Thursday, May 19, 2011


Boston and San Diego split the opening series. That may sit very well with the Padre contingent as the teams move to the West Coast.

Helena took two from Kansas City on the road. The KC offense was no where to be seen but things could easily turn around.

The Phillies took two tight ones from Houston at home. The Astros look to avenge those losses with a Minute Maid moment.

The Dodgers split with Salem. The Dodger faithful has hope against their much hated rivals.

Don't call this a lobby..just an eye opener

Does Everett Hill deserve the NL MVP? He may from a Houston standpoint but does his number stand out? Last year he split time between Toronto and Florida and put up similar numbers. Juan Carrasquel put up similar numbers to Hill and his usual stats for Pittsburgh. In my mind those are the two best hitting wise in the NL.

Bart Ross in the AL seems like a shoo-in but will voters be generous with his AB ability even though he has a .411 average? If not I would assume the two DH's would be out also and leave the competition to Pepe Feliz and Lee Coleman.

Ivan Johnson is one hell of a pitcher and is used to the best of his ability. But looking over Mitch Knotts numbers in Houston gave me reason to change my mind for the NL Cy Young.

Winston Maxwell with his team and park made him the best he could be and that can't be denied. I think the AL Cy Young should be his.

AL Rookie of the Year has me postulating. Justin Shouse put up good numbers but is he really that good? The WHIP kinda scares me off. The Senators had too many lobbyists for where to put Felipe Montero but got my vote. I am still trying to figure out how Blade Gates got to 540 AB's without collapsing.

NL Rookie of the Year was much easier, Felipe Peralta.

By popular belief, the Mets will not have the #1 pick next year I don't think. I believe the Orioles will win that prestigious honor once the dust settles.

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