Thursday, April 29, 2010

With 10 To Go

I'll have the Super Dog, fries and a large Miller Draft please! Excitin' for some isn't it? With 10 games to go in the NL, the fate of 5 teams hang in the balance and 2 very good teams are going to be watching from the sidelines once again. The AL is not as complicated as the NL but at least 1 very good team will be watching from the sidelines.

NL North

The Pittsburgh Pirates can claim the title outright with a win or a Cincy loss and the #2 seed. Oh, it will happen BTW.

NL East

The Cleveland Indians has a 5 game lead over Atlanta and 6 games over the Phillies. Both Atlanta and Philly find themselves in a predicament though. Philly gets the unnerving consequences of a 4 game home series with Pittsburgh, Atlanta goes for a 4 game set in St Louis while Cleveland goes to Texas for 4. Both must sweep and hope Cleveland gets swept to have a chance at the division title before the last 6 games.

NL South

The Florida Marlins has claimed the title already and probably the #1 seed.

NL West

The Colorado Rockies have a slim 3 game lead over Salem who got back in the race after taking 3 and almost 4 from Pittsburgh, while the Rockies floundered around losing 4 in Cleveland. Salem has a 4 game home series with the Brewers while Colorado could be in jeopardy with a 4 game home series with Cincy. This one could get quite interesting before it is over.

The Wild Cards

The Cincinnati Reds should end up with the #5 seed easily enough, although they have a tough 10 game road trip with the Rockies, Pirates and Cubs.

The Texas Rangers have it tough as they face the Indians followed by the Marlins at home then 3 games at St Louis.

The Atlanta Braves are in St Louis for a 4 game set then 3 at Cleveland before going home to face the dangerous Mets.

The Philadelphia Phillies have a 4 game set at home with the somewhat slumping Pirates then those dangerous Mets before traveling to Cleveland for the finale.

AL North

As reported earlier, the Blue Jays and Twins will probably decide the outcome of the division title with the final out of the season in Twinkieland. Toronto has a 4 game series in Las Vegas while the Twinkies travel to Boston.

AL East

The Syracuse Sycamores have a 7 game lead over Boston that seems pretty safe but.... With a 4 game series at Durham things could get a little tricky. Boston is at home against the Twinkies in a must win situation.

AL South

The Durham Bulls have claimed the division title, their third in four years. They have yet to claim the #1 seed but can probably do so by at least splitting the series or better with Syracuse.

AL West

The Helena Hot Pockets jumped in front with an 11 game win streak. With a 7 game lead and a 4 game series with Dover things are looking good. It looks even better with Las Vegas in a must win situation at home against Toronto.

The Wild Cards

The Minnesota Twins is in the first runner up spot today, tomorrow that could change with the fight going on in the North.

Both the Austin Fightin' Armadillos and Boston Red Sox are tied for the final slot and both could wind up with the final wild card slots.

Boston could put the Twins to bed in their series while solidifying their claim before facing Dover and traveling to Syracuse. Austin has a 4 game home series with Detroit followed by 3 on the road with Durham and Tampa Bay.

Las Vegas is 5 back while facing Toronto for 4 at home, then off to Omaha and back home to face Helena, their chances look pretty slim.

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