Saturday, May 26, 2012

Twenty To Go!

That is right baseball fans, the season is down to 20 games to go. Seems like it has been a long season for some reason, for some too long maybe. What is on tap for our sports connected minds for the remainder of the season.  Actually it isn't as exciting as past seasons as only 7 teams in each league look to have a viable shot. What? No 4-way tie for the final playoff spot? Awwww----Shucks!!

NL North

Cubs are up by 2 games over the Pirates and  5 over the Brewers. This one could get rather exciting looking at their schedules. Other than a round robin between them the Cubs have to face Houston and Florida, meanwhile the Pirates and Brewers only face Salem.  This one could actually have a surprise ending as two of the three will get to the playoffs.

NL East

The Mets are pretty much in control, needing only 6 for a division wrap and are fighting for the #3 seed.

NL South

Florida is in no matter what but still need 7 for a division wrap, but how hard are they gonna try holding on to the #1 seed is the question. Houston is pretty much in also needing a few wins to seal the #5 seed again.

NL West

Salem has had the crown wrapped up for sometime but are still in the hunt for the #1 seed.

AL North

The Twins are sneaking away but the Expos are giving chase which may be too little too late.  Never fear stranger things have happened before.

AL East

The Red Sox have distanced themselves from the Beetles. 9 games is a lot to make up with 20 to go but not out of the question.

AL South

The Rays blew by the Heads who have tried to get back in it without success, but chances look good they are both playoff bound.

AL West

The Sky Sox have walked away with the division and the #1 seed this year. The Angels and A's are both fighting each other for the final playoff spot and that could get ugly.

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