Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seaatle Wins!

For three seasons in a row now Seattle was the best team in the AL but met with terminal stymied cataclysm in the previous two. Third time is a charm they say and so it was that Seattle overcame their fears and delivered unlike the misfortune of the Buffalo Bills. As predicted it was a hard fought series: Two 1-run games, four two-run games, two extra inning games, and three in a row ending at 6-4. I actually expected fewer runs scored, but the theme of four seemed to resonate with a loud bang. As predicted the better offense proved to be the dimensional upshot.

How tough was it? The AL Cy Young winner, Winston Maxwell, started two games and never finished 5 innings in either start but only allowed two runs. Ivan Johnson didn't fare all that well either as he had four appearances giving up six earned runs with three long balls.

Congrats Seattle!!!

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