Thursday, September 16, 2010

The AL

The AL North is going to be a struggle all season long. Don't let the early season fool anyone, they all have a good shot.

The AL East will probably boil down to Boston and Atlanta and both could be in the playoffs.

The AL South could be a mixed bag as KC is not Austin and the silent one returns. Could this be the Rays year to finally bust out?

The AL West could be a hot topic with Colorado and San Diego on the agenda. Opponents will find the sledding very tough in those two parks.

So here comes the guess everyone is waiting for.

1. Boston Red Sox - I think they have the best overall team
2. Colorado Rockies - If the pitching staff holds it together
3. Minnesota Twins - The twinkies come out of hiding
4. Tampa Bay Rays - Dark-horse candidate of the year
5. Louisville Panthers - Just can't leave them out of the mix for some reason
6. Detroit Tigers - I think he has it figured out and the right mix

Who will be right there if someone gets tripped up?

Helena, Anaheim and Seattle of course.

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