Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Look Around the World

Things look a little testy and some managers are scratching their heads trying to make sense of the season. I know I am.

AL North

The Tigers find themselves out in front today. It is a highly contested division at the moment with first place being traded back and forth with the mariners. The Twinkies are keeping pace ans not falling behind and might make an after All_Star break run. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, just can't seemed to get anything going.

AL East

The Red Sox seem to be breezing through the season so far but find themselves playing second fiddle to the #1 seed at the moment. The Braves seem satisfied with a possible Wild Card berth slipping to 10 games back. The Beetles and Senators will need a miracle to get into contention at this rate.

AL South

The Rays and Panthers find themselves tied for the division lead and could be a long season before this division is settled. The Cards and Royals are keeping in the thick of things just in case one or both should falter.

AL West

The Rockies are a rockin in Colorado! Helena has vowed to keep a close watch for an opening though. The Angels are suffering from jet lag at home which doesn't bode well for them. The Padres may not have the team for San Diego, ask the Zephyrs owner for help (MHO).

NL North

The Pirates find themselves in first, who would have thunk it? The rest of the division is good but still in the rebuild mode me thinks and will be up and coming soon.

NL East

The Phillies are in first, not sure why really. Oh, maybe it is because the rest of the division just can't seem to find some semblance of winning at home. The Indians get pitching and no hitting then hitting and no pitching...I for one am scratching my head, where is DJ's sister when you need her?

NL South

The Marlins (err.. Ivan Johnson) are in first, well that was a given. I am surprised to see the Rangers in second though and only 5 games back. Most of the NL teams are suffering from homeitis, in other words, the itch to get away? This is prevalent in the southland also.

NL West

Salem's dynasty has taken hold. How long though before it peaks? The rest of the West is struggling. Though me thinks Arizona is much better than their record indicates.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indepth Look At The Indians

Ok, we are 30 games into the season and it is time to look at where things are going wrong. Is it time to tweak a few things? Make personnel changes? Wait a bit longer? Remember, must only analyze against the NL because of the DH factor.


The park parlays some lowered effects quite a bit as it is a relatively odd neutral park. We are above the line which is pretty good in my books. Got to remember we play defense and sacrifice some offense (rather paltry hitting at catcher and SS).

Matt Pierce leads the team with a .377 average, .472 OBP and 7 SB's which I think is good for a lead-off hitter for a non-running team. Not often will you find an upper echelon power hitter in this position.

Felipe Mendoza leads the team in HR's (10), RBI's (30), .685 SLG and 1.103 OPS coupled with a .369 average. Very good for the #4 hitter.

Giovanni Jackson has been somewhat of a disappointment again this year but normally picks it up later in the season.

The rest of the team needs to do a bit better but are chipping in the best they can. At least they are not horrendous.


Tied for 5th in the league with 15 errors which isn't bad. 14 plus plays and 2 minus plays. Surprisingly the two minus plays are at 1B and CF, though the CF one can be expected. #1 at stopping SB's, a big plus if you ask me.


This is where the woes seem to be at. SP is actually pretty good. Ok, they are not great but I only expect them to get to the 5th inning or so. The pen is where the biggest let down has been so far.

Mickey Frazier giving up 9 HR's already is no help. The two middle relief lefties has been beaten up badly so far.

Have got no recourse for the time being but to let it progress a little further to see if it straightens out. The problem could be with the schedule, 10 games in a row with the dominate forces can put a damper on anyones party.

After 30 Games



The Pittsburgh Pirates have taken a 5 game lead of the pack after the Cubs go on a 9 game bender. No surprises here so far.


The Philadelphia Phillies have created a 4 game gap but will it be enough. The Baltimore Orioles have not got used to their new digs yet. The Indians are still trying to overcome their horrendous schedule (Pittsburgh, Florida and Salem in a row ) where they didn't play well. While the Mets are being the Mets.


The Florida Marlins have a 6 game lead already which is not surprising. Houston is suddenly trying to stay close.


The Salem Super Sequoias have opened a 7 game lead and may vie for the #1 seed this season. Their division brethren are languishing, especially at home.



The Seattle Mariners are in first today as Detroit is on a 4 game bender. Don't look for any team to be comfy in this division, as all of them may enjoy their time in first place before the season is over.


The Boston Red Sox have corralled an early 6 game lead which is no surprise. Atlanta is still trying to overcome the new expanse, while Dover just can't get things going.


