Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mets at 30

Well Mets fans, the season has reached the 30 game milestone. We believe! Although we are quite kornfused of late. We were ready to make it to .500 when disaster struck. Bewildered is more like it. Winning 8 of 10 and going to Charlotte for a 3-game seemed more than probable. Suddenly the offense died for no apparent reason. Scoring 1 run in the 3-game set left us aghast especially having to go home and face the Pirates. That series looked a lot better in the papers as we let one of those get away.

A look at the offense:

Chun-Lim Satou went into a slump with the rest of the team which saw his batting average drop 40 points. His play at 3B has been good.

John McInerney has been an inspiration this season. Batting .391 and is always ready to play his best in the field like I thought he could if he made his milestones. Hopefully he may even get better. He also leads the team in home runs at this point in the season.

Dan Radke has played well in the field but his plate activities is highly sub-par this season so far.

Tomas Guerrero plays an okay 1B but where is team leading hitting from last year? If it wasn't for his ability to walk he would be riding the bench.

Domingo Jose was brought in the be the hole hitter and really hasn't disappointed. Leads the team in RBI's.

Clarence Valentin was signed late in FA and hasn't disappointed. Second in batting average and tied for second in home runs does have us very excitedly baffled. We really brought him in to be a backup for several positions but decided to play him full time mostly in CF instead.

Pedro Johnson wasn't out choice for the starting SS position but his bat changed our minds.

The catching duo of Rob Webster and Gary Stanley has worked surprisingly well so far.

The bench has been good in the field but at the plate they call for seconds and sit down.

We knew we might have problems with the pitching staff but they haven't really been all that bad. Though some room for improvement as a couple may not see a roster spot by the end of the season if things don't change.

George Atkins who won 15 games last season is off to an 0-4 start. He lost his confidence in his first game I think as he lost a 1-0 decision. The offense just hasn't given him much help when he is on the mound.

J.D. Kennedy was our choice in the FA market. His preseason pitching was horrible and was demoted to the pen at the beginning of the season. That didn't last long as he was horrible there also. When the original #5 starter had a less than stellar first start he was put into the rotation and has gone 4-0 in 5 starts.

Don Zhou was suppose to help us late in the game but never lived up to the billing and literally sucked. After a bit of a change in thinking he has calmed down and has started pitching as we had hoped.

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