Friday, June 6, 2014

Just Something To Write About

You know I was thinking the other day about all kinds of things to write. I decided that it wasn't all that funny, well could be. Like Dakar moving from Seattle to Montreal because his old lady got tired of his Puget Sound in bed, so much better in French. I liked Tyler admitting he was born on Flag Day, that makes him a back to school special delivery. I saved a bundle switching insurance companies by the way, no car, no house and my gas budget is a hell of a lot cheaper. Need to build a a gazebo or something, it is hell grilling in the rain.

Oh well, time to get to the nitty-gritty. I was looking my team over and pondering the fate of my players. A little funny in a way as I started looking at their stats and found them quite equal to their ratings. I scratched my head at the preponderance and wondered why the team stunk the Big Apple up.  I looked over the rest of the teams in my division and had no answer to be truthful.

The Mets as a whole are better than Atlanta in my books, the standings don't show it however. Philly might be better here and there but not a real powerhouse. I like the Marlins overall in comparison but their weakness resides in starting pitching. The Braves fail because the bull pen isn't good enough. I am debating my own short sightedness as I think the Mets were three players short of contending. I have been putting one player in the wrong place in the lineup for several seasons. Not finding the right player is my own stupidity and actually not so easy, maybe next year. Could that one player make a thirty game difference?

I am at a loss in Arizona as well, yeah I leaned toward the Giants in the preseason. There are certain factors that I base my predictions on and not a player by player breakdown comparrison unless it is so tight when I make my choice. I am still waiting on new stadiums to be updated, I can't figure out what the hold up is there. Would be nice getting out of Shea, just the name change and dimensions would be satisfying.

It wouldn't be right not picking on Bruce...close enough for once.

Pratt and Brian are having a hoe-down fighting over first place and the #2 seed. Um, maybe they should pay more attention to the Phils, they could sneak into the second round unmolested.  Cubs missing the playoffs? How?

Dakar is sleeping through the rest of the season and Vegas just needs to make sure there isn't a collapse. Several dingle berries holding on for those wild card spots in the AL. Nothing guaranteed in the NL wild card either, though the South in both divisions have the K-Y ready just in case.


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