Friday, March 18, 2011

Pirates Season 19

The Pirates are back for another go after a disappointing end to season 18. Due to budgetary constraints no major moves were made. Alex Richardson was resigned. Max Carreras was traded for Patrick Ramirez to free up some payroll in future seasons.

Additions: Hector Contreras, Tito Murphy
Departures: Max Carreras, Yorvit Veras, Jose Guzman

Season 19 Position players

1B: Juan Carrasquel was robbed of the MVP last season. Hopefully, this season the voters will get it right.
2B: Bernard Shelley should've won a gold glove last season.
SS: Don Gong could be his final year in steel town
3B: Luis Cruz comeback player of the year last season. Hopefully he has a couple of seasons left.
LF: David Gomez tailed off a bit last season
CF: Lance Howard all star last season
RF: Alex Richardson tailed off last season, let's hope this is not a sign of things to come.
Bench: Rob Webster backup catcher, Derek Throneberry will see some time at 2B, and in the OF, Tito Murphy rule 5 pickup, will be a utility infielder, Hector Contreras backup CF and OF, Max Fuentes backup at 1B,
1. Tim Loewer perennial Cy young candidate
2. Ken Shumpert wants a ring before this future hall of famer hangs it up
3. Emil Sosa imagine the wins this guy would've compiled had he been moved into the rotation earlier in his career
4. Jimmie Torres will finally be left in the rotation for good
5. Felix Carter 20 game winner last season
Long relief: Daryl Graves will get the odd start when Loewer and Sosa need some extra rest, Nate Sager, and Wallace Wyatt will also set up when Blackwell and Leonard need some rest
Setup: Daniel Blackwell go to guy for the pirates, Flash Leonard, and Geraldo Rosa will also close when Coronado needs some rest
Closer: Andres Coronado all time Pirate saves leader

The Pirates look forward to winning their 6th consecutive NL North division crown and 7th in the last 8 seasons. The only question is will the Pirates be able to get a first round playoff bye on their way to winning the World Series.

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