Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Intl Market

The Helena Hot Pockets slipped in a $4.2M bid to claim Aneury Vega.  Listed as a LF, which is a stretch as he looks more like a strong 1B which isn't all that bad. That however in itself may have turned off several suitors. His speed isn't earth shattering but could steal a few bases along the way especially in hit and run situations. Good eye and contact will go a long way and his splits can seriously beat up left handed pitching. Light in the quantum power physics and lazy right split could be another deterrent for his cheap price along with the recently completed draft.

Compared to his contemporaries was well under priced. A .270 - .290 average is possible with 15 dingers and 15 stolen bases. Well done Hot Pockets!

Inter-League Play

NL North vs AL East

How do you spell pain? C-u-b-s! Boston bit the big one in the Queen City but rallied back. As for the rest it was more or less the doldrums except for the Brewers who found new ways to lose.

NL East vs AL North

The AL North can't wait for the madness to end. Talk about being bitch slapped!

NL South vs AL West

The AL West now have Florida plates tattooed to their foreheads. Their taunting of Houston didn't pay off well either. The Mariners and Sky Sox managed to survive the melee however.

NL West vs AL South

Very simple, Rangers and Rays! If it wasn't for KC needing life support the NL West would look like the cyclone hit them.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Draft Review

1. Fausto Mota, CF, St. Louis Cardinals: The kid has everything but power at the plate. I was a little intrigued that he went number 1 overall. CF is a tough position to fill and he will do it with style.

Grade: A

2. Aaron Gload, P, Houston Astros: From what I can tell the best pitcher in the draft. Won't reach projections but still almost 80's across the board is pretty damn good.

Grade: A+

3. Tim Carillo, SS, Louisville Colonels: Range for SS is suspect but might be better than I am seeing.  Has speed and some pretty good hitting skills with power.

Grade: A

4. Yamid Ordaz, CF, Anaheim Angels: Might be a bit short of range but me thinks adequate enough maybe, excellent glove and arm. Decent speed and knows how to use it. Batting is powerfully tremendous, future MVP.

Grade: A+

5.  Carlos Alomar, P, Washington D.C. Senators: Might be a little weak in the pitch department but other than that a very nice power starter.

Grade: A

6.  Cedrick Swann, P, Helena Hot Pockets: Health is a big drawback and might have slipped a few places because of it. If he stays healthy (a big if but worth the risk), will be one tough hombre on the mound.

Grade: A-

7.  Dick Berry, SS, Washington D.C. Senators: To me he was the best player on my board and I had three of the first six picks. Why did he drop is a good question. Has good power hitting skills for a SS, lacks the speed but can still be wily enough to steal a few bases. Range might be a little questionable but I think adequate enough to play the position.

Grade: A

8. Julian Saltalamacchia, P, Montreal Expos: Extremely good #1 starter but will take some development time for sure.

Grade: A+

9.  Arthur Holt, SS, Dover Dung Beetles: A project player for sure, has lots of works ahead. Could turn into a good defensive SS but hitting skills are a little undesirable in the contact department and lacks speed.

Grade: B

10. Corky Jeffcoat, SS, Texas Rangers: I be a little miffed, could be my scouting. I see his range as quite weak to play anywhere other than LF, that can't be right. I would say SS is out of the question however at any rate. Could turn into a decent hitter but not sure I see that happening either. I'm so confused as his overall says otherwise. Red herring?

Grade: B

11. Grover Eyre, 1B, Philadelphia Phillies: A sound power hitter and defensive 1B. May have some developmental strain but think it will be small.

Grade: A

12. Merv Christenson, P, Milwaukee Brewers: Solid middle reliever and maybe a sometimes starter. Biggest knock is after the first two pitches the repertoire is weak.

Grade: A-

13. Shawn Gordon, SS, San Diego Padres: Range could be problematic for SS and health could be an issue.  Good hitter with a some power behind him.

Grade: B+

14.  J.J. Lowe, P, Detroit Tigers: First Setup type pitcher taken. Off-speed fly-ball pitcher with some weak splits, me thinks being a Closer is out. If it wasn't for his control and pitches, I would consider him out.

Grade: B

15. David Johnson, CF, Minnesota Twins:


16.  Julio Baerga, P, Seattle Mariners: His health and durability aside, ummm, and umnm, an unobtainable right split that might not be ML worthy. Im' not sure what to think as he has some skill in the pitching department.

