Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who Helped Themselves

The Marlins..errr Mermaids look quite healthy if you ask me.

The after All-Star division scramble saw quite a bit of shock and awe between bitter rivals. Who helped themselves the most?

NL North

The Pirates went 8-3 against the rivals putting them in the thick of things once again. The Cubs meanwhile floundered as the DL stays a hot topic.

NL East

The Mets went 10-1 in the division securing Head-to-Head against all the division rivals. The Phillies got hot after their debacle with the Mets but ended up losing ground in the end.

NL South

The Marlins stayed hot and continued their dominance. The Astros continued their sluggin way to secure the first Wild Card slot.

NL West

Salem stayed hot extending their winning streak and a 9-2 division recap. The D'Backs may have stopped the Salem win streak but three losses  to them didn't boost their confidence either but remain alive for a shot at a Wild Card.

AL North

The Expos became the surprise winner putting themselves into the thick of things. Detroit looked good against the Jays but it went down hill from there. The Twins hit every other day win which didn't exactly help their cause.

AL East

The Red Sox took three of four from Dover and became the clear winner but was rather unconvincing in doing so.

AL South

The Rays rattled the Heads and brought their 9-2 record to bear. Looks like it could be a tough battle to the end.

AL West

The Shy Sox mashed their division foes 9-2 and keep sailing to the number 1 seed.

Top Ten Teams at the moment

1. Salem - Even though they are tied I give them the nod.
2. Florida
3. Colorado
4. Houston
5. New York
6. Tampa Bay
7. Little Rock
8. Pittsburgh
9. Minnesota
10. Anaheim   

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