Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indepth Look At The Indians

Ok, we are 30 games into the season and it is time to look at where things are going wrong. Is it time to tweak a few things? Make personnel changes? Wait a bit longer? Remember, must only analyze against the NL because of the DH factor.


The park parlays some lowered effects quite a bit as it is a relatively odd neutral park. We are above the line which is pretty good in my books. Got to remember we play defense and sacrifice some offense (rather paltry hitting at catcher and SS).

Matt Pierce leads the team with a .377 average, .472 OBP and 7 SB's which I think is good for a lead-off hitter for a non-running team. Not often will you find an upper echelon power hitter in this position.

Felipe Mendoza leads the team in HR's (10), RBI's (30), .685 SLG and 1.103 OPS coupled with a .369 average. Very good for the #4 hitter.

Giovanni Jackson has been somewhat of a disappointment again this year but normally picks it up later in the season.

The rest of the team needs to do a bit better but are chipping in the best they can. At least they are not horrendous.


Tied for 5th in the league with 15 errors which isn't bad. 14 plus plays and 2 minus plays. Surprisingly the two minus plays are at 1B and CF, though the CF one can be expected. #1 at stopping SB's, a big plus if you ask me.


This is where the woes seem to be at. SP is actually pretty good. Ok, they are not great but I only expect them to get to the 5th inning or so. The pen is where the biggest let down has been so far.

Mickey Frazier giving up 9 HR's already is no help. The two middle relief lefties has been beaten up badly so far.

Have got no recourse for the time being but to let it progress a little further to see if it straightens out. The problem could be with the schedule, 10 games in a row with the dominate forces can put a damper on anyones party.

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