Grade: B -

17. Kelly Young, 2B, Kansas City Royals: Playing 2B is not a strong suit, playing it for an entire season is even less of a strong suit. Then again he can hit the ball with some power which makes a part time starter valuable except when he wants a lot money.

Grade: B

18. Welington Amarista, P, Arizona Diamondbacks: Surely his splits gain more developmental skill than what I am seeing? Maybe not if he slipped this far down the draft. Looks more like a lefty but still looks like a good quality pitcher to me.

Grade: B

19. Orber Plata, P, San Francisco Giants: If his right split gets into the 60's and control to the upper 80's, he could be a good Closer.

Grade; B+

20. Harry Moscoso, P, Baltimore Orioles: Anemic health and serious control issues, sometimes they do well but most of the time..NOT.

Grade: C+

21. Danny Pierzynski, SS, Toronto Blue Jays:  Plus play but error minded at SS or CF, GG at 2B or 3B maybe. Such a contrast in hitting, good eye and contact but no power or luck and lack of speed doesn't help.

Grade: C+

22. Bennie Wagner, 2B, New York Mets: 2B is iffy but not out of the question. Has a good eye, decent splits and high contact with base stealing speed. I'll pat myself on the back as I got the best player left on my board.

Grade: B+

23. Terry Hill, 2B, Cincinnati Reds: Has the range but little else defensively to be a strong candidate for the infield. Has a good eye, some power and a little speed but questionable splits and contact.

Grade: B-

24. Ike Maybin, 2B, Little Rock Heads: This was one of the few HS players on my board I could see, not bad for 0 scouting. Has some unobtainable projections but still could be a good 2B/CF. Has speed but poor base running ability..grrr. Hitting is more less decent with mixed obtainable abilities. Little Rock may be hoping he doesn't sign and spent the money in the Intl Market.

Grade: B-

25. Tony Clemens, P, Mexico City Diablos Rojos: If his right split develops, he could have a great career instead of a decent one but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Grade: B-

26. Hipolito Gonzales, P, Pittsburgh Pirates: Low durability with high stamina makes high pitch counts rough. Couple that with somewhat anemic projections could doom his career in the majors, but one never knows.

Grade: C

27. Andrew Fischbach, P, San Francisco Giants:


28.  Pedro Posada, P, Pittsburgh Pirates: Health could be an issue. Good control and pitches, splits might be a little weak.

Grade: B+

29.  Eric Wheat, CF, Colorado Springs Sky Sox: If he develops well could become a solid player at 2B and at the plate.


30. Bob Crabtree, P, Salem Super Sequoias:


31.  Bernie Feliz, CF, Boston Red Sox: Range could be weak to adequate but the glove is deficient for CF. Has speed and knows how to use it. Has a great eye and hits well against the righties and so-so against lefties. Power and contact impaired hurts his cause further.

Grade: B-

32.  Bob McKain, P, Chicago Cubs: Another pitcher with the odd contrast of stamina to durability and somewhat questionable splits ta boot.  Control and pitches are admirable however.

Grade: B

33. Frank Evers, P, Chicago Cubs: Health and control are big issues. Has very good splits and pitches which looks unjust to weak control. I'm not sure Chicago fans will embrace him however.

Grade: C+

34. Humberto Franco, SS, Florida Marlins: My scouts had him rated high on my board initially but I put an end to that. Yes I do believe he can play a good SS but it ends there. Speed is lacking and hitting could be somewhat unindigenous. Not a bad pick this late in the first round however.

Grade: B-

35.  Adam Casey, RF, Atlanta Braves: Solid at 1B defensively and possible RF though weak in the glove.  Has a decent eye, great right split and power. Unfortunately it stops there.

Grade: C+

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Intl Market

The Cincinnati Reds gave an unwavering $20.3M to sign Vic Gabriel.  Pundits tell me he is a CF but the Reds didn't see fit to give him a try at that position. Must have unrelinquishing needs for RF or the scouts lied once again. I say he should have the range for CF, the glove may not very encompassing for CF and maybe not adequate enough at all could be the Reds reasoning.

