Friday, September 2, 2011

Post Season Awards

Murray Ramsey won the NL MVP award almost unanimously and I believe deservedly so. Might not be so hot at stealing bases and his fielding was a bit undeservingly sub-par but the best choice.

The AL MVP award went to Raul Izquierdo in a hectic voting frenzy. I am a little miffed also as he is a one dimensional player. Hard to vote for a DH in my books. Especially one who only led the league OPS and doubles. In my thinking, the multitalented Pepe Feliz was a much better choice though his average wasn't up to snuff for a MVP.

The NL Cy Young was not won by Ivan Johnson who had an under-performing season. Rumor is he kept having a recurring crotch cricket problem which caused some severe on and off field problems. According to a leaked source from the league office, they were looking into possible infractions in Mexico City where IJ's younger sister who accompanied him on a trip got into a drunken orgy with several Red Devils at a local (ummm) cantina. The problem surfaced a few days later the first time. However it was learned that she was a shave-tail and led to a rather hairless end. After several recurrences of the problem, the wife, sister and hotels have all been ruled out. DNA evidence seems to have proven criminal activity however.

Reagan Mathews did win the coveted award however. Omar Elcano had the resume' to win the award again also but the votes went to Reagan. Which was actually better? The cagey veteran or the youngster. I chose the youngster because he put up some real good numbers on a team that wasn't great.

Winston Maxwell won the AL CY Young award hands down. IMO he wins the award because of the stadium and team. Truth be told Shaggy Stratton had a better season if you consider team and stadium also.

The Rookie of the Year voting was a bit mystical as it was shared in both leagues. I had a very hard deciding also. The AL had two pitchers, one a starter the other was used in long relief. Both were good so maybe they both deserved to share. Hmm, call in IJ's sister to break the deadlock maybe. In the NL, well we just had to vote on who we thought was the best. It wasn't an easy choice as none were what you would call outstanding.

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