Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NL Predictions

NL North

Chicago Cubs: Power house as always with Chatwood and Suzki. The pitching staff has some wear and tear but should be effective. Harry Ramos is chomping at the bit to become the all time Saves leader before the end of the season and we see it probably happening by All-Star break.

Cincinnati Reds: The only team to hit the 100 win total last season in the NL. The core stars are there from last season and starting pitching looks good. The pen is their downfall and could be a show stopper.

Milwaukee Brewers: They look great on paper and compare to both the Reds and Cubs well. Will it come together for them this year is the question. I have doubts about the pitching staff being effective.

Pittsburgh Pirates: They have been rebuilding quietly and quickly. Playing thieves in the FA market made everyone take notice even adding the lefty dynamo I was drooling over in Luis Perez. Pitching could be their downfall as there isn't enough to go round me thinks. They went all in like Toronto once and we saw what happened there.

NL East

Atlanta Braves: A tough cookie to understand and they do it just about every year. This year is a different story as I don't know where it will come from. They will have their moments is about all I will say.

Florida Marlins: A very solid team in the division and could easily scare anybody.

Philadelphia Phillies: They have been the team to beat. This year is no exception.

New York Mets: They are improved over last year providing cheapness to quality vets and adding quality youngsters. Lack of offensive leadership could hurt as there are no stars in the lineup anymore.  A good team that thinks they can compete with the rest in the divisiion. The first twenty games will tell the tale.

NL South

Mexico City Diablos Rojos: They have been a power to be reckoned with the last few seasons. A very solid team ready to do battle once again. The armor on the pitching staff is starting to rust through however and could become problematic.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Cards are a younger version of Mexico City if you ask me. It will be a battle between the two as to ends up on top.

Houston Astros: The Astros make the division race a gruesome threesome just like last year. If something goes bad with the Cards and Devils, they will be there to cleanup the mess for sure. Of course there is the possibility they will out distance those two easily.

Tampa Bay Rays: I would call the team still in rebuild. There are some bright spots but not enough to compete at the moment.

NL West

San Francisco Giants: While everyone one dithering about in FA, the Giants were getting the players they wanted. They are probably stronger than last season.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Always a good team that for some reason can't win. I can't explain that fact whatsoever. This year they look solid once again until you get deep into the the pitching staff and it becomes somewhat so-so.

San Diego Padres: The Giants better be good as the Pads might easily be there in the end. I am not sure it is enough but this division has always had some whacky things happen.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Strong enough to harass anybody and everybody. I don't think they are ready to compete for the title by a long shot. however.

This is a tough one for a pick six, the lottery is easier. The four teams in the North could easily win 90 games and three in the South for that matter add at least one from the West and that doesn't leave much to go around. Someone is going home mad at the end of the season.

1. Cincinnati Reds: I like them as the Cubbies tend to lose a key piece along the way.

2. Mexico City Diablos Rojos:: Just because the Cards are going to fall short again.

3. San Francisco Giants:: Just because they look the best on paper.

4. Florida Marlins:: They just look better in my opinion.

5. Chicago Cubs: Too much power not to be considered.

6. Five teams could easily be in this spot and a toss up that I can't even guess. Pirates, Card, Astros, Brewers, Padres, OH MY!

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