Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top IFA's

Javier Jimenez, P, Texas Rangers. $22.1M: Oh WoW! Worth that much, me thinks not. Yes he will be a starter. Will have control in the 80's, nice splits, heavy ground ball, and a very nice pitch 1 and 3. Pitch 2 will cause some problems. Scouting sees him at a 79 overall if everything goes well, others probably see him in the 80's. I would say he will tap out at about 74 or 75.

Manuel Camacho, SS, Baltimore Orioles. $17.3M. A good buy for sure! A SS? not in my books, a sure GG 3B though. Hitting wise, he should be tremendous. Scouting sees his potential overall at an 86, I am thinking he will tap dance at 80.

Felipe Peralta, SS, Wichita Weasels. $14.1M. Bats left, throws right...hmmm... I don't see him as a SS, doesn't look like the glove will get much better if at all. Arm might be a little faulty also. Has lots of power with a bat in hand, but the less than average contact and barely above average eye won't scare the good pitches much. If it was me he would play 3B and maybe CF. Since he does have the range and hard to find hitting abilities at SS , he wouldn't be totally awful at playing SS so I wouldn't rule it out. Scouting shows his overall at 80, since he is already a 73 I don't see much improvement at all, so I would say 75 is about it.

Bernie Sosa, P, Kansas City Royals. $12.4M. Over spent if you ask me. He will have good control, good splits, ground ball, heavy velocity but only 1 pitch. May work in KC though. Scouts tell me he projects to a 78 overall, but what I see, if he makes it to a 70 I would be impressed.

Byung-Hyun Chong, P, Colorado Rockies. $11.3M. Outstanding pickup I think except for the fact it is Coors Field. Has all the tools to be a shutdown Closer for most teams. That Fly Ball rating is tempting fate in the Rockies, but a batter must first hit the ball and that could be a problem. Scouts see him as an 81. If he gets close to the projections 81 is about right.

Andres Carrasquel, SS, Houston Astros. $11.1M. KJD must be listening to ABBA. Should be good enough to play SS even with a weak glove because of his hitting. The low durability hurts even at the bottom of the lineup the trainers might be helping him on and off the field around game 100. The below average contact doesn't help. Even with that my scouts see him at 85 overall, but if he makes it to 75 he should be checked for beefeater pills.

Trenidad Nieves, C, San Diego Padres. $10M. Padres are gonna try to develop a power DH for the catcher role. At home might be worth a shot, not sure about on the road. The pitch calling and makeup just plainly turns me off. Scouts see him at a 75, may tap the plate at 68.

David Castro, C, Dover Dung Beetles. $9.6M. Ok, he isn't a catcher, just an expensive DH. If he stays healthy the AL has another power hitter to worry about. Scouts see him at 78, I would be surprised if he gets past 70.

David Tamura, P, Toronto Blue Jays. $9.1M. Control is gonna be a little weak, but splits and pitches aren't all that bad for a 3 pitch guy. Going on the DL for a year is gonna hurt a lot. Will he pull out of it and make it to the ML level is the question now.

Robinzon Aguilera, 1B, San Diego Padres. $8M. Defensively challenged a bit for 1B but I have seen worse. His hitting style should save the day however. Not a bad pickup for the money.

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