Durability is weak now but should grow to be an every day player. Health could be a little iffy. Does have olympic speed were the multitude ( and I mean multitudes ) of stolen bases will follow and the patience to learn.

Those big eyes will come into play greatly when hitting on chicks, maybe he is a werewolf. He does the splits well even with pom poms. Has some home run power the chicks really dig and some good contact to go with it.

IMO, the purchase price may have been over the top. If his power was more upward mobile or a true CF then I would agree to the price. But then again, a .270 - .290 capable hitter with 30+ home runs and 60+ stolen bases don't grow on trees around here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mets Board

 How my top 10 picks fared in the draft. As you can tell, my board wasn't the greatest.

1. Dick Berry, SS - Washington D.C. Senators: Drafted 7th, was best player on my board, SS might be a stretch but looks to be a very nice hitter.

2. Tim Carillo, SS -  Louisville Colonels: Drafted 3rd, SS is doubtful but 3B is a plus also a very nice hitter.

3. Fausto Mota, CF - St. Louis Cardinals: Was surprised he was drafted first, should make a nice CF.

4.  Bennie Wagner, 2B,  New York Mets: Surprised he dropped this far down at 22nd, loved his contact and speed.

5. Merv Christenson, P, Milwaukee Brewers: Drafted 12th, was hoping he might drop, so much for wishing but wasn't expecting Wagner to be there.

6. Cedrick Swann, P, Helena Hot Pockets: Drafted 6th, didn't figure I had a chance.

7. F.P. Creek, P, New York Mets, P: I thought it was a good pick at 83, I figured he would go late 1st round or supp.

8. Kelly Young, 2B, Kansas City Royals: Nice pick at 17, good hitter.

9. Calvin Ainsworth, P, Baltimore Orioles: Drafted 37th, I wasn't all that thrilled with his pitches.

10. Babe Hayes, SS, Washington D.C. Senators: Drafted 68th, I wasn't that enthused about him at all.

Others of note on my board:

Julio Baerga, P, Seattle Mariners: Drafted 16th, was in the 13th slot, just didn't need another lefty.

Tony Clemens, P, Mexico City Diablos Rojos: Drafted 25,th, was in my 14th slot.

Stan Mora, C, Milwaukee Brewers: Had him setup for a 3rd round pick at 116, would have worked too if the Brew Crew hadn't intervened (seems they always do) with the 106th pick.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Intl Update

The world was abuzz yesterday with the signing of Diego Juarez by the Little Rock Heads for $14.9M. Either my scouting is way off or the scouting of other teams are using beer goggles. Reported to be a 2B, lets see if his birth certificate is real first.

Ok,  his range looks pretty good and could actually be enough for CF as it should hit 80. Glove on the other hand will be hard pressed to be of significant quality as I expect it to peak in the mid to upper 60's. Arm is doesn't looks alarmingly mediocre to weak and probably won't improve much.

Durability has a long way to go and I expect it to peak around 75 to 78 which isn't all that bad. Health will be ok after a couple seasons and will improve but not drastically. Doesn't look like speed is going to improve all that much either but might have the audacity to steal a base every now and then.

Contact should improve to where strikeouts will not be all that common, I expect it to peak around 64 maybe.  I don't show any improvement in the power department but looks can be deceiving and could improve a little but nothing to impress this judge. His left split doesn't show much improvement but could reach the low 50's. His right split however shows massive improvement but for it to reach the 70's could be very rough. Already has a good eye and could improve into the 70's which is definitely a boon. Can bunt well and consistently pounds the ball to the right while baserunning skills are plausible at best.

IMO I think the purchase price was way over the top. Defense isn't and won't be solid and his arm further degrades possible playing positions. Offense may wind up being good against right handers and a little below adequate against lefties. You might see a .275 - .240 split in average during a good season with 15 dingers, 60 walks and 25 doubles thrown in.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mets Predraft Ramblings

Yup, here we go once again for me to figure out if my draft board is set up correctly to get my first pick, or better yet who my first pick might be. Didn't get to do this last season and really didn't mess with my board at all but ended up with a somewhat good player. Drafting in the 22nd spot doesn't exactly give me a premier player but one that must be helpful at the ML level one day. Hampering me a little bit is that I didn't spend much in scouting and only college players are available so some assumptions have to made with my 20-10 rule. For those not familiar, too hard to explain but basically deals with the difference between current and projected from the scouts. Normally I would draft a Setup type pitcher but there just isn't one on my board that could be helpful.

