Sunday, February 6, 2011

Little Rock

Little Rock is actually one of the toughest places to play and the easiest at the same time. It can take a while to develop a team to play there however. I have a team in another World that plays there and they are a very good team but suffer the same problems as my Indians this year, Horrendous at 1-run losses (13-26).

Little Rock is a homer and hitting paradise, so it takes a good hitter with power to play there. A very good Eye and Contact is a must with above 50 splits and better. Switch hitters don't seem to do all that well either.

Defense can be rough, so outfield needs to be strong along with corner infield.

Pitching has to be somewhat top notch. High control, decent splits and at least two good pitches in the 1 and 2 slots. Control below 50 will not work at all. Control 50 to 60 will work if they have 70 splits with three good pitches. I suggest control in the 80's and above. Above all else with pitchers in Little Rock, Ground Ball/ Fly Ball needs to be high, anything below 65 is not good. Believe it or not, I have success with pitchers in Little Rock with 80+ control, 80 Fly Ball, first two pitches in the 70's with low 40 splits. Regardless of how good a staff you put together, they will give up a lot of long balls here.

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