Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wow or is settling down time

Now that we are thirty some games into the season, things will start to settle a bit.  So how are my preseason predictions holding up?

NL North

Reds are in first with the Cubbies tagging along. No mystery so far.

NL East

Phillies are in first but the rat pack is hard on their heels yet.

NL South

This was a jumbled affair to start with. Mexico City is out to a big lead off the bat, will it hold is the question?

NL West

I piccked the Giants in a tug of war. Lo and behold, they are in first. It is early yet and the Padres and D'Backs aren't fading away into the sunset yet. It that earthquake tremors I hear?

AL North

The Expos put on a show early but seem to have lost the patronage. Or is that simply patron speaking?The Twinkies and Jays think they have a chance. This could get wild.

AL East

The big O's are good, just ask Sasha. We have seen this medley before however, Dover hanging close and Boston just milling around.

AL South

I thought the Birds were going to fly away. Cold weather and reality must have set in. KC finally got their heads out and finally playing ball. Speaking of the Heads.....KC better lookout.

AL West

This has surprise or divine intervention taking place I am not sure. The Shy Sox a distant second already? The A's look out of the picture? Okay, who cut the cheese?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The First Ten Games

We are 10 games into the season already. Seems like yesterday when I was hiring coaches. Could the Mets have have one of those surprising seasons? We split with the Phils, not surprising though the losses were odd, two 3-0 shutouts. Strange things do happen in the old ball park, I wonder why the new stadium isn't online yet?

Uh oh, there is a break in the action here, I think the data bits got frozen in transmission.  It is so cold here, the cat frosted over looking out the window. Here is one for ya, I went and got a glass of OJ, the carton had a warning label: SHAKE WELL, is that an exercise warning? I gave that task to the wife for obvious reasons, just love to see her tits jiggle and bounce, that will wake most anyone up. Still, suppose to be no pulp and fresh squeezed, the OJ not her tits. Okay, so her tits got a fresh squeeze also. Um, back to the OJ after another paws, the cat not the pussy, so what if I took care of that also, does the water in the juice separate or something? The sun came out, must have been enough to warm the data bits up.

The Mets shut down the Braves in a three game set. WoW! Off to face the Padres, That whacky team in robes, I think they are into S&M by the way, I warned my team to watch those rope belts of theirs. I should have kept my mouth shut I think. The team was more worried about that than playing ball, dropping two games by 1-run. The Marlins are in town after a day off, needed one after that long trip to where it was warm and overly dry. It was so dry, we had to take a dip in the ocean for a shower. Nothing like beach bikini bingo in January. At least we get to do some ice fishing.

The Mets are in first place. Not for long, we are next to horrible. Shit, clouds and my bits are frozen again. A nap after my morning exercise helped my well being. Maybe I should be like Bruce and cuddle up with a bottle of rum. It is too soon to tell about the rest of the teams but look about as expected so far.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

International Signings at a Glance

International signings has been excitingly and robustly nonexistent. So I have brought you commercial commentary instead.

Hey, the Joe Boxer Christmas ad was funny as shit. I wonder if the censure was using her rabbit during the analysis.

The Pepsi first half time commercial is a stroke of genius, one of the best I have seen in a while.

The Pizza Hut ad saying they ONCE delivered to the white house, I think ad agency should be fired for that one. Tells me their pizza sucks or.....

The Geico commercial with the auctioneer at the grocery store checkout gets its point across somewhat, but a very very very bad analogy to me. The woman walking away without the groceries got the better deal when you think about it and the other guy isn't all that thrilled either. 

I love life insurance overall! They use your money for free  to make money for themselves hoping you don't die. They say it is for peace of mind so you don't have to worry about the burden your loved ones will face. Your f'in dead, what do you care they can lead a happy rich life without you at your benefit. I can see it to a point when people are young. When you get older and really don't need to give money to greedy people, they say you need more, I don't get it. Better option, put the money in the bank and don't touch it.

Oh well on with the meager report.

Tomas Beltre: Got $3.8M. I am still split about his potential. I bid on him early but didn't go above his initial demands, it was the durability factor mainly. He has the possibility to be in the majors in my books though. Good buy?, will have to wait and see.

Kenji Dong: Got $3.2M, maybe by default. Over rated if you ask me. I wonder if LA just wanted a big dick on the roster.

The big question of the day: Is Kenzi  a better piece of ass than Bo?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The A-List Free Agents

Hal Davis: Truthfully, a lot of money for a 1 year deal and his age. I think he could have been better than his stats indicate however. The D'Backs know they have pitching problems and he can help I do believe.

Graham Jensen: Also picked up by the D'Backs, but long term for a seemingly hefty price. Was the pen the problem last year?

Sammy Hitchcock: Once again, the D'Backs strive to be the team. Sammy is a good catcher with great hitting abilities. Age, health and contract is an issue I would be worried about.

Juan Redondo: Hit it off with Washington. Decent contract in reality with his potential that just hasn't really been exceptional to this point. A feared DH maybe as his catching abilities are really mediocre.

John McInerney: Good contract as he wouldn't resign for two years with the Mets, he wanted five or bust. Has lost a lot in the ability department to be viable for us. We really did want him back but... Cubs get a good lead off  or two slot hitter and still has the speed, just not a seasonable gamer.

Arthur Donatello: Kansas City struck with a nemesis. He can still play CF and has power. I don't expect the hitting prowess he had in Boston.

Curtis Dunwoody: Little Rock strikes spending booocooo bucks for the first year and a potful the next four. Middle relief is important and prized, could be a five inning starter maybe. I think a good buy.