1. SS - Not sure he will be a great SS but can hit and can be the #1 pick unless there is a great pitcher.

2. SS - Another iffy SS but will easily find a place on the roster and a top 5 pick.

3. CF - Glove could be weak but another worthy of a top 5 pick.

4. 2B - His stock could drop him to a top 15 pick.

5. P - Pen help anyone? Top 15 at least, as youngsters must rule the way I see it.

6. P - Starter with a little trouble but even if his stock drops is still a top 10 pick.

7. P - The best closer type available to me, I can hope I guess.

8. 2B - Not real sold on him myself.

9. P - A starter that might be there, nothing great.

10. SS - Not real happy here either.

All in all, my board doesn't look so hot. Seven sure players if you ask me and a bunch of wanna be's. Looking at the budgets, I might have a shot at number 5 on my board but it really looks like a fringe player to me.

Intl Market News

Jose Elcano was signed by the St. Louis Cardinals for $8.3M. That is pretty steep price for a closer. The youngster shows a lot of promise and will one day provide great dividends.

Grade: A

Alex Limon was most recently signed by the Baltimore Orioles for $9.5M. Will the great pitches over shadow the lack of control remains to be seen.

Grade: B

 Angel Hernandez was signed by the Colorado Springs Sky Sox for $4.2M. First catcher I have seen with speed, wonder how long that might last? May develop a good arm but other than that defensive abilities are so-so. Hitting abilities are decent against righties but may struggle against lefties. That can actually work in his favor with his durability.

Grade: B

Don Martin was signed by the Dover Dung Beetles for $3.6M. Another catcher with amazing speed but just doesn't understand how to steal a base. Defensive abilities are passable. Has power at the plate but not a solid hitter.

Grade: B-

Julian Megias was also signed by the Dover Dung Beetles for a paltry $1.9M. Listed as a SS but will make a much better 3B. May lack in durability a bit but has some pop in the bat and a pretty good eye. A good cheap signing if you ask me.

Grade: B

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stat News

Everett Hill zoomed by Joey Tracy in the Home Run department last year. 27 more fried potatoes away form the magical 800 plateau.

Juan Carrasquel made it to 700 dingers and was so happy that he injured his knee while circling the bases.

Pascual Solano crossed the 600 Save threshold and still going strong. Rapidly declining this season, he may not have much more left in the tank.

Zeus Singleton has eclipsed Vinny Post to move into second place all-time in Saves. Don't expect him to catch Solano either.

Dom Tabaka needs 1 more Save to make it to 500 for his career. Has his sights set on passing Post this season.

Ivan Johnson is on the DL and no one will give Omar Elcano a job, that is sad.

Surprising fact: Pedro DeSoto leads the way with 62 complete games. Tomas Camacho is second with 57. The surprise you ask? Most of Camacho's were losses.

Everett Hill could pass the great Albert Johnson in RBI's this season.

Stadium Deliverence Effect

Yup, the Mets have been using Yankee stadium for 3 seasons now. The new stadiums in New York should be updated in WIS one of these days in the foreseeable future . In all reality it should be done after the end of the real baseball season, like about now.  They do have four years of stats now which should be enough to make assumptions.

Citi Field has been labeled an extreme pitchers park even though they have tried to fix that problem and failed. It should probably be marked as a -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 park for effects at a minimum. The dimensions of the park are the same as Shea, umm somewhat. The reason for somewhat is the non-symetrical outfield which has been modified along with the bull pens.

The new Yankee Stadium on the other hand is a pitchers nightmare. It has the same dimensions of the old Yankee Stadium right down to the short porch in left which for some reason was calculated at 0 for effect in the old Yankee Stadium.  They had to bring in aeronautical engineers to identify a home run problem to center field. Seems it held an odd jet stream problem that actually can't be fixed but was modified a bit to help. As near as I can figure out, it should be labeled as +1 +1 0 0 +2 for effect.

With my pitching staff, thinks me should move back to Shea when this season is over. Then again it doesn't help when your best player is batting .178 and only 2 pitchers have shown up this season so far. Think the epitome of frustration came in a loss to Salem. Giving up 10 runs in the 8th with a 7 run lead doesn't bear promise.

