Thursday, February 26, 2015

Draft Review

1. Brady Duran - Excellent power, good speed.  Health is a concern and durability is a little low, but still the best player in the draft.  Grade: A+ (if he signs)

2. Olmedo Uribe - Excellent control, one excellent and one good pitch, splits are good, no health concerns, but durability is a concern.  He should be a solid # 2/3 starter, but better pitchers were available.  Grade: B+

3.  Derek Gosling - Plus power and speed.  Good splits and eye, but his contact rating is low.  Defense isn't good enough to play SS, but he should be a good 3B.  The second best position player in the draft, so a solid pick.  Grade: A

4.  Shep Rowen - Rowen projects as the best pitcher in the draft.  Excellent control, one excellent and one good pitch, good splits, and no health concerns.  Projects as a solid top of the rotation starter.  Grade: A+

5.  Jean McConnell - One excellent, but only one pitch that is at least above average.  Everything looks good.  Definitely not the second best pitcher in the draft.  Should be a solid #3/4 starter.  Grade: B

6. Rob Rose - ??

7.  Marco Pickering - Really poor contact rating.  Power is above average and plus plus speed, but that contact rating.  Range is a little low for 3B.  Grade: B

8.  Philip Wall - I have him as the third best pitcher in the draft.  Durability is a concern, but no other concerns.  Projects to be a solid #2/3.  Grade: A

9.  Brady Foltynewicz - A little better than Wall who was drafted right before him.  Similar to Wall without the durability concern.  Projects to be a solid #2/3.  Grade: A+

10.  Tanyon Griffin - Probably won't sign, but a nice pick at 10 if he does.  Grade: A (if he signs)

11.  Albert Howell - Excellent speed and range  Contact rating is well below average and no power.  Grade: B+ (if he signs)

12.    Gregg Leach - ??

13.  Alcides Bonilla - Plus plus speed, but mediocre eye and contact ratings.  Doesn't have the range to play CF.  Grade: B

14.  Al Saipe - Excellent pick at 14.  Plus plus power.   He doesnt have the range to play 2B, so I expect him to move to LF.  Grade: A+

15.  Carlos Nunez - Excellent speed and range, but everything else about him is relatively average.  Still better than a few position players selected before him.  Grade: A

16.  Ted May - ??

17.  Edwar Berrios - Splits are too low to be anything more than a long reliever/mop up.  Grade: F

18.  Omar Iglesias - Poor eye and RH split, plus speed, and average power.  Projects to 3B.  Grade: B-

19.  Tony Prince - Excellent speed, and above average power.  Defensively he doesn't have the range or glove to play 2B.  Overall not a bad pick at 19.  Grade: B+

20.  Josmil Aviles - Just if that RH split was better.  Everything else looks great  Projects to a 5/long reliever.  Grade: C

21.  Pat Witt - Good power and speed, but splits and eye are below average.  At 21 its not a bad pick.  Grade: B

22.  Stump Webster - He does have excellent splits, and contact ratings though.  Power is above average, but mediocre for a DH.  Not sure why a team in the NL would draft a DH though.  Grade: C

23.  Jarrod Ducey - Excellent defense.  Really poor LH split, but all other hitting ratings are at least average to above average  This is a very solid pick at 23.  Grade: A (if he signs)

24.  David Nanita - Virtually everything about him is average.  Projects to be a long reliever/mop up.  Grade: D (if he signs)

25.  Jandel Nunnally - Excellent control, and two excellent pitches.  Splits are only average though.  Projects to be a back of the rotation starter, but still a decent pick.  Grade: B (if he signs)

26.  Al Ellis - Excellent pick.  Much better than many of the players before him.  Excellent splits, one excellent and one good pitch, but average control.  Durability is a little low.  Projects to be a #4/5.  Grade: A

27.  Myron Person - Another solid pick.  The splits are only average, control is good, and one excellent and two good pitches.  Projects to be a back of the rotation starter.  Grade: B+

28.  Eric Greenwood - Another solid pick by the Phillies.  He doesn't have the pitches to be anything more than a back of the rotation starter.  Control is excellent, and splits are good.  Grade: B+

29.  Randy Waddell - Excellent control and two excellent pitches.  Wish that RH split was a little better.  Still a solid pick.  Grade: B+

30.  Stefan Borchard - Control issues, and mediocre LH split.  He does have at least three above average pitches.  Projects to be a long reliever.  Grade: B

31.  Dan Foster - Did Dilo forget to rank the prospects because he sucks.  Grade: F

32.  Jack Rothschild - Actually a decent pick at 32.  Power is mediocre for a LF though.  He does have plus speed.  Grade: B

33.  Anthony Chouinard - 3 power.  How does anyone have 3 power?  Grade: D