Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playoff Races or Lack There Of


Believe it or not with 36 games to go the NL is pretty much sewed up already. The only thing left is who will be in what seed.

#1 - The Pittsburgh Pirates have a 1 game lead over the Houston Astros and 2 games over the Florida Marlins.

#2 - Either the North winner or the South winner as it stands at the moment.

#3 - Salem Super Sequoias are solidly in this slot at the moment but could make a run at either of the other two seeds but could wind up as far down as the 6th seed.

#4 - Philadelphia Phillies could even move up to challenge for the upper seeds but can't do no worse than this slot.

#5 - Will be the loser of the South as it stands at this time.

#6 - The Los Angeles Dodgers are firmly entrenched here with a 14 game lead but could move up by overtaking Salem.

Manager of the Year Nominations: dylandash and VL: Why? The Astros weren't expected to be in 1st place in the South though a playoff team. The Dodgers were a playoff team also but wasn't expected to compete for the crown.


This is where the fun begins.

#1 - The Seattle Mariners can claim this spot already in my books. Though mathematically it is 24. I don't foresee Anaheim winning 36 in a row, so in reality 14 should work well and maybe even less than that.

#2 - The Anaheim Angels have zoomed into this seed but it is not a very comfortable lead at all. They still have to stay ahead of Helena and the rest of the usurping pack.

#3 - The Atlanta Braves are penciled in but they must stay ahead of the Kansas City Royals as well as the division pack where only 8 games separates them. They could get hot and move up to the #2 seed also.

#4 - The Kansas City Royals are penciled in here also as they must stay ahead of the surprising Little Rock Heads who just won't go away. They still have a chance to move all the way up to the #2 seed also.

#5 - The Helena Hot Pockets exist here for the time being. They could actually get hot and move all they way up to the #2 seed.

#6 - The San Diego Padres and Boston Red Sox currently sit in this position. Either could still win their division or stay at home for the post season.

Chasing the Wild Cards are a host of others plus some are still chasing the division crown also.

Dover Dung Beetles and Colorado Rockies: Both are one game behind the #6 seeds and Dover is only 4 games behind Atlanta.

Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers: Both are 2 games behind the #6 seed and the only way they can get in is to capture a wild card.

Washington D.C. Senators: Only 8 behind Atlanta and 5 behind the #6 Seed. If they figure out their road woes they can still be a factor.

The Twins, Rays and Rangers would need a monumental win streak to get into the free-for-all.

Manager of the Year Nominations: dakar, hatton98, robertbaron, maddyjack, VegasBombers: Why? Dakar has Seattle playing like the superstars they are. Hatton98 has the Braves in first place and really weren't on the radar at the beginning of the season. Robertbaron has upped the game in Little Rock and has them in position for a run after a 108 loss season last year. Maddyjack took over a good team from a surprising disappearance act and was hampered by missing out on the beginning of the season but still has them in contention. VegasBombers had 100 loss season last year and in first place this year.

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