Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun with Random Stats

While pondering the question of who was the best hitter ever, Albert's Johnson or Everett Hill, I spent some time digging through player records for no particular reason. Specifically, I wanted to see what some of the stat records for players were while with one team.  Some random stats:

Teams Without a Player with 300+ HRs In Their Uniform
San Francisco
St. Louis

San Francisco 'wins' the category with Edgar Montero sitting at 207. No active player has cracked the 136 mark (5th on their all time list).

Players with the Most HRs in One Uniform 
Joey Tracy, Cubs - 734
Nomar Cloud, Minn - 668
Harry Cora, Tampa Bay - 661
Colin Kirkland, Minn - 631
Omar Nixon, Cinn - 627

Minnesota is the only team on the list with 2 guys over 500+ HRs, at least as far as I could tell.

Teams Without a Player Winning More than 100 Games In Their Uniform 

I didn't write down who won this category, but multiple teams have no active guy in the top 5, meaning they wont get a shot at cracking 100 for several seasons (although they have active players on the list playing for other teams)

Players with the Most Wins in One Uniform
Ivan's Johnson, Tampa Bay - 402
Alex Matos, Tampa Bay - 257
Pedro DeSoto, Philadelphia - 235
Tim Loewer, Pitt - 224
Yamil, Cinn - 224

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