Hack Dean: Cubs strike again adding speed and hitting ability and a cheap contract. I get the impression the Cubs are surprising everyone going in a different complementary direction.

Angel Barrios: Must have been tough for the Angels to give up on their Angel. A premier lefty that really has a tough time in LA for some reason. Maybe KC will be a better home especially with the money aspect.

Jair Bennett: Rumor had that he wanted to back to Milwaukee with his whips and chains where it all began. It was the money and not his declining dick.  Many will choke seeing his contract.

Apollo Metzger: Anaheim must have had another angel looking over their shoulder. Cheapskates!

Wesley Hewson: Cubs strike again helping their bullpen with a good vet. A little over priced maybe but not by much.

Guillermo Espinosa: I am not sold he can help the Braves past this year, will need to wait and see.

Paul Pecina: What were the Marlins was my question. Aged, decent filler but never really that great, but a three year deal.

Quentin Henry: Back with the cubs again, the only place he can pitch. Must be the offense.

Josh Meadows: Loves Twinkies. Good closer but if he runs into trouble needs rest.

Shannon Lyon: Cubs spend good money on a  decent bench hitter?

Philip Walsh: Lot of money by the Heads upfront. Didn't they look? He was egged out of Baltimore for mediocrity.

Ron Brinkley: Philly did read the health and arrest report. Sniffing daisies in Bloom County.

Max Amaro: Ummm, makes viable sense in Vancouver. At least he won't need to ice his arm after every pitch.

Harold Adcock: Philly saw he had good seasons in Colorado so why not. Has a reputation with Craigs List ladies.

Alvin Ball: Colorado decided to replace their cock with a ball. Someone messed up the health report though or was it CB torture that got him?

Ross Banks : Memphis loves value and looks like a good deal to me.

Alcides Benitez: Vancouver spent a lot of money for hope. This could be good or bad. I lean toward good.

Sticky Russell: Boston is giving him a chance hoping it is true. He is called Sticky for many reasons, orgies and hit and run bandit  just to mention a few.

Tony Mota: Boston was happy and unhappy at the same time. Got him cheap but he wouldn't sign long term.

Elrod Cedeno: Detroit thinks he has a complex they can cure. I am not sold they can stop him from losing though it was cheap enough to find out.

Frank Meluskey: So the Heads spent a ton up front then sign this guy? I am baffled.

Pedro Soto: Detroit sees Pedro as a saint. Go back to playing Saints Row that is, his stats look good for one reason.

Fausto Ramirez: Looks like Boston had a plan, buy good at rock bottom prices. Another steal.

Vance Knowles: A good choice by Vancouver, serviceable for cheap.

Boots Pierre: Yeah for the Giants. Ooops, wrong Giants. The call him boots because of his over sized foot. He has a tendency to kick baseballs thinking they are soccer balls however. Oh! and other peoples balls.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Fracus Is About to Begin

NL North

I originally liked the Cubs but I am not so sure, Big John is going to solidify the lead off spot for a while.. The Reds are just as good in my opinion, overall they look better, will it turn out that way. The Pirates are no hand me downs but just don't have the tickets in the pitching department.The Brewer look to keep rebuilding the right way maybe.

NL East

I look for the Phillies to rule the roost, it is rumored the ball girls are going with the red goth look. We won't count the Braves or Marlins out of the fray either, the two look pretty even in my books. It is going to be tough call with these three. The Mets are  has beens and heading toward rebuild mode.

NL South

This is a humpty bunch. All four has the capacity to win 90 games again. That will leave at least one crying in their beer and maybe more.The Astros look the best on paper but that doesn't mean much,

NL West

This division looked like mediocrity all season long last year. Though some were actually better on paper than their records indicated. The key is pitching or the lack there of. With that being said, the D'backs look the best but never get a break. The Padres and Dodgers are solid and could shake things up. Though overall the Giants look the best on paper. 

1. Phillies
2. Reds
3. Astros
4. Giants
5. Cubs
6. Cards

AL North

Expos Expos Expos! need I say more? Well, the Tigers, Twins and Jays might disagree. The Tigers could be a very close second with the Twins in tow. Just something about the Jays are off.

AL East

No Red Sox in the playoffs last year, when did that happen last? 15 straight seasons, is it time to relax and rebuild some. It doesn't look like it to me. I still like the Birds with the Sox a close second once again. The Beetles aren't pushovers either. The Senators have a solid front but the  back end isn't what it should be.

AL South

Who said the Red Birds could win the division? Only them I think. Okay, lets put this in perspective. The Royals are the best on paper, to me, by at least 10 games. That tells me I am missing a key ingredient somewhere. Lets factor in the Heads, egads! I see a three team race, surprise. Texas is solid but don't compare.

AL West

The Angels are still a team to reckon with but they are aging somewhat. The A's are solid and may have the better pitching staff.  The Sox are on the iffy side to me. The Vancouver bunch are itchy but that pitching staff bothers me.,

1. Royals
2. Expos
3. O's
4. A's
5. Angels
6. Red Birds

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hall of Fame

I was looking over the Hall of Fame candidates, it is a tough crowd to choose from.

Jesse Brennaman lot of hardware and a good life time average.

Lee Coleman what can you say, 3,000 hits

Rick Hill  Average and 3,000 hits. wowzers

Greg Woods always liked his power

Charlie Stone fell short of 3,00 hits but always played great.

Tim Loewer 228 wins and almost 3000 strikeouts and less than 1000 walks

Pascual Solano 656 saves has to mean something