Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Race Is On


With 12 games to go things are kind of wild in the NL. The number 1 seed has yet to be decided and 4 teams are still contenders. All 4 division winners can have the uncommon distinction of reaching 100 wins or more. That is something that has occurred only once, season 1. As it breaks down at the moment:

1. Florida Marlins (99-51): South Champ. Seemingly had the number 1 seed wrapped up, but the loss of Cora has pushed them into a bit of a tailspin. Schedule isn't tough but not easy either and needs only 1 win to reach 100.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates (97-53): North Champ. Currently holds the number 2 seed by 1 game. 3 wins should be rather easy as the schedule isn't overly demanding.

3. Salem Super Sequoias (96-54): West Champ. Currently holds the number 3 seed. 4 wins to reach 100, schedule says it should be easy.

4. Philadelphia Phillies (94-56): East Champ. Currently holds the 4 seed. 6 wins to reach 100. With two 3 games series against Cleveland and Baltimore on the horizon, you would think 100 wins is a foregone conclusion. But the naysayers have a warning, preplayoff series against Florida first! Bookie line is 8-5 against 100 wins BTW!

Wild Card

5. Wichita Weasels (85-65): Currently hold the 5th spot by 3 games and 4 games. Did the 14 inning loss against the Indians leave them doubting?

6. Milwaukee Brewers (82-68): Currently holds the 6th spot by 1 game. Talk about a tough schedule! 9 games left against division champs, just plainly brutal.

7. Houston Astros (81-69): Definitely in the mix as they have the easiest schedule, 9 games with cellar dwellers. Bookies are giving good odds in taking the 5 seed BTW.

New Orleans, Chicago and Cincy are not mathematically out of the picture but entertaining the notion of overtaking the other three is a bit preposterous at this time.


The AL is a hotbed of contention with only two divisions with a clear winner at the moment. Believe this, a 100 win team is not in the cards for the AL, that has only happened two times, way back in seasons 6 and 7.

1. Seattle Mariners (88-62): Currently hold the number 1 seed. The Detroit Tigers are only 3 back.

2. Boston Red Sox (86-64): East Champs. Ok, maybe a little early to declare them officially but 12 games to go with a 10 game lead makes it pretty obvious.

3. Anaheim Angels: (83-67): 3-7 in the last 10, Helena Hot Pockets had a chance to close the gap but their own 4-6 record did little to help their situation.

4. St. Louis Cardinals: (78-72): South Champs. Improving the seeding doesn't look like an option and resting players may be a top priority.

Wild Card

5. Detroit Tigers (85-65): Still in the hunt for the North crown and the number 1 seed. Could be a wild finish.

6. Helena Hot Pockets (80-70): West crown is still in sight, just need to win Baby!

6. Toronto Blue Jays (80-70): A 3 game win streak has them grinning and a worried look in Helena.

Atlanta Braves (76-74), San Diego Padres (76-74), and Colorado Rockies (75-75): All three are within striking distance of the 6th seed.

What could happen in the AL is anybodies guess. Will a team suddenly get hot or will it be a moribund finish?

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