The odds look good for Detroit to sweep in the World Series, whether it is against the Giants or Red Birdies.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Week One Power Rankings

Power Rankings

I couldn't do this the season I made it to the World Series because I am a terrible believer in jinxes. Then I was too busy last season.  But here we go again.

Never easy to distinguish between teams this early in the season:

1.  Atlanta Braves:  Last year's best record, last year's champs, and are tied for the best record this year.  The presumptive favorite unless someone else makes a convincing showing to the contrary.

2.  Seattle Mariners:  Everyone seems to love the (real) Seattle.  I've never understood that; much of that city seems grimy and post-industrial.  A nice home, then, for the SLOBS.

3.  Detroit Tigers:  Luckstrike won our real world fantasy league and is cashing in at a new law firm.  Seriously, someone please take out his best players with fastballs to the head.

4.  Pittsburgh Pirates:  It seems like ever since I joined the league in Season 17 Pittsburgh has been in the hunt.  This year is starting off no differently.

5.  Salem Super Sequioas:  Another team that is always in the hunt.  And no wonder.  Vladimir Bennett, 5-11 and 175 pounds, averages 40 HR a year.  The juice is handed out in the Salem clubhouse. 

6.  Cincinnati Reds:  For seasons these guys spent $30 million plus on prospects, and I wondered when they would make their move.  I am wondering no more.  Stacked with good young players, they are going to be competing for years.

7.  Colorado Spring Sky Sox.  Three straight seasons atop the AL West, but Seattle is looking to wrest away the crown.  Starting pitching never recovered from Season 24 injuries.

8.  Chicago Cubs.  Chicago seems cursed every year by injuries.  Can 22-year old uberstar Pat Suzuki, arguably the best player to join the game in many seasons, avoid the curse?

9.  Mexico City Diablos Rojos:  Si se puede!

10.  Texas Rangers:  Pronounced correctly, starting pitcher Jun Dong sounds like something a Japanese businessman asks for in a Thai brothel. 

11.  Boston Red Sox:  Can the pitchers maintain a 2.89 ERA in the American League?  Regression to mean suggests batters on the next few teams to play them will have a field day.

12.  Little Rock Heads:  Perpetually rebuilding team is overachieving so far.  Look for them to recede in future editions of the rankings.

13.  Florida Marlins:  Perpetually in the hunt for a championship with ten 100+ win seasons in a row, but knocked on their heals by the injury to Ivan Johnson and the unexplained departure of sdhizzle.  Welcome Lemmiwinks, you have big shoes to fill.

14.  Tampa Bay Rays:  They are spending 0 on high school scouting, suggesting the future is now for the Rays.  Wrecks, were you given just months to live by your doctor or something?

15.  Philadelphia Phillies:  I can't be bothered to look -- is Doc Kinney the lowest rated player on a major league roster?

16.  Baltimore Orioles:  Team owner Jrockers lived in Atlanta for years and has a thick Southern accent, so I continually think he actually owns the Braves.

17.  Dover Dung Beetles:  I blame this team for Joe Biden's obnoxious performance in the debate last night.

18.  Louisville Colonels:    This team has been terrible for years; is this the start of a move toward respectability?

19.  Toronto Blue Jays:  Lance Howard, who has a 91 contact, is batting .038 on the season. 

20.  San Diego Padres:  I did a google search for "Brucehearse," and came across this disturbingly eclectic collection of Youtube videos.

21.  Montreal Expos:  Folks were picking on the Houston payroll, but $29.7 million Montreal?  Really?

22.  St. Louis Cardinals.  Hipolito Mesa is just one cool dude.

23.  Arizona Diamondbacks:  This team has been on the cusp of contending for years.  Is this the year?

24.  Minnesota Twins:  Fielding instructor Tony Sasaki is anything but zen.

25.  Washington DC Senators:  Not emulating the real world team yet. 

26.  KC Royals:  Running Harry Callaspo is good evidence that basestealing ability is at least as much about a player's baserunning rating. 

27.  New York Mets:  $100+ million payroll and mired in the standings.  It's like the BHD gods are punishing Firesign for his many blog posts.

