds: I like them as the Cubbies tend to lose a key piece along the way.

2. Mexico City Diablos Rojos:: Just because the Cards are going to fall short again.

3. San Francisco Giants:: Just because they look the best on paper.

4. Florida Marlins:: They just look better in my opinion.

5. Chicago Cubs: Too much power not to be considered.

6. Five teams could easily be in this spot and a toss up that I can't even guess. Pirates, Card, Astros, Brewers, Padres, OH MY!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rule 5 Overview

Many bowed out with nothing really available. I changed my mind several times before deciding myself.

Svick got the first choice as the A's didn't see anything that would help and choseVic Mahomes. A starting pitcher that would be nothing more than a filler for a season. An upgrade somewhere? We don't see it personally and probably a quick waiver wire casualty to AAA.

Jeffrey Thebeau was chosen by the Mets after many deliberations. If the FI does his job and improves his glove which I am sure will happen. He could turn into a Carl Browning look alike.  May not look like much in the hitting department but Browning won a Gold Glove and the hitting wasn't all that bad. Besides, I wasn't sure Bob Hayes wouldn't go on the DL with a splinter in his ass.

Alfonso Baerga was chosen by Boston and made me laugh. Why? They let Thebeau go in the first place. Alfonso may be better defensively at the moment but Thebeau would have been the better hitter.

The Canadians got their fingers on Shawon Schmidt. I consider him better than Mahomes as he has some potential upside. Will it help? Spring Training might answer that if there is a little improvement.

I think the Twinkies lucked out with the addition of Patsy Garko. A good spring and there is possibility. Then to convince the engine to put him in to get out of an inning.

Detroit needed a lot of help and Miguel Espinoza was a good selection.

Eric Barry by Washington could be a long shot based on Makeup. They were looking for a backup SS apparently.

 Miles Jones taken by Florida. There is potential but that is the oddest fifth pitch I have ever seen, maybe it can be dropped again.

Hod Long in a Braves uniform doesn't seem to fit but Atalanta needs players. I think.

Houston was hoping and it fell through I think as Shane Sappington looks like a burger flipper to me in the end.

Baltimore was guessing as they chose Vicente Merced and probably off to the showers rather quickly.

Little Rock hasn't learned anything about names yet. Spud Holt will be back on the farm raising taters for McDonalds soon enough.

Brent Robinson is a deep dig but could be on the roster at the start of the season for Memphis.