Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another New Season Underway

Yup, season 32 kicks into high gear. I have to laugh as there hasn't really been much to write about as of yet. I still like to hear you all gripe about coach hiring. I did too for a long time and so many changes but still a mess. I have a plan to fix it for the most part but is long and detailed. Basically it involves freezing coaches to the type they are and allow development within the organization but need to add the other type of coaches to the minors as well and not zoom the money concern at the same time.

The biggest gripe I have ever had was the Bench Coach at the ML level. A position every coach wants to be truthfully in real life but nothing more than a gopher for the most part here. Why spend more than the minimum on a guy that might coach five to ten games during a season at the ML level? The help section says he is about worthless at the ML level but important in the minors, so why pay a fortune on one. If I don't have an adequate guy in the minors or find one in the minors, I wait to near the end and find something rather cheap to throw in the slot.

Speaking of being near the end of the coach hiring cycle, I looked over what is available at the ML level. Some good cheap coaches available already. Makes me wish I didn't rehire my Bull Pen Coach as I could have made an upgrade for an extra 500K, oh well. I only allocated 10M for coaching and I got one of the best staffs I have had in years. I wondered where I was gonna find a 3B Coach, it took some effort as I found him wanting a BC job. Yeah, I had to overpay to get him at 3B but I think it was worth it.

I thought hiring coaches was going to be difficult but somehow I think allocated money dictates who looks for a new job sometimes. My returning BC wanted big bucks he didn't get and no one else wanted him either. So long, so! My Hitting Coach decided to look around, I met his offer and he took it right off the bat. Hey, he brings a lot of good attributes to the plate, puns intended. I do wonder if Loyalty plays a roll.

Marco Allen was jacking off in AA and I decided he would make the perfect BC. Not as disciplined as I like but can't have everything in a gopher, at least he has a good understanding of pitching.

If you ask me, the most important coach at the ML level is the FI and good ones are usually in short supply.

The bad part about coach hiring, if one is snagged for a BC job, he is going to take it no matter what. Has anybody tried to offer less money than their asking price for another position and they take it?

The Mets are still in a bit of flux as of yet. I am rather optimistic about our chances at the moment.  I am working on the defense aspect as I was dissatisfied with last years performance. Then again, some of it was my fault caused by an injury and wanting a bat in the lineup that didn't work out.  It may have caused a few losses but nothing to help get to the playoffs. We had 25 minus plays last year, most of those caused by the pitching staff, not much I can do about that. 98 errors could have been avoided and been in the low 80's easy enough. We led the league in passed balls, big deal as the offense generated overcame those.

I normally go with defensive catchers to help the pitchers be their best. Last year I had a tandem that are rather so-so defensively but together equal a good power hitter. Give and take I suppose.

I haven't actually decided on an actual lineup as of yet but pretty much have the starters down pat.

C - Terry Constanza and Chip Knepper. May not be the best defensive pair but together are a pretty nice hitting force.

1B - Leo Rodney. Age hasn't exactly been kind this year but it is the last year of his contract.

2B - Jim Conner. I am hoping he has a better season at the plate. I was rather surprised at his defense however.

3B - Brutus Mora or Jamie Beltre. I haven't made up my mind. Probably Beltre and Mora will play RF.

SS - Carlos DeSoto. Defensive minded and does a good job, just wish he could hit something with a bat other than the mascot. This where I got in trouble last year when Valentin went down with an injury.

LF - Paul Chiba. I acquired him in FA for this position as Ronny Gant  has lost the ability somewhat. This does present a problem however.

CF - Eric Wheat. He proved he could play the position after he was acquired in a trade late last season.

RF - Ronny Gant. He is penciled in at the position but there is little chance he will play there as he doesn't have the ability to play OF anymore in all reality. There is a good chance he will play 1B and Rodney offered for trade. I haven't made up my mind as of yet.

Darryl Palmer. He is left to play jack of all trades and on the hot seat if someone better shows up.

Pitching on the other hand is a myriad of  fielding incompetence. Their pitching isn't really all that much better most of the time and I just sit around shaking my head.

Harry Rodriguez. Can be good or lousy, not bad for a lefty though.

Matthew Ford. If he just had some better pitches his red hair wouldn't look so comical.

Nicholas Weaver. Better control would help but a better PC catcher could be the answer.

Rich Faulk. Should be the ace of the staff but bad luck always rears its ugly head.

Joaquin Romano. What can you say, he is at best a AAAA player with a short life span. Isn't exactly horrible though.

Fausto Castillo. We cringe anytime a lefty comes to the plate.

Brian Grim. Has been a stalwart in the pen.

Ubaldo Rijo. He isn't as bad as he looks. Do need an inning eater at times.

Alex Mesa. Acquired in FA just to prove the last guy isn't that bad.

Max Galarraga. Claimed off waivers, why? Your guess is a good as mine. Maybe we needed some one to roll the ball over the plate to fool the hitters. We hope he survives the season because he is cheap.

Fausto Candelaria. We are hoping he turns out to be the mid relief shut down guy.

Matt Wallace. We have hopes, he has dreams. Now if he doesn't trip over the rosin bag we will see what he has to offer.

Leon Clements. We really wanted to keep him the minors for another season but... We really needed another short guy in the pen.

F.P. Creek. He has lived in Sherm Brock's shadow long enough and Sherm was asking for too much to stay, ask Bruce.

There is a good chance that one or two of these guys will find their way back to the minors or the waiver wire before the season starts.

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