Sunday, April 11, 2010

IFA Market News

Victor Morlan: Helena, P - Great control and splits, pitches are a bit light and awkward. Will the splits progress enough to cover the pitches? For $15M Helena is hoping so.

Jair Bennett: Milwaukee, SS - So the rebuild begins with a $15M wonder boy. I show him a bit weak for SS though but a very strong 3B. Speed and power at the plate, a future star could be in the cards.

Jesus Candelaria: Seattle, P - A lefty that could be a bit weak on the vsR side (always a problem with em) but it shouldn't matter. Control is superb and two pretty good pitches to back it up. For $12.1M it seems to me like a steal.

Cristobal Ramirez - Omaha, SS - A bit mystified here as he was released and picked up by Milwaukee. Maybe lied to by the scouting department? Should be a GG SS. Hitting may not be great but nothing to sneeze at for a good defensive SS. A $10M waste?

Manuel Mercedes: St. Louis, P - His health may have scared a lot of teams away. The theme of the year though as another lefty finds his way on to a roster. If he stays healthy and develops, should be one of the better lefties. Take a chance for $7M.

Yuniesky Megias: Salem, P - His control turned a lot of teams off. For a cheap 6.3M though, he may have everything else working for him.

Juan Espada: St. Louis, C - A tad light in the glove and PC is above average. Hitting for power is pretty good even with average contact. Overall a decent player for $5M.

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