Saturday, December 14, 2013

It Is That Time Of Year Again

With 5 games to go, it has been one of those seasons. Well, I am not so sure to be honest, I see the results more than anything. So I have finally gotten some free time for the first time in a couple months. The Mets were a confused bunch from the looks of things. Without Felipe Peralta in the lineup they weren't the fearsome bunch they had been. Wasn't my fault he wouldn't resign with the Mets.

What can I say, best pitching staff in the league with the one of the worst offenses didn't get the job done, defense was pretty good though. Winning 1-run games was much better at 28-23 so far, a far cry from last season at 13-24. I even ran a double closer setup, it was simpler since I didn't get to check after each game all the time. 47 saves in 55 opportunities isn't that bad between the pair, too bad the rest of the pen was 8 of 20.

Truthfully, I didn't see the offense being all that bad from the starters. The bench on the other hand looked pretty bad.



Looked like it was the Cubs vs Reds. Reds just can't seem to buy a break when they needed one from the looks of it.

NL East

The Braves that good? Um, not real sure. Phillies made a season of things but need a miracle to make it to the post season and they face the Mets yet, ooh those pink elephants.  So much for a miracle.

NL South

Wow, what a fight it was from the looks of it. Three playoff teams, will it be the Cards and Houston or Rays and Houston or Rays and Cards for the wild cards? It could go either way yet!

NL West

Umm, well, umm..shit! The entire division has said that a couple times I think. Mets could end up with a better record than the division winner, the losing wild card teams definitely have better records.

AL North

Expos back on top, not a surprise though the worst team in the division might be the best one on paper (that was from memory, so don't quote me from that). 

AL East

Could it happen!!!!?  A Red Sox loss and they aren't in the playoffs since...since...when was that again? Kudos O's!

AL South

Here is a surprise. RedBirds over the Royals. Wow!!! Sorry rbjb on the before deadline trade. I think I know what happened. I was in a hurry and you declined my counter then resubmitted the same one, I took it as the same one and hit the wrong button by accident. By the time you sent it again and realized what happened, it was past the deadline. I tried to pass him through waivers, blame the Twinkies for scooping up the rights. Twinkies didn't have the fire power to get him but could have made for a different result in the North.

AL West

Angels, best in the West and the AL. I don't buy it but that is the way it is.

Royals and A's as the wild cards.  Wooop! There it is. Other than a Red Sox loss, they are hanging on by a bloody thread the AL is set.

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