Friday, July 8, 2011

The First Pick in the Draft

With the first pick of the Season 20 Draft, the New York Mets select .....? Well, I figured it was going to be simple. The highest rated players decided to be a fallout in their background. They would have to be really good for me to take one of those and I don't really see the potential awesomeness I was looking for. I was really looking for a right handed number 1 for sure starter. Most of you know how I rate first round picks, if the current to projected is more than 25 points there is a screw loose. I have narrowed it down to four suspects however and haven't really decided as of yet.

Kris Sisler - I think he could be a good starter but I question his ability to project to his control and his splits could wind up short. His pitches look pretty decent. His durability is a plus. But still my thoughts regale him to bottom of the rotation to a long reliever and spot starter.

Lloyd Bass - Projects into a decent enough starter. I am not thrilled with his GB/FB. His 5th pitch could possibly be dropped which is a plus. I think he could be a very nice #3.

Miguel Montanez - Looks to be the prime closer of my draft board. Everything looks great though his splits might be light.

Marc Redman - Has doubles hitting power or light home run power..whichever. Great eye, splits and contact. His projecteds in hitting should be relatively easy to make. 2B is quite possible though he projects to a weak ranged CF which I think is very unrealistic. Big downfall is makeup and by his picture it wouldn't hurt to wear some.

Having the first pick and needing the best player available, I will have to take Marc Redman. I guess I have made up my mind. Now Baltimore can make up their minds.

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