Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Season, New Rich Kids

The highlight of the off-season comes in the form of the Free Agents seeking absurd amounts of money for their services. So who achieved Nirvana in the weak market?

Jesse Brennaman was paid $12.1M for a four year deal by Toronto. Seems like a can't miss deal but then for some reason Toronto always ends up on the bad end of the terms for some reason.

Howie Drabek was nabbed by Florida in a relatively cheap contract, about $5M in a five year deal. However the $10M upfront cash makes this an unusual mating.

Clark Key garnered a five year deal for $8M by Mexico City, who you would think won the lottery. I think so anyway as I figured he would go over 10M a year.

Bernie Castillo was paid nicely for his bull pen services by Tampa Bay.

Santiago Mangual felt he hit the lottery as he garnered a three year deal for more than $6M a year for his aging services in the Boston bull pen.

Those that didn't serve an A in Free Agency but still reaped the benefits?

Vernon Leach was paid $5M for a four year deal by Minnesota. Maybe not a prolific player but his speed and multi-position capability will help a team in need.

Danys Candelaria got a cheap one year deal in Boston. This may have been the steal in the market.

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