Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New York Mets

Here we are in New York!!! The Mets no less, ten straight seasons of finishing in the cellar. The fans in Cleveland were clamoring for a change, so I decided give into their desires. Originally I was going to move my old team to New York, they would have loved the bright lights, Broadway and the Opera. But then reality set in and remembered the wishes of another. I love New York, New York! (gotta love Sinatra) In reality, it ranks number two in despicable places I have been (DC is #1).

Shea Stadium: A pitchers park. Got to be careful here as it will change to Citi Field soon and who knows what changes that will bring.

A look at what the roster revealed:

1B - Tomas Guerrero: Adequate defensively. Should fill the number three slot in the lineup as he has some power and is on OBP machine.

2B - John McInerney: Didn't show a lot of defensive prowess last season but should be better than numbers indicated. Should be a better hitter also, have him slotted for lead off.

3B - Daiki Xaio: Every thing he a wall at the hot corner. Tends to be a strike out victim at the plate with the low contact.

SS - Tomas Trevino: A defensive SS for sure. Hitting is little league mentality unfortunately.

C - Bip Phelps and Gary Stanley: Both are pretty good defensively. Like Trevino though, the hitting mentality just doesn't exist.

RF - Kirby Priddy: Listed as a CF'er but never had the defense to play the position. A move to RF for his farewell season is in store. Probably the number 2 slot in the lineup.

LF - Roster spot open - Dan Radke will probably be called upon for the assignment.

CF - Roster spot open

Jay Richard - Listed a s a SS, but 3B is the best he can be. A Daiki Xaio look alike even! An every day backup at least.

George Green and Rodrigo Cerda - Chances are slim they will make it through spring training with the team.


Randy Lamb: Age has caught up with him and needs to retire.

Tony Duran: I don't foresee a contract in his future either.

Raul Izquierdo: Problem child! Wants $5.8M for 5 years. Hitting wise he is worth it in my books, the problem is he can't play the field anywhere. What to do with this Type B?

May have to hit the FA market to find a CF.


Clinton Cedeno: Will probably keep him even though he is a lefty.

Marshall Pierre: Bye Bye, see ya later.


Pitching isn't all that bad after looking things over, some are definitely underachievers in many aspects. Possibly too many lefties on the roster. Have several prospects in the minors that are not ready for the Show however.

Pepper Inge and George Atkins will be two of the starters after that it gets a bit murky.


Needs some upgrading for sure. Most have been with the club for a few years and have not gained in any area (that's a sign!). That wouldn't have been a surprise but most of them are relatively on the young side yet.


Relatively simple one to figure out.

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