28.  Milwaukee Brewers:  Ditto for Commissioner Dilo

29.  Anaheim Angels:  Another tanking team.  Perhaps Angel Diaz is the worst player in the majors, not Doc Kinney.

30.  Houston Astros.  The ulimate tanking team.  I didn't even think a payroll of $18.3 million was possible.  Since his payroll budget is over $70 million, what does this mean Boyd, $45 million spent on prospects this season?

31.  SF Giants:  With excellent Advanced Scouting, perhaps this team should blow itself up in deals for younger players.

32.  Helena Hot Pockets:  The worst team in the game at the moment, if this keeps up they should change their name to the Hot Lunch. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Early Intl Market

Luis Tatis made a small fortune from Mexico City in the tune of $10M.  He has a bright future ahead of him as a middle reliever if he develops which should happen

Grade: A

Benny Benitez also signed a $10M deal with the San Diego Padres. San Diego is in the NL right? I don't see him developing into a very good ML catcher. However his plate etiquette does see him in the major leagues at some point as a DH.

Grade: C

 Wilin Unamuno signed a $1.8M with the Cincinnati Reds. He could possibly develop into a ML player as he looks to be a fringe player with some good abilities. I term him as a good value signing for the money.

Grade: B-

Victor Terrero was also signed by the  San Diego Padres very cheaply. Our feelings at the moment seems to lean to a well made career minor league pitcher.

Grade: C-

Thursday, October 4, 2012

NY Mets

 The Mets at a glance.

The Mets are out to prove they belong in the playoffs this year. Last season they were sorta left on their own for 5 or 6 days at a stretch several times early in the season. I really wasn't around much but got back into it after All-Star break where they became contenders again. They only ended up four games out of it after being 10 games below .500 at one point. 1-run losses and a couple injuries to the pitching staff hurt tremendously.

We have all the coaches returning from last season. That is a big plus and rather unusual for me. Normally I have one that runs away to another team at least. I usually don't pay an absorbent amount for a Bench Coach either. I really don't think paying $2M when  $600Gs will do just fine, this year we went against the grain in that area.

Offense and Defense

C: Mariano Pimentel becomes the starting catcher this year. We like the fact that he should be a better hitter, good defensively and can start 130 games, an opportunity he relishes. Sun Hasegawa is his backup to ones chagrin maybe.

1B -  Leo Rodney had a very productive season last year. We think it could be much better. Egads he goes to Arbitration wanting extremely big bucks next year.

2B - John McInerney had a great all around season last year. We also think it could be somewhat better. He could be a FA next year if we can't come up with the bucks to pay him. $8M, yikes.

3B - Carlos Mesa had a great season last year also. In Arbitration again next year and will find his way to the FA market in all probability. Don't look at me, unwilling to pay $7M a year for a player with 28 health.

SS - Carl Browning was snagged off the Rule V draft last season to be the utility backup. We aren't exactly sold yet that he is the starter.

LF - Dan Radke returns to his normal haunt after being relegated to the bench most of last season.

RF - Marc Redman brings his GG to bear regardless of what the fielding coach says. Actually I think he is right, he could play a weak 2B but I got enough of those on board at the moment.  Now if we can just get him to hit like we think he should.

CF - Emil Flores is getting the job for the time being. He may not have the range for the job, but we do have lots of range on the corners to help.

Utility - Guy Oquist who may wind up as the starter at SS. Clarence Valentin is also a player that will see a lot of action as he can play everywhere also. Last but not least is Omar Ordonez, he backs up several positions well and is a power bat but not as we had hoped last year. He could be up for adoption after inter-league play or before, we haven't decided.

On the Starting Mound:

R.J. Bellhorn is in the #1 slot again. He has failed miserably as a starter but won his last 7 starts last season after failing in the pen also. He is the best pitcher we got in all reality and should live up to it.

Harry Rodriguez had a so-so season last year and we know he can do better.

Danys Candelaria showed he could actually pitch last season.

Ted Maxwell may be better in the pen, but that luxury just isn't there.

Esmerling Pujols, yes he is the #5 starter for awhile at least.

The Pen

Benny Calero had a terrible season last year if you ask me. I tried him as a starter but he just doesn't recover well from an outing.

Clinton Cedeno was pitching well last season as a starter til an injury crippled him. He didn't win his starting job back in ST but may replace Pujols before it is said and done.

