Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wahoo Warrior Report

The Indians management has been very busy to say the least. Fan approval rating is down a bit though. Things looked really good up to All-Star break. Matter of fact we were hoping to enjoy a good 11 division rivalry for once. That didn't happen, started off well clobbering the Braves in the opener and the final of the four game series. The other two games we just didn't hit. Then came the home-away four game series with the Phills only salvaging the final game of the series. Once again couldn't hit. Then came the Mets and Cardinals and it was more of the same. The problem isn't pitching this year, it is hitting. Delving into the box scores, we came up with the answer and more or less hard to figure out.

We decided to try and find a willing participant before the trade deadline. We found that GM in Arizona who has been plagued by a porous defense all season. Sending GG contenders Deivi Silva and Karim Quevedo along with SP Roy Little. In return we hope we got a superstar 1B in Felipe Mendoza and reliever Mickey Frazier. In our minds and Arizona's, Frazier's contract was bad and sealed the deal. We felt if we could keep him healthy he would be a great addition to the pen however. As for Mendoza, he has been resting and learning in AAA, we hope.

As for Arizona, looks like Quevedo has found a home for sure. Silva also maybe, He has actually hit more home runs in a 13 game span (5) than with us (12) in 103 games. He was actually hitting well until the Indians came to town and went 0 fer 16 in the 4 game series. Let us not forget Little either, two wins and a no decision in three starts. All three look to be corner pieces for Arizona to build on.

Speaking of porous defenses, I didn't think anyone would pass Arizona in the minus play category other than maybe Atlanta. Looks like the Brewers are taking offensive lessons from the Braves and it just isn't working out.

On the defensive front, the Indians broke the NL Plus Play record last night with 95 breaking last years Kansas City mark at 93. Still needing 15 Plus Plays to break Helena's 109 record set last year is a very good possibility. Even with all the Plus Plays chance the Indians will only garner 1 GG and several could be second and or 3rd. Having only 4 Minus Plays, I thought maybe that could break a record also. Checking back, the Cubs only had 5 in season 9, so the chances on breaking or tying that record is probably slim.

Then came the Transaction Deadline, this is always a hopping place after it passes, matter of fact in all the worlds I am in or have been in, it is the best place for shopping. This year was no exception. We weren't looking for pitching, but a particular hitter and we were like kids in a candy store. 6 claims in three days netted us Zachrey Jerzembeck. I think the engine was playing games with us as he is the only player we probably couldn't trade for. The reason more than anything else is money. Just can't get past future and present payroll to make a deal that looks good.

Pablo Castro and Pascual Berroa were the only two ML roster players that we put on the block so to speak. Berroa because he wants too much money to stay in Cleveland and Castro wants to go FA next season. Berroa could be a Type A FA with his stats and abilities. Castro could still be a Type B if his age doesn't catch up with him in the off-season, he hasn't been on the DL since season 7 even with his health. Anaheim claimed Castro and I can see why but seriously doubt he could help. His stats are a bit misleading in all reality as simmy seems to use him as a mop up for some reason.

In a late claim, we got our fingers on Nolan Crawford. We have been trying to get him for two seasons now. Chances of us getting him this year is very slim to non-existent. Not exactly sure why we like him so much, he is kind of over-rated and may not hit well in Cleveland either. His glove has shown no improvement this year, so SS (in our books at least) is very unlikely, but 2B and definitely 3B is very highly possible.

Bad news today as Matt Pierce has hit the 15 day DL with a pulled hammy. That takes a big bite out of the offense and he was chomping at the bit for the upcoming Houston series. Now what to do?

In other trading actions and thoughts from Indians management. The Donald Satou deal to me was a little risky. I think the Cubs may have come out the winners in the deal.
I know Philly was looking for a 5th starter but Anaheim became the clear winner in the Louie Moraga deal. Not sure who the winner is on the KC-Toronto deal.

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