Friday, July 8, 2011

The IFA Market

There has been a couple high priced deals made all of a sudden. So here is a quick rundown.

Del Alvarez was paid $19.7M by the Kansas City Royals. For a 1B has awful questionable abilities and probably will never play the position. Watch him light up the scoreboard as a DH however.

Rating: A

Asdrubal Olivares was hired by the St. Louis Browns for $9.3M. A relative price for a very good pen pitcher. Most owners prefer a smoker as a closer however and Olivares lacks that ability, though in my estimation the only thing he lacks. So his life story will be written by Willie Makeit and Illustrated by Betty Dont.

Rating: A

Alexi Martinez was taken from the market by the Boston Red Sox for $7.2M. 2B is probably out of the equation but RF looks legit. Most of the wide eyes by the Sox however is in his bat which may or may not pan out.

Rating: B to B+

Philip Hoover became another Dover Dung Beetle acquisition for $5.4M. Defensively he could be that much sought after CF. His plate ability might bring mixed results however.

Rating: B-

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