Al Limon is always the stalwart. He just doesn't have enough to be a starter.

Joseph Wang promised us a good two years. He doesn't recover well so hopefully he can anchor the pen.

Hector Fernandez is kinda pissed at us but we gave him a special job this year. We are hoping it works.

Wayne Hampton and Don Zhou comprise the short relief roles and they are good at it.

Dom Tabaka returns to his closer duties for yet another year as he tries to eclipse Vinny Posts record to move into 3rd place all time in saves.

HOF Voting

Ok, we didn't get anybody in again. 125 votes were cast, that leaves 35 that didn't get cast, that is 7 owners. sdhizzles was one of the owners that didn't vote, that leaves 6. Of those 6 we could have gotten 3 in maybe but at least 2. In all reality, I think anyone with ten or more votes should get in not 17. 17 is too hard to make with the talent we have out there.  

Randy Lamb thanks whoever voted for him. I will agree he has the home run numbers but one must look at his overall design. In my estimation he hit 200 or more dingers he shouldn't have at least. His fielding stats could have and probably should have been worse than they are. I feel the same about Tony Duran also, his stat of 863 stolen bases may never be broke. More surprising about him was his walk to strike out ratio, not bad for a guy with no splits.

Putting It All Together


Believe it or not this gets tougher every year.

1. Colorado Springs Sky Sox - Still think they are the best in the AL
2. Texas Rangers - On the verge of greatness
3. Boston Red Sox - Staying power but could fall
4. Detroit Tigers - Coming of age story
5. Tampa Bay Rays - Hotly contested but comes in second this time around
6. Baltimore Orioles - Actually a gamble on the closeness of the next four

Teams in the hunt til the end that could surprise everyone

Seattle Mariners - Better than you think
Toronto Blue Jays - If the Tigs fail
Dover Dung Beetles - Could be a surprise in the East
Kansas City Royals - Too many good teams above them in the South is all


If you think the AL was tough.  Where is sdhizzle, playing Waldo?

1. Mexico City Diablos Rojos - Taking a huge gamble
2. Atlanta Braves - They could be number 1 easy enough
3. Salem Super Sequoias - Win one for the Gipper
4. Chicago Cubs - Too much  infighting lands them here
5. Arizona Diamondbacks - Winning realization sets in
6. New York Mets - Just because they can, no excuses

Teams in the hunt til the end that could surprise everyone

Cincinnati Reds - They can easily be in the picture
Pittsburgh Pirates - Living on the edge for so long
Florida Marlins - Ivan was a huge loss but can be overcome



NL West

NL West

The Salem Super Sequoias are still the team to beat. Age is catching up to them so look out.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a team that can and just don't. I don't get it either.

The San Francisco Giants aren't great but are well suited to their stadium and makes things tough.

The San Diego Padres are a lot like the Giants but are still building.

NL South

NL South

The Mexico City Diablos Rojos as the team to beat? Sources tell me that after the Ivan injury and the Mathews trade they are the team to beat. Hopes are very high.

The Florida Marlins still are a threat even without Ivan.

The St. Louis Cardinals are getting better and have potential but not ready for prime time yet.

The Houston Astros are retooling and it will take a while.

NL East

NL East

The Atlanta Braves had the availability to trade for needs last year and won it all. They are not the juggernaut you think however but who will stop them?

The New York Mets have respectability now but couldn't get things done last year. Of course there was a big excuse.

The Louisville Colonels are getting better but my feeling is the talent doesn't match the stadium. 

The Philadelphia Phillies are still in the retool mode but are stronger than some think.

NL North

NL North

The Chicago Cubs has the means to run away with it. The big question, will they?

The Cincinnati Reds are up and comers in more ways than one. 

The Pittsburgh Pirates have enjoyed being in the playoffs for 13 straight years. Is that string going to be broken?

The Milwaukee Brewers to every ones thinking may be giving up on the season after the Mathews trade. But in all reality he had one good season, the rest marred one way or another for a good team. Overall they don't look like a great team but looks can fool ya.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

News of Note

Remember, today is the last day to vote for HOF. If you haven't voted, please do so. Also, please click on your team in the blog so we know you have voted. Otherwise someone is going to get pestered.

Mark Carew became a late signing FA, a Type A no less. Signing a $3M deal with Detroit this year.