The Tampa Bay Rays enjoy a 1 game lead. Yes, I say enjoy, for a team that hasn't seen the front of the pack in a very long time. Gee, didn't I predict a division crown for them? Louisville will be battling them all season long of course. St Louis and KC are not to be taken lightly of course.


The Colorado Rockies are enjoying their new park and a 6 game lead, but will the pitching hold up there. The rest of the division seem to be malingering, will one of them find the spark to catch them?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The AL

The AL North is going to be a struggle all season long. Don't let the early season fool anyone, they all have a good shot.

The AL East will probably boil down to Boston and Atlanta and both could be in the playoffs.

The AL South could be a mixed bag as KC is not Austin and the silent one returns. Could this be the Rays year to finally bust out?

The AL West could be a hot topic with Colorado and San Diego on the agenda. Opponents will find the sledding very tough in those two parks.

So here comes the guess everyone is waiting for.

1. Boston Red Sox - I think they have the best overall team
2. Colorado Rockies - If the pitching staff holds it together
3. Minnesota Twins - The twinkies come out of hiding
4. Tampa Bay Rays - Dark-horse candidate of the year
5. Louisville Panthers - Just can't leave them out of the mix for some reason
6. Detroit Tigers - I think he has it figured out and the right mix

Who will be right there if someone gets tripped up?

Helena, Anaheim and Seattle of course.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The NL

I haven't had much time to look around, but at a glance this is what I see happening.

1 - Florida Marlins: Looking good as ever.
2 - Salem Super Sequoias: Taken time to get out of the cellar but patience and understanding pays off.
3 - Pittsburgh: The North might get contentious but the Pirates should endure another great season.
4 - Cleveland: Yes, I am picking myself to repeat.

Wild Cards

5 - Texas: Not sure why
6 - Frisco: If they can get by the new stadium issue.

Wild Cards is gonna be a close call in all reality. I see 8 teams that could vie for those two spots easy enough.

Your Season 17 Cleveland Indians

Wow, Indians made the playoffs for the first time last season with a division crown to boot. Been a long time coming! Looks like they failed to do much in the playoffs, that could be due to the lack of coach experience on someones part, but he gave a great effort with both teams. Funny I go on vacation and he puts two teams in the playoffs that had never been and lost in the first round. Hope I can duplicate it only do better in the playoffs.

The coaching staff looks better than last year as we (well I didn't but you know who I mean) only had to replace the bull pen and 1B coach.

The Line Up:

Jose Blanco and Hugh Maloney provide the backstop action. May not be profound hitters but give the pitchers a much needed boost with their defense and pitch calling. My last official act last season was to trade Black Bart. He may have been an on-base machine but really didn't help the pitching staff at all and they need all the help they can get.

1B/LF - Zachrey Jerzembeck and Felipe Mendoza. Mendoza will have a long tenure with the Indians. They are both starting at one position or the other for the time being.

2B/CF - Eswalin James and Mickey Greer. Both are very capable at either position and James can be moved to other places if needed.

3B/LF/RF - Rod Glaus and Trace Wallace. G'son really liked Glaus at 3B against right handed pitchers as his hitting isn't very gracious against lefties. Wallace is on the DL again to start the season, but will be back shortly. Will probably play LF/RF mostly and 3B against lefties.

SS/CF - Maximo Stone and Sean Smalley. Stone was a key pickup in the rule 5 draft as we needed some defensive help at that position. With the departure of Jesus Rivera, who was asking way too much money in arb and was signed for half of what he was asking for by KC so the notes say. I think my stand-in did a great job here.

RF - Giovanni Jackson. He has been a fixture in RF for quite a few years.

CF - Matt Pierce. What can ya say, great at the plate and the field.

LF - The afore mentioned Trace Wallace.

The Pitching Staff:

Tito Gao, Brant Brede, Rico Dali, Pedro Roque and Randy Lamb.

Maybe not the most talented starting 5, but get the job done. Rico Dali was a great cheap FA signing. Maybe I should let my stand-in do baseball and I should take over his B-Ball teams that I pay for....hmmmm

The Pen:

Posiedon Marte, Juan Moraga, Mickey Frazier, Mendy Hughes, Manny Wagner, Hipolito Palacios, Cy Bruske and Karim Pulido.

Hipolito Palacios was made the closer this year, G'son made a great point about that and is 4 for 4 already in the young season.

That is this seasons tribal war party, I don't foresee any changes being made. I think we have a very good chance of repeating this year and the fans are excited.