Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last season there wasn't anything to crow about for "Diamonds in the Rough". This year however there was a couple that caught our attention.

Pete Brooks, P, Philadelphia Phillies: Drafted in the ninth round of this years draft scouts have determined that he could have been a late first round pick.  Has the ability to be a real good setup man, long or short.

Pablo Cruz, P, Minnesota Twins: Signed as an IFA late last season. Now has the ability to be a quality end of rotation starter or long reliever. Not bad for a $250K signing.

George Taylor, P, Kansas City Royals: He was an 11th round pick in last years draft. Jury is still out if he can really make a ML roster as a setup man but we think it is possible.  Splits are still a little on the low end but the control and pitches could cover those up quite a bit.

Scooter Ventura, 3B, Washington D.C. Senators: Was drafted in the 9th round of the season 20 draft. Still young enough to make the grade in a backup role. Has the ability to play a great 3B but only moderate skills at the plate which could hamper him.

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