Detroit still not done, signed Dean Boone to a 1 Year deal for $3.2M. I was waiting for him to get into my financial market.

Clint Olson was signed by the Anaheim Angels to bolster their offense. A two year deal worth $2.6M per. Very cheap in a way.

Andy Fassero agreed to terms with the Louisville Colonels. $1.3M a year for two. How cheap is that for a quality 3B?

Anaheim also snuck in the signing of Frank Gordon.  Quality 2B at $1.7M for 2 years is a steal.

The Milwaukee Brewers chimed in with the signing of Jesse Brennaman. Paying $3.2M for a Type A? Well, he has seen better days but should be quite productive.

Minnesota Twins signed Santos Mairena to a two year deal at $2.9M.

The Louisville Colonels also signed Greg Rose to a 3 year deal at $5M, wonder if some one else was in the market for him also? Nope, not me.

Tito Gao found a home in Texas for this season. Just couldn't turn down a $2.3M offer with a winner.

AL West

AL West

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox once again is the team to beat. Rock solid lineup with plenty of power. Pitching staff will be tested however as they do have some weakness.

The Oakland A's have moved to the tax haven of Seattle and are happy. Getting used to the new digs might have its downsides. They will be very formidable however.

The Anaheim Angels are trying to get things going after trudging along. Will we see some rookies pop into the equation early in the season?

The Helena Hot Pockets likewise look to get things rolling along also. Hitting looks to be a problem as the pitching will need to hold the fort down.

AL South

AL South

The Tampa Bay Rays look to defend their title one more time. With the combo of Ronny Gant, Tony Prior and Murray Ramsey why not. Pitching is just as solid along with the defense.  

The Texas Rangers showed last season they could get the job done. Juan Redondo led the way on offense and I would expect it again. Better pitching also though defense might be a little shakey.

The  Kansas City Royals look to better themselves and I think they have. Solid on offense, defense and on the mound.

The Little Rock Heads are no slouches but I just don't think there is enough to go around this season. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

AL East

AL East

Boston Red Sox - The Sox has been the dominate team for a while and I don't expect it to change this year. Though the competition is getting stiffer. Like last year it could take most of the season to finally pull away and there are three possible suitors.

Baltimore Orioles - Can the Birds do it this year? They showed promise last year and are better this year. Pitching has to be better this year from the youngsters. Defense and hitting could be a concern with such a young team. I mean there are only 4 players 30 and older and half of the remaining is under 25.

Dover Dung Beetles - The Beetles will not roll over on their backs this season. They have the talent to keep up and win it all also. The offense may have to keep them in it this year as I don't think the pitching staff excels.

Washington D.C. Senators -The Senators have a great core surrounded by marginality. The margin doesn't help their cause.

AL North

First things first. There are 160 HOF votes available. It only takes 85 votes to get 5 people in. There are a lot of good candidates in the list. I voted for Tracy, Mercedes, Santayana, Heredia and Ozuna. I could have easily voted for another 5 also. However, I put a poll on this here blog so that we will know that everyone voted. So after you vote, just click your team name here so we know you voted. Meanwhile, back to the AL North.

Ouchie occurred in the NL this fine spring day, well not so fine for Florida as Ivan "The Terrible" Johnson went down for the season.

AL North

It was a rather tight race here last year until teams started dropping out and Toronto surged on as the victor. After looking things over carefully we could very well see a repeat of last year. However looking into my crystal ball I see a new develolpment.

Detroit Tigers - I have already cast my Cy Young ballot for Jack Root. The Tigs look strong from a pitching standpoint, defense might be rather questionable and hitting shows to be even all the way around. We are not sure how they will do in their home stadium as they have been on the road the whole time in spring training.

Toronto Blue Jays - With the addition of O.T. Kirk helps tremendously in the pitching department. Is it enough to keep them on top is the question. Pitching is good, defense is decent while hitting relatively strong.

Minnesota Twins - A team to keep your eyes on. They don't look all that strong until you look deep into the heart of things. The pitching staff could go under major renovation at the blink of an eye. The lineup is full of star power even though defense is not the greatest of attributes.

Montreal Expos - The Expos are still retooling after all those years in Seattle. It takes time and still might be a season or two away.  Expect them to play grab ass in the International Market.