Thursday, March 17, 2011

EMSN International Report

True Luck Duck reporting from Miami where two International prospects showed off their talents today to prospective teams. So who will shell out the big bucks for these two interests?

The first is Alex Caballero who considers himself a 2B by trade, we think, as the interpreter was having trouble with his stunted Cuban accent. His age may also be in question as papers indicate he is 20 but could actually be 24.

After watching his drills the report card looked like this for 2B:

Range: C-
Glove: C-
Arm: C-
Speed: D

Plate awareness: B
Power: C

Medical Info: B
Notes: Seemed very annoyed when things didn't go his way.

Asking around with other scouts who remain anon about their impression: The consensus was most teams don't consider him a 2B, maybe COF, too slow to be considered in the top of the batting order but has the hitting aptitude. Most were disappointed.

Next on my list of foreign hopefuls was Robinzon Santana a Venezuelan SS. His English wasn't too bad by the way for an 18 year old.

His report card looked like this:

Range: C
Glove: C
Arm: C
Speed: B

Plate awareness: C-
Power: A

Medical Info: B

The Anon Scouts seemed very impressed with his power and think there is growth potential all the way around but were rather downcast when I asked if playing SS was in his future. Most generally we see a full letter grade improvement in development, chances are that 3B is the best he can do.

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