Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who Has The Best Shot

Since I am busy, my normal thoughts of who will be standing at the end isn't going to be as detailed. Rather than go with out something for everyone to talk about in this stadium, I am choosing the six teams that I think should be there and the order they should be in.

1. Cincinnati Reds: The Reds and Cubs should be in a continuous fight all year. Their biggest disadvantage is the bullpen. I still like them in first place.
2. Atlanta Braves: It isn't going to be easy as three teams in the division won't give up.
3. St. Louis Cardinals: Just because they are best overall team in the division. Doesn't mean they will win as they are in a very tough group.
4. San Francisco Giants: They are the best team in the division on paper, then again paper tigers..err..giants don't always come out on top.
5. Chicago Cubs: The Cubs will be there in the end, they are still that good.
6. San Diego Padres: I give them their just due. Bruce has learned what it takes to win in that park. There could be at least five other teams that say differently. 

1. Kansas City Royals: Try and catch us is their motto.
2. Anaheim Angels: String of good players no one else wants, magic act pulling the rabbit out of the hat.
3. Detroit Tigers: Best team on paper. Yup, them paper Tigers have what it takes. Have I doomed them yet again? Their division is no picnic!
4. Baltimore Orioles: Proved last season they are for real. 
5. Colorado Springs Sky Sox: They have holes in their socks. Just like the team joining them.
6. Boston Red Sox: Their socks have bigger holes. If I tell them the truth, they win it all, go figure. A couple out of the North could wind up here but that is a maybe.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Best of Free Agency Moves

I had time to look over Free Agency moves this morning. Some of them I shook my head over.

Felipe Peralta gets my attention first because he belonged to me. I was a couple thousand short signing him last year and had no way to boost the bottom line to make it happen. He declined the paltry sum he was asking for when I had the chance and even went higher with no success.  I am not sure he is really worth the money San Diego paid for him though as his decline has got to slow down.

Ralph Jackson might be the best value pick for a Type A. Age and ratings are good. His stats seem shaky for some reason.
Wonder how he will do in Montreal.

Pat Hill was a great pick up for Memphis. Contract looks doable because of his age.

Washington did a great job securing the services of Luis Perez. Not sure about him playing 1B but I have seen worse.

Moises Valdes was another good value pick. Not an every day player anymore but can still get quite a few good AB's in with the Angels.

Einar Martin is another good value pick. Decent as a part time catcher and DH. Getting 400 AB's should help the Tigs.

Vasco Rivera was a good pick up. Not sure about it being in Cub land though. He tends to have up and down years, like Paris Hilton.