Friday, May 23, 2014

The All-Star Break

No Brian, Bruce didn't hack my account. I love Bruce for so many reasons besides being easy to pick on...he is my hero. Oh to be young and drunk again with what I know now.  Oh wait, I probably wouldn't waste my money getting drunk... there are far much better pleasures to be had theses days. ;)

The season has shaped up to be boring in a few ways. Erf most generally went with zero in the international fund. I asked him about that once. He said he didn't want to fight over them and got tired of the mail. Though I got confused when it was time to rebuild and he started putting cash toward the International sector. He always seemed to snag a good prospect in the draft with a last first round pick. Of course there is no way to actually prove it. I think if you spend 12M in scouting you are guaranteed a good top five to ten pick from your board even if you draft last. Just have to get the board right.

AL North

Expos are cruising to the title. 22 more wins and the Twinks and Blinks would need to win seventy percent of their games just to catch up.

AL East

This was a muddled mess for much of the early season. Okay, so nothing has changed and it looks like the last team standing will win.

AL South

I thought this was going to be a four team race. KC and Memphis are gonna duke it out it appears. Like I said, the Heads are young and could struggle. I expected the Ranger to be a lot closer than they are.

AL West

Wondrous surprise seeing the Sky Sox challenging instead of that team from the upper north country.

Overall, it could be one gigantic melee for the final wild card spot.

NL North

Will another injury put a flat in the Reds this season? The Cubs will need it.

NL East

Braves made a statement early but their tomahawk got chopped. Wholck is out stroking his boys everyday to the last drop. Lookout, his arm is getting tired. Go Marlins Go!

NL South

Enough of Mexico City and the water, Brian wants in on the act this season.

NL West

Who is your daddy? Davis has his big gun buried in three girlfriends and they are all past due. The Big Daddys are cheerin for him though.

Two wild cards and five possible teams, looks like a wild finish here as well. 

Johnnie Motte, remember him? Well, the Rangers finally got him signed. Might be a weak SS but there is no denying he is a big dick..ooops I mean stick. He gets the A+ grade from me.

The Blue Jays spent $14M on a lefty closer in Jimmie Baez. A bit much if you ask me but looks well worth the money.

Ernesto Romero yanked $13M however from Milwaukee. Maybe the right amount, he is no superstar that is for sure.

Harry Rincon was signed by the Pirates for $13M. Romero may have been the better choice for the money. Rincon is a sure starter though just not great.

The Pirates also picked up Pasqual Arcia for $8.1M. Don't look now, the Pirates spent a boatload less and got a better player I think.

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